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Last Day Of Summer!!!!! [26 Aug 2003|02:13pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Deep Blue Something- Breakfast at Tiffany's ]

This is the last day of summer. I seriously cannot believe it! I want summer to last longer! But...At least i know I'm not alone. Everyone feels this way. Last night was 8th grade orietation. As soon as I walked into the room I saw Dan. He got a haircut and contacts. He looked nice! He turned around and didn't reconize me at first because of my short hair. Than when he realized it was me, he got that look on his face like."OH!" and "Oh no" at the same time...i can't explain that looks he gets...but its adorable. I promised Hannah I wouldn't go after him, and i itend to keep that promise. It's so hard though! Anyway... I saw the "DYNAMIC DUO" there sitting beside each other, as usual. (If you don't know who I mean by the Dynamic Duo...ask me.) They were sitting next to each other...they didn't even come and say hi...and they didn't even wave to me. I had to wave to one of them...the other just plain ignored me. All I have to say is...the friendship between me and those 2 is offically over. I'm sick and tired of their bullshit. Its over. They act like they own the world and everyone else should bow down to them. YA know WHAT? They can kiss my large ass. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE tells me who to be. So those 2 can fuck off. Sorry I'm going on and on about this but they didn't even say hi. Not one of them called me over the summer...I've called one of them many times over the summer...not one call back. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well i'm gonna stop now.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT!!!! Tell me what you think of this Dynamic Duo...and what GAMECUBE GAMES TO BUY/RENT!!!!!!! I really need some suggestions. Thankies. <3 to everyone cept the DD.

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God its been a long time! [21 Aug 2003|03:35pm]
I haven't written in SOOOOOOO LONG!!!! But i just figured out that I'm 166 months old! oh...I also made a quiz! Here it is...

Your a Rebel Furret!
You're a Rebel Furret! You don't care what anyone
thinks and you don't let anyone get in your
way! Just please don't hurt me!

What furret from RABID are you?
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quizzes...nuf said [04 May 2003|08:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | TV in background ]

shower head

Your Masturbation Method Should be Using The Shower Head!

You like getting wet and are kinda secretive.

Masterbate in the shower where you are not very likely to get caught.

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Your Stripper Name is Tiffany!

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You strip and do all sorts of crazy tricks at bachelor parties, driving the guys wild.

Games, lesbian shows, and even a little handjob action are all a part of your routine.

You just want to have fun - and get paid to do it.

Chances are you'll outgrow this stripper thing eventually, or become a hardcore porn star!

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If it paid in dollars, you’d be a rich woman.

But it pays in other ways and you’ve got the jewelry to prove it.

You’re proud of your professional accomplishments, including the long trail of wounded men in your wake.

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I HATE KELLY!!!!!! YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!!!!! [03 Apr 2003|08:34pm]
[ mood | enraged ]
[ music | - ]


At first
you were my friend
then I,
like a fool
went along with you
you think I want
but you are WRONG!
I don't need you
no matter what you think
you are my creation
you wouldn't be
what you are now
what you will become
if it wasn't for me
only me
call me a snob
i don't care
your simple idiotic words
will not punch a hole in my heart
despite what you may think
i will recover from anthing you throw at me
i made a mistake
calling you my best friend
you backstabber
I hate you
i have felt this way before
but this is it
i will not let you
walk all over me
tell me what to do
what to think
I hope i never see your ugly
ever again
you suck
I hate you
go crawl in a hole and die
I wouldn't go to your funeral
if it was the last thing i did
don't pretend you don't know
who this is about
the way i feel
get away from me
i wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole
i hope you never know what it feels like
to be
in love
you'll feel what its like to feel miserable
like me
you think you know true pain
you think you know me
you think you're cool
the best
wrong again loser
did i mention i hate you?
I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD!!!! [02 Apr 2003|08:28pm]
Katherine says i've got it bad and I know i do...........................................................................................................................................i talked to him tonight!!! oh my god....i'm am in it so deep i can barely breathe!!!!! It took me so much courage to im him but i did it! Truth is Hannah had already given me his screen name. But i asked him today just to make sure everything was kool...ya know? well we talked today in school too. mom's at greg's BUT I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE I LOVE DAN AND HE TALKED TO ME AND I FLIRTED WITH HIM AND HES GONNA LIKE ME TOO!!!!! I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT!!!!!!! sorry...burst of confidence!!! so heres our convo...forensicfreako: hey
Foosman: hey
forensicfreak: guess who
Foosman: ahreena
forensicfreak: correct
Foosman: do you still watch csi every thursday
forensicfreak: of course!
Foosman: or any other forensic shows
forensicfreak: yes...theres shows on court tv too
Foosman: Like judge joe brown
Foosman: or the peoples court
forensicfreak: ...uh no but those r kool too
forensicfreak: im talkin like forensic files...or fbi stuff
Foosman: oh
Foosman: did you give kelly my sn
forensicfreak: no
Foosman: good
forensicfreak: why?
Foosman: she said she was going to stock me
forensicfreak: oh my god...sounds like her
Foosman: yeah i know
forensicfreak: please believe me i did not teach her to do that!
Foosman: i think i just exited the im screen
forensicfreak: ?
Foosman: i lost the screen
Foosman: i guess i hit tab to many times
forensicfreak: ok...heh
Foosman: do you still have the screen from when you first sent someting to mw
forensicfreak: to mw?...whos that
Foosman: me
Foosman: i ment me
forensicfreak: yes
Foosman: i dont
forensicfreak: yes i thought that when you said you lost the screen
Foosman: what
forensicfreak: i thought that you didn't have the original screen when you siad you lost the im screen
Foosman: i didnt
Foosman: i lost every thing and had to send something new to you
forensicfreak: ok...
Foosman: ive officially confused myself and probably you
forensicfreak: yes...but it doesn't matter...i confuse myself all the time
Foosman: thats understanable
Foosman: understandable
forensicfreak: well THANKS
forensicfreak: haha
Foosman: i have to go
forensicfreak: alright
Foosman: bye
forensicfreak: bye
Foosman signed off at 8:16:21 PM.

parting is such TERRIBLE SORROW... who the hell cam up with the term..."parting is such sweet sorrow" THERE AINT NOTHING SWEET ABOUT IT JACKASS!!! well i'm gonna go watch americal idol...i love you all! ESPECIALLY DAN!!! hahahahahaha <3comment me hunies!!!!!!
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IF YOU ROLE PLAY COME HERE!!! [31 Mar 2003|05:02pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | No Doubt-Don't Speak ]


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I H8 SNOW!!!!!!! [30 Mar 2003|12:02pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | SR-71- Let it Whip ]

its snowing. why? why me? Its MARCH 30th and its snowing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well 2day is "dear mother's" birthday. OMG!!!!! sorry. still can't believe there is fucking snow on the ground. Well i get my oral surgery on April 9th. DAMN IT!!!! 8 teeth pulled and chains attatched to 2 teeth. DAMN IT!!!!!! the only good thing to come out of it is that i get to miss 2 and a half days from the hell hole(school). Well Abby keeps saying "LIFE IS GOOD!" yeah whatever. watch Matt (who got suspended for 2 weeks for threating to kill someone) turn her down. I'll kick the shit out of him if he does cause he got no right turning ANYONE down. He went out with me for christ's sake!!!!!!! well i gotta go look for a "maid of honor" wedding dress. I have to have a light blue dress for Shanna's wedding on June 7th. oh...Shanna's my older sister(half-sister, same dad...different moms) She's 21 and marrying a guy named Matt...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? of all the god damned names!!!

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hey all my people...yeah right! [28 Mar 2003|07:24pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Missy Elliot-Gossip Folks ]

I know It's been awhile...not much to say. Hannah is going out wit Cory now...(thank god!) now i can like to dan all by myself! Katherine is going out with Ryan which sucks now that i can barely talk 2 her anymore! it really pisses me off. AND IT ALSO REALLY PISSES ME OFF THAT DAN JUST STARES AT ME...GOD DAMN YOU!!!!! JUST ASK ME OUT YOU WHIMP!!!!! at least we're beginning to become friends. also, abby wants to go out with matt, which is sincerly pitiful...at least in my perspective. well gtg.

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hello there old pals! [14 Mar 2003|08:54pm]
Hey! Havn't talked to ya'll for awhile! HEhE....Well the school play is almost here and I'm completely worn out. UUUGGGGGGGGG. Today was "pi day" in math class and we got to hang around. IT WAS REALLY REALLY FUN!!! I made a "pi" bead braclet and we made dan wear it. I really hope he likes me and not Kelly. I mean i wouldn't mind so much if he just didn't like me but if Kelly and he ended up going out i swear i would kill myself. I'm not joking. I really love him. Thats why living here sucks. It can't go good one way or the other. I'm out...and tired

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hidden feelings [04 Mar 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | none ]

Sheesh do i love Dan! ITs just unbelieveable...I know this is showing up on the "most recent entries" thing on Blurty which is a total invasion of privacy.....anyway...The fact is that people just don't know me and are too damn lazy too find out. All Hannah says to me all the time (sarcastically of course) is "I hate you" its really mean. And its NOT funny! I have a ujournal too but i like this one better cause none of my friends can read this. Let me critisize everyone

Kelly-Poser, Self-centered, Bitch
Hannah-Stupid, Scarcastic
Zach- Pitiful, Loser
Katherine- wannabe
Dara- follower
Dan- lazy ass moron
i could go on! I realize its mean but its better than actually saying it. I like expressing my feelings. IS that a crime? (Don't answer that.)

Ahree-----or my new nickname Reena (I like it!)

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It feels good to be back! [02 Mar 2003|02:08pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Forever Young by ??? ]

Damn.....I was gone forever it seems....Well....I found some gross shit in my mom's closet like a card that said "I wanna eat your pussy" and sex toys that vibrated. I told Heather and it looked like she was gonna hurl! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...well anyway...I learned how to knit. I know I know...it sounds extremely stupid but its fun. I'm gonna make a scarf for those little rats (aka dogs) of ours.

gotta run...i'm goin bowlin!
Comment me!!!
You know you want to!


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s c h o o l s u c k s . . . [24 Feb 2003|06:52am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | none ]

Uggggg I just had the worst weekend of my life!!! First i got grounded for taking the sheets of the bed in the spare room so greg couldn't sleep over...then i got in even more trouble for going to a birthday party without permission. Then I was gonna move to Texas...(which i still want to do) and then i was going to run away......ans when i couldn't do that i ran over to the neighbor's house to talk with them...and then my mom listed me as a run-away and i could have been put in jail!!!!!!!!!! My mom's friend sue talked to me and we straightened some things out but the whole thing was just a big mess that started with foolishness.....gotta go to the hell-hole they call school...I'm only on the computer pretending to do reasearch so don't expect to hear from me much in the next week. TTYL!

~Ahreena the run-away...hahahahahahahahahahahaha...yeah right!~

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lalalalalala [18 Feb 2003|01:52pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Britney-Don't let me be the last to know ]

Sooooo....I went outside for awhile today. Too damn cold for me thanks! Well, we have about 2 feet of snow and we have a snow day today! YAY! Only bad thing about it is that today is our 4th snow day. We have to stay in school til June 12th. That is if we don't have anymore snow days, which I think we will. OH WELL!


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And you wonder why I am this way.... [17 Feb 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | none ]

The haxor handle of Ahreena is "Poison Gh0ul".

What's yours? Enter your name:

Haha....Ahreena is such a dumb name. I want to change it as soon as I turn 18. It should be.....something classy. Like Olivia or Delia. I'm not sure. Well, we're snowed in. It's up to my knees in some spots and I'm 5'6''! I was out for a little while but i got too damn cold. We have off school tomorrow (saw it on the news) so i can stay up late and watch Letterman verbally bash Dr. Phil. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i gotta go. CHORES. ooooooooo fun. lol j/k.

Horoscope:Others may be self-conscious, but you have no reason to be ashamed. Logicians, activists and teenagers believe in the uncompromising triumph of pure facts. The whole truth gets brighter and louder.
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I want things the way they used to be... [16 Feb 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Billy Idol-Tainted Love ]

My favorite scorpion ring broke. I've worn that thing for 2 years straight! It just broke in half all of a sudden. I doubt it can be fixed. It sucks.
Here's something Kelly came up with:

What is your comfort:
-Food? Cheez-It's or Bryers Vanilla Ice cream
-Music? Blues and R&B
-Song? Don't Know Why by Norah Jones
-Color? Light Blue or Red...
-Clothes? All Fleece with Slippers
-Animal? Dog
-Actions? Sleeping or Reading...
-Book? I like poem books
-Scene? Houston on my dad's porch on a folding chair. i love to tan in the hot sun
-Friend? Dara. Kelly's cool but she's not that kind of friend.
-Smell? Vanilla...VANILLA....VaNiLlA!!!!!!!!!!!
-Store? (As corny as it sounds, which store makes you feel relaxed?) Bath and Body Works
-Pic? Either one of me at a Houston Rocket's Basketball game or one I took in Brownsville TX
-Sound? Rain, Water Running


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I H8 SNOW!!!!!!! [16 Feb 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | cold ]

It sucks being up north. I wanna go back to Texas!!!!!!!! ITS IN THE 70'S THERE!!!!!!!! We're supposed to get about 2 feet. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Well here are some quizzes just in case your stuck in snow like me.
~Ahreena Jessica~Yeah baby I'm AIMEE!
Which RelentlessDivas.net Diva are you? Find out!
YAY!  I'm Buffy!
Which Female Buffy Character are you? Find out!
Hell Yeah!  I'm One More Time Britney!
Which Britney are you? Find out!
Pretty!  I'm a rose!
Which Flower Are You?Find out!Yummy...I'm Dessert!
Which Part of a Meal Are You?Find out!Stellar!  I'm Serena!
Which Daughters of the Moon Character are You?Find out!
Ok...I have an Angry Personality
What's Your Personality?Find out!

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My convo wit Dana...hahahaha [15 Feb 2003|08:00pm]
swordmaster511: hey
forensicfreako: hi
swordmaster511: wut up?
forensicfreako: nothin here...u?
swordmaster511: well, 2day wuz horrible cuz i got sick...can't read, can't sleep...argh:-(:'(
forensicfreako: oh man...that stinks
swordmaster511: yeah i no
swordmaster511: i can't even take more medicine til 8 & my head hurts:-P
forensicfreako: ugggggg
swordmaster511: have u seen my girl? the movie?
forensicfreako: nope
swordmaster511: o. it's good, but sad. i cried.:'(
forensicfreako: oooooo
swordmaster511: d'u no how much sno we got?
forensicfreako: no
swordmaster511: me neither. i haven't been outside at all. been in my pjs all day
swordmaster511: "(
forensicfreako: same here....lol
swordmaster511: :-(*
swordmaster511: lol
swordmaster511: guess wut i'm listening 2...
forensicfreako: wat
swordmaster511: lord of the rings the two towers. ha ha
swordmaster511: :-P
swordmaster511: YES!
forensicfreako: no
swordmaster511: *sighs bcuz the moosic is so cool*
forensicfreako: *dies because the music is norrible
swordmaster511: COOL!
forensicfreako: *horrible*
swordmaster511: lol
forensicfreako: hehe
swordmaster511: have u been sik yet?
forensicfreako: yes
swordmaster511: wen
forensicfreako: i have re coveres
forensicfreako: hehe
swordmaster511: o
swordmaster511: wen?
forensicfreako: a couple of weeks ago
swordmaster511: o.
forensicfreako: yup
swordmaster511: i hate this. i could've at LEAST missed skool!
swordmaster511: lol
forensicfreako: hehe
swordmaster511: :-P
swordmaster511: i think i watched 2 much tv 2day
forensicfreako: why?
swordmaster511: cuz i watched legally blond, my girl, & 1/2 of the lotr ext. dvd version. cast commentary
forensicfreako: sheesh
swordmaster511: yeah i no. didn't do much else. just watched tv, computer, played life, and eat. bein sik sux
forensicfreako: i agree
swordmaster511: thx
swordmaster511: lol
forensicfreako: hehe
swordmaster511: :-D
forensicfreako: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
forensicfreako: *slams into a wall*
swordmaster511: creeped any1 out yet?
forensicfreako: OUCH
forensicfreako: not yet
forensicfreako: wait...yea
swordmaster511: aww, don't do that! then u'll have NO brain cellz!
forensicfreako: hey!
swordmaster511: lol
swordmaster511: :-P
forensicfreako: :-P:-*
swordmaster511: *mutters sumthing that sounds suspiciously like 'retard'*
forensicfreako: HAHAHAAHAHAHA
forensicfreako: ooooooo
forensicfreako: HAHAHAHAHA
swordmaster511: *rolls eyes*
swordmaster511: r u cold?
forensicfreako: *Plunges on you with a spatula in hand*
forensicfreako: NOOOOOOO
swordmaster511: *protects w/ foil*
forensicfreako: *smacks you with the spatula breaking the foil*
swordmaster511: i am. been hot & cold all day. stupid germs.
swordmaster511: *miraculously has another foil & nox spatula out of hand*
forensicfreako: *grabs you spatula*
swordmaster511: CAVERNS OF ISENGARD!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances*
forensicfreako: *your
swordmaster511: *nox out w/ foil*
forensicfreako: *runs around with beautiful spatulas*
swordmaster511: *kills w/ foil*
forensicfreako: *Her spirit runs around with the spatulas*
swordmaster511: *sends alternate personality after spirit & alternate personality conquers spirit*
swordmaster511: did i tell u that i wuz born in an asylum?
forensicfreako: *runs away screaming*
forensicfreako: no
swordmaster511: lol
swordmaster511: i wuz
forensicfreako: seriously?
swordmaster511: no
swordmaster511: but it's fun 2 say i wuz
forensicfreako: i was born on an air force base
swordmaster511: lol
forensicfreako: heh
swordmaster511: really
forensicfreako: yea
swordmaster511: i'll bet
forensicfreako: no lie
swordmaster511: sure
forensicfreako: i swear
forensicfreako: in Oklahome
forensicfreako: *oklahoma
swordmaster511: IS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!! *quickly covers up w/ 2 button up shirts over tank top & afghan*
forensicfreako: Tinker Air force Base hospital on October 26th
swordmaster511: *luvs afghan*
forensicfreako: hehe
swordmaster511: uh huh
forensicfreako: I'M NOT LYING!!!!!!!!
swordmaster511: ok ok!
forensicfreako: My dad helped fly planes in the Persian Gulf Crisis
swordmaster511: cool
forensicfreako: He missed my first birthday
forensicfreako: :'(
swordmaster511: aww. :'(
swordmaster511: yep
forensicfreako: *Smacks random people with spatulas*
swordmaster511: i inherited my probs. from me dad
forensicfreako: heh
swordmaster511: lol
swordmaster511: hold on a sec. dad wants the computer 4 a sec.
swordmaster511: bak
forensicfreako: ok
swordmaster511: u done anything interesting this weekend?
forensicfreako: nooo...wait...*drool falls from lip*.....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
swordmaster511: not counting kath's party
swordmaster511: disgusting girl
forensicfreako: hehehehehehehe
swordmaster511: :-P
swordmaster511: *cough*
forensicfreako: hey...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
forensicfreako: *FARTS*
swordmaster511: i didn't say anything! O:-)
swordmaster511: disgusting girl
forensicfreako: THAT'S ME!!!!!!
swordmaster511: yeah. we noticed.
forensicfreako: HEY! don't you mock me!!!!!! I'll get my spatulas!!!!!!!!!!
swordmaster511: i'll get my foil! and i DO mock u!
swordmaster511: so there!
swordmaster511: lol
forensicfreako: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
swordmaster511: wut? O:-)
forensicfreako: u make spatula queen mad!!!!!
swordmaster511: and i care....y?
swordmaster511: i am the fencing queen! :p
forensicfreako: spatulas dance in my world.....*dances with the spatulas*
swordmaster511: *mutters something that sounds like 'shez more like the asylum princess.8
swordmaster511: *
swordmaster511: i'm the queen, of course
forensicfreako: hey!!!!!!!!!
swordmaster511: wut? O:-)
forensicfreako: spatula queen must depart...for her evil mother is calling her name....*dances away with the spatulas while waving to you*
swordmaster511: k. :-(
swordmaster511: yes! i mean.....
swordmaster511: aww. that's 2 BAD!
swordmaster511: lol
swordmaster511: j/k
forensicfreako: heh...bye byez
swordmaster511: cya
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I wish I were gone... [15 Feb 2003|03:22pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Mariah Carey-Always be my baby ]

Oh hi. Yesterday Candis and I went to the ice rink and got mooned. Candis think the guy liked me but I don't think so. I was hoping Dan would be there, but he didn't show up. :( Well, I'm looking for some new clothes at Delias.com....Not much luck though. Mom probably won't let me buy anything. I want a really pretty dress to show off to Dan somehow. Like at the dance this friday.....no wait. There isn't enough time for it to get here. I'd have to wait for the next dance. We'll just have to wait and see. Dress ideas anyone? PLEASE COMMENT ON DRESS IDEAS FOR THE NEXT DANCE!!!!! I need some advice!!!!!!!!!!


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blah blah blah....the world is pointless [15 Feb 2003|11:36am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Avril-I'm with you ]


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cartoon dog are you?

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How BLACK are you?

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How WHITE are you?

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I'm feelin... [15 Feb 2003|12:17am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | none ]

I'm feelin rather BI right now...don't know why!


You Are Sheltered but Curious

You're likely a virgin and curious about girls and boys!

You are interested in meeting lesbian chicks, though you're not quite sure how to.

You are not necessarily inhibited when it comes to sex with guys or girls.

You're just new to sex and curious about everything.

You admire girls who come out. You love hearing their coming out stories.

You are still confused about your own identity.

It seems that being gay is much harder than being straight...

However, you are willing to try it all.

Are *You* a Lesbian?

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Your Sex Sign is Libra!

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upside down 69

Your Sex Position is Upside Down 69

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cam ho

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You Will Get Fed Chocolate While Tied Up For Valentine's Day!

What does a cross between abundant love and crazy naughtiness give you? A night tied up in bed being fed chocolate!

Your man and you both get off on very kinky things, such as being tied up in front of a whole bunch of people.

But you guys also have a weak spot in your hearts for each other.

None of your girlfriends would ever guess that you'd be getting tied up for Valentine's Day!

To the outside world, it is only apparent that you guys are head over heels in love.

And you know that being tied up will evolve into more than just chocolate eating!

Use your imagination. Perhaps you can give him a naughtier treat in return!

What Are You Getting For Valentine's Day?

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