06:22pm 02/04/2004
Excuse me Mr. Bootyhole... I mean Bush...   
12:34am 04/12/2003
  sociology 260 discussion post

Just looking at a single woman versus a married couple, I think the potential for a better and healthier family life with children is easier to attain with the married couple group. Our book in Ch. 8 expresses that, “Most Americans want children and state that they think the best situation involves marriage” (343). So, does this mean we should impose economic sanctions and incentives on single mothers in order for them to meet politicians view on what it means to be brought up properly? Of course not! Would it not be incredibly ignorant for them to say that their way of properness is the only way? If they actually did make measures for sanctions and incentives, it would only support the notion for women to just go out and marry just to marry. As we can see from Ch. 8, “…The availability of “eligible” marriage partners is variable across different groups” (341). We can also see that most women desire to be married, but find it difficult to find the “right” person to be with. Marriage is not a game; it is an important life decision that should be carefully thought out.

In Ch. 9, it addresses that single parents are “involved in the full range of parenting activities…” (391). When living with two parents, it would be easy to see that they both would share these activities. I would assume that it would be more stressful to be a single parent. But, can it be done? Sure it can. Instead of putting sanctions on single mothers, what we should do instead is help them. Sanctions and incentives would be like giving someone Tylenol for chronic pain; it doesn’t solve the problem, it pushes the problem aside, but it is still there. If Bush and his people think that having children outside of marriage or being a single parent is not a proper way of life, then they should embrace these people, and look at the causes of nonmarital childbirth. Ch. 8 explains that, “…women with lower expectations regarding education and occupation are more likely to consider having a child outside of marriage as an acceptable option” (340). Instead of imposing sanctions, I think it would be more effective for government to spend much more money on issues like education and a universal healthcare system for people.

It strikes me odd that republicans say they want to minimize government intervention in people’s lives. But then, you see them eager to get involved with women’s vaginas by taking anti abortion stances, and now wanting to impose sanctions on single mothers. That seems pretty contradictory if you ask me. But what do I know… I’m just a bleeding heart liberal… and proud of it.
10:38pm 22/09/2003

my alarm decided to wake me up for the first time at 8:20am and then for a convinient 2nd time at 8:25am after accidently turning on the snooze mode. according to peter, my roomate, i cussed out the alarm after the snooze incident. if this is in fact, a fact, then tomorrow when the sun rises, i hope my blowhorn of an alarm remembers the wrath of morning martin.
08:25pm 13/09/2003
music: Guster - Rainy Day
true friends must always
hold hands
true friends
don't need to
hold hands because they know

the other hand will
always be there
Just for Kids: Cool and Frosty Treats   
08:04pm 13/09/2003
  this popsicle tastes fuckin weird.

generally the dole juice bars are quality..

what shall i do
Do the P   
07:42pm 13/09/2003
mood: full
music: do the puyallup
So i drove myself and my parents to the puyallup fair today.
walked in and memories came back. neeeded to find the pig pens and the scones... for what else is there thats better than baby pigs and flaky unhealthy fisher fair mix scones...

unfortunately, i made it to the Krispy Pups stand before the pigs and scones , so i had to get me one of those. for those of us that dont know the krsipy pups well, they are corndogs, but better cuz they are well lets see... made right in front of your eyeballs. going into the fair i thought they were called krispy puffs cuz i missunderstood a friend that he had downed one earlier in the week.

walked around to see all the amazing products that were magically one sale for 2 for the price of 1. i actually found that some of those things might be worthy of my money, but opted out.

after 4 hours of the fair i was able to get my scone and glimpse of the pigs. however, the baby pigs, i guess we can call them pigletts were not in season. scone was good of course. oh i also had a dip bar thing which was ice cream dipped in chocolate and covered with nutty nuts.

on the way home a road rage infested jack off tailgatter gave me the finger for about 30 seconds. fun.
06:05pm 22/06/2003
Ya, That Was Some Coke   
07:04pm 01/06/2003
  ya, so thats pretty crazy over at her house.

bathroom door opens, and WHAM, 4 boys doin coke.
Very True....   
12:43am 22/05/2003
mood: jealous
music: Adam Richman - Bite My Tongue
I didnt write this.. some dude from the UW did... enjoy...

Nice guys organize socks

by Brian Turner

Jerks get all the girls. Clearly, this is a bitter and self-inflicted observation, but it is so true. Time and time again, I have seen asshole after asshole snag the most prized beauties, leaving the nice guy firmly acquainted with his right hand.

I do not know why girls flock to the jerks, but I assume it is because jerks are amazing in the sack. (However, I bet they are less likely to return a certain favor, if you know what I mean).
It also has something to do with confidence. We all know girls like confidence, but sometimes inhumanity is mistaken as confidence.

And it also has something to do with evolution. Jerks are bigger, stronger and more capable of fending off other jerks that might try to fornicate with their female.

Every now and again, I too can be a jerk, but usually just toward people smaller and less capable than myself — or fuzzy-wuzzie animals.

Throughout my entire life I have been defeated by the bigger, better and more experienced jerk.

My first kiss left me for two-time wall-ball champ and playground bully Billy Harper. I heard he is now in jail, but nonetheless, he ruled the school.
This problem continues to plague me to this day.

For example, I was out with a girl on the Ave. one time when she was violently shoved before having her purse stolen. Not too long ago, I saw her and her assailant sharing a bowl of vanilla ice cream at the Mix.

Just my luck, I thought. Being the 90-pound wuss that I am, I voluntarily handed over my wallet, watch and sprinkles and ran away crying.

This is all about to change. I have been brainstorming ways to up my own jerk appeal. Like Bruce Banner metamorphosing into the Incredible Hulk, I will unleash my inner jerk.

I am thinking about getting a tattoo so I have the tough-guy thing goin’ on. I am drawn between getting a flapping butterfly or a bouquet of pink Chrysanthemums. However, imbedding ink into my skin via an electronically operated needle sounds excruciatingly painful, so I will probably chicken out.

Motorcycles and high-speed driving complete the dangerous side of every man. I will do anything for the girl of my dreams, even if it means splattering my brains all over the concrete.

I am also getting into basketball. Not that I think basketball players are jerks. A lot of them are really nice — they just like to show off. I bought myself a new pair of kicks and for a 5-foot-9-inch white guy with two left feet, I would say my windmill dunk is lookin’ pretty sweet.

Nice guys finish last — it is not just a phrase, but a scientifically proven fact. (But then again, nice guys have an incredibly well organized sock drawer).

A tattoo of barbed wire wrapping around rippling biceps will certainly help attract the ladies. Unfortunately, there is no telling where they have been or who has soiled them. Having a lot of money does not hurt either, but the good girls overlook those things.

Just be yourself. This is a meaningless cliche where everyone is a loser in the end. Instead, I am trying to walk the line between jerk and pushover while occasionally playing my hand at insensitivity but usually stumbling toward nice guy.
12:33pm 17/05/2003
mood: lethargic
music: Bif Naked - I Love Myself Today
she wanted to pay me, but i said no. what are friends for. she asked god to bless me.
she treated me and mother to indian food. that was good. very good.

dramalicious last night again. She wasnt wearing anything but a bra under her zipper coat, that was nasty. why did they have to keep on trying to unzip that. wrong guys, wrong.

found out another she was like a pig in shit. why? oh, you know, the casual handjob she was allowed to offer just makes life that much more positive for the time being.

then she number 3 cant find anything to wear that doesnt cover her belly. and there she is bein all hip.
surprise? no....   
12:09pm 17/05/2003
mood: pessimistic
music: Eels - Guest List

"oh hey! i was just about to call you! i feel bad about not getting in touch with you. ive been really busy. he just came back so ive been seeing him lately"


ya, well that being the case, ive been here the whole fucking time. gone nowhere. stayed here. and still you could care less?? i guess i'll bring my cell phone with me in case nobody calls
Took It   
10:19am 11/05/2003
  ya, so they came by last night when i was out and took it.

they need to clean it out first though.

hope they got water.

dont put too much in.
Alarm Clock   
10:27am 30/04/2003
mood: irritated
music: Lisa Kudrow & Chrissy Hynde - Smelly Cat (Long Version)
My alarm clock that happens to be the dog next door is at it again. God, I wish it would just turn off, or take a break on snooze. But, of course, karma is having its way with me for yet another morning. I suppose I should get out of bed and meet the shower. I haven’t tended to my ass in a day or so, and that’s just not fair to the soap bar.
10:34am 28/04/2003
mood: bored
music: Shakespeare's Sister - Stay
fishing derby... whoo hoo. didnt catch anything. which is fine by me. just chilled there

good food, good people.
i won gum too. and a hat.

that was in port orchard. then off to edmonds to help barbara move. took a bunch of patio stuff like plants, etc. to her new patio.
10:28am 28/04/2003
mood: blah
music: Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myself
Don't leave Martin alone tonight
Just because he looks all right
I've seen him look like this before
And if he says he wants to be alone
At least try to walk with him home
See if you can put your foot in the door

Don't leave Martin alone tonight
Keep him talking until daylight
This time well I think he's coming through

Don't leave Martin alone tonight
Just because he looks all right
He's only gotta pick up the phone
Now one of them guys (in the car 'll arrive)
And give him just enough on account
They know that he'll be back for more

Don't leave Martin alone tonight
Keep him talking until daylight
This time well I think he's coming through

Now he's trying to show he's cool, but I know him
I ain't fooling
Because you love , he's bound to lie
This time well he's got so close
Now's the time when he's scared the most
He's looking everywhere but in your eyes

So don't leave Martin alone tonight
Keep him talking until daylight
This time well I think he's coming through

'S endless coffee and cigarettes
Now don't take it hard when he says
He doesn't need you 'cos that's when he needs you most
(You cry, love, laugh, the telly winks)
And suddenly he'll fall asleep
Then you let your own eyes close

Don't leave Martin alone tonight
Keep him talking until daylight
This time well I think he's coming through
This time I think he's coming through.

-Ralph McTell
fun at al's   
01:05pm 21/04/2003
mood: chipper
music: Eels - Fresh Feeling
soup went well. very well.

she makes a damn good bannana milkshake.

met sasha in person. poked her with a giant giant fork.

met courtney and jenni. they are fun too. alysha and i kicked their ass playing cranium. i make a damn good tina turner.

al kicked my ass at pool. though i was kicking her ass royally the first game i lost it at the end when that 8 ball went in the wrong hole. 2nd game came down to the last shot. and it was hers. good fun. i demand a re-match.

music was good too. i put on my sunrays and saturdays mix... sorta was too sad for the moment, but it had a couple good songs i wanted them to hear.

did not watch donnie darko, but thats fine, she has it to watch on her own time.

did end up putting spoons on my face. made a clutz of myself in front of al's dad. but thats okay.

good day! then left and watched part of the baseball game.
i still need to get the soup pan out of the car. it be smelly
homemade soup   
02:33pm 19/04/2003
mood: excited
music: Dead Kennedys - Soup Is Good Food
the soup smells good. soup that my hands created. soup that is for alysha. she has a cold. my creation is all vegetarian. i rule.

i am going to hang out with alysha today/tonight

will be fun
A Kinder, Gentler Patriotism   
11:20am 14/04/2003
mood: numb
music: bob dylan - blowing in the wind
Over the weekend Newsday published an article by Professor Zinn entitled
"A Kinder, Gentler Patriotism." The following is an excerpt:

"At some point soon the United States will declare a military victory in
Iraq. As a patriot, I will not celebrate. I will mourn the dead - the
American GIs, and also the Iraqi dead, of which there will be many, many
more. I will mourn the Iraqi children who may not die, but who will be
blinded, crippled, disfigured, or traumatized, like the bombed children
of Afghanistan who, as reported by American visitors, lost their power of

We will get precise figures for the American dead, but not for the
Iraqis. Recall Colin Powell after the first Gulf War, when he reported
the "small" number of U.S. dead, and when asked about the Iraqi dead,
Powell replied: "That is really not a matter I am terribly interested

As a patriot, contemplating the dead GI's, should I comfort myself (as,
understandably, their families do) with the thought: "They died for their
country?" But I would be lying to myself. Those who die in this war will
not die for their country. They will die for their government."
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Eating With Naked Men For College   
02:16pm 12/04/2003
mood: giggly
music: Classical Thunder Khachaturian - Sabre Dance
This is the essay i wrote for the colleges i applied to

The Schvitz

Never did I imagine eating dinner in a room full of loud, obnoxious, AND NAKED men. Now I’ve done just that, and more. During a recent visit to Cleveland, my uncle somehow convinced my dad and I to partake in a custom, called, “the Schvitz.”

Unaccustomed to public displays of nudity, and being a self-conscious teenager, revealing my naked body in front of strangers meant a huge risk. It will remain as one of my life’s most memorable events.

Driving there, my uncle described what we should expect. To fully understand “the Schvitz,” one must “bare-all.” “Bare” with me as I describe “the Schvitz.”

Upon entering, I saw nothing but old men, walking around wearing only skimpy towels wrapped loosely around not-so-skimpy bodies. Logic told me I would soon be joining them, along with my uncle, AND MY FATHER. Off went my clothes, a skimpy towel wrapped loosely around my not-so- skimpy body.

My uncle led us down damp, uneven stairs to the steam room, with its blistering heat and moisture. My uncle settled at the highest tier of benches, to which rises the greatest amount of heat. In a matter of seconds, we were drenched with sweat, and our nostrils were scorched like flaming marshmallows. We baked for nearly 20 minutes when my uncle cheerfully announced it was time for the ice-water pool.

We were expected to whip the towels off our heat-exhausted bodies and jump into the ice-cold water. Many jumped in eagerly. I stood uncomfortably at the edge, towel in place. I ignored my fears, whipped off my towel, and plunged in. Five seconds later, out I came. It was the most shocking sensation I’ve ever felt. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I know about cold water, but this was by far the coldest I’ve ever felt.

Dried and towel in place, our next stop was upstairs for a massage. Yes, this too, in the nude, and in a room packed with other men. Instructed to lie on my back, I made sure my towel remained tightly wrapped around my waist until the masseuse grabbed and pulled off my towel. I tried to relax as the masseuse pressed his oiled hands into almost every inch of my body. Actually, once over the discomfort of being naked, I really did enjoy how the massage soothed my cramped muscles.

Through my scorched nostrils came the scent of dinner, yet another surprise. Sitting in the dining room, I realized I was with 30 loud and NAKED men, yelling obnoxiously while drinking vodka and wolfing down steaks. Humored and awed, I pondered the risk I’d taken to be a part of “the Schvitz.”

It’s a lasting memory that also proved a risk from which I did not back down. Never had I dreamed I would be naked in a steam room, in an ice-cold pool, on a massage table, and while in a dining room eating a steak dinner. Having conquered this risk, I’m ready for anything, preferably clothed and with a college education.
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To Me This Is Ranch   
01:51pm 12/04/2003
mood: awake
music: Iron and Wine - Promising Light

i am digging a hole today and finger painting

remember sillies..... when all else fails in the dressing..... hidden valley... to me THIS is ranch