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[07 Sep 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | chanel cole - green limousine ]

oh i'm a senior that's sweet

our new principal, however, is not & argh.

garden state changed my life

& i'm going to london in 5 days. god that's amazing.

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& our time is running out [12 Jul 2004|06:26pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | manic street preachers - if white america told the truth... ]

summer. summer!

i'm a senior oh so soon.

i shouldn't let myself get involved with boys in folk bands who are in their late twenties. because they fuck me over big time.

anne & i are hitting up london for spring break :). hanging with harry, tom, danny & dougie. oooh yes.

but before that, i hit it up in september. delicious.

& i see jamie cullum in august :). & i have connections. & maybe...just maybe.

i <3 the 90s starts tonight!

& i'm off.

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OH. [14 May 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | michael murphy - they can't take that away from me ]

woah holy shit i'm still here?


i realized, that at this time in a year, i'll be doing NOTHING. u of stony brook will be DONE with classes for the year. so while everyone else is going to classes at 7.30am, i'll be sleeping in. mmm. is the best site EVER.

some guy came into economics today to talk about debt. and i fell asleep.

i'm applying to the university of auckland and i don't care what my parents say. i must move to new zealand.

19 school days left. arr. come NOW.

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oh but that couldn't hurt any more than never knowing [05 Dec 2003|07:40pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | the darkness - christmas time (don't let the bells end) <3 ]

i love the snow. it always makes me feel so relaxed and makes me love the world. ahh. i might clean my room tonight ; getting over the fact that jordan tried to bed chris! wtf! stick to men your own age that aren't my type ok! wtf is with that woman. such a slag.

christmas soon <3. i bought three boxes of christmas cards yesterday. i have so many to send out ; and so many packages to send. and i have do secret santa with the girls at school. sigh. $30 on a present. $30 is about the amount that it will take for just shipping a package to australia, i reckon.

i'm getting a car :). my mom said i can "learn to drive on it" too. mmm.

i love rufus wainwright so much. ahh. i want it to be last wednesday night again ; town hall ; with rufus in front of me playing his piano. ohgod.

i want to go sit at the window and watch the snow.

perfect boyfriend thing, wtf guy sebastian or chris hide hello! )

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hit the road jack and don't you come back no more [23 Nov 2003|03:59pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | guy sebastian - you're the voice <3 ]

hi wow

so my week has been like this : sick + guy sebastian, because i am crazy in love!

i feel so australian, it's lovely. woke up wednesday like i said i would. waited with val to find out who won, and alas. he won. i was so happy. ecstatic. he's on the telly in december! world idol is going to be so awesome. i get to see wills again too! i love his new song. it's really mellow and gorgeous. like him! hahah wtf.

i'll still call australia hooooooooome

aw i just bought val a paid account she deserves it k <3

hahah i love shanguy so great.

um i can't wait to leave america bye!

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we've got to rise up and fly like eagles [16 Nov 2003|07:14pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | australian idol finalists - rise up ]

fgksdfk i spent my whole weekend (well except when i left the house to see love,actually for the third time yesterday) downloading aussie idol and pop idol 2 mp3s and videos. i actually cancelled any plans i had last night and today to do this.

the australian idol finale is on wednesday. and since they're 14 hours ahead of new york, i have to wake up at 3.30am to watch this. and of course, tuesday night is the premiere of the new episode of queer eye. DAMN YOU TELEVISION.

nelly furtado's album in a week and two days! rufus wainwright concert in a week and three!

i love the fact that busted beat britney to #1 in the uk. more proof why i am going to uni in london in 2005.

queer eye marathon. making something to eat in a bit. ap english paper which i've held off on for a while.


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[02 Nov 2003|12:16am]
[ mood | i love outkast ]
[ music | snl in the other room ]

doing this then going to sleep ok )

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[01 Nov 2003|04:39pm]
this is what i get for being bored )
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i want to be forgotten and i don't wanna be reminded [01 Nov 2003|12:06pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | paul oakenfold f/ nelly furtado & tricky - harder they come ]

i'm at my grandmothers house right now.

i'm cold. i need my arm warmers.

i couldn't really sleep that well last night. craig kilborn was on last night so i had to watch that. but i kept having weird dreams and waking up and needing a glass of water.

i love kelly jones, his voice is so beautiful.

i need to move far, far away from here. i am so out of here june 2005. i want so badly to go over to england, live by carl and be happy, but that probably won't be the case. it will probably be canada or massachusetts where i go to school. maybe san diego? well, of course if it isn't completely gone by then.

i actually really like the new strokes cd. it took me like two months to get into it. i hated '12:51' when i first heard it and for a while after that but it's grown on me.

alright. i'm going to make myself some tea and watch some i love the 80s : strikes back. maybe i'll go out later? i don't know.

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you keep on giving me the hold up [30 Oct 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | basement jaxx - romeo ]

i went in to school late today, that's always fun. well no because i felt sick as hell when i woke up, went back to sleep until about 8.30.

school was boring. i left like every class to just wander the halls. brought buster in because i love him. today was the first day i left broadcast i think; i was just fed up and didn't feel like being there. after i was done wandering the halls i talked to rajiv and courtney in the library and then forced myself back into the class.

tomorrow's halloween aka samhain and i have no costume! that is so sad. i'm carrying around a hair dryer & a comb and saying i'm kyan douglas.

i told nora who i liked and she hugged me. ok.

i made the worst mix cds circa two years ago +. what the fuck.

i have to do ap english work of course. vocab and that dumb language anaylsis.

i got arm warmers!

something is going on at the track across from me, cars parked along the side of the street like always. stupid.

i need to clean my room now if megan is going to be stepping foot in here at all tomorrow.

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HEY! [29 Oct 2003|11:28pm]
[ music | blur - no distance left to run ]

ok! i didn't mean to say that just because i'm listening to that stupid big brovaz song ; why did i download this.

hayley wins at life. she met dougie, andy and neil. fran is completely sick. poor thing :(. but yes. dougie told her they're coming back to the us in january!

so i said she has to come stay with us in ny and we're going travis stalking when they're here. i need to meet them. hey, i was able to live through meeting michael ian black, right?

look at my lovely boys. aw.

i need to do my ap english assignment, seriously. wow. no, for real. i probably could get away with doing it during a few periods tomorrow but eh. might as well just get it done i guess? no dflkjsdfkl.

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seems i'm lost in my reflection [29 Oct 2003|07:48pm]
[ mood | productive ]
[ music | delta goodrem - innocent eyes ]

i just ate the most delicious pumpkin pie, oh lord.

so ok these wildfires need to stop now. it's completely freaking me out because i have friends in the areas of the fires and of course vance & joseph in san diego. they're the ones we're most concerned about, we consider them part of the family.

halloween is friday. i think i'm going over to megan's and bringing my dvds of coupling and the office. i was going to be kyan from queer eye for the straight guy for halloween, but yeah. who knows. minimalist costume!

i hear we're missing two periods on friday for some assembly. i miss 9th grade when we had an assembly like once every week and all we'd do is make fun of whatever the people were doing.

i wish i'd hear from hayley, she apparently met some of travis? well at least that's what i'm presuming. i'd be so proud of her if she did.

my icon is the best! because i got my own buster and it's amazing.

i love anderson cooper :( why am i in love with a newscaster 20 years older than me.

by the way : i'm making progress! none of you understand that!

love,actually on the 7th of november. hugh grant as prime minister? yes please.

smallville in a few. and i need to write my ap english language. oh i love putting stuff off.

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shake it like a polaroid picture [20 Oct 2003|08:44pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | outkast - hey ya ]

ok i <3 the 80s strikes back in 10 minutes! ahha!

i never update here

i love this song so much

i see travis and rooney tomorrow, that totally wins.

the breakfast club is on. good lord that movie is so good.

hee i made the dorkiest post in maddy and i's i love the ... community at livejournal. hee so good.

that's it for now.

i love the office more than you, ha.

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[26 Sep 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | best & worst dressed at the emmys ]


oh my icon


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[22 Sep 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | dexy's midnight runners - come on eileen ]

i love how i'm in love with anderson cooper, good lord.

and what the fuck is with my mother. yeah whatever, get over it. she annoys me so much sometimes. argh.

scotland with carl this summer! will rock.

and dbq for ap american history time.

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[14 Sep 2003|03:37pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | busted - without you ]

i should be doing my ap us homework

i went to the conan o'brien 10th anniversary taping at the beacon theatre on friday; it was spectactular. i can't give away who was there. i'd feel bad.

i see travis on the 21st of october. and the strokes again on the 29th of october.

i'm apparently going to nyc friday to see maddy and then going from there to salem until sunday. unless hurricane isabel decides to fuck up my life which it seems to want to do. hurricane isabel is kind of like everyone and everything i hate rolled into one in a conspiracy to ruin any type of good feelings i might have.

and i hate busted the end

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[04 Sep 2003|07:48pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | stereophonics - mr.writer ]

school has started.

controversial issues in history : i dig. my teacher rocks and the class is small ; i hope they don't drop it.
math b : kills. i am one of 2 juniors in the class? courtney must join.
music history : music + history k. also small so they might drop that too die.
study hall / gym : ok sure.
ap american history : it's the normal lot. all the junior smarty-pants.
choir : yeahhhhh anique and i rock that class hardcore, we own it.
lunch : same k.
writing for all occasions : yay for krusemark. not yay for the snobby senior girls who look at me like i have three heads.
broadcast & tv 2 : rock. evan's in there with me + an overload of freshman. the teacher wants to kick them all out and keep the older lot. but some of the freak freshman want to stay. ew.
ap english language : hahahaha. oh god. i just can't wait to be king, that's all i can say.

ps ; don't sit kids alphabetically? kills that idea. i put this in my locker ; pelle almquist, busted [i like to punch it before i go to class shutup don't mention my charlie icon], kelly jones, and of course the photo of michael ian black and yours truly. and anique getting her groove on.

anyways. my mom's taken 2 showers in the last 3 hours. sure mom.

and i am seeing my favorite band again. travis, of course.

must do my ap english assignment. for sure. then i can put law & order on again + queer eye and read the al franken book. oh, want to vaccum the room. spelled it wrong! don't care bye.

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[02 Sep 2003|04:30pm]
[ mood | oops ]
[ music | busted - that's what i go to school for ]

ps i need to read

angela's ashes [hahahaha oops didn't finish]
their eyes were watching god [um halfway through k]
lies and the lying liars who tell them
the l word

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[02 Sep 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | busted - when day turns into night ]

sup :'[

school tomorrow what the fux0rz

i want to clean my room tonight + watch queer eye

gale on law & order tonight how hot

new icons ok

meets kelly jones in a week

learner's permit test thursday, got the social security card today.

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keeping up with appearances, keeping up with the joneses [30 Aug 2003|07:42pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | queer eye / kelly clarkson - anytime ]

school starts wednesday.

i'm not even close to being ready. mentally and workwise. i still have to read one book for summer reading. and do my ap history essay.

i need to get clothing tomorrow.

i'm in a really weird mood. at least i have my queer eye marathon to keep me happy.

maybe i can get a new bag. i hope. maybe a new town too. maybe a new everything.

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