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now and again [12 Feb 2003|10:39am]
[ mood | stressed ]

things get a little tough.

Even for me.

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hey [06 Feb 2003|10:01am]
[ mood | curious ]

Ah, my children. I come back and grace you with my presence once more. I know that it must have been a hard, treachorous road waiting to see if I was going to update my journal again, but alas I would never leave you all alone to rot in the hell that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has created. My poor ECW veterans. Simple things about the lives you have to lead now annoy me so much.

I am awake early this morning to attempt to do some work relating to my creative duties. It's interesting, but now I feel totally annoyed at Brian Gerwitz, I have to do better than him. I HAVE TO. I can't stand the man. Talentless. Rude. Jealous.

And he got me into trouble. Funny how Vince and Shane were so quick to get angry at me.

I need a hobby. Something to take my mind off things. There's only so much cap collecting one can do.

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thoughts [19 Jan 2003|02:15pm]
So nice to see another ECW veteran here. I'd like to personally welcome the_sandman. You were always the legend, the trend setter in that company. And I have a great deal of respect for you, despite popular rumor. I would however, be very interested to know about your relationship with Scott. It intrigues me, a lot.

Perhaps I should suggest a reunion or sorts, we could hold it at a fine establishment either in New York or Las Vegas, and all the ex-ECW guys could meet up. Just don't bring up the topic of accounts or book keeping. I get a little sensitive where that is concerned. Actually, I get very sensitive. We all make mistakes, some are more costly than others. And some, leave you a hated man.

I thank Shane McMahon who has accepted me and shown me a great deal of respect since I've got into the company. I feel priveleged to have a position of authority within the creative aspects of the company, and hope that I will continue to do a satisfactory job come what may.

I bought myself a new Yankees cap yesterday. Very happy with it I am too. I think my collection is at over 100 of them now. Would any pretty young lady like to come over and view my collection at my appartment? Can't blame a man for asking...although you probably will. gets lonely.
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pah [14 Jan 2003|02:01pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So I wasn't on anyone's hot list huh? I won't take it personally, oh no, of course I won't take it personally. You may not think I'm much to look at, but believe me I've got the brain power to take over this company once given the chance. It WILL be mine!

I see Vince has decided to grace us all with his presence. How nice. and it will be most interesting to see what the man has to say for himself when he's not at work. I'm intrigued. Very intrigued.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm not in the best of moods and I have to attempt to be sociable at this party tonight. Thank god it is in my beautiful home city of New York, otherwise everything would be doom and gloom...

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I'm going to welcome my self, then. [12 Jan 2003|12:39pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Yes, Paul Heyman has noticed the little ECW group therapy that seemed to be taking place on Blurty, of all places in the world, and I thought that I should grace you with my presence. So here I am, children...ready, willing, able to get to know you all better on an individual out of work level.

I'm not too amused with this pathetic piece of technology, however. My friends list does not show up. Why is this so? Why do computers hate me? It's a conspiracy I tell you!

Well, back to another piece of fascinating instant messenger. Seems it's all the rage at the moment, so you can hit me up on ExtremeHeymanLJ should you wish to talk to my fine self. And that, my friends brings me to the end of my first update. Do not be sad, for I will be back again...

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