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    Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
    4:43 pm
    Just take it back already, jeez.
    I am appalled right now. See, I brought a DVD off of Ebay, not very expensive, just filing in a hole in a set I picked up from the library. I received the DVD yesterday, but instead of the DVD I was expecting, the case has a burned copy of a movie in it instead. I’m thinking it’s a mistake, and I open up a case file with Ebay so I can return the item for a refund. After stating my problem, and sending it to the seller, I wait for a response. It’s almost instantaneous, and the seller is less than friendly about the issue. They state I’m trying to fraud them, and I have to be lying because it’s impossible I got the wrong DVD. They run endless checks on their products before they send them out, and obviously I’m in the wrong.

    What the fuck? Shouldn’t I get the benefit of the doubt here? I would never *never* accuse my customers of trying to rip me off, and be completely unreasonable in my dealings with them. I believe them, and I give them what they ask for. I get positive feedback that way, and I just can’t believe this particular seller is being so abrasive towards me. I can understand their attitude if the item I was complaining about was expensive (say worth 50 dollars or more), but over an 8 dollar DVD? It’s beyond stupid, and I can’t wait until I can forward the matter to Ebay, and see what they have to say about it. I don’t even really care if I get a refund, I just want Ebay to see how bad this seller is in their communications.

    Anyway, I’ll find another copy of the DVD somewhere else. Life goes on with nothing much to report. I finished re-watching “Supe,” and now just have to re-watch the first nine episodes of the ninth season, and then I can get to work on my review project. I wish I’d thought of an element for it sooner though. I have a feeling before I write anything up; I’ll have to re-watch the particular episode I’m commenting on. That’s fine though, I could watch the show day in and day out without much trouble. Okay, I’m done for now. Off to get dressed, and keep an eye out for the mail since I’m supposed to get a lot in today. Amazon loves sending out multiple items all at once.

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    Friday, January 3rd, 2014
    6:19 pm
    Brendan Block is there for you...all the time.
    David Tennant makes a great bad guy. I recently watched a movie called “Secret Smile,” in which he played an absolute creep. I was still cheering him on though. :p I really can’t hate stalking, manipulating people into their deaths or rape. I did find the ending a tad unbelievable since the only evidence the police had on Brendan was bloody keys. What happened to reasonable doubt? A competent lawyer could have said Miranda cut her hand on the keys, and Brendan picked them up, forgetting to return them to Miranda before he left the apartment. There, jail time avoided. I’m probably just ticked Miranda, a really submissive woman who couldn’t call Brendan out during 3/4 of the movie, won out over someone obviously smarter than her.

    I also started watching a mystery series called “Dirk Gently.” It’s based off on one of Douglas Adams’ book series. He wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series. I haven’t had a chance to read through the two “Dirk” books yet, but after watching a few episodes of the TV series, I definitely will. It’s quirky, funny, and I love the main character. Dirk is a selfish irrelevant jerk yet somehow he’s really likeable. Robbing murder victims, giving people invoices after delivering bad news, and keeping his secretary on the verge of madness is just a few of the things he’s guilty of. ^_^ If you can’t appreciate a time traveling cat, life is wasted on you. :p

    Other than that, not too much going on. It’s really fucking cold. The temperate hit -4 last night after about three or four days of on and off snowfall. It’s expected we’re going to go further into the deep freeze, and get even more of the white stuff. I’ve got a sore shoulder from shoveling the crap so seeing more is just irritating. It also doesn’t help the chilly weather gave me a cold. Being out in it, and then trying to stay warm inside the house is difficult. Having a cat to cuddle with helps though. Gambit’s almost always there when I’m sitting or lying down so I snatch him, and use him as a heater. The one drawback? My legs cramp. :p

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    Friday, December 27th, 2013
    5:43 pm
    Make it good, Capaldi. :p
    I think this was my favorite X-Mas. I didn’t have any gifts to open, and the only real thing I got was money put down on some of the dental stuff I’ve been going through the last month or so. I’m perfectly fine with that. The less I have to open in front of people, the better. I hate having to put on a show with everyone watching. Also, the “DW” X-Mas special was pretty damn good. Not so much with the carols, and holiday atmosphere, just general darkness as Matt Smith exited the show. I do wish Clara hadn’t been reprimanded twice, and sent back to her present only to come back later on to see the 11th Doctor regenerate. Shouldn’t she have provided comfort, and actually spent some time with the aging Doctor?

    In any case, it’s nice to know the Doctor can hang on for another eleven faces. ^_^ I know a lot of people are crying foul because Moffat broke the show’s rules, but if I remember right, the Master (in the classic series) already smashed the 12 regenerations limit so there is a precedent. It can happen. People just need to shut up, and enjoy the show for what it is instead of gripe about the details. I get enough of that crap from the IMDB “Supe” board. There’s only about 25% positive comments, and the rest are negative. It all comes down to that advice no one wants to take: if you don’t like it, stop watching.

    I started playing “Red Dead Redemption” again. So far, I’m just doing the smaller missions instead of the main story. I did have to laugh when I accidentally shot someone I’d just rescued in the back as he was walking away. Luckily, I got to do the mission again so it wasn’t counted against me. I know eventually I’ll run out of the minor stuff, by then I’ll have completely remembered the controls, and mastered the dead eye ability. Not sure why that power is so hard to pull off for me, I have limited success even shooting something as easy as a raccoon. You’d think it’d be easier to aim with time slowed down, but no, it’s not.

    Anyway, not much to report personally. My stomach finally calmed down so I’m not going to the bathroom 4-5 times a day anymore. Reset complete! I’m still avoiding pain relievers for a while though. If I can muddle through a headache, all the better. If the I.B.S. had continued flaring up, I would have had to go to the doctor, and seen what they could do about it. I might have to go anyway since one of my prescriptions can only be renewed by actually making an appointment. Not sure when though, the parental units are quite busy these next few weeks. That’s it for now, off to clothes and therefore warmth.

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    Friday, December 20th, 2013
    8:08 pm
    Alpha this, Alpha that.
    Season 7. Bobby’s been shot in the head, and the boys have to get him to the hospital. Hikaru is avoiding “Death’s Door” for the time being since it’s an emotional upheaval for her. I’m guess I’m still kind of annoyed about the way the show handled his death (lingering far too long though it was understandable Bobby didn’t want to leave Sam and Dean). I’ve been re-watching the first part of season three of “Teen Wolf” instead where I’m still noticing things I completely missed the first (or is it second?) time around. The amount of detail they put into some of the scenery is insane.

    I’ve got two episodes left then I’m going to work on “Being Human” season four. The US version that is, the UK one is dead and gone. It’s nice the shows are coming back; I’m quite curious how the former especially is going to proceed. I just wish they weren’t conflicting with some of the other shows I want to watch live instead of on demand. After I’m up to date on Sally, Aiden, and Josh, it’s back to “Supe.” It’s the time of year to bake cookies, which is happening tomorrow. I’ve got my eye on the spritz ones since they’re my fave. I just hope the GF dough I made doesn’t taste too off. If it does, I can always make a regular batch later on.

    In any case, that does it for now. I need to finish eating my Asian bowl, and get off the computer since I’ve been on it for a while.

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    Sunday, December 8th, 2013
    7:26 pm
    Heal thyself, mouth.
    Today is hard. I just can’t get my energy level up very far, and I want to sit there and stare out into space blankly. Even trying to get up and do something is almost beyond me. In any case, I’m okay, my mouth is still sore from the last of the root canal, and my stomach is still up in arms as well. So chewing is possible, it just takes a while, and I don’t eat a lot. I go back in Tuesday to get support put into the dead tooth, and eventually a crown. I was hoping to stay away from the dental school a bit longer, but I guess if it has to be done, there’s no avoiding it. Other than that, not much going on. I’m still working through “Supe” doing my mini reviews, and just reached the sixth season. I remembered the first five seasons quite well, but I don’t think I’ve re-watched the sixth season onward since they were on TV so it’s like watching it anew.

    The first half of the season makes it easy to comment on since I don’t have to count CFMs. Thanks, Soulless Sam. :p My birthday came and went, and though I did get to go out and eat a nice dinner, it didn’t really feel like much of a celebration. It was just another day albeit one where I aged another year. Gifts were nice at least. Okay, off to watch TV, and hopefully rouse myself into a halfway decent mood. I’ll make some effort in the coming months to post in my journal more often even if it’s just book/TV/movie talk.

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    Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
    10:25 pm
    "Three of you, and no one thought to try the door?"
    Today was the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” and given there was a commercial free global simulcast, I got up early to watch it. The preshow bits were okay, and I was glad to see Grant from “MythBusters,” but really I just wanted the special to start already. Was I disappointed? Hell, no. Moffat pulled out all the stops, actually showing some of the Time War, and developing the lost incarnation of the Doctor. He was an innocent as he hadn’t destroyed Gallifrey yet, and using that story thread, meets up with two of his future selves. Having Tennant in the special was great, he’s one of my favorite Doctors, and I think I’d have miffed if he’d turned down the invite like Eccleston did.

    Playing against Matt Smith turned out to be pretty amusing. There are definitely similarities between the two Doctors, and I particularly enjoyed the parts where they mirrored each other in action and thought. Hurt was excellent, and was able to convey the toil within quite well. I thought Billie Piper would be returning as the 10th Doctor’s companion, but instead she stayed near the sidelines. Still, it was really nice seeing her in the show again. I did not expect Tom Baker’s cameo in the end scene, and the revelation that Gallifrey is still out there was heartening. Instead of having to shoulder the weight of being a genocidal killer again, the 11th Doctor is given a mission, and a home all at once. Granted, he’d probably have to deal with the war-crazed High Council from “The End of Time,” but at least the Daleks are gone.

    I think I’d have been just as happy if all three of the Doctors had actually done the deed together though. The only small complaint I have is the insertion of the Zygons. Yes, DW is all about bug-eyed monsters and time anomalies, but given that the 50th special was honoring the Doctor, I really think it should have focused on just him. Now that they’ve been set up, I know the Zygons will be back in series eight. In all, the special was so worth it, and I will be re-watching it a lot when the moment strikes me once I’ve got the DVD in hand come December.

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    Thursday, November 14th, 2013
    5:13 pm
    I'm sick of green screen.
    I started watching “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” the other day. While I’m really annoyed by the actress who plays the Red Queen (she looks like she’s crying all the time), I love the show. It’s darker then “Once Upon a Time,” and the storyline is tight. I also know it’s only going to last one season so there’s not going to be a cliff-hanger or anything like that. My few complaints, and really, they extend to “Once Upon a Time” as well, is that I’m starting to hate the non-linear storytelling. Instead of flashing back and forth between the past and the present, can’t we just start at the beginning, and play through to the end? You’d be more invested in the characters, and it would be a natural progression.

    The green screen sets are really obvious. I’m not sure if that’s because the makers of both shows are using it more or if the quality has gone down, but instead of focusing on the scene, at times I’m watching the fake animation in the background. I direct your attention to “Doctor Who” that uses CG and green screen a bit more sparingly, and yet it looks a million times better than anything in the “Once Upon a Time” shows. I could probably pinpoint why: there are more episodes of the latter show, and they don’t have much time to work on it, but I would love to see the green screen stuff integrated more smoothly. It’s jarring sometimes.

    I haven’t had much to discuss lately hence no journal entries. The bane of my existence lately is still my teeth. The far back one that was restored hurts when I try to chew on it, and the bottom one on the same side still hurts. So, let’s go down the list: I can’t chew or eat on the left side at all, and I can’t eat or drink cold things. The last one is killing me. I drink a lot of water late at night so having to make sure it’s lukewarm or hot is tiring. I go into the dental school tomorrow, and honestly, I’m scared. The last time I had something fixed on the bottom part of my mouth, I had to be jabbed six or seven times just to numb the area, and it hurt for a while afterwards. Ugh, and I got such a good dental review during the last cleaning.

    It has to be done so I’ll go, and bear with it. At least I’ll be mostly sleep deprived (again -_-) so I won’t remember much of it the next day. Okay, off to get dressed for the day, and think about dinner. Nothing teriyaki, I’m a bit sick of that now after eating two microwaved bowls of it this week.

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    Thursday, October 31st, 2013
    11:55 pm
    "Look who's evil now!"
    So, library was fine though I didn’t have much to do in my section at all. I mostly spent the time sorting my books into keep, recycle, and put on the free cart. I didn’t do Mum’s section because I don’t really know which religion is which so I ended up putting bookends on the parts where there was a large gap in the shop. At least there wasn’t many books that had come in, just stuff that had already been out in her section once. Da had things to do so Umi-chan and I got dropped off at home. We killed the time watching TV, and playing board games. Once Umi-chan was off to bed, I stayed up a bit later watching some more Freddy movies as I did the puzzle.

    Thursday, Halloween, I got up around 2 o’ clock, and after finishing up on the computer left it to Umi-chan while I got ready for the day. We watched TV a bit then headed out Dexter. Some meandering later, we stopped at A & W for a quick dinner before parking at the Copeland Theater. 15 minutes away from showtime, the doors hadn’t even been opened yet. I got our tickets, and we sat down, not having to wait long before “Evil Dead: The Musical” started. I had only heard one song from the show before, and seen nothing of the actual play so it was basically new to me. The production values, as cheaply done as they were at times, were really good. I was very glad Umi-chan and I weren’t in the Splatter Zone area.

    Those people almost got drenched as any time someone was shot, cut off their hand, or bled out from a part of their body, blood poured out of a wall or from a line hidden in the set. Even in our seats well away from the stage, I almost got blood on my shoe from some of the back splash. The music was quite good, and I’ll admit my foot was tapping on the ground throughout a good portion of the musical. What I didn’t expect what the humor infused in the dialogue. The writer(s?) shoved the first two “Evil Dead” movies together so Shelley became Ash’s sister, and the professor’s daughter and local redneck Jack popped up in the second act.

    Too bad they couldn’t have included “Army of Darkness,” but I suspect the only reason they didn’t is because it’s the most well-known movie of the horro franchise, and there’s no need to reiterate it in musical form though I would totally watch it. Maybe I can hold out hope for it in the future? You never know. The inside jokes were great, when Shelley pulled out Bruce Campbell’s autobiography, I laughed, and I noticed someone else did at the same time. Guess we’ve both read it, eh? What really made me smile was the “What the Fuck was That?” dance number between Ash and Scott. Ah, homoerotic caressing, how you amuse me.

    I can safely say I would see the musical again next year or even sooner if I happen to see it performed somewhere else if the tickets aren’t too expensive. I look forward to getting the soundtrack soon so I can stick it on my MP3 player, and sing inappropriate songs out of nowhere. :p In all, very worth seeing, and apt on Halloween of all days. I don’t have much planned for the next few days, catching up on TV shows I’ve been ignoring, finishing out my horror movie pile, maybe writing if I can get the muses moving, and cleaning up the house a bit before Mum comes back on Monday.

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    Sunday, October 27th, 2013
    10:24 pm
    Too much horror? Never.
    Man, it’s always something, isn’t it? Mum’s off in TX so it’s been Dad and I for the last week. We get along fine so it’s no biggie. I just wish the left side of my jaw would stop torturing me. I know the cause, it’s the last restoration in the upper back tooth that’s a little too high for my bite. The discomfort wasn’t bad to begin with, and had even stopped pulsing by the time I had my cleaning so I didn’t say anything about it. Now though, it’s like someone’s pinching my jaw, and the teeth lining that sore part of my jaw sometimes hurt. Eating isn’t a problem thankfully, but it’s so fucking annoying. I really didn’t want to go back to the dental school anytime soon. At least I know fixing it won’t take long since it’s just a matter of shaving the top part down. Hopefully, my mouth will adjust accordingly afterwards. I miss my old bite.

    Other than that, not much is going on. I’ve been catching up on TV shows on demand lately. So far, the second season of “Beauty and the Beast” is okay, but nothing too special. Cat’s take-no-shit attitude is a nice change yet I really wish the writers hadn’t gone for the amnesia route. I actually groaned out loud when I heard that “who are you?” line. It’s completely obvious Vincent is going to remember eventually, until then he and Cat will play the “can I trust you?” game ad nauseam. I’m not sure I like Vincent’s new beast look. It smacks of the vampire make-up from the Buffyverse. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not.

    I was a bit surprised Gabe survived last season’s finale. Who knew a gunshot wound to the heart could be cured by an electrical shock, not to mention banish the beast he’d be fighting within? I sure didn’t. I’ll keep watching, but I expect nothing will make me develop a sudden fondness for the show. If I get too sick of it, I can always drop it. “Revolution” is uh, interesting. I’m willing to give it a few more episodes to see if it’s going to get better. As it is now though, it’s more of the same crap with some other stuff thrown in to make the plot better. It’s not working so far. I will be shocked if the show manages to get a third season. I just don’t think it’s that good. Kripke had a good idea, but one good idea does not a TV show make.

    All right, back to my catch-up marathon and “Superman” comics. I get to see a Russian Clark this time. ^_^

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    Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
    11:19 pm
    A pale imitation.
    I’m disgusted with DC comics. I started to read the issues in my backlog, and I have to say they were all rather lackluster. There’s a few moments where everything comes together, but the majority of it just pretty pictures. The random appearances of other characters from other series were annoying, and I really don’t care to investigate said characters just to understand their background or powers. It’s like the writer(s?) can’t be arsed to keep the team together, and have to fill the time supposedly devoted to story development with summoning people from other universes. I keep expecting Batman or Superman to pop up just to liven up the story.

    I’m also annoyed with the crossovers. There’s a bit Trinity War arc, and I kid you not, it dips into four different series. Why do I have to buy issue 6 of Justice League and 7 of Justice League of America just to understand one story? Why not just make it one miniseries and leave it at that? Why involve so many other series I have absolutely no interest in? I’m almost tempted to just stick with the trade paperbacks of “Justice League Dark,” and “Constantine, and give up the single comic issues The Vault of Midnight keeps back for me. It’s just not worth the money. Their characterization of John as a “do-gooder who keeps the balance of magic steady” is ridiculous. While he’ll save the world if he needs to, John is usually only in it for himself.

    So, suddenly making him care about others or the world in particular is like desecrating his “Hellblazer” grave. I dread reading the last three issues I have of “Constantine” because I don’t like seeing the new John traipse around plying his trade, trying so hard to sound like a bad-ass. Anyway, that’s all I felt like writing at the moment. I really didn’t want to rant about it in person to whoever was in earshot who had no idea what I was talking about. That’s one good thing about this journal, I know exactly what I’m talking about…most of the time. :p

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    Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
    10:02 pm
    "Don't fuck with the Chuck."
    I’ve been laid up with a cold the past week. Two days were absolutely horrible in that “just knock me out until it’s over” way, and I didn’t do much but laze on the futon, and bide my time. It’s only been today that I feel almost back to normal. I’ve still got crap to hack, cough, and sneeze out, but time will eventually banish it, and then I can give a big fuck you to the cold. I hate germs, I tried my best to avoid catching them yet they still got me. Invisible nasties. I watched “Curse of Chucky” tonight, skipping everything that was on TV. I feel bad I missed “Supernatural,” but I’ll catch it on demand tomorrow so there’s no harm, no foul.

    I loved the rebooted movie. It felt very much like the first in the “Child’s Play” series, and Chucky didn’t spent a lot of time cracking wise. The kills were inventive (mostly), and though I have questions about the last two scenes, it was a well-crafted film. I wasn’t fond of the redesign, but the peeling off and revealing his real face underneath was wonderful, and just added to the creepy atmosphere. My few complaints are the fact I have no idea how the movie ended or just how it fits into the franchise’s continuity. Without really getting into the plot, Chucky plays dead as his last victim is brought to justice for his mass murder spree. Then he’s taken by a cop, and Jennifer Tilly aka Tiffany pops up and murders said cop. Last time we saw Tiffany, she’d taken a human body, and was living with her twin daughter and son.

    Maybe she forgave Chucky, and started helping him? In any case, Tiffany mails Chucky to the last surviving member of the family he’d targeted. He starts the chant to put his soul in the girl’s body and the credits play…until the screen says “six months later.” Chucky is mailed to Andy Barclay from the original “Child’s Play,” and looks to murder him, but Andy is ready, and shoots him. So, I’m confused. Which is the real ending? Is Chucky in the girl or did he dispose of her and focus on his revenge on Andy? I assume such questions will be answered in the next film since it looks like the reboot is doing very well so far; sequels will follow, no doubt. I’d welcome any other Chucky movies so long as they follow the “Curse of Chucky” lead. Give me him at his best or nothing at all.

    I’ll listen to the commentary and see if it sheds any light on the subject. Tomorrow, it’s library, which will be fun. For now, off to watch what shows I ended up skipping earlier. ^^;

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    Sunday, October 13th, 2013
    11:54 pm
    Money well spent.
    The house is quiet, and except for the pets and myself, I’m all alone. The parents are on a brief vacation to Ohio, and today was spent with Cin-chan. The day started at just after one in the afternoon when I went down to let Cin-chan into the house. The doorknob was sticking again, and unless you jiggle it just right, it refuses to budge. We spent a bit of time trying to figure out the plan for the day, and set out for No Thai. I ordered pad thai, forgoing my usual order, simply because I felt like eating something different. Afterwards, we headed to a few clothing stores to look for a piece of Cin-chan’s Halloween costume. We didn’t find it though, and drove to Meijer to get the makings for meatloaf.

    We had Barnes & Noble coupons to use, and as I wanted to get a birthday present for Mum, it was only natural once we’d fed the cats, that’s where we’d head. At checkout, the cashier was even nice enough to wrap up the gift I’d purchased. She did a great job with it, and since I know Mum doesn’t have it, I know she’ll love it. It might be a bit late, but it’s the thought that counts. Cin-chan and I came home, and started dinner, which took a bit of time to cook yet it was worth it. The semi-instant potatoes were actually quite good. I showed Cin-chan “Twilight,” and she left to go home once it was over. So, now I’m here, watching an episode of “Wolfblood” that wasn't on on demand. It’s a bit like “Teen Wolf,” but decidingly British.

    I’ll probably finish up the first season of “Supe,” then return to satisfying my horror movie cravings. I always end up doing this around Halloween. I blame all the media and decorations that bombard me, not that I mind. :p Last week, I finished the (last?) season of “Red Dwarf,” and I have to say season ten was one of the best. It’s hard to believe the actors have spent so much time playing the characters. There’s only a few camera angles that really show the age of the actors, and it’s almost as if no time has passed at all between the various seasons.

    I’m reading through the novels, and they’re just as great as the show, maybe better at times since they fill in areas of the show’s mythology that were never covered. I’m reading “Backwards” at the moment, and you really do have to keep your attention fixed on the narrative, otherwise it gets a bit screwy at times. Reading things in the wrong order will do that to you. I love the mental challenge though. ^_^

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    Friday, September 27th, 2013
    12:19 am
    That's one way to keep the population down.
    Literal baby dumplings. I can’t stop laughing about it, and I know I should feel bad about the aborted kids, but really, it just hits all my amusement buttons so fuck it. It’s funny. :p “Three Extremes” was a Asian horror anthology film with three parts: Dumplings, Cut, and Box. The first was dark, and quite smart though I doubt Aunt Mei could have operated so long under the radar. I loved the ending, there’s nothing quite like passing on the torch to something so nefarious. Cut was interesting, it was oddly humorous, and I really don’t blame the main character for cracking up. Fucked up situations tend to do that to people. Box was lackluster, the story took too long to get going, and I’m not entirely sure what the point was.

    Were the twins dreaming? If they were, why spend so much time on just one of them? So, I finished up the third season of “Luther,” which wasn’t that great. I’m not quite happy with the finale. Ripley’s killed, and Luther is arrested for his murder? Really? The one guy who doesn’t carry a shogun is suspected when they’ve been chasing a vigilante killer? I don’t buy it. I also got sick of Erin trying to catch Luther red-handed. His methods may not be legal at times, but he gets the job done. Why she has such a beef about it, I have no idea. Maybe her family betrayed her one too many times? I’m disappointed she survived.

    This is also my 1,000th journal entry. How fitting it should mention cannibalism. ^_^ All right, off to work on surveys and such.

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    Friday, September 20th, 2013
    4:33 pm
    Tom Jackman could relate to Hal a lot.
    So, I’m torn. I finished the last season of “Being Human” and on the one hand, the final episode is sweet and poignant, and exactly what Hal/Tom/Alex desired. On the other hand, if it is a dream world, it’s sadistic and dripping in doom and gloom. The Devil wins and humanity is essentially dead. I keep thinking back to Hal’s comment: “I told him he made a mistake. He should have put us together.” The origami shot in the last scene is also telling. Defeating the Devil can’t be as easy as mixing vampire and werewolf blood and having a ghost drink it. I’m all for happy ever after, but it’s just too perfect. After all, I don’t think you can call being a ghost a curse, you’re either alive or dead so I have no idea how Alex managed her human condition.

    I’d have changed just a few things about the fifth season. First, the Devil was underdeveloped, and should have been introduced in the fourth season or earlier to really be a player in the series. Having him added now felt like the writer said to himself, “What can I add to really up the ante? More evil vampires? Nah, been done. A covert government operation? I did that already. Oh, the Devil! That’ll be worth the endgame.” Second, I’m not completely sure since the mythology for “Being Human” can be a bit dodgy, but I don’t think vampirism was portrayed as a split personality before. All of the sudden, Hal was two people: the big bad vampire, and the earnest do-gooder.

    He’s treated like Jekyll and Hyde. “Which one are you now? Good, bad?” If it’s his age, Hal being somewhere around 450 years old, the other Old Ones should have been equally conflicted, and not seen as 100 percent evil. I’d have turned Hal to the dark side a lot sooner since he was a lot more fun and darkly amusing. Not to say I didn’t like the neurotic, sweetly awkward Hal, but when you only get to see Evil Hal in flashbacks, having him in the present is a nice change.

    The other thing that bugs me is T/H/A didn’t really deserve the dream world. Annie, Mitchell, and George had a lot more history, and it’s a shame they went out as they did. Ah well, nothing’s perfect, the series finale could have been a lot worse. I suppose I admire Whithouse for going with the bleak ending, but I don’t have to completely like it either.

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    Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
    9:10 pm
    Starbug ahoy!
    So, I finished up “Sabrina” about a week and a half ago. I wasn’t entirely fond of the seventh season since it seemed really rushed, and the job issue took up half of the time with inane problems that could have been solved had Sabrina thought it through and not freaked out/used her magic. The other half has to do with a love interest, but for all the development he’s given, it’s no surprise Sabrina picks Harvey at the end. I really enjoyed his appearances throughout the season, and I’ll admit I got a warm fuzzy feeling upon watching the series finale. I’m just bummed CBS only included one of the Sabrina movies, and not both of them. Seeing Rome again was great even if the movie only stayed in one basic area of the city.

    I’m still working on “Red Dwarf,” and I have to say the writers are amazing. Some of the concepts they come up are really inventive. I laughed my ass off at the Squid of Despair episode, what a great way to kill people, have them do it themselves just by being in the general vicinity. Season six was a cliffhanger so until I get the next one, I’m at a standstill. It was nice seeing Rimmer actually participate in scenes, and all it took was a hard light beam. He’s essentially immortal so hopefully, his cowardly nature will dissipate or at least lessen somewhat. It’s a bit hard to be concerned for Rimmer in dangerous situations when you know he’s just going to come back in a moment.

    Ah, it’s good to be home. Tonight, we helped Cin-chan and Tom 3.0 get about twenty boxes in their new house. It’s really funny because their house is modeled off of ours so I could walk around in the dark with absolutely no problem. That’ll be convenient down the road. I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow, I did too much work for it not to affect me. Anyway, off to relax in front of the TV, and let my body heal up. ^_^

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    Thursday, August 22nd, 2013
    6:50 pm
    Recessed? Fuck that.
    You’d think I’d put in more entries, but I’ve had nothing interesting to report. My mouth’s been bugging me lately, which is really irritating. It’s become an issue of, “do I brush my teeth well or just baby them?” I’ve switched to foaming gel toothpaste, and have been using a baking soda solution yet I probably won’t see any results for quite a while. Recessed gums, if even possible, take a long time to heal. I’m tired of that raw feeling through; it gets annoying having to chew on one side just so you don’t have food brushing up against a nerve.

    I’ve been re-watching a lot of crime/mystery series. I’m caught up on “Luther,” which is good since the new season is coming in September. It’s another four episodes. I wish their seasons were longer. Just when you’re really into the story and characters, it’s over. At the moment, I’m onto “Sherlock.” No news on that front through the third season will probably premiere next year. I’ve got season two and three of “Whitechapel” on the way, on region 2, but since it’s yet to be released in the US, that’s the only way I can get a copy. I’m pretty sure the BBC isn’t adding a fourth season to the series. I could be wrong, but it’s been a while, and I’ve heard nothing.

    I remember the last few episodes of that series were damn creepy. Cin-chan and Tom 3.0 are about a week away from moving into their first house. They’re alternately nervous/excited. As far as packing goes, they only have their clothes and kitchen to pack up. It’ll be nice having them closer, but I will not be the on-call babysitter. I’m sick of Da ribbing me about that. At this point, whenever he mentions it, I shut him down flat. It’s either that or smack him.

    Summer is almost over, and so far August has been mild with only a few hot days. It’s refreshing, and a nice change from July and its sweltering heat wave. My only plans for the rest of summer are getting my driver’s license and re-investigating the job issue. I’ve not been looking because frankly it depresses the shit out of me. It’s very disheartening being told over and over electronically or in your face that you’re worthless. In any case, I’m edging towards bookstores, and if I can secure that, I’ll be happy. I can earn money, and work on writing when I’m off. I feel like I’ve worked out most of the kinks, and research has only been the bothersome area. Searching for maps in PA that show the locations of gold mines in the 1960s taught me that lesson.

    I think I’ve only got a few entries to go before the 1,000th mark. God, that’s a long time with so many words. At least I won’t ever forget what happened during that span of time. I can’t say the same for the years before 2002, my long term memory is severely lacking. I wish it worked like a DVD, but details are hard to recall, and I only really get a sense of feelings if anything.

    I’m waiting for Mum to come out of a CAT scan screening so I started this entry to kill time, which I think I did quite well. But bitchy at times, but I’m allowed to that way. Sometimes, I think I’ve been dealt a bum hand, and the house has continually held me hostage.

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    Sunday, July 28th, 2013
    10:42 pm
    You can sleep in tomorrow, body, I promise.
    I am so tired, and I have no idea why. I got enough sleep, and I know I didn’t work too hard over at Cin-chan and Tom’s apartment. I even got coffee and pop while I was there so what the hell? Maybe it’s just a combo of having to get up early two days in a row. Don’t get me wrong, they were worth getting up for, but it does tend to wear my body down a bit. The other thing that’s bugging me is my mouth. I had to change toothbrushes, and despite being as careful as I could, brushed up against some receded gums. They’ve been irritated for a few days now. I did find a baking soda solution online that might help so I’ll try that later on.

    I haven’t been doing much beyond reading manga, and watching random TV shows. Mostly ones from the 90s. I have to say the 6th season of “Sabrina” is very lame so far. The previous seasons at least had heart, but this one feels very phoned in. It doesn’t give me much hope for the final and seventh season. At least I’ve got other shows on the back burner if the show annoys me too much. Okay, I’m off for more reading, possibly a movie. Whatever interests me in the moment.

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    Saturday, July 13th, 2013
    4:32 pm
    Emotional strife is a good muse.
    “White Noise” was a wash. It is an effectively scary movie, but the last 15 minutes or so ruin the movie. I get the overall point, but it’s just stupid. Guy starts seeing future accidents/deaths, and tries to stop them. Shadowy figures kill him. Yea? I can’t help but think leaving the ending more ambiguous would have been better. There’s a sequel starring Nathan Fillion so I’ll probably hunt that down. It’s got to be better than the aforementioned film anyway. I also finished the miniseries “Desperate Romantics,” which was okay overall. I question the decision to put so much focus on Rossetti and his wife. Her death in the end was senseless, and Rossetti’s action seemed a bit heartless. I did enjoy the character dynamics, but you can’t really call it a brotherhood when you’re screwing each other over as soon as a back is turned.

    After that series, I started the first season of “Red Dwarf.” I really like it, it’s more of a sitcom set in space than anything else, and the nonsensical storytelling can be quite amusing. The character Cat can be a bit annoying, but he’s not on screen a lot so I can ignore him most of the time. I’ll definitely get through the second season fast since it’s only six episodes. There’s eight more seasons, and they’re not that expensive so I know I can finish the series easily. ^_^ Yesterday, I helped Cin-chan and Tom pack up their books, but I didn’t realize how sore I’d be after a tough workout so it was a bit of a struggle to keep my body moving as I moved books and boxes. Pain relievers are wonderful things especially today.

    I’m going to take it easy today. Probably read or listen to some movie commentaries while relaxing. It’s clear the TV is going to get a workout either way. :p Off to get the mail before it gets too hot outside.

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    Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
    4:05 pm
    That's the correct use of a safe. :p
    “Teen Wolf” was definitely channeling “The Shining” last night. I mean a creepy hotel that drives people crazy? Someone loved that movie, and was able to integrate some of its elements. The last bit made me tear up, but I really liked the episode in all. It was much better than the previous one. My only complaints with it? Did everyone on the bus fall straight to sleep after getting into their motel room? The noise and goings-on of the story should have woken up some of the teenagers. Also, since when it is erotic to have sex with someone who’s injured? I should think Derek would have been in mucho pain, and not remotely interested in nookie. I don’t care if he’s a werewolf, if you’re bleeding black blood from five or six wounds, I would think that would be your priority. After all, Allison didn’t ravage Scott when he was basically in the same position.

    I was able to shut my brain up while watching, but afterwards I did wonder. Its little thoughts like that that keep the little gerbil in my mind going. :p “Copper” was good as well. I figured the marriage was going to fall apart when Elizabeth kept agonizing about the issue. It’s nothing less than she deserves though. I’m switching tics here. I read Hamilton’s “Affliction,” the latest in the Anita Blake series. It was actually well-done, but I am so tired of the pissing contests between Anita and whatever figure of authority she’s working with. You’d think by now Anita would just ignore them whenever they comment on her life. It wastes time, and she’s usually on a deadline. I also don’t remember her having triple E boobs. Did Anita suddenly get implants?

    The only bad part of the book? The auto-erotic asphyxiation scene. I read that with distaste because it came out of nowhere, and I would certainly never do it myself. You’d think Anita would know better considering how many people are tied to her. If something went wrong, say she actually died, how many people would she drag down with her? It doesn’t seem smart to even tangle with such things. The sex in the book was dialed down quite a bit, and I did enjoy the Dev/Nicky threesome, even if Nicky should just cross that heterosexual line already. You’re in the shower with another man, stop denying it. :p Well, that’s it for now. Off to maybe work on writing or some other thing. I’m crossing my fingers the storms we’ll get tonight won’t be too bad. I never like being home alone when I know one’s coming.

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    Friday, June 21st, 2013
    11:10 pm
    Dry? It's anything but.
    I am fucking terrified when thunderstorms roll around. I tell myself, “It’s not that bad. It’s going to go away soon.” Yet my insides freeze, and I’m filled with a deep feeling of dread. The possibility of something severe happening just can’t be erased that easily. It’s almost gotten so bad that whenever I hear thunder, I start to shake. I have no problem when I’m not at home, most likely because I’m moving, and not stuck in one place. When I’m alone, and I can’t go anywhere to get away from it, that’s when it’s the worst. I feel absolutely helpless. I hesitate to type it, but at this point, it’s probably a full-blown phobia.

    I hate it. I can’t fucking wait for summer to be over. That bit of emo aside, I’ve been good. My appointment at the Kellogg Eye Center was a success. It turns out that one of my eyelids doesn’t close all the way when I sleep so it’s no wonder my eyes are dried out when I wake up. It’s called bilateral dryness. So, I use Artificial Tears when I get up for the day then re-wetting drops for my contacts if they get uncomfortable. It works for me most of the time. I get some swelling every once in a while, but the eye drops help tremendously. I think the only reason the issue cropped is the weather change from spring to summer. Hopefully, once September arrives, my dry eyes will be no more.

    Other than the above, not much going on. I’ve been reading through a lot of my fiction pile, and have decided Moore and Palahniuk are mostly one-hit wonders. I couldn’t stand to actually read through some of their novels, and skimmed the majority of them. I don’t doubt they’re good storytellers, but when your plot hinges on some ridiculous thing like medieval goo, you’re just reaching for ideas. At the moment, I’m reading through “Too Many Curses,” which is pretty entertaining. I really like some of the characters Lee comes up with, even if they’re one note.

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