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    Saturday, March 19th, 2005
    1:50 am
    long day.. longer nite. i wish you were here to hold me .. tight?
    so this will be my last eneterty in here till i get back from tennessee.idk what im going to do with my self. idk what to do. im so sick of shit beeing said. i just wish i coudl make things be liek there were last year. every thing was so perfect. i hate drama. i hate rumers. i hate truth. i cant take truth i cant take rumers anY better. i hate girls. all of them. i dont egt to worked up . i think i handel it well. talking helps me. i have never been on teh phone so much on my life. why is it this shIt always happens to me. between every one. i thought thins woudl be perfect. maybe you have to work harder for perfect. idk.. i just wish i coudl dtop crying. idk what im going to do in teh car. i cant help but cry any more. this has been one of teh wors days ever. and every bad day i get has been caused my one person. why me?.. im a good person. i do ht ai should . i try to make every thing good for every one.I CARE TO MUCH.. I SHOUDL OF JUST BEATERN HER ASS!!!!1 but some how shit gets tolds. and then i end up beeig the one hurt. i hate hurting.i just dont want to cry. i just want the world to revolve around only us. i just want every thing to be perfect liek thats year befor this... bitch made me have to open up a new pair of contacts .. -.-. i hate doubting ppl. but i donyt want to look stupid. i just want to know where i go from here. i love him so much i cant live with out him. why do i havet to hurt so bad.why does she get pleasure from hurting me so. i hate beeing a spy now. i mess my self up. im always teh last to hear teh story thats about me. i just want to sleep. i just want to live .. with out haveing to think about it .. or her 24 /7. i have so many questions for my self that i cant answer. i just .. idk.GO AWAY!! what ever happend to fairy tail ppl. if one more person thinks im liek her im going to fucking kill my self!. im NOTHING liek HER . we liek teh same shit . but i camt help that. thats her problem. she likes what i like. and i wont have that. i dont share. and anmiel is mine. but im not going to be stupid about any thing. i love him i beleave him w/e he tells me as far as i know its true what he says. but if i found out diff........='( god i have to go to tennessee. and be liek this. worrying about whats going on whats beeing said. who is doing what and why..? ... WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!?????.. w/e 8 more nine weeks with daniel. then im on my own at school. idk if that ill be ezer or harder. only ezer because i know she wont be looking at him. but harder because i wont be either ='(.. but we still have other days. AND IM NOT FUCKING GOING TO RIVERFEW YOU STUPID ASS WHORE!.. what ever happens happens. it all happens for a reason. whjat that reason is and WHY idk. i trust what he saysd. i just dont knwo what she woudl say what she sick of crying over her. im better then that FUCK HER FUCK IT ALL FUCK HIGH SCHOOL . FUCK THIS STUPID 15 YEAR OLD. JUST FUCK IT ALL.FUCK WHAT PPL SAY.FUCK WHAT YOU HEAR. FUCK IT !! and daniel. idk how he is haldeling it. says its not true. i have no choice but to beleave him. why woudl he lie to me. if he loves me he woudlent. and he sayes he does so i beleve it.they only thing lyeing about this woudl do is hurt us. thats all . so teh poinyt in it .. there isent one. .. I BELEVE HIM. i love him so much i do!! thats why this shit hurts so much. ppl used to always try to split us up. why dont they want us to be happy?. i want noting but happyness in other ppls relation ships. but hey w/e im weird im different. i dont do shit leik this. makes me teh better person. well ima try and sleep agens. tomorrow is a big day. a new one. but nothing will change till i get back. why did it have to all come up now?.. why not a week ago when i coudl deal with thins shit better. "w/e teh world hates me". maybe i shoudl cut my self liek she does so ppl feel sorry fr me.. idk why any oen woudl feel sorry for her. .. bute gone.
    dotn for get . FUCK IT =)
    werll i feel better. i just need daniel here with me to tell me we will get threw this atogether. (HIM AND I YOU ASS HOLE)
    Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
    5:25 pm
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    hollay crap that is the funnyest thing ever.. a lil grose but its all good.. HAHAHAHAHAH
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    5:14 pm
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    Saturday, December 25th, 2004
    9:28 am
    Merry Christmas
    yayy i got me digital camera woop dee woop .. its cute >.< and it has a printer liek type thing, and i got paper and belts, and bows for me heeeer, and sandels, hmm.. and a new memory card,chappelle show dvd,body sprey,makeup brushes ..and i think thats it from "santa" and famely..yase well thats all i had to say.. time to play with me camera .

    Current Mood: cold
    Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
    4:22 pm
    Ekkk! Daniel got me a pretty ring yase me love it soo much >.< .. its an Irish ring, and it has like 2 hands holding a heart and a crown on top of it .. ish the sweetest =) he ish on a plane to New York right now .. so here i be .. yeah well i dont liek teh computer so this wont be long, i just miss him so much, i hope he brought along teh note book .. give me something to read when he gets back, i go to tennessee in 6 days and we both come back on teh same day .. thats the coolest yase.but any who, guess ill go take a bath w/ the stuff daniels monnyh gave me ( she ish teh coolest .. tee hee she loves me ! ) ol jp well ill write soem other time VpeaceV

    Current Mood: gloomy
    Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
    6:52 pm
    yase well im trying out a new journal thing.. fresh start i guess. wont be as oppsesed over this one like my last though.. to much time it takes to update and shat. well im really borred..yeah i just wish i had something to do today.. i took a bath.. (been wanting to do that for a while ..)tryed to tan w/ me tanning light.. it was just keeping me from freezing in this cold! watch t.v like always.. but im sick of the computer.. i guess this will have to be a good enough first entery..computers suck for the moment, just a phase im sure... write laterz


    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Rancid..Fall Back Down