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...Dec 31 2003...
... mood | chipper ...
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hey sweethearts ;)
I am finally well again, I had a horrible case of strep throat! but I feel SO much better!
I even got around to commenting! go meee ;D
anyways, rofl I think this might crack ya'll up...


okay so my sister & her boyfriend Randy were gunna go out to get something to eat so I told Lisa(my sis) to call me and bring me somethin back,so she called & asked what I wanted from Roy Rogers, so I told her I wanted two drumsticks & fries. When she got back she said they only had one drumstick left cuz it was like 9 at night, so they got me a drumstick & two wings, well I was happily/hungrily eating my drumstick & wing, then I grabbed the other wing...and looked at it...and what did I see?
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Then yesterday my sister said some guy called our house and was like "hey, I found your number on a bathroom wall and it said to call for a good time" & she just hung up! then today I was on the phone & some old guy was like "hey, I got your number from a friend and he said to call you for a good time" & I just laughed and hung up ROFL!

ah, it was kind of nice having a whole week off from school, because see..I went to school monday, but didnt go tuesday,weds. or thursday & today we had a snow day =) plus saturday & sunday, so that's 6 days I've been off..too bad I had to be sick lol!

also, I'm working on an expage, its go & sign my G-book ;D

anyways, I'm gunna wrap this up now

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...Dec 29 2003...
... mood | sick ...

I need to start updating. I'm sorry...I've been sick for awhile, so thats why I havent updated! I'll be back in a few days, don't take me off ur friends list, I will be back in full swing- don't worry! =P


...Dec 26 2003...
... mood | crazy ...
... music | Karma // Jessica Andrews ...

I think I have PMS.
what a way to start out an entry,LOL.

grr, but seriously...I'm just really really irritated with my family right now, argh I hate being a girl sometimes!@#$

oh yes, another dad has this new found obsession w/Subway and its friggin annoying lmfao,I've had subway about 4 times this week! & about 10 mins ago he calls & is like SO WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM SUBWAY? and I'm subway? and hes like ITS HEALTHY. yea okay health food tastes like ass. sorry lmfao.

anyways, last nite was kinda brother Eric ( yes, ex-bf is named Eric and so is my brother) had to get rushed to the hospital because hes really allergic to certain kinds of nuts and he went out to dinner and there was nuts in his food, so he broke out in hives and couldnt breathe =/ luckily hes okay now!

Lately I've been..on the edge about every little thing, like yesterday my aunt was being nosy and asking me questions and it was pissing me off, and I wanted to just yell at her. but I didnt, I dunno..little things bother me lol its actually quite stupid.

mmk.. ahh. I must write about this...okay.

Well, my best friend Rachel is dating this boy Kevin, he's totally obsessed w/her and liked her for EVER and a couple weeks ago she FINALLY gave in and started dating him because she was scared cuz he always talked about suicide, well...this is REALLY sad..but last weekend, his dad went crazy and shot himself in the head with a shotgun, right in front of Kevin =/ and him and his dad were very close.
I can't imagine what hes going through right now!

*grin* yes I updated. go meee =D I think I'm gunna also redo my layout, dunno yet tho! ;)
wheeeeee off 2 comment

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...Dec 21 2003...
... mood | lazy ...
... music | Alan Jackson // Where I Come From ...


sorry that was my random outburst for today.
I'm done now rofl!

anyways, I dont feel like updating rofl. **IM LAZY**
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...Dec 18 2003...
... music | Eric Clapton // Blue Eyes Blue ...

hey hey! sorry I've been an asshole about commenting & updating and shit!

ahh, yes Eric broke up w/me =( im kinda still upset but I kno its his loss so whatever lol
thx 2 Jaimie 4 the sweet comment, it really cheered me up XD

Today I spent the whole friggin day at the gym LOL, I ran 2 miles, and swam and chilled in the hot tub & sauna which was hella fun! now I'm at home and everybodys in a bad mood so I've been a bitch, oh well.
yep yep, I talked to Eric on the phone after he dumped me lol, i was a complete bitch...he said he still wanted 2 talk & sit together at lunch & we was normal..wait? did i just put normal? normal? it was weird but I kinda ignored him in school, then when we were walkin back from lunch i sweetly apologized =D cuz my plan ( that WILL work in my world) rofl, is 2 butter him up & being as understanding and sweet as possible so he goes "DAMN WHY'D I LET HER GO?" yes thats my plan...pathetic? NO rofl! anyways I'm off 2 comment
love u

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...Dec 16 2003...
well i got dumped. whooptifuckingdoo.

this hurts so much...=/
& he wants 2 stay friends and to sit 2gether at lunch and talk on the is that>:o

this bitch has me whipped and he doesnt even care....
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...Dec 11 2003...
last night was wayy fun, i went & saw just married, it was SO GOOD!

ah yes, I got a webcam so heres 2 pics of MEEEEEEEEEEEEE<3

title or description

title or description

that is the wonder that is Mel. my grin is cheezy haha I'm cool worship me, YEA THATS RIGHT

Today I gotta clean my room then I'm goin over erics 2nite from 6 to 9 for a party =D
yea, okay im gunna go comment<3

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...Dec 09 2003...
everyone is telling me erics using me.
i love him
ill talk 2 him about it 2nite, its not that he told ne1 that he was...alotta ppl think he is.
too bad i dont care anymore.

...Dec 08 2003...
hey girlies<3...
well today was awesome, the best day I had in awhile. I patched things up w/someone I've been fighting with for awhile and just..yea, I feel like a weights been lifted off my shoulders. w00t. I think everything will go uphill from now! Friday will be hella fun, I'm spendin the night over my friend Ambers house(she was my best friend in like 5th grade lol) & my friend Ashley will be there too should be fun! then saturday were gunna see "Just Married" THEEEEEEN saturday night erics havin a party--w00t!

Today I actually looked in the mirror & LIKED what I saw. wow for me...thats a first,Thats why I think everything is gunna go uphill from here, at least I hope!
I'm SO SORRY I've been a jackass lately & havent been commented but I promise to keep up!!
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...Dec 07 2003...
I hate my computer yes sir i dooooo
we had 2 hours late 2day W00T W00T
yes yes im weird.
but im cool mmk. yea thats wut i thought BIATCH!#@$


...Jan 05 2003...
today was borrrrrrrrrrring!!
LOL, last night my sister Lisa came home around 1 AM & was like I'm hungry & i was like me too! so we went 2 taco bell at 1 AM lmfao!!!!

it was hella fun!!

ahhhh im bored. I sat around in my PJs all god damn day! I called Eric around 8, but he was "sleeping" yea w/e >:x
personally i think hes avoiding me but w/e, cuz yesterday i called him around 9 and he was "asleep" so yea...w/e ive been pissed at him anyways so yea...=/

okay I'm gunna go now lol

...Jan 01 2003...
lesson to all ;;


I had an awesome<3 night, I don't remember ALL of it...but yess LOL, when I finally got into bed this morning my room was spinning rofl. good times, good times!
argh, im kinda mad tho,i have my damn period ANDDD a frekin hangover!
periods + hangover= FEELING EVEN MORE LIKE SHIT.
rofl, out hope u all had fun last nite
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...Dec 31 2002...
today I got up, went to the laundry mat, then to Burger King..then back home! yay I HAVE CLEAN CLOTHES NOW! =D

Tonight I'm gunna chill @ Shans & were gunna have lotsa fun!

New Year's Resolutions
× I'm gunna stop being so obsessed with things I don't like about myself and focus on the good things
× I'm gunna let go of the past..whats done is done, I'm not gunna think back & regret things I've done in the past year...because at that point...thats what I wanted to do
× I'm gunna let go of grudges, it's a new year so I'll give everyone a new chance
× I'm gunna stop sitting around wishing I'm something I'm not
× I'm gunna be happy and live life to the fullest

yes yes. those are my resolutions for the year 2003

everyone HAVE FUN 2NITE! but BE SAFE<3
love ya!

...Dec 30 2002...

THANK YOU, Caroline 4 the GORGEOUS layout, I cant thank u enough!<3 I absolutely LOVE it!
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...Dec 29 2002...
changed my layout. I hate it, anyone wanna do it 4 me, I'll give u my pass & u can do whatever ur lil heart desires.
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...Dec 29 2002...
... mood | crappy ...

hey guys! well, yea im kinda ARGH right now. So Eric finally calls me...I asked my parents if I could go over there, what do they say? NO so yes,im a bit pissed right now!

alrighty, I wanna share some poems I wrote with you guys 2 get some sort of feedback, these were written by ME so PLEASE I hope nobody takes them & says THEY wrote them, but I kno nobody on my friends list would do that, alrighty...this one I wrote last night! These are straight outta my diary, so yea...

Sometimes I wake up and feel
Keeping faith isn't enough,
Everyday I wanna give up
It doesn't feel real
These emotions I hide
Get too intense to hold inside

and this one is about suicide, this IS NOT how I feel though, I wrote this in Health class one day this year, I got inspired to write it, because we were on the subject.

I wake up every morning
Caught inside my head
Sometimes I wish I were dead
Everyday I live
I try to get away
Everytime I smile
It always fades away
Everytime I breathe
I wish it was my last what do u think? **sigh**
I havent felt quite myself lately, I'm hating it =/
my mom is driving me FUCKING INSANE. cya


...Dec 29 2002...
Boys, can't live with them, can't live without them

Isn't that the truth, Sometimes I love my idiot boyfriend, but other times..I wanna kill him! OKAY, so yesterday hes all 'I miss u, I havent seen u in me 2morrow around 3 & u can come over"
so im like aiight, so today I wake up around 1, get beautiful..u kno how it goes..and I call him around 3, is he home? NO
ohhhhh well his loss. =P
If he calls I'll probably give in & go over there, But I'm not gunna be in the best mood!
boys...I swear *sigh* I'll never understand them

...Dec 27 2002...
thanks 4 commenting everyone<33 i love u guys!~

hrm. today, well...its gunna be boring! I woke up a lil after 2:00 cuz i was up till 5 AM cuz i havent been able 2 sleep =/

Today I might go over Erics or I might go shopping or out 2 dinner or something like that lol. hmm. all my entries are short, hmph. oh well, one day this week i promise 2 make a longer one, im also gunna change my layout lol, okay im outta here now <3333love

AH YES---I got another Livejournal because I had 2 delete my old one, my new one is
_whisper so if any of u have LJs add me
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...Dec 27 2002...
yes yes. pissed off? YES. god, SOMEONE hacked into my friend shannons LJ AND IM AND email & wrote a fake entry saying she was a lesbian in her journal ( and shes NOT) why? because they have nothing better 2 do in their pathetic little lives then 2 make somebody feel bad on christmas. wow what a nice person! im so mad right now I can't even say. we know who did it, she confronted them...did they apologize? nope. course not FUCKING ASSHOLE. anyways,today I went shopping & bought a charmbracelet...its REALLY cute its got 5 charms with dif words on them, they say "love" "dream" "believe" "wish" and "hope"
=D yay! okayyyyy anyways im out--ill prob go over erics 2morrow afternoon & chill 4 awhile!
im off 2 comment<3 I LOVE U!!
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...Dec 25 2002...


happy birthday baby Jesus!=D
yay. my christmas was AWESOME!
last nite we went 2 my grandmothers & I got a bunch of Elvis CD's & clothes n junk!
2day we all woke up around 10:30 which is LATE 4 xmas morning 4 our family lol were usually up by 8 AM!!
we all opened presents and I got alotta clothes, the new mariah carey CD which was at the top of my list! & a karaoke machiene which ive been playing with all day LOL =D
I also got a black cowboy hat--YEEEE HAWW yes yes, I am a TOTAL country girl! *cheesy grin*
i hope you all are having WONDERFUL christmas' cuz u all deserve it!
I'm so excited cuz my grandma got me a kenny chesney CD i already had--so im jus gunna take it back & get Christina Aguileras new CD Stripped
okay im outta here
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