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Friday, May 7th, 2004
12:20 pm - Bored.
Well, actually sitting here in school, in the Media Center. Quite bored. I just got to listen to my cousin Brett play some kid's guitar. I don't know who the other kid was but oh well. He's quite good at it too, I admire that, and they started to talk about Jake again(obviously around the subject of guitars...). But anyway. Tomorrow is Saturday, which means today is Friday and thank god because I don't want to be in school anymore. Just a few weeks left until the end, and then it's summer vacation. Yay. Well, yay unless you're someone like Yuki who doesn't like the warm weather and would prefer it to be cold. Well too bad for you. This entry is really dragging on about nothing important. I have nothing to say, nothing to do, and no one to talk to at the moment. not to mention I have to go sit in Doc White's class next, and then we have Tech with Roy. Well, I guess I should stop here. Adieu.

current mood: bored
current music: None. I'm in school you idiot.

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
4:39 pm - ::Sigh::
Well, ok so the website is having trouble and not sending out any e-mails lately. This means that they cannot activate my other journal. Therfore, until further notice, there will be updates only on this journal.
Well, today we made tissue paper flowers in Renaissance Club, and quite a few at that. That's all I am going to talk about really for today, because the rest...nevermind for you. Well, so long. ::salutes::

current mood: annoyed
current music: Idiots Are Taking Over by NOFX (perfect really)

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Monday, April 26th, 2004
10:29 pm - Back again...
Well actually, I made another journal for myself www.blurty.com/users/Vicious_Vash I'm just getting that one up so bare with me on updates and crap. Well, later then.

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4:46 pm - Free weapons can be extremely useful...
Don't you jsut love the feeling of being able to tear something apart?
What about that feeling that you get when you get to shoot something?
Or even just the feeling of wanting to hurt something, that rush of craving to tear something limb from limb.
It's not that bad, except when you have no way to sustain that feeling by letting it loose.
That sucks. So does school. As well as people.
Vacation was ok, a couple days were ok, only one made me the happiest but it had to be spent with cousin David, bleh, and that sucked.
Other than that, school has started up again and apparently according to Mrs. Hemenway, there are approximately 30 class days left of school or so. That's a very, very good thing. It kinda gives you hope. Yet there is no hope left for much. Certain things still have hope left, but for others...it's gone and doesn't seem like it's coming back.
Departing now, nothing more to say, and I don't care what anyone else says about this entry...you probably suck, whoever you are, depends.

current mood: angry
current music: Bela Legosi's Dead by Bauhaus

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Monday, April 19th, 2004
11:52 am - Vacation..week
Well this week should be kinda busy. Today, Gram;s in Monroe, tomorrow probably doing something with my dad, who knows what though, Wednesday, New York. Thursday, Danbury Mall. Firday, I don't know. Saturday and Sunday, same as Friday.
Nothing much more here to say. I need weapons of some sort, I've always wanted one but could never get one. Damn. Well, I'll get one somehow, later.

current mood: busy
current music: Nazi Cunts by U.K. Subs

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
3:53 pm - Vacation...
Well it used to be "Yay vacation"...until it got ruined as usual.
Happiness is not meant for me.
Once I am happy, it gets ruined...everytime and don't tell me otherwise.
This vacation week is going to suck, probably only one day will make me feel better, and it's not going to even be worth it at all.
This is all I have to say right now, and if you are a person that actually talks to me, don't try to cheer me up, oh and don't piss me off more either, it's not wise to do.
Farewell, you rotten blokes.

current mood: angry

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Thursday, April 8th, 2004
5:29 pm - Stuff
Not much here as usual.
YAY CAPTs are over!!!...well this year anyway.
No Mortali today and no Baker/Chisholm, however, you do realize, once you enter the realm of Calkins....you cannot escape O_O...I really hate her.
Yup well let's see not much has gone on lately worth talking about.
Well Danielle, Jess and Ash are fighting but you know I really wish it'd stop, because its just making the days retarded around here.
Brother is here with his grirlfriend.
Instead of being down south like Florida, they found a place in Derby they wish to rent and move up here by May 1st.
Yay for them and yay for us...and yay for Chelsey because "he has such a cool car!"(Chels). Yup well guess I'll be going now.
Oh yes, by the way, if Scott reads this, still gotta check again about that Bouncing Souls show. I want to figure out what's going on with that. Let me know who wants to go and can and whatever else.
:salutes:: Later.

current mood: content
current music: Fall Children by AFI

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Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
11:06 am - Home
11:03 am and I am sitting here at home because i don't feel all to well.
Yesterday i shouldn't have gone because i wasn't great then either, but oh well.
Nothing to do here, well at least I am here alone and have no one to bother me.
Well, not much to say except should find some breakfast..but by then it'll be lunch so, I'll be off now. ::slautes:: later.

current mood: bored
current music: Last Caress (cover) by AFI

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Monday, April 5th, 2004
2:55 pm - Mondays......
Monday..how wonderful...
Yes, well I didn't want to go today didn't feel well but you know mother was horrible.
Anyway bored
Angry at Calkins...and well lots of things
Ash stole a doorstop from the locker room and named it Woody...apparently she'll paint it purple and put a face on it, then bring it back to school.
I don't know much more to say but yay CAPTs are almost done and we have exactly 8 school days left until Spring Break..YAY ::evil grin::
Oh well
RAAAR!!! anyways
Auf Wiedersehen.

current mood: awake
current music: Macabre by Dir En Grey

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Friday, April 2nd, 2004
3:22 pm - Updating for all you pissy people
--Date: Friday, April 02, 2004
--Time: 2:52 PM
--Task: update

--I don't update often.
--I guess some of you get a little pissy about that, well I guess that's too bad.....
--Today is Friday and it seems this week went by rather fast when you look at it, but rather slow when you're sitting in the classes actually doing the fricken work.

--Now let's see,..well CAPT testing sucks and we still ahve to do more on Monday and Thursday
--Monday in gym Martin made marks all over the floor with his boots in gym after a spaz attack and got yelled at by Mrs. Karkut.
Yes, that was funny and they are still there, well, with some new ones from em and him today.
--Michelle has been saying "HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU" all week for no reason, and to whoever she felt like gender not stopping her...inside jokes..
--People suck.
--School sucks.
--I'm bored.
--This is getting stupid and going on for no reason.
--Nothing to talk about.

current mood: okay
current music: Pushing the Sky from Cowboy Bebop

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
5:06 pm - Back...
Back after a long time of not updating. Well, i can;t say much has happened that i wish to talk about. Today was Ren. Club again. Twas fun today we got to make bows and arrows, and not realizing until after making about 20 arrows or so and 10 bows, that the bows were going to be dangerous and we have to fix that problem. Thanks to Jake, we will be redoing them, the bows anyways not the arrows. Everyone that worked on the arrows did a good job, thank you Dan and ...Ben, yes you guys did a good job, and whoever else was working on them. Sue on the late bus is stupid, why she didnt wonder why all of us weren't there preciseley at 4 is beyond me, and why she didn't even think about it a second time as to if we'd come in 4 minutes like we did...yeesh. Oh well, nothing more to say. Until we next meet ::salutes:: adieu. (don't know where that came from)

current mood: thoughtful
current music: Evolution by Ayumi Hamasaki

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
11:00 pm
Ah, vacation is almost over. It went by too fast I tell you. ::sigh:: Well, what can you do. Anyways I guess it was ok but unfortunately I am stuck going to my aunts with the hyper ADD cousin and my little sister tomorrow. Can't you tell I am thrilled ?...Right, ah yes and we discussed about Greenwich Village over supper at grandma's tonight since my uncle Scott went again today and just HAD to tell me. (he works in Manhattan and gets to go all the time and makes me jealous when he tells me) My mom was considering MAYBE renting an appartment for a night there, and staying over night during April vacation. That would be awesome, except for the fact that you know, my mom will probably think about it and say no....and get me all hyped for nothing. Anywho, not much has happened too exciting really that I can remember, but I will get my ass kicked Sunday because i didn't get to practice guitar much and Chris is going to kill me >_<. Well, that's it for now, talk to you later.

current mood: happy
current music: Hit That by the Offspring (don't ask it just came on and i d

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
4:05 pm
Ok, wow its been over a month since I last wrote. Well, it could be because I got busy and lazy around the holidays, and because after that, my computer had 8 fatal viruses. (damn) So, I had to get that rebooted backto normal. But now I am back and let's see...Yesterday Ash, Danielle, and Jess stayed after to work on the new bulliten board for Ren. Club and we still need work on that. Martin seems to get more and more like Nny everyday, and his "oh CRAP" shirt is the best. I do not have much to talk about that I can think of at the moment so, adieu until next time.

current mood: calm/bored
current music: Imperial Desert Battle, from Zoids

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Thursday, December 18th, 2003
4:17 pm
It's been a while since I last wrote an entry, quite a while if I may add, and I guess nothing really good has happened. I actually did get to go to NY on December 7th like I wanted to, despite the fact that it snowed the day before. I had a good time and got to meet up with my friend Kelsey and Jaclyn from Fairfield and we all had a great day. I hate people I really really do. Yesterday at Ashley's house I hurt my ankle and now it hurts to walk on it and I don't actually know what is exactly wrong with it, which can be bad. Anyways, we did not have Renaissance yesterday, which if we did I would not be hurting ?_?, and Ben supposedly thinks it is supposed to bother me by joining the club, but I don't care, just so he knows. Anyways new topic, umm well I don't think there is much to say anymore except that I hate people, they drive me crazy and there are too many idiots and absentminded sod in this world. It needs to stop, and people need more common sense. Thats all for now...

current mood: cold
current music: Holidays In The Sun--The Sex Pistols

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
10:42 pm - Stressed Out
Well, all I can say is that, school sucks and is so stressful. I can't seem to take it anymore. I hate school and i do not think it is being taught to meet everyone's needs. Plus, they give way too much work. If you ask me my opinion on how school should be taught, I would say this. I think that school should be determined based soley on the single person's abilities. I think that a test that determines your strongest abilities and what area they are in, should be taken in the previous year, and the next school year's courses and learning ares and levels would be chosen based on that. That way, people can learn at their own pace, at what they can succeed in most, and also work at their own level and ability and exceed that way. I think this would be an affective way of teaching. It would pinpoint the person's top learning level and type and provide them with just what they need and all areas would let them graduate just as they would in the current society. It's kinda a work in progress in my mind but I am doing my best figuring out what the pros and cons of this would be. But I do think that it could be very effective if it ever took place....Well today was Ren. Club again haah and we all pretty much ran around like idiots afterwards again. Not to mention that I found a bottle of powerade, and Marty with his bright ideas decided to kick it, as he did with the sandwich that one time, and BOOM there you go red powerade all over the wall of the stairwell...quite funny really. Anyways, I drew some kid today in all ink during science with no guidelines. Everyone I showed really liked it, and Martin was REALLY surprised on how good it came out with just ink and no guidelines. I, however, think i could have done better and his face could have been a little better, but oh well it'sgood enough. Well I am getting kinda tired here so I think I will get going. Until next time, cheers.

current mood: stressed
current music: Blue from the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack

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Saturday, November 15th, 2003
8:56 pm - Return from the abyss...
Well haven't been here for a while and just feel like saying that I think I have come to a conclusion about my long-term problem that I've been trying to solve. Plus yes i am still angry at many many things and people, but that won't change. Well, yes Salem was great with Ash and Jess and we had a fun time really, and Ash yelled at the Catholic band peopel from the parking garage : | yeah anyways it was funny. That Vash model I've been after for a while finally arived on Thursday and I carried it around school Friday...Childish, yes, but Ash and Jess wanted to see it so totally worthless, no. Ben, if you read this, I just want you to know that I want to start everything all over and hope for the best and i feel really bad for you because of what happened to your drawings, I would be just as pissed as you if it happened to me, and by the way I know where one of them is...ask me about it and I will tell you.(do not go and assume things because it isn't true) I got a new screenname because the Vash one got screwed up which I am pretty pissed at but it's ok...maybe not but oh well...I hate shopping with mum and gram on Saturdays...and tomorrow i have to go up to SoNo for brunch at my aunt's neighbor's resturaunt...woop de frickin do...and I've been playing Devil May Cry 2 and it's almost beat after only 2 times playing it...good game though...well I guess I'll be off now, cheers to you all, and have a good night.

current mood: bored
current music: The Lost Souls by AFI

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Monday, October 27th, 2003
9:42 pm
Back after a while now and you know...why does it seem like everything goes good for a while for me and then something has to go and ruin it? You know, ok, I see and realize that this happens to others as well but this happens every week if not every 4 days for me! I can't take it. I also have realized that for some reason I feel like I am the center of all of my friends. If I were to fail in keeping them all happy, we all would fail and we'd all fall apart. And slowly it seems like we are falling aprat. What have I done? How could I have failed you all?...I'd like Ben to answer that one...How did I ever do any wrong towards you Ben? All i did was look up to you, is that a crime? To look up to someone? Many people will tell me no it's not but you seem to think that it's horrible to have someone, even if they are the opposite gender or not, look up to you...what's wrong? I don't get people. I really don't. They all turn on you in the end...I am slowly going towards the brink where you are on the edge of not having any faith or trust in people...I never thought I would get that way. Why can't people have faith? Why can't they just get to know others? It's not hard to do, you can make someone's day better by just trying to be friends. But it seems like this world is too fast paced for all of this. The growing technology, the way people rush off to do everything, it's like we are getting into the world Ray Bradbury described in Fahrenheit 451...People don't have time to slow down and realize what they are missing in this world. Nor do they want to. This saddens me. I wish people could stop to realize what goes on around them. And thi wrold is just turning into chaos if it hasn't already. If you read between the lines of everyting in this world it already has reached chaos. Terrorists. Technology. Governments and laws. Religion. Warfare. People blaming music for stupidity acts. Everything seems be blamed on something else..nothing is being accepted as it is anymore. It's a world of chaos, and we live in it.

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current music: ...But Home Is Nowhere, by AFI

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Monday, October 13th, 2003
12:39 pm
Ahhh well I am back. Let's see, well, what is new is that it's Monday and I ahve no school. Not only that, but tomorrow we might not have school as well. If you live in my town you know why and if you don't, it's because our bus drivers want to go on strike. Us students however, well, we promote it for no school an extra day and early dismissals until it's over ^_^. That seems to be the talk of the county i guess lately. As a matter of fact we saw news channel 8 and 3 trucks as we were leaving SHS on Friday. Also, we had our Renaissance Club meeting cancelled last Wednesday, and if there IS a strike this Wednesday's will be cancelled too :( which sucks. But we DO have enrichment on Friday (I hope) so we might be able to get a few things covered that day...As of anything else being new...hmmm I'm not sure it's anything i care to write about...yet....let me think....I have drawn a few more things in my sketchbook too. Yes there is one which I am not sure where it came from in my mind too. It is a rabbit-like thing thats pretty skinny and has horns and is being hung to a wall by cloth wrapped around it's two arms and around it's feet, pretty neat looking i guess. Another is a cool robot that I made up from my mind, it's ok. I also drew a couple sitting on the floor together. The guy's hand landed somewhere it was notinteded to by the time it was done and well, everyone thinks it was supposed to be there and think I'm kinda weird for it, but I know it wasn't supposed to be there, oh well. It is supposed to be a drawing of me and someone else, don't yell at me and tell me anything if you know who it's supposed to be. I don't care what you say or think, I like it and a person can dream can't they? Another that i drew last night was a skeleton rabbit-demon thing. (I have a thing for animal skeletons, animals, rabbits, and demons so why not combine them all haha) It's pretty neat looking I'd say and Ash thinks it kicks ass hahaha. And last is one that I am currently drawing. It has a skull over a rabbits head as if the head is underneath the skull and it cansee out of the eye holes and its ears stick out the top through holes cut into the skull. I am not sure what I am going to do to the body yet, but i want it to be different looking rather than just an anthro rabbit person's body. That's all for now, catch you up later on other updates and new drawings.

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Monday, October 6th, 2003
3:01 pm
I am back after a while and now let's see. Oh yeah i guess me and Ron are friends now and today was great sorta. Martin snuck Brian into school and Brian got lost going "home" to Martin's house so he came back and they hid him in the bathroom until it was over ! I thought this was hilarious! Ah and Jen is trying to help me with my "friend" problem. I went to Shelton Day yesterday. For the first time in the four years of being here i actually went and got to see Nick (my cousin) and his band Beia play. I thought they were pretty good for the fact that they are Hardcore Metal and i like alot more punk stuff but hey who cares. Jess and I slept over Ashley's house Friday and at around 9 PM we were on our way down to the cemetary by her house. On the way back these people drove by and decided to scare us by screaming out the window and someone else had the same idea but beeped the horn instead. The only scary part was when they came inches from us and we almost got run over...again.. I seem to have a habit of almost getting run over. Last Halloween someone almost killed me backing their car up, a few years ago in NY I almost got run over by two fire trucks (O_o firetrucks?! what the hell?!) I think it would have been pretty pathetic for me and my friend to die by getting hit with a NY firetruck, anyways and another time walking to Cumberland Farms with Martin , Ben, Brian and Max, me and Martin almost got hit...I don't get it...oh well..I've been lucky so far, let's hope it keeps up. Yeah, well soon my trenchcoat shall be coming in a few days or so, YAY, and no I am not copying you Ben if you think so ..... Right, moving on, well hmmm yes this week is Ren. Club and we, I think, get to get in our committees and discuss stuff. We get to be vampires for Halloween, YAY ^_^. Well, i'll be going now. Be back if anything intresting comes up.

current mood: apathetic

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Thursday, September 25th, 2003
5:13 pm
Hi i am kinda bored here but i did find this hilarious calendar called You Might Be A Redneck If... by Jeff Foxworthy. I think he is so funny. I love the redneck jokes...and now i have 365 days worth of them, one for each day. haha so funny...yeah like these few --"you might be a redneck if...you use the gas station sqeegee to wash your entire car" or "you might be a redneck if...you've ever let your dog baby-sit your kids" and this "you might be a redneck if...yo uthink a holiday without fireworks is like a day without sunshine"...ahh so funny hahaha well not much else to say here. Oh yeah i like Ron's hair it's cool...and umm hmm well yes uhh HORSEY (ash you and jess and some other people get that, those of you who don't know...don't ask...O_o) So long for now.

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