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[31 Jan 2004|06:39pm]
all of this art was made by Ruaki, i just made them into avatars.

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.
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[02 Jan 2004|05:33pm]
I've decided to move my journal
to DeadJournal. It's more comforting
there and I have the codes so why
the hell not use them? Besides, I'm
good at abandoning things... it's like
sweet, sweet revenge. A new life for
a new year. I can't tell myself things
will get better, because they never
do. Who the hell wants to read about
my life, anyway? I mean, I only take
time out of my busy day to at least
scan over the boorish dribble you
write about. That's it. This relation-
ship is over.
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[01 Jan 2004|02:22pm]
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new icons [01 Jan 2004|02:02pm]
_Comment if you take.
_Credit isn't required, but nice to see.



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[26 Oct 2003|06:06pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | standing in the rain_billy talent ]

My first animated icons! Whee!



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[14 Oct 2003|05:23pm]
Ahh... more CLAMP.. fresh from the oven.

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[11 Oct 2003|08:41pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | starry starry night_josh groban ]

Here's some CLAMP icons.

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[24 Sep 2003|10:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | childlike_jason mraz ]

Sorry, but my life is too much of a soap opera to have some people read. Comment to be added. This loverly sign was made by xstarlikex!! Hurrah!

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[18 Sep 2003|07:29pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | no such thing_john mayer ]

Ugh... I am feeling reaaaaallly shitty. I've got allergies right now and my nose is all not working and I've been sneezing every five minutes, which is really starting to make my stomach hurt. There's no show on Friday. I'M SO MAD. That means I have to wait until next weekend to see any live music. And my camcorder is all charged up and stuff. ...Oh well. At least the teachers didn't go on strike and that means I can go to the football game! Or maybe games. Depends. I really want to stay for both cuz I love all the lights, football, action! Rawr! Yeah... So, I think when I chew on the cord to my headphones, it gives me a little electric buzz cuz I feel all weird when I do it lol. OOO.... I got these reeeeeaaaallly awesome bondage pants yesternoon mcuz I went to the mall with Sarah and I ended up spending 100$ on 3 pairs of pants. o_0;; Sad... so very sad. Mmmmyeah but... I FINALLY GOT FAKE #2!!! AHHHAHAHAHAH. Teehee.... Dee and Ryo are sooo cute. I even saw it on DVD (not Gravitation tho, damnit!), but it was 24$ aaand.... so I just got the book hehehe. I missed a drama meeting today. =( YAAAY... I can't wait till tomorrow.... Bwahaha... Sarah knows why but shhhh dun tell. I'm thinkin' I wanna make this journal friends-only. Sounds pretty good to me.


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[14 Sep 2003|09:59pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | _trustco_ ]

I'm slackin'... only two this time. Neither are very good lol.



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[14 Sep 2003|06:12pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

This first part will pretty much be me bitch bitch bitching and complaining and just being mad and irritable overall. Ok, so today Dan and Doug were working which was pretty cool. Then Dan left. And then Doug left. And then it was just me and I'm like 'wtf why do I have to be working all by myself' and I asked Carrie why I don't get to leave early and she didn't really give me an answer then but when I was getting paid, she told me that I left early last week and I was leaving early again this week cuz I'm supposed to work until five thirty. That came as a total shocker to me. Since when have I been scheduled to work until five thirty? I usually only work till five. It would be nice if someone would fucking tell me these things before I go and get all angry about having to work past five. Seriously these people just like to screw me over.

Wow. Yeah.

Friday was AWESOME. We went to both games and sang and it didn't rain everything out! Then we went to the show afterwards and the first band sucked because they were so homophobic and prejudiced and really needed an asskicking. When we were waiting to get it, there was some stupid fuckhead like interrogating everyone about what they listened to and when they told him he'd be like "they suck" and so i'm like "what the fuck is your problem?" and he was like "was i talking to you?" Gods, the guy was a total fucking dick. I wanted to beat his face in with a stick lol. We met this really cool hyper dude named Evon. He was like a hardcore Bloodline fan lol it was crazy. There was a lot of hairbanging.

HOLY PEE!! AT THE GAME I GOT TO SEE JIM AND BRIAN!!! WOW I MISS THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH AND JIM LET ME GIVE HIM A HIGH-FIVE. Which is unusual cuz last time I told him if I asked him again he could hit me and he didn't hit me lol. Then I hugged him and Brian. Wow I miss them so much. WEST SUCKS ASS. ::sob:: I miss all my senior homies!! Can't wait to go to the games more often!

Hehehe. Doug joined cross country even though he hates running. He told me he threw up twice from his first race and he told me to come see him lol.


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[11 Sep 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | the simpsons ]


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[08 Sep 2003|06:22pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | rapid hope loss_dashboard confessional ]

YAY I GOT THE NEW D/C CD!!! FUCK YEAH! I'm so happy....

::state of utter bliss::

Dude.... last night was kick ass. The Audition completely rocked the casbah, whether they won or not. Poor Evo. lol. damn, ouch. Hehehe. We got lost on the way there. Stupid park and its stupid reserved carousel. Damn yooou! My stomach hurts.

Got the AP magazine with TSL on the front. ANOTHER FUCK YEAH! Oh, and I got The Vampire Lestat. Yay! Anne Rice, you rule.

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[06 Sep 2003|10:51pm]

They're all Gravitation icons... not too good considering all I have to work with is Paint. Yes, I said Paint. Sigh... btw, I'm really sorry if this cut doesn't work, it's my first time using it...

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[06 Sep 2003|10:45pm]

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[06 Sep 2003|09:23pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | xtina aguilera ]

I gots buttons... yaaaay! ::cheers::

Well.. I didn't wake up until 11 20. It was so nice. Then 40 minutes later I was walking towards the movie theater to meet Sarah and paint the town OUR FAVOURITE COLOUR (hee!) again. I don't exactly know what that means... partying? Who cares... it's cool and it's from a TSL song. Bonus! We just went to Target and Micheal's and the usual and we saw Brit, Mal, Stephanie, and Jori by Circut City. Then we went to Sarah's house and I taught her how to hemp. AMATURE! lol. jk.

WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE AUDITION TOMORROW AT THE B.O.B.! I AM SOOOOO HAPPIIEEEEE!!! WHEE!! ::does a jig in the pool:: << sigh.... long story.


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[05 Sep 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | flower_l'arc~en~ciel ]

Sankyuu TJ for fixing my layout and letting me bother you!!

Holy craaap. I've never been so tired. But I don't want to sleep. Ack. Hehehe. I like chemistry. It's actually been a lot of fun so far. Rachel told me about an Alkaline Trio/Autumn to Ashes show in Chicago that I MIGHT look into. That's a big might. Sarah and I are going to go see Evo and Joe at the Battle of the Bands on Sunday... yaaaay!! ::claps:: The Audition is so good.

Um... apparently I don't know what safety is. lol.

I have to buy The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. I CAN'T BELIEVE FAKE 2 ISN'T IN BORDERS YET! I am sooooooooooooooooooo ::takes breath:: oooooooooooooooo angry about that. And Gravitation 2 doesn't come out until October 7th... whassa girl to do? Eh, not like I have money to buy it with anyway.

Phil comes home to visit in 15 days. I am excited. And I feel kinda bad b/c I wrote him another lettre but I haven't sent it yet and it's been awhile and I just feel really bad about that.


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[01 Sep 2003|08:46am]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | NOTHING ]

*I don't know if anyone's going to want to read this... it's really looong.*

I went to Georgia. Yaaay! ::waves flag:: Everything was fun except for the whole driving down there part. Yeah, I could definetly do without that. I got to see my cousins and me and Mal named a balloon Clyde-Max (think about that name for a second) and it stuck to everything. Clingy! And I got to see everybody else and it was cool.

I don't remember when I had this dream, but it was sometime during our little road trip. I was at East, only it totally did not look like East at ALL and I'm like "WtF am I doing here... I don't go to this school." And the teachers kept talking and talking and finally they let us go and there was this bunch of seniors who were stoners and they saw me leaving to go to West and they're like "Oh, she's cool, she's ditching first day already" Even though I was just trying to get a ride to West. And so they hung out with me while I tried to flag down a car that was leaving and I ended up flagging down a car with another senior in it and at first he didn't want to take me, but then I begged and my newfound stoner friends begged and he let me. Hehe. It was a shitbox car. Anyways. We didn't really talk and he was smoking a joint and when he came down to the dregs he gave it to me and I smoked it because there was nothing else to do and why not go to class high on the first day..? Yeah, but we never got to West, because we went to Wal*Mart instead and he bought me something else I could smoke. I don't know why he was being all nice, because he originally didn't even want me in the car. That's all I can remember. There was something else in a different dream where I was in this field and Douglas and some other dude were racing lawn mowers. WtF? And some other part where I was back at school and some dude was showing off his muscles to everyone and he was really short and creepy.

Then I had ANOTHER drug dream last night. The hell? I went over to Dan S.'s house and Dan V. was there too, and they were taking hits and they offered it to me and I said no, but later we were like in trouble or something and I felt like I needed it so I took a few lol.

THEN I had a dream after that and it was psycho. Seriously. I am fucked up. There were a ton of people over at my friend's house and we were having a party or something and there were a bunch of people I didn't know. Then everybody started running around and screaming and I'm like "What the hell is going on?" and some girl runs up and totally screams in my face "THE NAZIS ARE HERE! THE NAZIS ARE HERE!" And I'm obviously thinking OH SHIT after that because, you know, they're Nazis. Even though that doesn't make any sense for me to be freaked out because I'm Arian (blonde hair, blue eyes) or however you spell it, I'm German, and I'm not Jewish. And some Nazi dude (they all had those old Hitler uniforms on... CREEPY) with brown hair and brown eyes cornered me into the garage and he didn't have a gun so I wasn't really scared, and I'm like "Why do you want to capture me? I'm Arian" lol. Like saying that would help me. But he says "No, I am. Arians have brown hair, brown eyes." And at first I was thinking 'How the fuck can he speak english?' And then I yelled back "No, I AM. Arians have blonde hair, blue eyes!" We kept arguing with each other like that for a while and he eventually decided it was no use and I was going to be a pain in the ass and he let me go. Then I ran to the back of the house and everybody was still panicking and running from the old-fashioned Nazis that were chasing them and I grabbed this rifle that was just lying on the grass and I ran around to a nearby tree and started sniping Nazis in the forehead. After a few were dead, they kinda got scared and concentrated on finding me and then they gave up and walked away with their prisoners. I didn't really care about the prisoners I guess, because I didn't make any move to shoot the Nazis walking away with them. I don't remember what happened after that.

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[28 Aug 2003|06:02pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]


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[27 Aug 2003|12:24pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | smells like teen spirit_nirvana ]

Wow... I got my hair cut and it kinda pretty much looks the same except for more definite layers. It felt so nice to see the stylist get rid of all of my dry ends. She was really cool. <3 I originally wanted a fringe, but she suggested against it and I listened. lol. Ah, so nice! After so long. Mmm... apple. *munch munch* I saw Kelly yesterday and OMG SHE LOOKS FABULOUS! AHHH! KELLY!! <33


Yeah. I got a big locker. Hehehe. I'm going to put that pic of me an' Kenny in a magnetic frame and be like.. hehehe all the time. Eh, Sarah, eh? lol. I wonder what they look like on the inside... like if they have any shelves or shit. Maybe I'll actually decorate it this year... maybe. I'm going to try and finish painting my room ~*daaark purple*~... which means taking down hundreds of posters and junk and then I have to clean it first. I was thinking about painting my book shelves and stuff black, but I dunno. I prolly won't. Ugh. I have to move my futon and my desk to paint. Issa gonna be hell.

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