Fancy a Snippet of My New Novel?   
10:52pm 09/10/2004
mood: working
In the city of Orlaenas, on Flamehurst Row, is small old-fashioned shop, displaying rows of Faerie shoes on techna-silk, some of the new satiny material developed by the Faeries, desperately attempting to overcome the rundown feel to the shop. The wooden sign above the door creaks eerily, and one wonders where the shop owners dug up such an old antique thing. The letters were burned into the weathered sign by out-of-date firebranding, spelling out ‘Faerie Cobbling’. In the display bay window below was a ragged looking sign:

Customs and Premade
All Occasion Faery Shoes

And below that, on a slightly smaller card:

Help Wanted

But no one in their right mind would ever have replied to the ‘Help Wanted’ card, in no one ever had, even though she sign had been taped in the window was Glitzen Gold Tape for nigh on five years. There was only one shop girl, and she had no choice but to do her duty to the weary little shop she had called home for sixteen years herself.

Brigit straightened her shop girl’s ridiculous uniform hat in the wet reflection of the display window, tugging angrily at the frilly lilac lace. It never fit right and clashed horribly with her painfully short, drab red hair. Her mother never would let her grow it long. It ‘didn’t look professional,’ she said. Brigit never had the heart – or the cruelty – to tell her mother that since no one ever came into the shop, no one would care whether they were professional looking or not.

She sighed and looked down at the rows of shoes in the windows. A shoe shop. And her mother a faery cobbler! One of the most respected and legendary positions of faery dogma and her mother made it look like a joke. Sandals adorned with sweetly smelling flowers – so sweet one could smell them down the road and required a good stasis charm to stop the scent. Boots made of old dragon scales Ashwind, Brigit’s pet faerie dragon, had dropped over the years. Out of style evening slippers, made of false glass, which her mother swore would come back into style one day. Her mother’s arrogant tone rode into her mind, accompanied by the memory of laying the new slippers out in the window.

‘You watch, m’girl, they’ll be right back in. They were all the rage in my day!’ Her eyes gleamed for a second, remembering past conquests of the faery fashion empire. ‘I wore a pair just like this to Seelie Festival in the Year of Lady Flora, Pearl-Spring…’
Brigit sighed and let her mother prattle on. She knew the shoes would never sell – no one had worn anything like it nigh on thirty years. Besides, the molded magic that should have twinkled like crystal seemed dull; one of the heels was already chipped. ‘It looks like it hasn’t been worn in thirty years, all right,’ muttered Brigit, but she spread out a fresh color of turquoise tecna-silk and tried to arrange them in an attractive manner. After several attempts of layering them, setting them side by side, and even conjuring a few magic twinkles of her own, the shoes still looked like hopeless garage sale relics. No one would ever buy these things.
Sims 2 Advert   
10:02am 28/07/2004
mood: devious

The glory of Sims 2. SEPEMBER 17TH, the day it comes OUT, I will stay home, being 'sick,' and play all damn day long. I will have had it shipped to my doorstep via, and will then trick my mother into assuming I am ill beyond all belief.
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Another Fill-In Quiz   
10:17pm 27/07/2004
mood: depressed
01. favorite color: Dark lavender
02. favorite drink: Poland Spring
03. favorite computer accessory: Microsoft Word
04. favorite cookie: Sugar
05. favorite author: JK Rowling
06. favorite beatle: Umm...
07. favorite chipmunk: One of the Chippettes? No clue, really...
08. favorite ice cream: Black Raspberry, or Lavender
09. favorite lover: Kaiba ^_^
10. do you believe in love at first sight: That's when your soul recognizes someone from your past life!
11. do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom: Yeah
12. do you put empty cartons back in the fridge: Not as often now :/
13. do you do things you know you shouldn't: Only when it's really important
14. do you take responsibility: Always
15. do you associate with people you don't even like: I put up with people for my friends' sakes
16. do you have any psychological disorders: Workaholicism
17. do you drink diet soda: Diet Sprite!
18. have you broken the law: Apparently changing in the car is breaking the, yeah.
19. have you had one too many to drink: I will NEVER drink liquor
20. have you stuffed cocoa puffs up your nose: LOL no. I used to eat them, but they get stale FAST
21. have you graduated high school: Damn, three more years of hell...
22. have you bitten someone until they bled: Nah....wanted to, though...
23. have you ever stolen a street sign: Street sign decor is so ten years ago...
24. have you ever been in a food fight: No! There are countries without food, and we throw it around.
25. what are you not doing: Sleeping
26. what are you talking about: Silence is golden.
27. what are you wearing: Long green hippie skirt, jogging racerback shirt
28. what are you craving: The ocean
29. what are you lacking: Freedom
30. what are you going to do after this: Work
31. what are you dependent on: Water
32. what are you hoping: My cosplay comes out all right ^_^
33. what are you reading: My notes for work
34. what are you listening to: The rain
35. last movie you saw: Buck and the Preacher
36. last person you touched: My dog, Trixie
37. last person you yelled at: My dad
38. last person you told you loved: Mommy
39. last thing you drank: Milk
40. last year, you were: Spiraling into deep depression
41. last time you were on the phone: Taking a call for my mother
42. last song you heard: The Taliban Song
43. do you want to get married/divorced: Yes, if I find the right guy
44. do you want to have children: Cassandra White Cloud, Morgana Viviane, and Rhiannon Moon
45. do you want to tell certain people off: Jenna!
46. do you want to be somewhere else: The ocean
47. do you want to be someone else: NO
48. do you want to be famous: Ms. Cassandra M. Chant, famous author
49. do you want to go for a walk: Not after today!
50. do you want to hug anyone: My dad
51. do you want to make a difference: YES
52. how do you feel about president bush: He's denying people equal rights, looks like a monkey, and is an ass
53. how do you feel about the internet: Usual, but definately dangerous
54. how do you feel about your family: I love them
55. how do you feel about your friends: I love them too...I'd die for them
56. do you like jelly beans: JELLY BELLY!
57. do you like it when it rains: Yes
58. do you like to drive: No, I get nervous
59. do you like to eat out: Japanese!
60. do you like being home: Always
61. do you like the people (or animals) you live with: Yeah, esp. my dad
62. do you like emo: Huh?
63. do you like Microsoft: Yeah, it's pretty good
64. do you like your name: I'd like it if I didn't get confused with Vicky M. the Whore
65. worst feeling in the world: knowing your sister is dead
66. worst color combination: Mustard yellow and olive green - those 70s fridge colors
67. worst color: Mustard yellow, duh!
68. worst thing about people: They'll always backstab you
69. worst element on the periodic table: Magnesium
70. worst disease / infection to get: AIDS
71. worst position to sleep in: On your back with an IV in your arm, partly reclined
72. I am not: Weak
73. I love: Surviving
74. I hate: People who try to B.S. their way through life
75. I fear: Men
76. I hear: Rain
77. I crave: Cleansliness (in my room)
78. I cry: As little as possble
79. I care: About saving the souls of humanity
80. I feel alone: In the depths of a crowd
81. I drive: At the cemetary with my dad
82. I sing: In the morning
83. I dance: To Country 92.5
84. I write: Poetry, novels, and fanfics
85. I play: Sims
86. I miss: Moonlight on my skin
87. I search: For my lost soul
88. I learn: To survive without breathing water
89. I feel: Depression coming on
90. I know: Someday I'll be able to return to my true home
91. I need: Nothing - I have my strength already
92. I succeed: In surviving
93. I dream: Of my true home
94. I wonder: What it's like to fly through water
95. I want: To be strong
96. I have: The powers I need
97. I give: My everything for those who need it
98. I fell: When my wings broke
99. I fight: To save Spirit
100. I say: We're not called the Children of the Shining Ones from nothing.
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Secret Library - No Longer So Secret   
09:48pm 27/07/2004
mood: pleased
I admit it - I have a LJ account I use for my notes and other story ideas. I did a lot of work on it today, and I am very proud, so who would like to take a look?

I'm not leaving Blurty or anything. I just like a seperate place for my writing thoughts.
Random Event: You've Received a Neopets Icon!   
08:06am 27/07/2004
mood: awake

Ok, we have a Peophin (pour moi), a fire faerie, for either Char or just random amusement, and a light faerie for Pixie. :)
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Icons, Icons, Yu-Gi-Oh Icons!   
05:39pm 26/07/2004
mood: accomplished
I am doing icons. I just am loving making them. So I did two based on the images found at Kokoro no Naka - a random Yu-Gi-Oh monster and a very special one......

They are called Captured Angel and Marik's Tattoo (the second reserved for TWIGZ!)

Got requests? I have the time and the skillage to spend my life doing this – making random icons nobody cares about!

Call 1-800-VIX-HAS-NO-LIFE for your free icon, today!
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Heehee, I have issues...   
06:22pm 25/07/2004
mood: hyper

Which Yuugiou Character's Issue are you?

A Kokoro No Naka quiz by Judy
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Roadtrip, 'Cah' Included   
05:41pm 24/07/2004
mood: contemplative
1. Why is it that whenever I go on vacation people have weird accents? In the south they have Southern accents. Up in Cape Cod everyone had Boston accents. I must ponder.

2. The cottage got Comcast extended basic, which included Country Music Television - CMT. I am in love with it. I saw Gretchen Wilson's 'Redneck Woman' music video about six times. I call this the Hell Yeah song. She says Hell Yeah more than Redneck Woman. I am beefing up my CD collection with my country. Toby Keith and Gretchen Wilson.

3. I'm badgering my dad to teach me fighting. As in swinging punches fighting. I would hate to be one of those pussies who is all talk and no fight. Quote by Gretchen Wilson's song Homewrecker:

'/There's two ways we can do this/I'll let you decide/You can take it somewhere else/Or we can take it outside!/'

4. I went to Provincetown with Mel. I was only scared by one guy, and he was wearing hot pink lipstick and hot pink eye shadow. Um, creepy. Creeeeepy old trannsy guy.

5. I spent most of the week chasing through various stores look for Fruits Basket 2. I even went to Borders, and they were sold out. :( But I bought a book on raising Wiccan children called Circle Round, which is very good.

6. I am still pissed at WiLL for being such a jerk when we played tennis. My mother likes to bring him up constantly as she is now suddenly interested in what she calls 'my love life' even though I have not liked him for a good four to five months.

7. Neeeeeeed suuuuuuuuuuuuugar.

8. Actually, Twigz, Fruits Basket was a TV show for 27 episodes, all of which can be perchusaed (sp??????????) from on DVD. I need Fruits Basket 2. So bad. Did I mention that already? Hey Share Bear, correct me if I'm wrong - it's only three issues in English released now, right? And of course the fourteen or so volumes in Japanese. Argh, I am confused. Did anyone know Fruits Basket is on the bestseller list for TokyoPop? Yes, I am obsessed. And I ramble. Help me...!

9. I am newly addicted to the scent of lavender, and I miss the graveyard in Cape Cod. I tried to walk there alone and my mommy got mad at me and dragged me back, lecturing me on behaving like a two-year-old and I lectured her on letting me out of my cell once in a while. My mom and dad call my room my 'cell.' It is very comfortable and equipped well, but there are many days where I am not allowed outside. Usually I am not let out for three to five days, during which I become either depressed, bitchy or workaholic. By not let out, I don't mean not going to the mall. I mean not being allowed outside, out in the front yard or anything. Let alone for a nice walk. *sigh* There are time when I miss school, even - at least then I have about ten minutes of sunshine after school waiting for my mom to pick me up.

10. Somehow, I missed my cell. I am very glad to be back.

11. My mother wants me to scrapbook. Very badly. To the point where she is saying that she refuses to buy me any more books - but will pay me to scrapbook pictures. Anything I want, so long as I turn out a quota of at least two pages per week - with $10 wage. I can do up to four pages a week, and double my pay. I don't know where she gets this crap. But I understand what this means - at $20 a week, I will be quite well-funded indeed.

I think that's all I have to say. I might think of more later.

Ms. Cassandra M. Chant, signing off.
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09:34am 16/07/2004
mood: accomplished
I made a journal icon! Squee! It's a Kyo icon, and it's specifically for SHARE-BEAR!

Is he too smiley here? This is from the scene where he comes through the roof to try and kick Yuki's butt......again.
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Ain't I?   
10:32pm 15/07/2004
mood: creative
I push myself to the limit.

I feel the powers of the earth.

I was born in the Year of the Snake.

I feel water running through my soul.

I cry when I read romance manga.

I try to swear in Japanese.

I'm cold and cruel if you mess with me.

I'm brave and loyal if you prove yourself.

I want to go into computer science.

I think there is nothing more soothing the rocking ride of a horse.

I've looked death in the face - and didn't shake.

I've got more family beyond the veil than before it.

I live beyond the world - and cannot be seperated by it.

I dream of the Goddess.

I see my Cat in the corners of Faery.

I am a Cancer.

I am a Yankee.

I am a feminist.

I'm a thousands names and nameless.

I'm a girl from the wrong century, wrong country, wrong world, wrong planet.

I'm just trying so hard to survive.

I'm a survivor.

And in the words of Soujourner Truth:

And ain't I a woman?
Onigiri and Patsukin   
08:23pm 15/07/2004
mood: quixotic
I got out of the house - finally! Mel and I hung out at the mall for a few hours. I finally managed to pick up a copy of Fruits Basket without my mother seeing - she thinks it's trash I shouldn't waste my money on. I read it through, flipped to the begining, and started again! It's really good. Kyo is really got this dark thing going on that sort of reminds me of Kaiba - but he reminds of Joey, too, because he gets mad fairly easily and can't control his temper well. I didn't think Yuki was that cute at first, but he makes some of the sweetest comments, and when he comes back from being a rat he's in the nu - I mean, he has a lovely figure. Kagura is just creepy - she's practically bipolar.

I'm trying to learn Japanese swears - sort of 'handle-ourself-on-the-street' swears. I write three new ones on my hand in ballpoint pen every day, and by the end of the day, I've memorized them. Today's list:

Patsukin: dumb blonde
Yowa-mushi: weakling
Butsu-butsu iwanadai-de: Quit yer bitchin'

Feeling philosophical: If you could label yourself, what would you be? Not just something simple like 'jock' or 'skater' but something deeper...More specific. I think my list would look like this:

Yankee (That's what the Japanese call 'female gansters' - meaning they wear long skirts, dye their hair, and are up to here with that whole subserviant-women thing. They call it acting 'Western'. Sounds more like feminist to me.)
Wannabe Anime Girl
LOTR Freak

I feel like a mix of Hana Jima-chan and Uo-chan. Hana Jima-chan is definately witchy...she's into the occult and new age and vibes and things. Uo-chan is a Yankee.

Have you ever felt like an onigiri? Sometimes I do. Sometimes I wish I was a fruit - but I know that in the end...

Kyoko-san: Always be yourself, Tohru-chan.

I'm sorry if this post didn't make any sense.
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Sanity Dies (Again)   
02:36pm 14/07/2004
mood: crazy

I can now recite half of the clip in Japnese. Kill me and put me out of my misery.

*somesone whacks me over head*

Domo Arigato.

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Sanity Dies   
02:18pm 14/07/2004
mood: crazy
Ok, it's 2:19 and I'm sitting here in my pajamas and flipflops, trying to watch a clip from the original Yugioh Japanese - non-dub. The only word I understand is 'Bakura.' I've watched it about six times, and I've figured out that the girl is Mahado's apprentice, later Dark Magician Girl (she's hard to miss), Mahado (Dark Magician) makes an appearance, along with a very beautiful Pharaoh Yami and Bakura in a red robe. Oh, and i think Tea and Odion show up. Not sure though.

I never thought I would say this, but I am for ocne grateful to the dubbers. I swear, these Japanese talk so fast it's a wonder even they know what they're saying.

If you feel the need to murder your own sanity, just follow this link and watch the Japanese clip a few times. That should do the job.
Yami no Cassandra   
08:08pm 12/07/2004
mood: cranky
I spent the day with my Yami...I think. My computer is scrwed up again, so I'm typing this downstairs, in danger of Parental Units...I read Yami Bakura/Tea fics all day, really crappy ones...Got my braces tightened...And even wrote the beginings of a very simple boredom-induced Yami Bakura/Tea fic called Darkness Blooms. Needs help, I know. Tea tells Yugi she likes him, confusing Yami and Yugi (I know, this has nothing to do with the Toria/Kaiba scenario) and when Yugi tries to explain he doesn't like her but his Yami does, she run out crying and spends the day wandering the streets. Then she heads out to a club.........

I dunno. It'll be kinda cute. Nothing fab, but cute.

I'm on a Yami-Bakura kick. Yami no Bakura, specifically. I miss my computer. I miss Seto Kaiba. I miss Yu-Gi-Oh (can't find new afternoon time). Ugh.

Yami Blooms.
I'm ALIVE!   
11:08pm 11/07/2004
mood: pleased
I had to clear the computer. Entirely and utterly. I'm still trying to reinstall things, and remember passwords. I have my email all set up, I got a new AIM SN (Ruaeara, which is Elvish for Summer Star) before I remembered the password to faeryharper. I had a right shock when I couldn't remember the password for my blurty. Got there in the end, anyway.

Still have tons of work to do putting this thing to rights. But I got four reviews on my new story while dad called an Outlook Email Tech guy in Arizona. And then, from boredom, cleaned my room. Most of it.

Watched the Secret Window with the beautiful and marvelous Johnny Depp. Was scared out of my wits. Nooooo doggy murders. Uh-uh. No doggy death.

So, I am still alive...SQUEE!
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Battling the CyberDeath   
08:34am 11/07/2004
mood: artistic
I have a virus. Dad says I should get all my work onto a floppy, and he's going to reboot eh whole thing. Damn. How did it come to this/ Staying online long enough to type this is painful for my computer. But I try.

Chapter 12 of my Yu-Gi-Oh fic is UP, thank you, and it's called Flying Without Wings. It's teh run-of-the-mill Toria/Kaiba romance. Chapter 13 is going to be some, uh, honeymoon time.

My notes are going well, and I have formulated, from a random patch of inspiration *thanks muse* the names of the cities in my novel. Tir Gwydelli, Velinir, Tangelleau, Tanlow, and Pannattalon. Not sure about that last one, though.

I shall try and survive this. My AIM is fine, but my poor Internet grows weak as the pulse of the evenstar fades. Good bye for now....
Terror, Tantalization & Tennis   
09:01pm 08/07/2004
mood: chipper
Ok. First off, yay me: I finished the entire Golden Compass Series. I was only supposed to read the first one, for school, but...I read all 700 pages today to finish the other two books. It was actually fairly insightful. They are what I call 'theologian fiction.' Also known as theo-fi. The opposite twin brother of science fiction, sci-fi.

I made brownies out of boredom this morning.

My room is a wreck, on a count of my living solely out of 11x18 feet of space for the past few days as I have been working. If you can find my secret library, you can get a sneak peak. :) I'm cunsulting countless reference books (now strewn across the floor), and am surrounded by a dozen bowls, dishes, and cups.

I played a bit of tennis after dinner with my dad. I don't suck, per say, but it is rather hard. Dad says I should rely on perkiness and be cute.

Dad: Remember, be perky!
Me: Like this? LIKE OMG, I TOTALLY want to ram this tennis ball into your FACE! *whaps ball at dad*
Me: There goes feminism.
Dad: Ow. There's nothing wrong with feminism. It's ladies' charm.
Me: I meant the ball. I named it Feminism.

In an attempt to not look like a Sasquatch, I shaved (when I say shaved, I mean with something resembling a weed whacker) and when dad yelled at me to get out of the shower, I nicked me ankle. You can't see it, but I was surprised at how much it hurt. Getting your stomach cut open barely feels anything like that. Strange.

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Fatal Femme   
09:35am 07/07/2004
mood: content
I'm trying to make a mix CD. If I knew how. But I'm putting together the list of songs I would put on. These are pro-feminine songs and Patriotic songs. Mostly country.

One Girl Revolution
This One's For the Girls
Have You Forgotten
Bad Reputation
Us Against the World
Can't Take Me
Get Off Of My Back
Not Just a Pretty Face
Letters From Home
Of Blackmail And Paper Fans   
09:14pm 06/07/2004
mood: groggy
First: I wrote Chapter 4 last night of HPatSP. I threatened to stop writing the fic if I didn't get reviews. I woke up, and checked my email. 7 reviews, all pleading with me. I think I'm obessed with reviews. I check my email constantly - I have all reviews sent to my inbox - and if there aren't any I mutter, "Fuckers." But I love blackmail. The glory of it - hidden secrets, dark intrigues, Machavellian conspiracies, pen to paper, and the desire to cover our own humanity with deception.

And they say blackmail is evil and immoral. Pshaw.

Something stupid and filled with the ungodly idea of exercise made me go running with Shari today. We walked all over the western edge of Watertown - nearly six miles, by the end of it. We ran through the cemetary, around Taft, bumped into luscious housepainters, and strange maned men on bicycles who seemed oddly friendly. Then we went swimming. I miss Frolfie.

I feel nearly dead from exercise. And somehow I seem, if possible, fatter. I think I will run through the Mystic Fan again tonight, although it has felt mischevious for most of the day, and only after a long description of Melissa's crack-head baby boy by Chris, admitted it was playing a joke. I sometimes worry if these divination items take on spirits of their own - or, possibly, they were there all along - or mayhap they are being guided by mischevious piskies or ghosts.

One wonders. The blue moon approaches...Be ready.
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Mon Anniversaire   
06:39pm 30/06/2004
mood: indescribable
music: 'Finn and the Fianna' Celtic Legend, Llewellyn
Well, I have a misfortune and a fortune. And a TON of French pastries in the fridge.

Well, for my birthday my mother, Amy, Linda, Marsha and I (those are my mother's friends and my 'sister' Amy) all went to San Remo's in Woodbury. It's this great Italian restaurant. The pizza is just amazing. It's Marsha's birthday tomorrow, so we celebrated that too :)

Amy picked me up around 15 minutes past (PAST, not a QUARTER TO - A QUARTER AFTER, Mel) and we drove to go pick up her mother from work. Linda works at Timex as an accountant. So Amy and I talked and Amy told me about the mice in the attic (eek!) and the traps her dad put down (ekk!) Anyway, on the way to the restaurant, Amy took a wrong turn and we found ourselves staring at a French bakery. So we popped in and ordered a few different pastries for tea after the restaurant - namely, gateau de chocolat, tira miseu, and tarte de fruit. Then Linda and Amy nipped into the wineshop next door and got a bit of wine. ;)

The restaurant was great - we ordered two pizzas, one red and one white - and I got my presents. *squee!* Linda gave me a lovely bit of money, and Marsha gave me a small wallet, a mood ring, a crystal, and a strange Australian egg. I always keep the cards Marsha gives me too - they're Blue-Moon style cards. It's sort of strange, because she always chooses things that Lena would choose. Sometimes I worry if she confuses me with Lena - even though I spent more time with Amy, I am more like Lena. The Wiccan hippie artist, which is strange since Amy is a rich prep. They're so different, but they were such good friends.

Anyway so we came home afterwards and had tea and pastries, which were scrumptious, and halfway through, when everyone is giggling and joking like crazy, I get a telephone call.

Get this: it's Will. He's asking me to play tennis with him next week. See, last night, we were talking about tennis since he is taking lessons. I played with my dad for a bit last year because dad bought me a raquet for my birthday when I turned 14. And the only thing I really understood was serving. Will was having trouble with serving, so I sort of helped him out and now he thinks I am an amazing tennis guru-girl. Which is both funny and tongue-in-cheek but I only sort of play tennis. I didn't lie to him, he just...received the wrong impression. I didn't perpetuate this idea at all. But he's got this sort of macho thing, so if I suck and he's better he'll like that. I suppose.

That was my misfortune. I told my mother and she just burst out laughing. Which is rather harsh of her since I did play a bit of tennis a while ago. But I'm not that comfortable on a court, really.

I wonder what Chris would think of this. I mentioned that to Amy, and she said, "Well, he's in England." So.

But there is French pastries and pizza for breakfast tomorrow. My mother wants me to go to a work-party with her at her boss's house, and I have been instructed to bake a cake. THAT ought to be interesting.

And my father called telling me to go visit Grandma because she had my birthday gift, and she told us all these stories about the Depression and the war. Mom says I should record these and organize these old photos she has into a scrapbook - she's going to be 90 this year, you know.

So..........................................Bon Anniversaire!
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