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well. [09 Sep 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | billy talent. ]

im determined! to find out why people stare at me. (i dont know why im thinking of that)...and why im talking to martha on the phone right now at 12 oclock in the fucking morning. ha its almost like the lyrics from the used except they say 4 o clock in the fucking morning. k had to get that straight. lol. i know im a nerd. but yeah she(martha)is high. haha. we were talking on the computer, then she got high and called me. haha geek. shes the first to tell me "Happy Birthday!". lol. cause yeah.. its officially my birthday!!! woo! im a happy camper... i mean person. ha.

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umm... [08 Sep 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | sean paul. hes a G! lol. ]

i dunno what im gonna wear to school tomorrow. haha. i dunno why im writing this entry. im just bored and umm. yeah. and i wonder what im gonna do for my BIRTHDAY!!! later.

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Wee! tomorrow...my birthday. yeap. woo!!!! [08 Sep 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | GaryJules-MadWorld(AwesomeSong 4m My FaveMovie DonnieDarko) ]

umm today is monday. TOMORROWS MY BIRTHDAY!! yee!! i didnt go to school today. i was tooo tired..but my excuse was i had a headache. haha. i kinda do though..my head has been hurting since the wreck and my neck and back are kinda stiff too. blah. i hate cars. lol. im a little sore and shizz. but this bump/bruise/dent in my head kind of hurts. yeah. umm so i just stayed home today and did nothing really. yeah boring ass day. i think i talked on the phone with kyle. hes a funny fella. lol. uhh. yeah. i slept a lot today. oh and at around two in the after noon i got online for a little bit. talked to dan..i guess him and jen broke up. thats some crazy shit. i would have never expected it. i was in shock when he told me cause they were like so in love i guess. they made a cute couple too. i thought they would get married. lol. maybe theyll get back together..who knows..but i hope not. lol jk. its cool if they do. he seemed really sad. poor guy. but yeah...and now im online. yeah. im about to go to bed in a little bit. night yall.

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bored. like usual... [07 Sep 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | The Vines. ]

was at home bored. woke up at like 12 for about 15 minutes..erica called me to go over there..i said ok..haha. but then went back to bed and woke up around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. ha. im lazy. i woke up and got ready then went over to ericas. bad timing..she was cleaning..and convinced me to help. lol. i swept and mopped. blah. mopping is hard shit. lol. then i watched my show All My Children..it was on soap net at 5 and 5 30. woo. i got kinda caught up on it..then around 6 30 me, crica, alex and victor went to mountain mikes in modesto..on yosemite to watch the raiders game. trini and his wife amelia were there. adam came for a lil bit. hes being kind of rude. :-( anywho...the raiders lost. 25 to 20. didnt watch my team...49ers...:-( but they won!!! it was like 40 something to 7 or some crazy stuff like that. lol. woo. yay niners. umm elie came home today from that encounter thing. man shes changing. its good..but its just weird. i think shes gonna be really different around me now. oh well. it could be cool maybe. umm she gave me all her old "bad" cds. lol. so thats cool. heh. umm came home around 11. today was kinda cool.

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ouch... [06 Sep 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | beyonce. lol. ]

09/05/2003- wreck. me amanda and kathy. :-(

today. went to isabelle's party. wanted to go to show. turlock music fest. didnt. :-( heh.

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today is thursday.. [04 Sep 2003|11:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | thursday. heh. :-) ]

umm. nothing.

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umm. [03 Sep 2003|10:36pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | silverchair. haha. ]

me elie mall.

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ha. the time is "3 4 5" ha. im amused by the simplest fecking stupidest shit. [02 Sep 2003|03:45pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | park. ]

went to show. dans house.

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uhh ummm mmmmm. [01 Sep 2003|12:13pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Brand new. ]

today.. no school. was at elies...everyone was over for the holiday. freddy trying mack to me. ha. told me to call him when i want to fuck...and he has a gf. haha. hes funny. i dunno if i should with him. hmm. uhh me and elie sat around with everyone watching tv.. we were supposed to go to dinner with chewey for his bday(it was like sat i think) but he never told us. even though we were getting ready...but he wasnt there so then we decided "lets be dumbasses and go to wal-mart" so around 9 o clock at night we started waliking to wal-mart cause i needed to buy some blank cds so i could burn her ass (not literally) a cd. so we started walking and saw chewey(yeah he showed up late so he wouldnt have to take us out. haha. he was supposed to take us to the mall and buy us shoes too. he didnt. bastard. ha. he told us that we didnt want to go with him so he ate at burrito king by his self. retard. ughh he gets on my nerves sometimes. hes sick..hes like 30 and whistles at me when i go by. eww nasty ass.) so his beaner ass gave us a ride. he has a nice car. its like an older classic racing car type thing.. its silver. not like a race car..but one of those..whats the word... oh "hot rods" ha. yeap. so we went and bought some cds and i needed a new lip gloos...i looked for the one i wanted.. but didnt find it. :-( oh well. theres next time. or another store.ha. so yeah me chewey and elie are walking around wal-mart..it was pretty cool. i saw margaret. shes so cute. lol. umm there were a couple hot guys there. woo! so we stood in line for like 10 minutes..paid for my shit..then left..on our way out i saw a hott guy...he had tattoos and stretched ears....he was kinda big though..but hot.. wee! i looked cute today i think..i had on my polka dot skirt( that elie gave me) and my black 10after shirt and my belt of course. i got a lot of looks in wal-mart..either im hott or . or just look "unique" .i think just unique with my own little weird style. lol. and maybe im hott..lol..hmm i dunno. and elie was wearing her cute little skirt. we looked so.."indie/emo" lol....we are.. according to elie. shes so funny. shes a nerd. heh. nerds fucking rock though so its all gravy. ha gay. so yeah we went home and watched tv. i think. blah blah. i have a pretty boring life right now.

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Think its time for an update.. ? yeah maybe.heh. [31 Aug 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | green day. ]

(ha..its 4:20 ^^^ woo. im such a tweeker. lol)... wow. i need to update. lets see if i can remember all the exciting things ive done from 08/19(tues.)-08/31(sun.today).


08/19/2003-(tues)- umm school and i think thats it. went to elies probably. watched some tele.

08/25/2003- umm didnt go to school. wanted to go to F*M, Horror City show in Stockton at Caffeine Den.my mom had promised us. but then she didnt take us. i hella yelled at her. i was sooo pissed. i was hella literally crying..you dont know how bad i wanted to go to this show ..i mean FM and HC were playing together!!! doesnt get any better than that..well unless its FM and Holiday..thats a pretty bad ass show. lol. but yeah. so me and elie went to the skate park i think. yeah. and my mom promised to take me and elie to the show on sat in stockton(yeah the lame one. lol). so yeah we went to the skate park..i got off some anger. me, elie, whitney, victor,umm mike i think, and some david guy(i didnt really like him) we walked to am pm for food(candy) and soda! jon called..i didnt want to talk to him so elie answered...they talked for a bout 1 hour...i guess he was saying how he jacks off in front of his parents..haha(he doesnt really..i hope not at least. ha) haha..im typing right now and its

08/26/2003- tuesday. went to school. i was walking home and i was down the street from my house..saw erica and elie and erica was on her way to emergency so i went with them and stayed with them all day. twas fun. umm we went to jack in the box. hott guy working. ha. me and elie are hella funny. lol. we made erica laugh alot. ha. umm went to pick up mari(lol) and ericas prescriptions then went to freddys to pick up victor. edgar and freddy were going to mall so me and elie went with them. fuckin edgar..shopped in abercrombie. blah. i dis own him now. haha. jk. hes a cool kid. it was fun. i went in pac sun and actually saw anthony working this time. i said hi and we talked for a bout 15 mins or so. then we left. oh shit...freddys crazy..we were talking about fucking..haha "rashelle, i would fuck the shit out of you!" haha crazy. i used to have a fat crush on him. but not anymore.... i might still fuck him. lol. jk. oh we watched porn on the comp at freddys. haha. the R Kelly one. haha. rapist. anways. the mall was pretty cool. we saw the guy who works in Journeys kids again. wee!!

08/27/2003- didnt go to school..woke up late...wanted to go to church..didnt go to either one. :-( blah. yeah.
me and elie went to skate park i think. yeap. chilled with whitney, mike and victor and elie. met fry(tony). ha. hes so cute. he wanted me. ha. hes crazy. he was kind buzzin. and kept jumping in to the little trees at skate park. now they are all broke haha. jackass... ceres version. hahaha.

08/28/2003- didnt go to school. was "sick"(woke up late heh)could have went with elie to her "check up" ha and to her school and saw amanda. :-) but didnt go. :-( thought i was gonna go to school. lol. o well..theres next time. yeah. umm went to elies tia lauras. me erica elie and victor. fun. sliding down the stairs. haha. me and victor wrestled i won of course. lol. watched vma's since they have satellite it was on 3 hours early. missed the BL tho. :-(. it was fun. we ate some good ass soup stuff. mm. mexicans cook so good. lol. oh i helped giselle with her homework. i felt so..whats the word im looking for..helpful..? lol. no...i felt cool/ elder. lol. like..ughh i dinno. ha. yeah came home and got ready erica took us to bible study. fun. erica recorded VMA's for us.

08/29/2003- umm school. my mom picked me up cuz yeah..(period.) blah. hate it. i had to wait liek an hour tho. haha. i like our new car. its cute. and its gonna be mine my mom said. woo. ha...then yeah stayed home went to elies. was gonna go to church with her but stayed home with erica. we went and got mcdonalds. lol. saw billy. woo. hes a sweet guy and kinda cute. lol. yeah..umm we talked to raymond lol. funny ass guy when drunk. he demostrated how he fucked his gf to conceive their baby. ha. hes a goober. his baby is due tues i guess. how cute. umm josh tried to mack to me. ha. loser. i rejected him i guess. aww i feel bad..kinda. lol. um thats about it what i did. ha.

08/30/2003- umm woke up. made me and my bro an egg mcmuffin thing for breakfast. ha. im so nice. umm cleaned house a little bit.. cleaned the kitchen sparkling clean. lol. and the living room. out of everything i cleaned..i didnt clean my room witch needs it the most. ha. um shower got ready..mom came and picked me and elie up around 6 30 to head to stockton for the "F*M, Holiday, Keep Screaming, and Verdu Harding" show. ha. we went. was nothing we expected. it was at the caffeine den..literally den. ha. but all those bands ^^ didnt even play. it was some little local "hardcore" bands that kinda sucked. ha. so me and elie went walking downtown stockton. their downtown is laaaaame as hell. they have nothing. and yeah me and elie arent all "hardcore" so we had some funny looks. hah. great times. fuckin stockton kids. lol. but yeah. we went to Jack in the Box. it was down the street from the place. elie bought a chicken sandwich. guess who ate it...yeap ...ME! ha. she didnt want it so i ate it. and we both got a medium..? soda. they were big for mediums. haha. i got DP she got Sprite. this girl drinks hellllla sprite. lol. anyways..so we called my gma so she could call my moms cell phone(i dont have her new cell phone # cause since shes not living with us right now cuz my crazy ass stupid father..she dont want to give the # out till she grants the restraining order and gets the d-vorce..ha..she dont want him to get the # cuz hes psycho and will call and harass her or some shit but yeah..) so my gma called my mom and my mom called me and we said we were ready to leave. and on the way up there and the way home..we listened to the cd i burned elie...the used, ataris, atreyu, finch, the white stripes..all those good bands. lol. it was grand. then on the way home we(me elie mom) stopped by save mart to get me and my bro some groceries. yumm. food. ha. me and elie were being cheesy and hyper in there. we dont know why. ha. maybe the soda or something. lol. so yeah the show sucked.. oh and elie called erica and she wanted us to go to the party with her so we came home i got ready ( my dad gave me 20$ for cleaning the kitchen. haha) yeah got ready then we left and arrived at the little party around 12. it was pretty cool. met this hot guy brian. but he was like 26. ha. too old. but hot for an older guy. and he liked some bad ass music. and he knows lars from greenday. ha. awesome. yeah i had one beer from the keg thing. yum. it was good ass beer.i normally dont like beer but it was good. then i was watching tv(ha. kim possible) and i fell asleep by raymond. hes crazy, always talkin about my ass and his kid. ha. nerd. i was on this comfy ass couch thing. lol. and everyone was outside playing pool. mari called for erica and elie and us. haha. i slept a little bit more. then elie and them came in trying to wake me up to leave. anthony said "ill hit her on her ass really hard to wake her up" ha loser. lol. then i woke up from adam caressing my leg. lol. and i still layed there so he picked me up and carried me out. lol. woo hes hott! :-). yeah we got home around 3 am. i came in and crashed. fun day...except for the show. lol.

08/31/2003- woke up and did nothing. ate. umm computer, tv. d/l some music. some random guy IMed me asking to cyber. ha. i said nah not right now. lol..but yeah blah.

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Fuck the corporate world..... BIOTCH!!! ha. [19 Aug 2003|02:02am]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | Atreyu. ]

umm yesterday (8/17/2003): did nothing really. stayed home.computer. went to elies. blah. watched jackass and shizz. yeap. oh today when i took a shower.. there was a little spider in there.. i was gonna kill him but i thought to my self.. what if he has a familia(ha)? they would be sad. so i let him enjoy my shower with me. :-) im so kind.

today: school. my second week. woo. haha. school was cool. haha gaaaaay. umm came home. my mother was gonna take me and elie to the band.. "The Evaluation" show today in Stockton at the Caffeine Den.. but she was tiiiired so me and elie went to the mall with her and her family(darlene and them were down. aww chayo is a lil punk rocker now. haha.) yeah. before that, freddy came over. haha. he tought me how to "fight". nerd. and we watched The BL(Brendan Leonard) Show. fucking hilariouso. (ha im turning into a beaner. haha jk) the mall was cool. me and elie were flirting with this hott ass guy that works at Journeys kids. haha. and yeah.. there were so many "punks"(haha) there today. anyways.. we ate at the italian place in the mall upstairs in the food court. it was alright. there were these nasty people making out. blech. then a bro and sis(we think) with a little girl(foster sister?) eating there. they prayed for there food. they were so cute. heh. we went in a few stores..and in to Pac Sun to see if Anthony was working.. he wasnt. lol. yeah me erica elie and darlene came home. got Taco Bell. i just got a small wild cherry pepsi. and me and erica smoked a cigarette on the way home. it felt so good. i havent smoked for almost a month now. but i think.. i hope that was my last one. forever..? i need to quit. they are so nasty. haha. and it makes it hard for me to breathe while doing gym. lol. yeah im lame. then we got home, talked to darlene, watched reno 911.. haha funny and a little jackass. some music videos..oh and earlier we watched 311 on Fuse. i dont really like them. i just like their song "Amber". yeah. yesterday we watched THRICE on there!! woo. haha. oh and tonight we watched an "adult movie" haha in ericas room. funny shit. and there was a threesome. haha how cute. heh. well til next time. buh bye. oh and we watched the "X" games too. today we saw the inline skating. one of the asian guys(one of the bros) looks like Nate from Nothing Special. aww so cute. haha. and he was so fucking bad. (as in good. ha). i was like shiiiiiiiit i wish i could do all that shtuff. haha yeah. laterrrrrrrrrr.

A E I O U and sometimes W. haha. Afroman is the shizznit. ha.

oh theres this band i heard of a couple weeks ago.. Atreyu.. dont know how to really pronounce it.. but they are pretty fucking awesome. kind of screamo/hardcore. i really like their song. Lip Gloss And Black. wee. yeap. theres a local band called ___ (i forgot their name) that remind me of them.. they rock too. yeah. laaaaaaaaaater.

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i took a couple sexual quiz on quizdiva.com... lol... [17 Aug 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Afroman- because i got high. hahaha. i <3 that song! ]

my music/song as of right now(^^^) is a good song to have sex to.. lol jk.


^^^ nice quiz website.. its all sexual quizzes though.. hah. they are funny and have some funny ass pics too... so heres the one i took...

another little quiz from quizdiva...

professional flirt

You are a PROFESSIONAL Flirt!

All you need is a bedroom to change clothes in, and out comes – Superflirt!

You’re always successful and you always get your man.

That’s because you have oodles of experience.

Yes, you flirt full-time.

If it paid in dollars, you’d be a rich woman.

But it pays in other ways and you’ve got the jewelry to prove it.

You’re proud of your professional accomplishments, including the long trail of wounded men in your wake.

Nobody does it better, Honey. And don’t you forget it.

What Kind of Flirt Are *You*?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva
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Question thingy... [16 Aug 2003|03:12pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

i got this thing from some chicks journal so i decided to do it too. lol. i dont remember whos it was or where i got the link to their journal but...read along if you wish...

*~Boring Stuff
*Name: Rachelle
*Nickname: Roach. Shell. Star. Bubbleicious. Rainbow. Big ass..grr.ha. Weirdo. Black sheep. and more.. i have a lot of em.
*Birthday: 09/09/1987
*Gender: Chick
*Astrological Sign: Virgo

*Hair color: burgendyis purple and black underneath
*Hair length: umm about a little bit shorter than the middle of my back with alot of random layers. haha.
*Eye color: hazel.(brown/green/and some yellow) and with purple when i get my contacts!!!
*Ethnicity: white. lol. umm american indian(cherokee/chawctaw) and french. and i think thats it.
*Height: 5'3
*pPiercings: two holes in each ear(one stretched to about a 6 or 4) and belly button.
*Shoe Size: 7 to an 8
*Clothes Style: anything. cute or that i like. something weird. whatevers on my floor when i wake up to throw it on and get out the door. haha jk. i guess i just have my own unique kind of style. pants and a t-shirt with one of my over coat jacket things. skirts sometimes. polka dotted clothes. :-) and stuff. (wow long fuckin answer)
*Other info: umm i wish i had bigger boobs kinda. ha. and wish my butt was a little smaller sometimes so i can get it in pants. lol. i think its shrinking yay.and i dont like my cheeks much. heh. or my skin.hmm. im weird. i hate everything about me i guess. lol. oh and ive been in gymnastics 9 years!

*Color: black, white, hot pink, red, silver, light blue
*Song: umm i have waaaay too many songs that you can always catch me humming or singing all the time. i like alot. if i had to pick a few it would be: the taste of ink-the Used, is this what you call life and do i have a name by Fairwell*Madison. letters to you and what it is to burn?-finch. best of me.-the starting line. lip gloss and black- atreyu. faint- linkin park( i love the beginning tune). michelle branch- are you happy now. and many more. that was just to name a few. heh.
*Disney Movie: Cinderella. Finding Nemo.Monsters Inc. they all rock in my book. nothin beats a good ol perverted disney classic. lol.
*Disney Song: umm i dunno. theyre all pretty sweet if you ask me.
*Disney Character: uhh Tinker Bell and Soley from Monsters(?spell). :) Nemo and Dora(shes so funny) are rad too. all disney characters get 2 thumbs up from me. 'cause man.. it must be hard being a cartoon. ha jk.
*Shoe Brand: any kind works. as long as they fucking rock everyones world. and are unique. i like coverse and vans a lot. pumas too. some sexy heels are awesome.. like the $100 dollar pair me and bri bought it frisco. haha. those fucking rock so hard.
*Planet: pluto. since its so petite and it reminds me of the orange dog from mickey mouse!!
*Time of Day: umm 12:00 AM. MIDNIGHT! the day time is cool.. but night is when all freaks come out.. and all the action happens! woo hoooooooooo!
*Mythology God: umm i dunno i never paid attention in class while we studied this shit. but wasnt athena one? thats a pretty pimp ass name.
*Mytholgy Goddess: oh i wrote it up there. ^^^
*Day of the Week: every day is cool. but fridays and saturdays. yep. and mondays from 6-8 cause i like to listen to KCSS. yeap.
*Card Game: umm. bull shit. solitaire. this other game that i dont know what its called but its a singer player one and its cool. and slap jack or GO FISH! oh yeah.
*Computer Game: i dont play much computer games. just use the computer for chat via AIM and the internet for shit and yeah. but solitaire or hearts is cool. pinball sometimes. or that one minesweeper is perty bad.
*Quote: umm i dunno. i guess oh oh..."coo coo cachoo" from finding nemo. and bobby says it alot. now me and bri say it all the time. this doesnt relate to this but i like to say suck my fucking dick alot. and me and bri always come up with cool shit to say. lol.
*Music: my fucking bad ass music. "emo" "punk" "screamo" " metalcore/hardcore" shit i dunno what to call it. its just fucking sick as a mo fo. haha.
*Past Music Decade (ex: 50's, 80's, 90's): umm 60's, 70's and 80's id have to say.
*Race of the opposite sex (hottest): well im not racist but i prefer the guys of the white/american race. whether it be portugese or russian(is that white?) or french. dutch, german..lol. white guys are gorgeous. some mexicans can be hott. but not beaners..lol.. you know those old nasty guys that whistle at you while you walk by and they are like 40. and ive only thought like 2 black guys are hott or cute. so yeah. (fuck, i answer long. lol)
*cologne: umm anchor blue. and yeah i think thats it..
*perfume: tommy girl, crush, bikini, love spell,charlie white i think it is, velocity, dolce aura...
*Car: old VW bugs, old VW buses/vans(whatever theyre called), eclipse, jetta, and that car that looks like its from britain or something it so fucking cute, and expeditions.
*Sports Team: 49ers. yeah baby!
*Website: fairwellmadison.com, rockholiday.com, blurty.com lol,. yahoo.com, google.com, any quiz website, hotmail.com haha, horrorcity.cjb.net
*CD: oh man oh man. all my cds and many more. any awesome music cd. ha.
*Video Game: tony hawk pro skater(all of em), any mario game: mario cart, mario party. umm super mario bros, swirl(for dreamcast) and that duck/mario game for the very first nintendo system! all video games fucking rawk.

*~This or That
*Britney Spears or Xtina: umm i dont like either. but christina is hella supid and not pretty so id have to say Britney Spears cause she is pretty. sometimes.
*Lord of The Rings or Star Wars: umm neither. i havent really watched either.. but if i had to choose i guess lord of the rings looks pretty cool.
*Black or White: both mainly black.
*Summer or Winter: summer most of the time. winter other times.
*Nysnc or Backstreet Boys: blech. none! theyre are both gay. and justin gets on my nerves. you are white not black! ugh.
*Eminem or 50 cent: haha. i just made fun of justin for trying to be black.. but Eminem is the shit and hes kinda cute. :) 25 cent.. i mean 50 Cent is hella played out and ugly. and his songs are kind of dumb.heh.
*Chocolate or Vanilla: both
*Mechanical Pencil or Pen: pencil when i have to but pens are so fucking rad...with all the different colors and shit. yeah!

*~More Personal Stuff
*Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: talking to a fucking hott ass guy.kind of going out as of right now. and no girlfriend right now. maybe jacki or tati? lol.
*Straight, gay, lesbian, or bi: bi.
*Current Crush: Bobby and some unmentionables that i dont want hella people to know about or this person to know. :-) if you want to know... ask me personally or on my sn online. i might tell ya. ;-)
*Farthest you've gone with a guy/girl (base): WARNING!!!: personal stuff. kind of detailed. read at own risk. (there i warned all your nerd asses. haha) ha. good way to end this "questionaire" with such a personal ?. and i will answer. i dont really go by bases. isnt 1st kiss, 2nd make out, 3rd oral and, home base sex? i dunno. i forget the "bases" so i just go by what ive done. lol. but i guess bases would be, 1st, 2nd, 3rd done to me, not me to them lol and home! yeap...i have fucked. i havent gave a bj. ive made out/kissed(guy and a girl. heh. ;-) ). gave no hand jobs. and have been eaten out. if too much info.. im totally sorry.......not. youre the one who decided to read this...i warned all ya'll ha. im not afraid or embarrassed of my sexuality or how far ive gone with a guy or girl. and im not scared to tell it to other people either. lol but im not a slut. just for clarification.i havent had sex with more than 2 guys. and i dont tell hella people everything either.. this was just a question thing so i decided to tell all you who read this(hopefully mainly just friends and people i know lol) how far ive gone and what ive done. alot of you already know this shizznit so who gives a shit. haha. well...later kids. have a good one.

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this sux... [16 Aug 2003|01:36pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | the ataris ]

i was supposed to go stay at my sisters house tonight.. but noooooo... shes in the bay area with her dad. blah. so now i cant go to the party at davids house to see and "talk" haha to jon. :-( this sucks so much fucking hairy ass. you dont even know. ughh.

last night me and elie went to the brendan movies. saw Grind. lol. it was an alright movie. hott guys. and bam margera. mmmm mmm mmm. i <3 him alot. i saw those chicks(or one of em) downtown.. one of the ones that stare at me and that i dont think like me. heh. then me and eli went to centre plaza for a church thing that her friend vanessa invited us to. shes a nice girl. shes so cute..shes like 18 and 4 feet tall .lol. i lub her. :-D then we stayed downtown a little bit after the church thing. it was fun. we talked to jesus. we have seen him forever. then theres this girl(karina i think) that jesus says i look like her. but we dont. lol. hes on crack. we might have a little bit of the same features but i mean.. if we were walking side by side together somewhere.. ppl wouldnt think we were sisters.. i dont think.. unless your a dumbass like jesus. lol jk. we went to the movies around 6 45 to catch our movie at 7 or 7 30. i forgot then it got out around 9 something and we headed to the church thing.. then to downtown around 10 something the home around 11 30 or so. i got taco bell. mm. elie did want anything. nerd. we (me mom elie) talked shit about my dad. haha funnyshit. yeah my mama picked us up and erica was the one that took us. vanessa was gonna give us a ride home but we wanted to stay downtown so my mom said she would pick our asses up. lol. my dad pisses me off. ughh hes annoying..lol. so yeah last night was pretty grand. oh.. then i came home and did my collage for mrs. bettencourts class. im almost done. i started around 12 and didnt go to bed until around 3 am cuz i was online too. heh. well buh bye for now.

OH yeah one last thing...

my mom insulted my music..ha.. i changed her hick music in the car to my music(my beatles cd. :) ).. and she said its weird to see you listen to the beatles(probably since it was her music growing up as a kid haha) ..since you like that rap shit. i looked at her and i was like.. what the fuck are you talking about i hate rap. then she said "oh yeah oops.. isnt it emo(with and emphasis. ha) or something like that, that you like?" haha. i was like mom.. emo is a type of punk as in "rock" and beatles is classic rock so its kinda the same thing. haha. they are both a type of rock..i guess. rap and rock. tooootally different. maybe she thought emo was rap. ha. even though she hears me blast my little "emo" ,"punk" ,"screamo" lol or some rock/metalcore all the time. ha.

maybe she had a point.. i mean rap isnt emo..duh, and beatles isnt emo either... so yeah maybe she meant since beatles isnt emo.. she didnt think id listen to it. lol. but i like all kinds of "rock/punk". mainly "emo" "metalcore/screamo" "punk(especially old punk)" and stuff. i dont really know what to call it all. lol. just some fucking rad ass music. but the beatles is pretty much the only old rock band i like. (just some FYI. lol) the beatles are just fuckin out of this world. haha <--cheesy.

so yeah anyways..i had to give her some music knowledge.lol. everyone knows i absolutely HATE rap.. except sean paul(is he considered rap?) is cool. but i guess hes more reggae.which is cool. ha anwyas.. my moms a mother fuckin hoot. that was a while back (about 2 weeks ago or so) that she said that.. but i thought it was funny. heh.

<333 xox.

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Suck my fucking dick... [15 Aug 2003|04:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | The mother fucking Used. ]

fuck. im pissed/sad as of right now...

i cried today.. a little bit.. but that little bit felt sooo bad...because of something... (read down about yesterday and you'll find out. hint: i cried because im insecure about my head/cheeks. lol. sounds funny but read.. )

today went to school.. late. i went to 6 at about 12:30. i was hellla late.... blah.. stopped at chevron for soda. saw adolph. aww hes so cute. he said i looked good. heh. i havent seen him for like a year. it was a pleasant suprise.

yesterday: (ill tell why im pissed/sad right now)..

school yeah blah..
then last night went to the Holiday show at Roller King. and it was fun and shit. especially after wards when me and elie were outside..i was mix master rhymer. haha.example: her name is elie.. she is so smelly.. here is a curb.. i want some herd. ahahaha. good times. everything i saw i made a lil rhyme for it. heh....pretty intense shit. i was so fucking hyper.. woo off of one canned soda.. wild cherry pepsi.mmmm mmm good!

but i dunno.. i feel weird or violated when im at Holiday shows or even F*M shows sometimes... cuz theres these one girls.. mainly 2 of em but about all 10 of them(lol.. their whole possy) piss me off. they always stare at me and talk shit.. now i would like to know what in all the fuck have i done to them for them to criticize me and shit i really would like to know. cuz i dont think they have any room to talk shit about me.. they dont even know my name i dont think.. let alone anything about this mother fuckin bitch.(me) :) they seem like cool girls who have a lot of good fun together.. just they hella stare and it makes me uncomfortable. either they hate me.. for some odd reason i dont know about or they think im hott. lol jk.. i doubt that. but yeah damn.. and one of the girls.. i got her live journal adress from somewhere i dont even remember where and i read what her message said on 8/15/2003 and it said something about.. the holiday show last night was good except for that retarded girl with the big head. and im assuming(maybe i shouldnt) that they are talking about me cuz they always stare at me. and that makes me upset and pissed off. maybe they werent talking about me but i dunno. and im hella insecure about my head.. cuz i dont like my cheeks. lol. but anyways.. i just really wish they wouldnt stare at me unless its a good stare :-) ha. and if they have a problem with me.. i just wish they would come tell me to my face or something.. or just not stare.. maybe look.. no stare. lol jk. but i mean if they came up to me and told me what they hate or maybe like about me i wouldnt want to fight or anything(maybe. ha jk) i just wish they would pretty much stop staring and talking shit.. i hate when bitches talk shit about people behind their back and shit..especially if they dont know the chick.. it makes me furious. heh. and if someone that is being talked about (ex: me...?) and are stared it might.. just might make them feel weird and out of place or something. some people may think me or you or someone is out of place or trying to be something they are not or something.. but they dont need to stereotype/criticize. i mean.. im just a teenager girl trying to have fun and go to local shows and enjoy some fucking awesome local music from bad ass local bands.. and support them so they will make it famous.. and just trying to be myself.. Roach. :o)~(lol elie gave me that nick name) but, i mean i dont really consider myself: emo, punk, goth, prep, gangster(lol) or anything.. i dont like stereo typing myself or other people.. i just like being myself. ya know? i mean yeah.. i might be a little weird and not normal(what is normal?) to some people.. but i just say fuck off to all yall(ha) who hate me or whatever and dont even know me or criticize/stereo type me. (heh jk.) im not that mean.. i just say what the fuck, fuck off if you hella piss me off or think im not normal.. fuck off... i am normal.. in my own world. lol. im my own person with my own style own world own whatever. haha. i mean im just me. living my life to the full extent(most of the time). shit..i just wake up.. throw some clothes on. do hair and makeup (somewhat..heh) and out the door i fucking go. im not trying to be something/someone im not..im not trying to be anything.. except myself trying to have fun and enjoy some rad music. i mean... is that bad of me? excuse the fuck out of me for wanting to support some fucking sweet ass local bands with fuckin bad ass lyrics and music. i mean shit. sorry for fucking existing and wanting to help out the local scene. shit. peace im fucking out of here.

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Are you staring at me!? Am i sexy or what? haha. [14 Aug 2003|01:15am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | 10After ]

today: the date up there says 14 but its really the 13.. kinda.. i think. yeah heh... k umm..

well today i woke up around 9 and got ready for school. oh Ceres High started today. haha. stupid normal good kids. lol jk. anyways.. i woke and shit.. then decided i didnt want to go to school. plus ever since i got home from florida ive been sick. all stuffed up and shiz nit. so i felt hella stuffy today.. and yeah. so around 12. guess what..? i got to watch my show that ive missed for like a week now. woo hoo! i was so happy. and ive been reading about it on the internet catching up and shit. i know im hella lame. ha.

then i was going to go to church with bri but she decided not to . so i went to elies around 5 50 and caught the last few hilarious minutes of the brendan leonard show!! wee hee hee. that show is off the motha fuckin hook essay. haha whoa. i think i got a little carried away with my G talk. heh. so yeah then we went to church. pretty fun... but i swear if those preppy ass bitches keep staring at me.. im gonna fuckin do something harmful to them. haha i go to church and look at my language. heh. oops. so kind erica picked us up and took us.. then we stopped at edgars house and chit chatted a little bit and picked up victor. we then went back to elies and watched: whose line is it anyway?, south park, and reno cops 911 or something like that. oh then we watched vma pre awards(or some shit like that) with bam margera from jackass. damn.. that kid is sooo fucking hott. mmm baby. lol. then my mom came and got me and bitched to elie about my dad. heh. my moms a freak.

yesterday: went to school. nicoles mom bitched at me and her. heh. oops. i dunno what we did though.. i guess she was just in a bad "bitching" mood. lol. me, mom and my bro got taco bell. mmmm. then me and my mother went and stocked durachell batteries and software at wal-mart in modesto and manteca and might do stockton tomorrow. i got these two cool lights for like 4 bucks each for my room in the manteca wally world. and a black ink cartridge for the printer. and Jacki called me. yay!! i miss her alot. i <3 her.
oh and me and mom listened to my good ol beatles cd in the car. :-).

monday:my first day of school. umm on my moms way home from her physical therapy she called me at home and asked if i wanted to go to eat. i said hell yeah since it was food and i dont turn something as good as that down. lol. so we went to marie callendars. it was my first time eating there. good shit dude. i recomend it to any one. so me and my mother had soup and salad. yumm. and then 1 piece of chocalate silk pie to share.mm but rich. and i had a mountain dew AND raspberry lemonade(yumm yum yumm) to drink at the same time.. since the waitress got my order of drinks kind of messed up. heh. so yeah. and we sat there and ate our food while talking shit about Ari. haha. fun times.

Until next time America.. take care of yourself and each other-Jerry Springer.

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Blah. Blee. Doo. Da. [11 Aug 2003|06:34pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Atreyu ]

school started Tuesday, August 5th. I was in Florida. so i had a delayed start and whatnot.. so today(08/11/2003) was my first day back to school.. it went pretty swell. i mean yeah school sucks fat ass.. but at argus having half days is pretty fuckin awesome. lol. yeap. infant care is pretty swell. the chick..Janet i think her name is.. well i have it with her and shes cool. its very peaceful and nice in there. i have Mr. Fry for 5th period again... but .U.S. History this time. hes such a fuckin rad teacher. and i have him for advisory again. woo! ha. i have Mrs. Bettencourt for 7th and 8th. Core English and Core Social Studies. yeah i have history two periods. blah. o well. its cool. but shes kind of a bitch. heh. nothin i can do about it...

Nicole has afternoons with me... luckily.
since all my friends from afternoons last year went to mornings this year. ha. losers. lol. but nicoles awesome. were good friends. im glad shes at argus with me now!

im kind of in a good mood right now. but my dumb ass dad is pissing me off. haha. like usual.
some window guy came to fix our kitchen window that my dumb ass loser dad broke. ha. the window guy was a nice fellow.. but a beaner. lol. jk. but he was of the mexican race.. im not racist... i promise. i have some mexican friends.. i just call some of them beaners.. like the nasty 30 year old beaner guys that whistle or yell at you when you walk down the street..eww..their nasty..

i kinda miss gymnastics. im used to getting home from school then gettin ready for gym..now i dont have to. i feel :-( and :-) at the same time. ha.

i think im gonna start tanning again tomorrow. woo! im happy for that. im losing my tan so yay. haha.

after school nicoles mom picked us up and we went to mcdonalds. weee. i was happy cause i was soooo fuckin hungry. nicoles mom is off the hizzle fo shizzle my nizzle. hahaha. shes hella fucking awesome though.. and funny as fuck.

i was tired today at esquela(school). i stayed up on the computer til about "4 o' clock in the fuckin morning". <---ha. good lyrics by the used. lol. yeah so... i was hella bored and shit.. so i read the F*M and Holiday message board and was on AIM. then i got soo tired so i went to bed. and i read the Holiday interview today on blackouttttt.com today. funny shit. fo sho yo. heh.

damn im hella hot right now...hot flash hot flash. ha jk.

i D/L hella music today.. Atreyu, The Postal Service and a few more i think but i cant think of em right now. i swear i can never remember anything, im a dumbass. :-D i burned a cd with all Beatles songs. woo! they fucking rock. Bri loves em too.. heh.. that kid.. so yeah now im burning one for her nerd ass. she better love me forever for this. lol. aww we have matching cds. heh. how homo. haha. so yep i suggest all yall download those 3 rockin bands... (Atreyu, The Postal Service, The Beatles.)

as of right now.. im listening to KCSS. haha. im such a fucking sweet ass pimp. lol.

well im out for now. peace outtttttttttttt.

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woo!!!!!!!!!! [11 Aug 2003|01:31am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | the blood brothers. ]

i already wrote today(08/10) but im gonna add another short little post...

so i was sitting on my computer today and the phone rings... my mom hands it to me... and it was jon. i was sooo happy. so we talked for about an hour and he invited me to his bro, davids, house for his party this weekend. i think me and my sis, amanda are gonna go. yeah! i havent seen or talked to him in a loooong time. he might go to argus too this year. which is cool. so yeah i was happy about him calling.. i tried calling him a few times a while back and his phone was disconnected. lol. so im glad to see he has a phone now! we talked about alot. and now that he called me, he got me wanting "it" and shizz. cause yeah he "owes" me something haha. and now i know im gonna get it. woo! lol.

as if right now im bored and talking to my sis via IM and asking if she wants to go to the little party. shes a silly kid. ha. (even though shes older than me...) theres gonna be alcohol at the party too. woo. haha. my poor sis.. she just broke up with richard. but shes already talking to someone else. haha. what a pimp! i wish i was a pimp as her. lol. oh wait.. i am. ha jk.

oh and i start school tomorrow. it started the 5th but i was in florida so i had a delayed start so tomorrow is my first day. blah. i think i want mornings instead of afternoons. heh. o well i guess.

me and Jon are gonna fuck... hardcore!.. lol. just kidding..? to a "hardcore" song. ha. he dont like my "emo" "screamo" "punk"... 'shit', as he calls it. i dunno what its called. heh. but hes ruuuuuude for calling my music shit. haha. he said he wants to fuck to a rock song or hardcore song. no "punk shit". what a nerd. ha. hardcore sounds good to me...lol. dont ya think? ha. but i guess he likes "punk" more now.. so i guess it dont matter. but he still dont like my "emo" stuff i guess. :-( heh. anyways... i dunno.. im not a loose whore so who knows if we'll do it. ;-)but i hella know him..its not like i picked him up off the street last night. oh wait.. yeah i did. HA. JK. so yeah.. i guess it will be fine if we do it... and it wont be bad of me.. ? heh. i dunno. but sorry if its too much info.. your the one who decided to read it. ha. yeah buddy.

.P.S. (for anyone who dont know me... and is reading this.. im not a slut.. just 'horny' right now. hehe. :o)~)

well have a good one kids.

(haha.. my mood is horny!)
im a little devil. ahaha. later.

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Boooooored. oh and um... bored! [10 Aug 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Well we got home last night/this morning around 1:30 am from the frisco air port. i was sooo tired. i woke up today at about 12 pm. not too bad. and got in the shower. god lemme tell you. it felt so gooood to be home and in my own shower. yeah buddy! so i took like an hour and a half shower. i shit you not. then got out and got dressed did my makeup and straightened my hair and shizz. now im on the comp, reading the F*M message board and shtuff.

so where do i begin...


left thursday night/ friday morning. flew out of frisco around 6 am i think. got in jacksonville florida at about 3 pm their time and 12 pm our time. we (me, my mom, cassandra and ari)just settled down in the hotel. we went to the landing about 1 minute away from our hotel, walking distance. we ate at the american cafe. not too bad. but expensive. for four of us to eat it was over 50 bucks. yeah.

then friday, me, mom, cat, ari, dawn, erin (ernie), and dylon went and at Hooters. ha. great place. we ate lunch there. then shopped at the landing a little. the landing had this small ass lame mall with lame stores. so we went in there. kinda boring. it rained alot there. and wasnt too hott. not what i expected from florida. hence. "the sunhine state" heh. what a lie. ha. at hooters i got a shirt. woo.

saturday. our first practice at the convention center. it was from 8-10 am. it went pretty swell. i practiced with those nikken wrist bands. they work pretty good. after practice i dont think we did much but chill at the hotel. and i think we did opening ceramonies and march in today. me, jenna, cat, ari, ernie and i think dylon met kristyle tonight at the hotel. hes touring with bow wow. so i guess bow wow was at our hotel too. supposebly on the 19th floor. our hotel had 19 floors actually 18 cause theres no 13th floor. and the pool, weight room and sauna were on 19th floor. we were on 15th floor. it was a nice hotel, but kinda weird/freaky. hah. got a strawberry smoothie at comp. in tall black cup. mmmm. best smoothie ever.

sunday. second practice. 8-10 am. then we went home. hah. the hotel. and got ready around 3 or 4 cause the welcome party was at around 6 or so i think. it was at the landing. ha. cat wore her red and black striped stalkings with this skirt thing. it was cute. but people stared at her weird. stupid people. i wore my black skirt with white polka dots :o) with umm i forgot what shirt. ha. i think it was a red tank top cat gave me. hmm. who knows. im a tweeker. ha. oh wait. i think it was my white tank with rhinestones on it that my sis gave me. ha. damn i dunno. o well. but we got our tickets for the arcade thing and played a few easy games. the arcade is in that gay mall thing on top. yeah. we got like 130 tix each or somethin and they had gay prizes so we just gave hers to the ticket guy and i got this chess set. ha. the party way gay we stayed for about 30 minutes. then headed back to the hotel and went and watched disney channel. ha.

monday. me and cat stayed in hotel. ari competed. her mixed pair with derek. ha. then later i went to the competition i think. they did really well though. then that night, me, mom, cat, ari, dawn, ernie, and dylon went to the italian cafe to eat some pasta for carbohydrates so we would do good at comp. it was gooood. but like in ohio.. ha.. the roof started caving in cause it was thunder storming outside. haha. so after we ate, dawn and my mom stayed in the restaurant and talked, while me, cat, ari ernie and dylon went out side and did cheers. ahahah. we were soooo hyper. we made up some nasty cheers too. haha. who rocks the house. they say rachelle rocks the house. and when rachelle rocks the house, she rocks it front and back, and up and down like that. hugh...? get what its talking about. haha. cat made that one up..like im some kind of slut. pshh. ha. but at the end we either say woo or hugh. its hard to write the sound on a comp. haha. we went food shopping today too. and orded pizza i think. heh. im getting old and cant remember a few days ago. god im dumb. shit. me cat and derek went to work out room today or yesterday. in our hotel. cant remember. bought clothes at comp. got peach smoothie today in small clear cup. mmm.

tuesday. we woke up early aroun 7. got ready and headed to the convention center for the competition. we were in rotation d. so we went on around 12 or 1 in the afternoon. i think. hah. we had 30 minute warm up and we warm upped our dance and stuff in the back. there was two floors. pretty much to our selves. i did about 100 back handsprings with ron just "being there". and a coach from ncsa said my flip flop is very good. that made me feel good. so we did our routine. we could have had a better score. but cat dont know how to fuckin smile. me and ari did good i think. i threw my back handspring. yay! everyone was proud of me. i was proud of my self. my mom was so happy she cried. haha silly. so yeah that day was pretty good. but cat and ari started getting on my nerves. ha im abitch. but we were just around each other too long and yeah. i could tell it was gonna be a loooong ten days. heh. me cat and ari went swimming. did alot of acro in pool. me girls from louisianna i think or texas. nice gals. we were swimming from like 11-12 or so and the pool closes at 11 30 supposebly. ha. me and cat went in sauna too. woo.i think tonight, me, cat, megan s, hallie, and jessica and ari went walking around. and jessicas bro. ha. what a nerd he is. we were all gonna crash in my room but meg couldnt so me, cat, ari, hallie, and jess stayed in my room. me and my mom had a bed to our selves. and they all four slept on the same bed. ha. we painted our toes and fingers with my polish in the hall out side my door. the twins mom, lisa, an awesome person gave us pretzels and water. hah. shes funny. she told us to go to bed. haha. shes coolio foolio. we came in watched tv. went to bed around 3 am. haha. i think. got trios pics and stuff taken. bought more stuff at comp i think.

wednesday. went to the competition. was gonna go to movies with derek. but wasnt back in time. so he went with kendal. they watched freaky friday. haha. so we came home from the comp and me, derek, and cat and i think thats it went walking around. we were gonna go swimming so me, ari, cat, dylon and ernie got ready and walked down there with mom and dawn around 10 30 and it was packed. so me and cat and ari came back. we were gonna go back around 12. so we started toward the pool around 11 50 and everyone was leaving. haa. they actually kicked some people out this time. derek was down there. so me, ari, cat, and derek worked out in the weight room a while. met amanda and others from ATA. nice kids. they left and we stayed with amandas mom so we wouldnt get kicked out. haha. then after a while we left. went walking around. then went to kendals room. this was around 1 am(10 pm our time. 3 hours difference). yeah.. derek left around 1 30 and me ari and cat left aroun 4 am. haha. we were bouncing on the bed, bs ing with marie(kendals mom) shes so fuckin awesome. yeah. and we were at dereks for a while too. yeap. bought last minute gym clothes and stuff at comp. got another strawberry bannana smoothie at comp in tall clear cup. woo. i have three cups now. haha.

thursday. was supposed to go to mall and shizz. mom was at a western store. blah. me cat, and derek went to landing with his mom. me and ari got in fight. haha. dumb bitch. shes so annoying. ha. anyways, me cat andderek got our picture tooken and it said friends on it. aww how cute. heh. and i got my picture on a magazine cover thing. it was awesome. the guy takes your pic and puts your head on a magazine cover. can you say sweeeet. ha. yeap. then we got to the hotel around 5 and hurry and got ready for the banquet. it started at 6. luckily it was on floor 2 or 3 of our hotel. so we werent too late. ha. i wore my cherry/polka dot halter dress. woo. with my new heel shoes. and i did my hair in criss cross twistie things. it looked cute. i looked good that night. heh. so we ate, then DANCED!!! it was soo fun. i found out my friend jess is bi. thats so cute. hehe. so all of us(me, cat, megan, hallie, jessica, sometimes allison, rajanique and others) danced the whole night. it was fun. we were the last once dancing. me and cat went and changed into pants to dance easier. haha. yeah. then we had a few trains goin on. woo. ha. they played alright music. some rock too so i was proud of those djs. heh. we danced on the table. ha. were hookers. haha jk. we got kicked out. haha. so we went to my hotel and had our own dance party. hahaha. but before that we went to ron and sues and waited at there door. haha. we were gonna crash their hotel room but they kicked us out. they are on the same floor as empire. blah. stuck up bitches. fuckin preps. wow. anyways... we stayed on that floor to piss of empire. we were soooooo loud. we succeded. they kicked us off their floor haha. but we didnt care so we were still loud. after a while we left them fuckin skanky hoes on their floor. haha. were grrreat. i hate them all. then we went nigga knocking. we were being all loud and shit. it was fun.

friday. woke up around 9 am. got ready. me, mom, cat, ari, dawn, dylon, and ernie all headed to the beach. it started raining, lightning, thundering so the "beach patrol" moved everyone out. then we headed to st augustine to ripleys believe it or not. it was fuckin crazy shit. but hella fun and awesome. they had this wall where you pose and the camera takes your pic and the flash freezes your shadow. and they had a piano you play with your feet, a mirror you make funny faces in and on the other people can see what faces your making, hahahaa, me and cat had fun with that one. ;o) this spinny wall you walk through that makes you dizzy and helllla crazy shit that was real. yeap. oh and we walked through this wood log house. it was sooooo small. but cool. yeah we saw and did hella shit there. then we headed back to the beach. that was fun. we did acro on the beach. we could toss ernie high. we sang out loud on the way home. country songs. haahahah. oh and there was a few hott skater guys at the beach. watching us. woo! hehe. yeah today was fun. we came home and ate at the mexican restaurant again at the landing. we at there on tuesday too i think. packed our stuff tonight.

Saturday. woke up. went to the landing. bought last minute souveniers. mom took dawn, ernie, dylon and ari to air port. then came back and picked up me and cat. we then went and checked our luggage in. then all of us went to eat at subway. we saw a couple hott guys. :o) then we went back to the airport and caught our flight at about 6. we flew to minneapolis st paul minnesota. then to florida around 8 or 9. got to frisco around 11 30. doris and tati came and got us. then we came home and got in about 1 30. i got on the comp til about 3 then went to bed. it felt good to sleep at home. the fly home seemed longer than the fly there. yeap. the second plane home though was loud but a little more comfy cause we had a lot of foot space. we were right by first class and watched this guy eat all kinds of yummy food. lucky bastard. we had pretzels and soda. oooo. haha. me and my mom sat by some old guy and ari and cat were a row behind us. poor cat. ha. i stole i mean "borrorowed(as doris would say)" a blanket from the plane. next time i want to get a pillow! heh. the ride home in the truck was good. me and tati talked the whole way. and held hands. haha. were lesbians. haha jk. ari was getting on my nerves bad today. and that fuckin sore on her eye pissed me off. ugh. nasty. on the plane to minnesota me and cat sat next to these poser preppy/surfer chicks who thought they were hardcore. when the plane was taking off they said yeah and held up the rock sign. ughh. gay. they were annoying dumb blondes. they are the kind that make blondes look bad. heh. no offense to cool blondes. i listened to F*M, greenday, the starting line, hot hot heat, marilyn manson and many others on the plane. woo!

oh and a couple of days i got to watch my show!! but eli still recorded for me. yay! so im gonna go get it in a lil bit to catch up on it. ha.

It feels good to be home!

k later all.

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florida... [31 Jul 2003|02:24am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional. :o)~ ]

im a little tired. heh. Cat and Ari are here right now. and were about to leave for san francisco then to FLORIDA!!! woo. ha. k talk to you all later. ill write about florida when i get back. im gonna miss my show... AMC. tear. ha. yeah. umm me cat and ari went to wal-mart and jack in the crack tonight. ha. fun times. k later all.

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