06:11pm 28/05/2005
  Heyy I moved to Xanga... cause its soo much better!
u can get a journal and comment to be added to my friends list on ther
ill still come on blurty for quotes n stuff

lo0ve mee
03:06pm 31/12/2003
  this blurty is from now on friends only..

-add me, ill add u
-don t b gay...
-if u wanna c my blurty... then get ur own so0o u can c it!..
~simple rulez
-jus ObEy!

[comment me.. then ill add yaH]

( 7 ) people x3 lo0ve mee
02:57pm 29/12/2003
  You are Nelly's "Country Grammar" You
want to have the good life, screw those who
thought you'd never make it, you're livin the
time of your life!

!Which Song Are You?!
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lo0ve mee
03:33pm 12/12/2003
  kz.. well therz nuttin 2 sya except wer not gettin n e er in cl at lifting cuz i cant do n e thin rite n tara iz alwayz on the frickin ground!!!!!..... that getz annoying... w/e.. n e way...@ gymnastics i twisted only a half but at least im startin again.... lol... hrm.... mylayouts wer really good yesterday 2!.... joelle sayz ill have da best 1 in da gym if i dsontinu liek dis.. so0o0 im out... byezzzz : }!!!!!  
lo0ve mee
03:55pm 09/12/2003
  am n anthony r goin out.... good.... he duznt like me n e mor.. and he haz sum1.. lifez great sumtimezz....hahaha... hrm... well dat leavez me n maria... we have r theoriez!.. hhahah.. u shud hear uz sumtimez in HistoRy,...... well w/e... i duno who i like. i hope sum1 likes me that i actually like soon tho.. hrm.. hahah.. im out.... i have dance....AT 530.. byezzzz  
lo0ve mee
07:55pm 07/12/2003
  the competition wuz cancelled.... so0o uh i duno i went shoppin da whole day!.... got lotta stuff... mostly all 4 christmas!... omG.... i got jackie n anne marie da bestest thing ever... but(u guyzel havta wait 4..ChrisTmas!) dat it im out!

lo0ve mee
08:19pm 06/12/2003
  competition 2morrow!... last 1 on 6.... hrm.. im gettin tired n itz really early. so datz freaky... haha... i duno who im liken these days.. is it healthy 4 a teenager not 2 like sum1??! hahah.... hmm... kz.. well imout...

LiViN lIfE 2 dA fUlLeSt! (iv learned itz easier) haha

lo0ve mee
12:56pm 05/12/2003
  early dismissal... lol.. i duno wut im doin 2 nite.... i wanna go to like da mall... so0o i dun0.. hrm.. well i guess im out.. byezzzzzz!
sum1 call me...
lo0ve mee
08:16pm 04/12/2003
  heyy.. i jus got back frum alta... we won da game.... big surprize!... hahaha... not..... hrm.. omg. i lost 3 chairs!. mike 2ook 1 n sum1 took the other n molly took the other... then as fast az i lost them i got them all back.... lol. w/e... me n mallo were tryin 2 sell a ticket 4 pizza we found..lol... funny funny... hrm.. i have hw 2 do so i best b out!. byezzz....!!!..
lo0ve mee
10:39am 01/12/2003
  im so0 bored.... im eatin. n no1z on da comp... so0o w/e... i wanna call shameka but shez prob not allowed on d afone... haha mayb ill call robert l8er. i havent talked 2 him since.. 4ever!...haha... so0o uh im out.. sum1 call me!...  
lo0ve mee
09:06pm 30/11/2003
  hey ... 2dya i went 2 church... and then i read almost the rest of this summary thing...haha.. and i made sum good away msgez... lol... mayb 2morrow ill start the report.... lol... well im out. sum1 comment!..... kz.. bye!  
lo0ve mee
01:30pm 30/11/2003
  ok . since i never read a book 4 lamonica.. i have 2 read a whole summary on the secret garden so i can rit edis report... but w/e.. i mean itz better than reading the book.. and .... i saw da movie. if that countz... lol... well i best get abck 2 reading... o yea.... im mad at marc!...lol... byezzz
IlUmBf!!! hehe (kimmY*)
lo0ve mee
12:23pm 29/11/2003
  2day i went 2 gymnastics wit kim... guess wut!!!!!???? I lUV MR> BUDDY FUZZLE!!!!! hahhahaha.... thatz about all 4 me.. im still thinkin bout da anthony thing.....haha...
ilU Mr. BuDdY fUzZlE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (tEh3)

lo0ve mee
08:26pm 28/11/2003
  GARAGE GURL - Flirt inna Skirt!
A GARAGE-GURL. Youre into loud music, hot guys and
wild fashions. Youre most at ease when youve
got all your mates around you and you like to
party. Boys are a game and youre always on the
ball because you make sure youre always number
Your virtues: Confidence, fun nature, sociability.
Your flaws: Loudness, jealous tendency, need for

What kind of girl are you?
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lo0ve mee
08:22pm 28/11/2003
  Pink info
Your Heart is Pink

What Color is Your Heart?
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lo0ve mee
05:21pm 28/11/2003
  Self Stuff:
1. First Name: Lauren
2. Middle Name: Elizabeth
3. Last Name: Bayer
4. NickNames: LiL` Lauren?
5. City: HazletoN
7. Sex: Female
8. Birthday: NevemBer 6th...
9. Astro Sign: scorpion...
10. Siblings: 2 broz
11. Pets: 1 doggiE
12. Hair Color: brown
13. Eye Color: Brown
14. Height: 5'0
16. Hair Length: like to my upper arm
17. Do you find yourself attractive? honestly no
18. Do you find yourself ugly? mostly
19. Do others find you attractive? you tell me
20. Do you have a b/f or g/f? no
21 If so..What is their name?
22. Are you gay? lol no
23. Did you send this to your crush? no i stole this from sarah ; )
24. wut would u rate urself from a 1-10? uhh well a 1 [?]
25. do u think u have a good personality? naw...

Fashion Stuff:
24. Where do you shop the most? ??.. dun0.. EVERYWHERE!
25. Do you think your fashion is cool? are trying to get me to answer if i think im cool or not .. ?
26. Do you have any piercings? yeah
27. If not, what do you want pierced? ...

The Extra Stuff:
29. Do you do drugs? nope
30. Do you drink? nope
31. Who is your best friend(s)? dun0
32. Who is your best friend online? online friend? umm prolly Jaime
33. What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? dove.. suave... pantine pro V, garnier frutice
lo0ve mee
05:11pm 28/11/2003
  I want - to talk on the phone
I have - messy hair (at da moment)
I wish - that i was somewhere doing something
I love - everyone who loves me
I hate - dirrtyness
I miss - mr. albert kabootal (hahaha)
I fear - ghostz?
I feel- lonely .. ;\
I hear - television, & cL remixZ
I smell - fooD
I wonder - if anyone is thinking about me or what im doing ..
I regret - lotZ of thingz

when was the last time you;
smiled - wen i wuz doin sumthin w/ ma floor routine
laughed - like 5 minutes ago
cried - yesterday???hahah
bought something - the other day
had a nightmare - hmm dont remember
last book you read - diceys song
last movie you saw - ElF
last song you heard - sum cheer remix..
last thing you had to drink - siera mist
last time you showered - this morning
last thing you ate- biscut

do you:
smoke - nope
do drugs - no sir
have sex - noo
sleep with stuffed animals - n0pe
live in the moment - sometimes
have a boyfriend/girlfriend- nope .. ;\
have a dream that keeps coming back - wow .. yes!
play an instrument - no no no
believe in life on other planets - sure why not
read the newspaper - naW
have gay or lesbian friends - no..
believe in miracles - of course ;]
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever - if you try .. i mean really try
consider yourself tolerant of others - um?.... sumtimez
consider love a mistake - .. it isnt really love if it was a mistake ..
like the taste of alcohol - some
believe in astrology - noT really..
believe in magic - a little bit
believe in god - yes.
pray - ah..sumtimez... or when needed
have any secrets - ohh yes.
have any pets - PriNce <3
wear hats - yea.. sumtimez
have any piercings - yes
hate yourself - at times
collect anything - naw
have a best friend - i dun0
wish on stars - no...
like your handwriting - i dont care n e mor...
lo0ve mee
10:39am 28/11/2003
Your soul is bound to the Solitary Rose: The

"When I wake up alone, the shades are still
drawn on the cold window pane so they cast
their lines on my bed and lines on my

The Solitary Rose is associated with loneliness,
melancholy, and patience. It is governed by
the goddess Merope and its sign is The Sword,
or Unrequited Love.

As a Solitary Rose, you may be summed up as a
hopeless romantic. You desire love and have so
much love to give, but thing just never seem to
work out the way you want them to. In life,
you can be very optomistic, even when things
are gray and nothing works out to your

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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10:25am 28/11/2003
<<>>???What Kind Of Angel R You???<<>>( Anime Pics )
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lo0ve mee
10:21am 28/11/2003
You are Wintergreen.
You are cool and collected. You are very
comfortable with yourself and what you do.
Even if you have a lot of responsiblities, you
always manage to be in control. You are
sometimes laid-back and you are always the
voice of reason. However, others may see you
as lazy or detached sometimes, unable to act
Most Compatible With: Lime

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?
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