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    Sunday, April 6th, 2014
    11:49 pm
    It was the Winter Soldier all right, damn AC.
    Going to see a movie in a theater is usually a good thing. It’s not only getting out of the house, but it’s watching superhero action on a big screen. However, I don’t appreciate being turned away from seating because the cleaners aren’t done, only to have other people walk beyond us, and apparently seat themselves without any trouble. The showing was crowded, and people kept walking in randomly even after the movie started playing. Playing, that is, after the previews had apparently been cut out of the movie print/reel. O.o The overhead lights in the theater that usually go dark once the movie started stayed on as well. I could handle most of that, but the last straw was the theater manager walked in after pausing the movie 15 minutes in, and restarting it since it had started earlier than intended.

    The people who had come into the showing on time must have complained to management, and had them step in. So, Deb, Steve, and I re-watched the first 15 minutes, and then as the overhead lights finally went dark, were able to see the rest of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” I wasn’t too impressed with the first Cap movie because it was extremely formulaic with nary a variation, the sequel however is five times better. It, of course, ties into the Marvel universe, and develops Rogers’ character further. I loved all the action scenes, they were stunning to watch, and I applaud the coordinators for their expertise. Outside of a Hong Kong film, you won’t find more exciting fights.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D. since the organization probably won’t stay dead for long (much like Fury :p). Even in the comics, Tony Stark spent some time heading SHIELD so it’s a necessary evil in the Marvel universe. I would love to see the movie again just to catch the tiny details that escaped me the first time. The other irritating factor in going to the movie showing was the fact that Rave Motion Pictures had the fucking AC on. It’s been cold for quite a while here, and though the temperature outside was near 60 degrees, you do not need to have your cooling system on. I was near shivering towards the end of the movie, and spent a lot of time trying to scrunch my body into tight positions so my body heat could warm me up. Not much success there, but at least I made it through the showing without having to complain to management about the issue. I might still e-mail them about the rudeness of their staff, but I’ll think about it, and if I still feel irritated tomorrow, a polite rude e-mail I will indeed write.

    Other than that, I’ve been watching more of the Comcast’s Watchathon. I’ve done a complete turnaround on “Da Vinci’s Demons,” mostly because once the series established the characters and story, it got really fucking great. I rather enjoyed watching Leo outsmart whoever got in the way of his private crusade. I’m sad because I won’t be able to see the rest of the second season until it comes out on DVD. I love the show, but I’m not subscribing to Starz for it.

    I watched through the first season of “Black Sails,” and while I’d probably watch it again, it could have been a bit better. While there are two characters who are complete fiction, the rest of the (famous) pirates are historically accurate. The details and rules surrounding a pirate crew are as well, which impressed me a lot.

    All the knowledge I’ve procured about the golden age of piracy finally came in handy. ^_^ I also watched a bit of “Carnivale,” The first episode put me to sleep three times, but I went back and re-watched it, and I have to say I really did like the series after all. It’s a mysterious fight between good and evil with the roles reversed. The characters are compelling, and I’m curious where the show is going plot wise. I’ll have to get the DVD sets to find out though since the Watchathon ends today.

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    Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
    6:01 pm
    Winter came, and went. Look it up, Stark. :p
    Usually, when Comcast offers free premium programming, it’s limited, and there’s nothing I’m interested in watching. Not this time. There’s too much I want to see. I’m having to limit it to a few series given I only have a week to access it all. I did start “Game of Thrones,” which is awesome. I watched three episodes before getting online, and ordering the DVD box sets (yea good deals). I don’t want to rush through the show considering how complicated the story can get, and I know I’ll probably enjoy most of the extras. Just about every episode has a commentary. Since it is an HBO show, there’s sex galore, but unless it’s highly unusual stuff, I don’t blink. I’ve seen too much to really give a shit anymore.

    So with those sets on their way to me, I started “Da Vinci’s Demons.” I’m not exactly sure what the show is trying to be. Its part supernatural mystery, part historical drama, and part action movie. I’m not saying it can’t be done correctly if guided by the right hands, but I get the feeling I’m watching a bipolar show at times. Also, history has proven Leo was bisexual so where’s the guy on guy action? One little comment on a hot guy does not a gay man make. I’m willing to finish the series out, but I expected a lot more from it than I’m getting. Maybe the second season is better? I do love the glimpses into Leo’s mind though. Whenever the world shifts into a drawing or he’s concentrating intensely on something, it’s amazingly well done.

    Other than that, not much is going on. I had to cancel out on Animania last weekend because I caught Mum’s stomach bug, which wasn’t fun. Picture repeated trips to the bathroom, and lots of stomach pain. Like I don’t have enough of that with my IBS. Thanks for nothing, world. -_-; Library’s tomorrow, which’ll be good. I’ll get to see Umi-chan, and see how my section fared over the weekend. I want lots and lots of holes. Okay, off to marathon “Da Vinci’s Demons,” and hopefully start into “Black Sails.” I want me some pirate goodness. ^_^

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    Thursday, March 20th, 2014
    11:17 pm
    Jack Carter, a genius in disguise?
    Lately, I’ve been watching the TV show “Eureka.” I wasn’t so impressed with it at first because more than a few episodes put me to sleep. Literally. That was the first season, the second turned out to be much better. Right now, I’m almost done with the third, the first half of which was kind of annoying. I don’t enjoy blatant product placement. Fuck off, Degree. -_- There’s a few things that bug me about the show. I like the characters, but the stuff that happens to them is ridiculous. The formula is always the same: a scientist does an experiment that goes awry, and somehow, despite the number of big brains around him, the sheriff is the only one who figures out how to resolve the disaster of the week. Repeat ad nauseam.

    I’m also pretty sure all the scientific techno babble is 98% false. It’s gotten to the point where I completely ignore any explanation the script comes up with for whatever problem has popped up, and focus on the acting from the main cast. It’s kind of a shame the writers are stuck in that rut since there are some really awesome ideas scattered throughout the show. I loved *loved* the alternate timeline episode, and was quite pissed when Henry basically wiped Carter’s mind for his own selfish purposes. He wanted to get back together with Allison, you dick! There was no need for that. I’m crossing my fingers they’ll do more time travel as it’s usually handled really well.

    Not so crazy about the space ship storyline at the moment. It reminds me of “Falling Skies,” and I know full well that show fell apart. Ah well, not much going on personally. I had a dental appointment today, and my crown was supposed to be worked on, but there were some complications. Apparently, there’s not enough gum around the tooth to put one on so now my dental student Ovy has to work with a specialist, and be supervised during the procedure to fix the issue. No idea when that’s going to go down. At least it’s not going to be too expensive. I got some time to explore downtown though all I did was get some coffee, and write a bit.

    I had dinner with Tom and Cin-chan before their RCIA meeting, and chatted with a fellow “DW” fan. She wasn’t much for the classic episodes, but seemed to know a lot about the reboot. It was nice letting my geek flag fly. :p I kind of wanted to talk to her more yet didn’t want to make Da wait outside. Maybe she’ll answer my friend request on Facebook. We’ll see. So, tomorrow, I did have a dental appointment, but since Ovy can’t work on anything, it’s been canceled. Free day, whoo.

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    Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
    11:46 pm
    "Hey, who turned out the lights?"
    Sigh. “Warehouse 13” has officially disappointed me. I liked the first three seasons even if the big baddie (H.G. Wells) motive for turning ‘evil’ was kind of silly. The fourth season, longer than its previous counterparts by 7 episodes, seemed to go off the rails completely. The show had been light fare with occasional glimpses of darkness, but god, it was like everyone took a leap off a cliff into a dark chasm, and never bothered to look for an exit. Spoilers abound (obviously). Artie, after turning back time, develops a split personality that repeatedly tries to kill his fellow coworkers, and actually succeeds at it once. Steve, one of their new agents, is brought back to life despite not really adding much to the show.

    He can detect when someone’s lying. Yea? I don’t really care if he’s gay or not, it’s so understated, the guy might as well be straight for all the attention it’s given. Honestly, the worst offense is Myka. As if the season hadn’t been depressing enough, they give her cancer. Not just any cancer, a wide spreading one that kills in apparently a few months. The finale leaves her in mid-surgery with her fate in the air. I didn’t ever grow to especially care about Myka, but that’s not right. There has to be another way to insert drama that doesn’t involve the ‘c’ word. As far as I can tell, the writers did it to torture Pete since his feelings for Myka definitely go beyond sisterly.

    Another thing that annoyed me is the addition (or would it be scrabbling for) guest stars throughout the seasons. I’m always tremendously happy to see Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters, but the roles they’re given to work with are disappointing. A long-suffering immortal playboy? Yawn. Overly ambitious scientist with dreams of grandeur? I’ve seen it before, thanks. The actors can do much better! I’m kind of glad the fifth and final season is so short because clearly the writers have stretched the concept so far, it broke.

    With that bad taste in my mouth, I started “Eureka,” and the first episode put me to sleep. Yeah, that’s not so good. Maybe its growing pains, and the later episodes get better as they go along. That’s what I hope at least. Not much going on life wise so that’ll end this entry for now.

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    Friday, February 21st, 2014
    11:56 pm
    Another lap warmer.
    I’ve been a bit preoccupied of late, mostly by the new pet added to the household. A six month old calico kitten we’ve named Zen. She’s sweet, tiny, and though Gambit and Abbey aren’t exactly happy to have her around, they haven’t outright attacked Zen. The closest thing I’ve seen to a fight is Gambit getting all pissy as he swatted at Zen when she tried to hop onto my lap with Gambit. Ah, my possessive boy. At least Zen’s smart enough to take shortcuts, and wait out the other cats if they go into stare mode, and refuse to move out of her way. We haven’t really left her alone that much, but I’ve a feeling Zen could fend for herself easily enough without us around.

    The only bad thing is she developed a cold, and we had to take her to the vet to get some antibiotics as well as some eye drops for one of Zen’s eyes that had gone red. The medication is helping, and in a week or so, she’ll probably stop sniffling altogether. I just hope Zen didn’t pass the cold onto the other cats, but that remains to be seen. It’s not like they’ve gotten super close to her after all.

    Hmm, I have a writing idea niggling in the back of my mind. I watching “Toy Hunter,” and they showed a ventriloquist dummy, and a little line of trivia popped up which said: “Ventriloquism started as a form of channeling the dead.” I immediately thought: that’s interesting, and wouldn’t it be awesome if someone did just that? Forget animated dummies, psychotic ghosts that inhabit them? Even better. The idea is still on the back burner, but I’ll definitely get it some thought before I start writing it. Nice to know the muses still work if a bit sluggishly.

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    Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
    11:35 pm
    The "Friday the 13th" series is better.
    The ending of “Tudors” was a bit anticlimactic. I probably wouldn’t have wanted to see Henry insensible, his leg all but falling off, and deathly pale, but just showing his portrait and walking off screen? Yawn. I’d have loved to have seen how his children fared after their father died. Text on a screen doesn’t help much. I know there’s history, and I have read some of it, but I enjoyed the dramatized version of the Tudors. I then started “Warehouse 13,” which is a nice show. Not the best, but the artifacts themselves are pretty interesting. It tried to be science based at the start, which is weird, but the premise has changed to pseudo fantasy.

    It walks a fine line between comedy and drama, and some episodes are just bleh. The last one I watched involved models in a fashion show who were being aged to death. Of course the female agent is going to infiltrate the fashion show as a model, my problem with that is I don’t really find the actress terribly attractive. In fact, even taking in the fact I have to shut my brain off to enjoy the show, some of the acting is a bit sketchy. Don’t get me wrong, there are great episodes, but having to shuffle through the bad ones isn’t really fun. For example, there’s one set in Detroit. There’s a vigilante going around attacking criminals, and the artifact causing such chaos turns out to be…a pair of trunks. What?

    I love some of the elements. Lewis Carroll’s mirror, Sylvia Path’s typewriter. All great items that could have been developed to the nth degree if in the right hands. In any case, the seasons are short, and there’s more good than bad in the series so I’ll keep on watching. I just won’t expect much. Still on the TV topic, I’m really happy with the route “Teen Wolf” is taking. Instead of introducing a new character that’s the villain, they’re drawing from the main cast. Stiles is usually the straight man so turning him dark gives him new purpose, and honestly? He’s fucking hot when he’s in evil mode.

    I only wonder if the show is going anywhere with the sick thing. If Stiles is indeed ill somehow, I’d think Scott would step up and bite him to save his life. Once they get rid of the nogitsune, that is. That’s that for me. Off to cuddle with Gambit, and try to keep warm.

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    Tuesday, January 28th, 2014
    10:06 pm
    You can leave now, little girl.
    I cannot wait for Henry’s fifth wife to die. I can’t imagine a more annoying Queen, and while it makes Henry happy in the middle of his midlife crisis, her head needs to come off now. It’s bad enough he dumped a genuinely sweet person like Anne of Cleaves who’d have been a fair Queen, but having to deal with a teenage wife who has affairs with no regard to how that would affect the line of succession would be more than I could stand. I know she’s going down soon so it’ll be really satisfying to see her fall. Muha! I only have six more episodes to go, and then “The Tudors” are over. I’ve practically zoomed through the series, and the writing is probably the reason why. It’s excruciatingly tight, and it can get complicated to keep all story threads together.

    The one thing that does get tiring is the focus on side characters. Do I really need to know the Lord of Suffolk’s wife refuses to sleep with him, and he lives in a loveless marriage? Not really. Similarly, even though there are some gay couples shown, it’s such a tiny part of the show, you might have well as kept everyone straight. I think I’ll probably hit up “Warehouse 13” afterwards. Except for season five (which hasn’t aired yet), I’ve got most of the show on DVD. I know it’s basically an updated version of “Friday the 13th: The Series,” but it’ll be nice to see the premise reinvented.

    In other news, I had to use the dental school’s emergency service yesterday. My cracked back tooth just hurt too much, but rather than fix it, they only confirmed that the tooth was indeed fractured. I knew that already, but I felt better I was correct on the diagnosis. So that’s another crown if I decide to save the tooth. At least I avoided a root canal. I’ll be glad when my mouth isn’t trying to slowly kill me, and I can ignore it, actually using my whole mouth to chew and eat. Sigh.

    The last two episodes of “Sherlock” have been really good. Sherlock’s return was hilarious, and I like that he’s been humanized a bit more. He still claims to be a highly-functioning sociopath, but sociopaths don’t go around declaring love to their best friend or help a woman find a man during a wedding. Sorry, Sherlock, you may still be brilliant, but you’ve joined the general mass at this point. I’m a bit sad there’s only one more episode left before the season is over. I have no idea how long I’ll have to wait for another season of the show. I guess it depends whether Cumberbatch and Freeman take other jobs or just go straight into filming another season of “Sherlock.”

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    Monday, January 20th, 2014
    6:45 pm
    Thank you, Ebay.
    So, for some reason, I can't update my Blurty journal so it's back to my back-up one. Thanks for being here for me, LJ. ^_^

    You know all that hullabaloo about the case I had to open regarding an eight dollar DVD? I forwarded the matter to Ebay, and within 6 hours, they’d ruled in my favor. I got a complete refund, and the seller had to suck it. Result, yes! You can be damn sure I’m not ordering from them again, and I tried to put as many negative warnings as I could into the feedback box. It’s just too bad they limit how many characters you can use. I could have gone on for quite some time if I’d been allowed. I’ve never been treated so rudely.

    In other news, I might have use the emergency dental service this week, I think I chipped one of my teeth because I can feel ridges on one of my back teeth that weren’t there before. I don’t know what they can do for it, but it is painful at times so clearly something has to be done. My dental student is full up until near the end of the month so he’s out. Fucking mouth. I’d punch it, but I don’t want to make it worse. -_-

    I started watching “The Tudors” the other day. It is an amazingly good series. The first episode wasn’t that great yet once all the characters have been set up, the dominoes are flicked, and everything begins falling. The story is all over, but somehow remains cohesive. Henry, the main character, is quite intriguing. Like most kings in the time period, he’s all about his own wants and pleasures, and doesn’t have any trouble getting his way except when it comes to a divorce. I’m waiting to see how that plot line wraps up since it’s been a huge headache for Henry. He so desperately wants to remarry, I feel sorry for Catherine of Aragon.

    She’s a devoted wife, and despite giving birth five times, couldn’t produce a male heir. I’ve been marathoning the show since that’s the best way to watch it. Anything else, and it’s like you’re just killing time until you can get back to it. Luckily, each season (only four) is only ten episodes so it won’t take long to watch through at all. It’s odd seeing Jonathan Rhys Meyers in another role other than Dracula. The characters are distinctly different, but there are moments where he pulls a face, and you think, “Yeah, Henry’s still there.”

    I had planned to write, but the muses seem to be disorganized today. The Word document is just sitting there, staring at me, Vincent and Victor eager to get their showdown done yet my brain refuses to help them out. Sorry, boys. I’ll show shedu might eventually.

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    Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
    4:43 pm
    Just take it back already, jeez.
    I am appalled right now. See, I brought a DVD off of Ebay, not very expensive, just filing in a hole in a set I picked up from the library. I received the DVD yesterday, but instead of the DVD I was expecting, the case has a burned copy of a movie in it instead. I’m thinking it’s a mistake, and I open up a case file with Ebay so I can return the item for a refund. After stating my problem, and sending it to the seller, I wait for a response. It’s almost instantaneous, and the seller is less than friendly about the issue. They state I’m trying to fraud them, and I have to be lying because it’s impossible I got the wrong DVD. They run endless checks on their products before they send them out, and obviously I’m in the wrong.

    What the fuck? Shouldn’t I get the benefit of the doubt here? I would never *never* accuse my customers of trying to rip me off, and be completely unreasonable in my dealings with them. I believe them, and I give them what they ask for. I get positive feedback that way, and I just can’t believe this particular seller is being so abrasive towards me. I can understand their attitude if the item I was complaining about was expensive (say worth 50 dollars or more), but over an 8 dollar DVD? It’s beyond stupid, and I can’t wait until I can forward the matter to Ebay, and see what they have to say about it. I don’t even really care if I get a refund, I just want Ebay to see how bad this seller is in their communications.

    Anyway, I’ll find another copy of the DVD somewhere else. Life goes on with nothing much to report. I finished re-watching “Supe,” and now just have to re-watch the first nine episodes of the ninth season, and then I can get to work on my review project. I wish I’d thought of an element for it sooner though. I have a feeling before I write anything up; I’ll have to re-watch the particular episode I’m commenting on. That’s fine though, I could watch the show day in and day out without much trouble. Okay, I’m done for now. Off to get dressed, and keep an eye out for the mail since I’m supposed to get a lot in today. Amazon loves sending out multiple items all at once.

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    Friday, January 3rd, 2014
    6:19 pm
    Brendan Block is there for you...all the time.
    David Tennant makes a great bad guy. I recently watched a movie called “Secret Smile,” in which he played an absolute creep. I was still cheering him on though. :p I really can’t hate stalking, manipulating people into their deaths or rape. I did find the ending a tad unbelievable since the only evidence the police had on Brendan was bloody keys. What happened to reasonable doubt? A competent lawyer could have said Miranda cut her hand on the keys, and Brendan picked them up, forgetting to return them to Miranda before he left the apartment. There, jail time avoided. I’m probably just ticked Miranda, a really submissive woman who couldn’t call Brendan out during 3/4 of the movie, won out over someone obviously smarter than her.

    I also started watching a mystery series called “Dirk Gently.” It’s based off on one of Douglas Adams’ book series. He wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series. I haven’t had a chance to read through the two “Dirk” books yet, but after watching a few episodes of the TV series, I definitely will. It’s quirky, funny, and I love the main character. Dirk is a selfish irrelevant jerk yet somehow he’s really likeable. Robbing murder victims, giving people invoices after delivering bad news, and keeping his secretary on the verge of madness is just a few of the things he’s guilty of. ^_^ If you can’t appreciate a time traveling cat, life is wasted on you. :p

    Other than that, not too much going on. It’s really fucking cold. The temperate hit -4 last night after about three or four days of on and off snowfall. It’s expected we’re going to go further into the deep freeze, and get even more of the white stuff. I’ve got a sore shoulder from shoveling the crap so seeing more is just irritating. It also doesn’t help the chilly weather gave me a cold. Being out in it, and then trying to stay warm inside the house is difficult. Having a cat to cuddle with helps though. Gambit’s almost always there when I’m sitting or lying down so I snatch him, and use him as a heater. The one drawback? My legs cramp. :p

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    Friday, December 27th, 2013
    5:43 pm
    Make it good, Capaldi. :p
    I think this was my favorite X-Mas. I didn’t have any gifts to open, and the only real thing I got was money put down on some of the dental stuff I’ve been going through the last month or so. I’m perfectly fine with that. The less I have to open in front of people, the better. I hate having to put on a show with everyone watching. Also, the “DW” X-Mas special was pretty damn good. Not so much with the carols, and holiday atmosphere, just general darkness as Matt Smith exited the show. I do wish Clara hadn’t been reprimanded twice, and sent back to her present only to come back later on to see the 11th Doctor regenerate. Shouldn’t she have provided comfort, and actually spent some time with the aging Doctor?

    In any case, it’s nice to know the Doctor can hang on for another eleven faces. ^_^ I know a lot of people are crying foul because Moffat broke the show’s rules, but if I remember right, the Master (in the classic series) already smashed the 12 regenerations limit so there is a precedent. It can happen. People just need to shut up, and enjoy the show for what it is instead of gripe about the details. I get enough of that crap from the IMDB “Supe” board. There’s only about 25% positive comments, and the rest are negative. It all comes down to that advice no one wants to take: if you don’t like it, stop watching.

    I started playing “Red Dead Redemption” again. So far, I’m just doing the smaller missions instead of the main story. I did have to laugh when I accidentally shot someone I’d just rescued in the back as he was walking away. Luckily, I got to do the mission again so it wasn’t counted against me. I know eventually I’ll run out of the minor stuff, by then I’ll have completely remembered the controls, and mastered the dead eye ability. Not sure why that power is so hard to pull off for me, I have limited success even shooting something as easy as a raccoon. You’d think it’d be easier to aim with time slowed down, but no, it’s not.

    Anyway, not much to report personally. My stomach finally calmed down so I’m not going to the bathroom 4-5 times a day anymore. Reset complete! I’m still avoiding pain relievers for a while though. If I can muddle through a headache, all the better. If the I.B.S. had continued flaring up, I would have had to go to the doctor, and seen what they could do about it. I might have to go anyway since one of my prescriptions can only be renewed by actually making an appointment. Not sure when though, the parental units are quite busy these next few weeks. That’s it for now, off to clothes and therefore warmth.

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    Friday, December 20th, 2013
    8:08 pm
    Alpha this, Alpha that.
    Season 7. Bobby’s been shot in the head, and the boys have to get him to the hospital. Hikaru is avoiding “Death’s Door” for the time being since it’s an emotional upheaval for her. I’m guess I’m still kind of annoyed about the way the show handled his death (lingering far too long though it was understandable Bobby didn’t want to leave Sam and Dean). I’ve been re-watching the first part of season three of “Teen Wolf” instead where I’m still noticing things I completely missed the first (or is it second?) time around. The amount of detail they put into some of the scenery is insane.

    I’ve got two episodes left then I’m going to work on “Being Human” season four. The US version that is, the UK one is dead and gone. It’s nice the shows are coming back; I’m quite curious how the former especially is going to proceed. I just wish they weren’t conflicting with some of the other shows I want to watch live instead of on demand. After I’m up to date on Sally, Aiden, and Josh, it’s back to “Supe.” It’s the time of year to bake cookies, which is happening tomorrow. I’ve got my eye on the spritz ones since they’re my fave. I just hope the GF dough I made doesn’t taste too off. If it does, I can always make a regular batch later on.

    In any case, that does it for now. I need to finish eating my Asian bowl, and get off the computer since I’ve been on it for a while.

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    Sunday, December 8th, 2013
    7:26 pm
    Heal thyself, mouth.
    Today is hard. I just can’t get my energy level up very far, and I want to sit there and stare out into space blankly. Even trying to get up and do something is almost beyond me. In any case, I’m okay, my mouth is still sore from the last of the root canal, and my stomach is still up in arms as well. So chewing is possible, it just takes a while, and I don’t eat a lot. I go back in Tuesday to get support put into the dead tooth, and eventually a crown. I was hoping to stay away from the dental school a bit longer, but I guess if it has to be done, there’s no avoiding it. Other than that, not much going on. I’m still working through “Supe” doing my mini reviews, and just reached the sixth season. I remembered the first five seasons quite well, but I don’t think I’ve re-watched the sixth season onward since they were on TV so it’s like watching it anew.

    The first half of the season makes it easy to comment on since I don’t have to count CFMs. Thanks, Soulless Sam. :p My birthday came and went, and though I did get to go out and eat a nice dinner, it didn’t really feel like much of a celebration. It was just another day albeit one where I aged another year. Gifts were nice at least. Okay, off to watch TV, and hopefully rouse myself into a halfway decent mood. I’ll make some effort in the coming months to post in my journal more often even if it’s just book/TV/movie talk.

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    Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
    10:25 pm
    "Three of you, and no one thought to try the door?"
    Today was the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” and given there was a commercial free global simulcast, I got up early to watch it. The preshow bits were okay, and I was glad to see Grant from “MythBusters,” but really I just wanted the special to start already. Was I disappointed? Hell, no. Moffat pulled out all the stops, actually showing some of the Time War, and developing the lost incarnation of the Doctor. He was an innocent as he hadn’t destroyed Gallifrey yet, and using that story thread, meets up with two of his future selves. Having Tennant in the special was great, he’s one of my favorite Doctors, and I think I’d have miffed if he’d turned down the invite like Eccleston did.

    Playing against Matt Smith turned out to be pretty amusing. There are definitely similarities between the two Doctors, and I particularly enjoyed the parts where they mirrored each other in action and thought. Hurt was excellent, and was able to convey the toil within quite well. I thought Billie Piper would be returning as the 10th Doctor’s companion, but instead she stayed near the sidelines. Still, it was really nice seeing her in the show again. I did not expect Tom Baker’s cameo in the end scene, and the revelation that Gallifrey is still out there was heartening. Instead of having to shoulder the weight of being a genocidal killer again, the 11th Doctor is given a mission, and a home all at once. Granted, he’d probably have to deal with the war-crazed High Council from “The End of Time,” but at least the Daleks are gone.

    I think I’d have been just as happy if all three of the Doctors had actually done the deed together though. The only small complaint I have is the insertion of the Zygons. Yes, DW is all about bug-eyed monsters and time anomalies, but given that the 50th special was honoring the Doctor, I really think it should have focused on just him. Now that they’ve been set up, I know the Zygons will be back in series eight. In all, the special was so worth it, and I will be re-watching it a lot when the moment strikes me once I’ve got the DVD in hand come December.

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    Thursday, November 14th, 2013
    5:13 pm
    I'm sick of green screen.
    I started watching “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” the other day. While I’m really annoyed by the actress who plays the Red Queen (she looks like she’s crying all the time), I love the show. It’s darker then “Once Upon a Time,” and the storyline is tight. I also know it’s only going to last one season so there’s not going to be a cliff-hanger or anything like that. My few complaints, and really, they extend to “Once Upon a Time” as well, is that I’m starting to hate the non-linear storytelling. Instead of flashing back and forth between the past and the present, can’t we just start at the beginning, and play through to the end? You’d be more invested in the characters, and it would be a natural progression.

    The green screen sets are really obvious. I’m not sure if that’s because the makers of both shows are using it more or if the quality has gone down, but instead of focusing on the scene, at times I’m watching the fake animation in the background. I direct your attention to “Doctor Who” that uses CG and green screen a bit more sparingly, and yet it looks a million times better than anything in the “Once Upon a Time” shows. I could probably pinpoint why: there are more episodes of the latter show, and they don’t have much time to work on it, but I would love to see the green screen stuff integrated more smoothly. It’s jarring sometimes.

    I haven’t had much to discuss lately hence no journal entries. The bane of my existence lately is still my teeth. The far back one that was restored hurts when I try to chew on it, and the bottom one on the same side still hurts. So, let’s go down the list: I can’t chew or eat on the left side at all, and I can’t eat or drink cold things. The last one is killing me. I drink a lot of water late at night so having to make sure it’s lukewarm or hot is tiring. I go into the dental school tomorrow, and honestly, I’m scared. The last time I had something fixed on the bottom part of my mouth, I had to be jabbed six or seven times just to numb the area, and it hurt for a while afterwards. Ugh, and I got such a good dental review during the last cleaning.

    It has to be done so I’ll go, and bear with it. At least I’ll be mostly sleep deprived (again -_-) so I won’t remember much of it the next day. Okay, off to get dressed for the day, and think about dinner. Nothing teriyaki, I’m a bit sick of that now after eating two microwaved bowls of it this week.

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    Thursday, October 31st, 2013
    11:55 pm
    "Look who's evil now!"
    So, library was fine though I didn’t have much to do in my section at all. I mostly spent the time sorting my books into keep, recycle, and put on the free cart. I didn’t do Mum’s section because I don’t really know which religion is which so I ended up putting bookends on the parts where there was a large gap in the shop. At least there wasn’t many books that had come in, just stuff that had already been out in her section once. Da had things to do so Umi-chan and I got dropped off at home. We killed the time watching TV, and playing board games. Once Umi-chan was off to bed, I stayed up a bit later watching some more Freddy movies as I did the puzzle.

    Thursday, Halloween, I got up around 2 o’ clock, and after finishing up on the computer left it to Umi-chan while I got ready for the day. We watched TV a bit then headed out Dexter. Some meandering later, we stopped at A & W for a quick dinner before parking at the Copeland Theater. 15 minutes away from showtime, the doors hadn’t even been opened yet. I got our tickets, and we sat down, not having to wait long before “Evil Dead: The Musical” started. I had only heard one song from the show before, and seen nothing of the actual play so it was basically new to me. The production values, as cheaply done as they were at times, were really good. I was very glad Umi-chan and I weren’t in the Splatter Zone area.

    Those people almost got drenched as any time someone was shot, cut off their hand, or bled out from a part of their body, blood poured out of a wall or from a line hidden in the set. Even in our seats well away from the stage, I almost got blood on my shoe from some of the back splash. The music was quite good, and I’ll admit my foot was tapping on the ground throughout a good portion of the musical. What I didn’t expect what the humor infused in the dialogue. The writer(s?) shoved the first two “Evil Dead” movies together so Shelley became Ash’s sister, and the professor’s daughter and local redneck Jack popped up in the second act.

    Too bad they couldn’t have included “Army of Darkness,” but I suspect the only reason they didn’t is because it’s the most well-known movie of the horro franchise, and there’s no need to reiterate it in musical form though I would totally watch it. Maybe I can hold out hope for it in the future? You never know. The inside jokes were great, when Shelley pulled out Bruce Campbell’s autobiography, I laughed, and I noticed someone else did at the same time. Guess we’ve both read it, eh? What really made me smile was the “What the Fuck was That?” dance number between Ash and Scott. Ah, homoerotic caressing, how you amuse me.

    I can safely say I would see the musical again next year or even sooner if I happen to see it performed somewhere else if the tickets aren’t too expensive. I look forward to getting the soundtrack soon so I can stick it on my MP3 player, and sing inappropriate songs out of nowhere. :p In all, very worth seeing, and apt on Halloween of all days. I don’t have much planned for the next few days, catching up on TV shows I’ve been ignoring, finishing out my horror movie pile, maybe writing if I can get the muses moving, and cleaning up the house a bit before Mum comes back on Monday.

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    Sunday, October 27th, 2013
    10:24 pm
    Too much horror? Never.
    Man, it’s always something, isn’t it? Mum’s off in TX so it’s been Dad and I for the last week. We get along fine so it’s no biggie. I just wish the left side of my jaw would stop torturing me. I know the cause, it’s the last restoration in the upper back tooth that’s a little too high for my bite. The discomfort wasn’t bad to begin with, and had even stopped pulsing by the time I had my cleaning so I didn’t say anything about it. Now though, it’s like someone’s pinching my jaw, and the teeth lining that sore part of my jaw sometimes hurt. Eating isn’t a problem thankfully, but it’s so fucking annoying. I really didn’t want to go back to the dental school anytime soon. At least I know fixing it won’t take long since it’s just a matter of shaving the top part down. Hopefully, my mouth will adjust accordingly afterwards. I miss my old bite.

    Other than that, not much is going on. I’ve been catching up on TV shows on demand lately. So far, the second season of “Beauty and the Beast” is okay, but nothing too special. Cat’s take-no-shit attitude is a nice change yet I really wish the writers hadn’t gone for the amnesia route. I actually groaned out loud when I heard that “who are you?” line. It’s completely obvious Vincent is going to remember eventually, until then he and Cat will play the “can I trust you?” game ad nauseam. I’m not sure I like Vincent’s new beast look. It smacks of the vampire make-up from the Buffyverse. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not.

    I was a bit surprised Gabe survived last season’s finale. Who knew a gunshot wound to the heart could be cured by an electrical shock, not to mention banish the beast he’d be fighting within? I sure didn’t. I’ll keep watching, but I expect nothing will make me develop a sudden fondness for the show. If I get too sick of it, I can always drop it. “Revolution” is uh, interesting. I’m willing to give it a few more episodes to see if it’s going to get better. As it is now though, it’s more of the same crap with some other stuff thrown in to make the plot better. It’s not working so far. I will be shocked if the show manages to get a third season. I just don’t think it’s that good. Kripke had a good idea, but one good idea does not a TV show make.

    All right, back to my catch-up marathon and “Superman” comics. I get to see a Russian Clark this time. ^_^

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    Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
    11:19 pm
    A pale imitation.
    I’m disgusted with DC comics. I started to read the issues in my backlog, and I have to say they were all rather lackluster. There’s a few moments where everything comes together, but the majority of it just pretty pictures. The random appearances of other characters from other series were annoying, and I really don’t care to investigate said characters just to understand their background or powers. It’s like the writer(s?) can’t be arsed to keep the team together, and have to fill the time supposedly devoted to story development with summoning people from other universes. I keep expecting Batman or Superman to pop up just to liven up the story.

    I’m also annoyed with the crossovers. There’s a bit Trinity War arc, and I kid you not, it dips into four different series. Why do I have to buy issue 6 of Justice League and 7 of Justice League of America just to understand one story? Why not just make it one miniseries and leave it at that? Why involve so many other series I have absolutely no interest in? I’m almost tempted to just stick with the trade paperbacks of “Justice League Dark,” and “Constantine, and give up the single comic issues The Vault of Midnight keeps back for me. It’s just not worth the money. Their characterization of John as a “do-gooder who keeps the balance of magic steady” is ridiculous. While he’ll save the world if he needs to, John is usually only in it for himself.

    So, suddenly making him care about others or the world in particular is like desecrating his “Hellblazer” grave. I dread reading the last three issues I have of “Constantine” because I don’t like seeing the new John traipse around plying his trade, trying so hard to sound like a bad-ass. Anyway, that’s all I felt like writing at the moment. I really didn’t want to rant about it in person to whoever was in earshot who had no idea what I was talking about. That’s one good thing about this journal, I know exactly what I’m talking about…most of the time. :p

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    Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
    10:02 pm
    "Don't fuck with the Chuck."
    I’ve been laid up with a cold the past week. Two days were absolutely horrible in that “just knock me out until it’s over” way, and I didn’t do much but laze on the futon, and bide my time. It’s only been today that I feel almost back to normal. I’ve still got crap to hack, cough, and sneeze out, but time will eventually banish it, and then I can give a big fuck you to the cold. I hate germs, I tried my best to avoid catching them yet they still got me. Invisible nasties. I watched “Curse of Chucky” tonight, skipping everything that was on TV. I feel bad I missed “Supernatural,” but I’ll catch it on demand tomorrow so there’s no harm, no foul.

    I loved the rebooted movie. It felt very much like the first in the “Child’s Play” series, and Chucky didn’t spent a lot of time cracking wise. The kills were inventive (mostly), and though I have questions about the last two scenes, it was a well-crafted film. I wasn’t fond of the redesign, but the peeling off and revealing his real face underneath was wonderful, and just added to the creepy atmosphere. My few complaints are the fact I have no idea how the movie ended or just how it fits into the franchise’s continuity. Without really getting into the plot, Chucky plays dead as his last victim is brought to justice for his mass murder spree. Then he’s taken by a cop, and Jennifer Tilly aka Tiffany pops up and murders said cop. Last time we saw Tiffany, she’d taken a human body, and was living with her twin daughter and son.

    Maybe she forgave Chucky, and started helping him? In any case, Tiffany mails Chucky to the last surviving member of the family he’d targeted. He starts the chant to put his soul in the girl’s body and the credits play…until the screen says “six months later.” Chucky is mailed to Andy Barclay from the original “Child’s Play,” and looks to murder him, but Andy is ready, and shoots him. So, I’m confused. Which is the real ending? Is Chucky in the girl or did he dispose of her and focus on his revenge on Andy? I assume such questions will be answered in the next film since it looks like the reboot is doing very well so far; sequels will follow, no doubt. I’d welcome any other Chucky movies so long as they follow the “Curse of Chucky” lead. Give me him at his best or nothing at all.

    I’ll listen to the commentary and see if it sheds any light on the subject. Tomorrow, it’s library, which will be fun. For now, off to watch what shows I ended up skipping earlier. ^^;

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    Sunday, October 13th, 2013
    11:54 pm
    Money well spent.
    The house is quiet, and except for the pets and myself, I’m all alone. The parents are on a brief vacation to Ohio, and today was spent with Cin-chan. The day started at just after one in the afternoon when I went down to let Cin-chan into the house. The doorknob was sticking again, and unless you jiggle it just right, it refuses to budge. We spent a bit of time trying to figure out the plan for the day, and set out for No Thai. I ordered pad thai, forgoing my usual order, simply because I felt like eating something different. Afterwards, we headed to a few clothing stores to look for a piece of Cin-chan’s Halloween costume. We didn’t find it though, and drove to Meijer to get the makings for meatloaf.

    We had Barnes & Noble coupons to use, and as I wanted to get a birthday present for Mum, it was only natural once we’d fed the cats, that’s where we’d head. At checkout, the cashier was even nice enough to wrap up the gift I’d purchased. She did a great job with it, and since I know Mum doesn’t have it, I know she’ll love it. It might be a bit late, but it’s the thought that counts. Cin-chan and I came home, and started dinner, which took a bit of time to cook yet it was worth it. The semi-instant potatoes were actually quite good. I showed Cin-chan “Twilight,” and she left to go home once it was over. So, now I’m here, watching an episode of “Wolfblood” that wasn't on on demand. It’s a bit like “Teen Wolf,” but decidingly British.

    I’ll probably finish up the first season of “Supe,” then return to satisfying my horror movie cravings. I always end up doing this around Halloween. I blame all the media and decorations that bombard me, not that I mind. :p Last week, I finished the (last?) season of “Red Dwarf,” and I have to say season ten was one of the best. It’s hard to believe the actors have spent so much time playing the characters. There’s only a few camera angles that really show the age of the actors, and it’s almost as if no time has passed at all between the various seasons.

    I’m reading through the novels, and they’re just as great as the show, maybe better at times since they fill in areas of the show’s mythology that were never covered. I’m reading “Backwards” at the moment, and you really do have to keep your attention fixed on the narrative, otherwise it gets a bit screwy at times. Reading things in the wrong order will do that to you. I love the mental challenge though. ^_^

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