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11th June 2003

9:31pm: Bye...
I'm saying bye bye to Blurty now. I'm leaving for LJ. Maybe I'll take a look here now and then, but not as often as before.
And and a big big thank you to prreciousss who gave me the code! I'm forever thankful!

Byyyye!!!! See ya at LJ!
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9th June 2003

9:07pm: Good Charlotte
I bogth Good Carlottes CD today. And i fucking live it already!!!! They rock my world!!!! Just so damn cool!
Current Mood: Good Charlotte

7th June 2003

8:56pm: I'm bored, so fucking bored! Why is noone online, so I can talk to them????
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8:46pm: I'm in test mood...
I'm going to Hell because I obsessively collect LotR shit!
You obsessively collect Lord of the Rings
merchandise, you pathetic bastard, and there
are a lot of people out there like you. Hell is
going to be bloody crowded with your kind. At
least you won't be lonely.

Damn Peter

Why Will You Go To Hell?
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Book 1!
You are Book 1; Harry potter and the sorcerers
stone! Congratulations! Tis a troll you shall
fight and an invisibility cloak you shall wear!
And apparently you like Harry!

Which Harry Potter book are you?
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8:24pm: Forgot to say...
...that David was at Grand too=) Noone of us expected to see him there.
...I saw Sigge and his brother in town...when we was driving around.
...I got a really cute ring from Annika and Bella=) The only finger it fits at is my right ringfinger. Hehe=P Just because Lij...and I got a neckless (?) with a key in (just because Dom...) lol
...I love Dom=)

Think that was all

At first I thugt thay sang "the closet" in this song. Sadly it was "the closing"...
(D/E is going to my head, as you probably can tell=P)
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5:34pm: Weeee!
Sorry about that weird thing I wrote yesterday...
But I'm just so happy htat school is over!
It was one of my best days ever! First we had champang (sp?) breakfast (without alkohol) and then we wrioe in eachothers student-hats (mine is sotaly full now=P) After that was the finich-thing (dunna the english name...avslutning???) It was lits of good singing and dansig. All the teashers sang one song, and that was really sad. I think Josefin cryed=/
The whole class went to a clasroom after that and we sad goodbye and hugged. everyone did...sniff, it was quite sad=(
And then was the big monemt!!!! We was going to run out to our letaltives at hte stairs!!! We screamed at lout as we could and ran as fast as we could thoug the small doors!
Sjung om studentens lyckliga dagar!!!!
I found Bella pretty fast and she took me to ze famliy (but she had lost Oscar on the way lol, stupis children=P) They gave me flowers and cute stuffed animals.
Then we was foing the whole class, almost, away in a trunk (???? lastbilsflak???) all over the city and sang like crazy!
And home and eat and talk to att he relatives...and away again. out partying!!!!
It was studentparty at Grand.
Me and Josefin danced almost the whole night. Linda was with us in the the beginning, but we lost her=/ But we med Sofia G and T instead. Also Jossfine, Karin, Karolina, Håkansson, Johanna and a lot more of classmates came by.
It was so fun=)

I'm tired today!!!
but no hangover!
Hehe, we just dank water=P (go us!)

But it was one of my best days ever!!!!

And a big hug to the class, gonnamiss you!!!
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5:11pm: Tests, again=)
You are the Dead Parrot Sketch. Very funny, a bit
dark and definitely a classic.

Which Monty Python's Flying Circus Sketch are You?
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A picture of John Lennon
You are John Lennon! You were a legend until you
were shot to death in 1980. You were a great
guitarist and you wrote some great music. You
are missed everywhere.

?? "Which Beatle are you?"??
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So what was up with that class schedule? I know
Gryffindor and Slytherin didn't have every
class together. Have Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
dropped off the face of the earth?

What About The Harry Potter Movies Annoys You Most?
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6th June 2003

6:34pm: Student
För vi hat tagit studenten
för vi har tagit studenten
för vi har tagit studenten
fy fan vad vi är bra!!!!


Sjung om studentens lyckliga dagar!!!

I almost lot my viose by singing in hours (almost) after we graduated.
We singed everything from the usual songs over here to Basketcase, Främling, The national song, and Happy bithday (to Pierre)

Weeee, I love this!

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4th June 2003

12:59pm: heeeh...
You're a Carrot Craving Hobbit! You found the
perfect sized carrot once....But it got broken
when you tumbled down the hill with your other
pervy hobbit friends.

What Hobbit type are you?
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Current Mood: carrots=P
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3rd June 2003

12:32pm: hobbittoy
You must be a pervy Hobbit fancier if you use your
Hobbit for this sort of thing. Need I say more?

LOTR - If You Owned A Hobbit What Would You Use It For?
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2nd June 2003

2:02pm: MTVMA
Yayaya, the MTV movie arvards was like yesterday or something, and now ther is a lot of pics falling in! Billeh, Sean and Lij was there. But no Dom. Where was Dom??? Was it because og Elijah was there?
Anyway, here is some lovely pics!

Do I have to say that I love those boys??? They are so adoreble=D
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30th May 2003

3:51pm: Tests...
Merry is your love slave! Oh wow! You got a wild
one here! But wait!! Ain't that Pippin hiding
under the bed??

Which Hobbit Is Your Love Slave?
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You spend your days making naughty LJ icons whilst
reading and/or writing slash fic. Go you!
Cassie Claire gave you a crusade, and damned if
you're going to let her down.

What kind of Tolkien fan are you?
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27th May 2003

12:05pm: The persons I admire most
We got one thing to think about in History B. The persons we admire the most. I don't think that the most of us took it serious, but I have thought of it for some days now. And this is the result I came up with:

+ Astrid Lindgren
I admire her so much for her work and her books. When/if I become a writer I wanna be like her. ANd she wasn't just good at writig, she did so many other good things for the world too. To help children, animls and others that had a hard time.

+ John Lennon
I love his work for peace and everything he did for make this world a better place. Ofcause he did great music too, but he did so many other things. He didn't deserve to die this early!

+ Dominic Monaghan
This peace loving and tree huging boy can't i do other than admire with all my heart! He dares to be himself and he says what he wants. I love his humor and the vay he hugs Elijah. I just love everything with him!
Isn't it time to come out no, my dear?

+ My friends
They are the best! I do not understand how the can stand me all the time, but thay do. And tha do I admire them so much for!
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11:44am: it was something I was going to write...but I can't remember what=/
Current Mood: confused
11:38am: I just had my last "lesson" witht eh class now. Can't call it lesson, we was a Almenäs...
It feels so weirtd, not to be able to see them again...it's just the examen dya and the pram left now=/
But I know all my grades but one now. I got MVG at my projekt work!!!!!!!! Can't understand it yet, I'm so happy! Weeeee=)
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26th May 2003

9:43pm: hrmmm....
feel weird...feel sad...
Current Mood: weird

25th May 2003

3:02pm: Am frustrated, can't send a mail I want to send *grrrr*
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12:42am: Pucko!
I was at Annika's fo little while today, and guess what she and find? Stickers that was formed as black hearts with the text "Pucko" on them! Weeee, that our word! I'm Pucko nr 1, she's nr 2 and Bellchen in nr 3.
Pucko...that's so us!!!!
I did get one btw...a cut little one=)

Hehe, the Puckos rule=P
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12:31am: Wiiiii
Some lovely ROTK pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awww, Merry and Pippin! It's so weird to see them in thir Rohan/gondor cloths! And, my, how cute arent't they??? *big hug to my sweet hobbitsesss*

Frodo in Shelobs cave. Poot thing...*hugs Frodo too*

Can't wait for ROTK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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23rd May 2003

4:28pm: !!!!
Holy fuck, there is Moffatt slash out there! Never thought that did exist...*haha* kinda amusing really! Found it here

Relaly, Clint/Scott???
No, I prefere Dom/Lijah!
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2:47pm: aaahhh!!!
You two really are like an old
married couple. You know each
other so well...

We kind of are! There are a lot of gay
rumours rife on the internet.

I really didn't mean it that way!

Well, [there are rumours]! We spend
so much time together. We enjoy each
other's company. We're constantly walking
up and down the red carpet with an arm
around each other and chatting and all
that kind of stuff. So the rumours are rife!
There was also a rumour about Elijah and
me that Ian McKellen told us about- we
were having an affair in L.A.! But you
know, I'm not going to confirm or deny!
(laughs) (Billy and I) do fit like a jigsaw.
Still now, there are four years down the
line of knowing each other, we'll manage
to make each other crack up in tears of
laughter... and fascinate each other,
which is [the perfect] relationship. Maybe
we will get married in a couple of years! If
he was a girl. I'd marry him today! I've
been suggesting to Billy a sex change, but
he really feels quite manly about things.
(Boyd shouts, "I love women!") Yes, he's very
passionate about women, as I am.

Found this while I was surfing around...
This is the best! It made my day!!! It's just...oh my, DOM!!!!!!!!! Love hom so much! Just want to know there it's taken from...
Just this: But you know, I'm not going to confirm or deny!
And he knows about the DomLijah! *hehe*

Did I say that I totaly adore and love Dom? If not, I do!!!! Dodododo...
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22nd May 2003

9:55pm: Pew!
I'm done with all my schoolwork now! Everything for this term, everything forever! Or, for a year anyway. It's feels so damn good! To know that this is all over! No more late noght in front of the computer, no more sour comment from mun because of my bad spelling. IT'S ALL OVER!!!!!!!!
Now I just hope I get some good grades too...

We did th hug game at the gym lesson today. I love it=) Just to walk anound and hug everyone.
Hugging rox!
Specaly boy huggig...
I have to say that Joseph had the best hug of the guys in the calss. And he's best looking to=P His ass is damn nice!

Oh my, I don't know if I dared to write that. (anout Joseph's ass) Since Sigge seems to read here, he can do too=/
Talking about Sigge, I did send him a mail, and I did get an answer. It seems to be him, omg! Am going to answer back tomorrow...And I showed it to Linda. She seems to thing it is him to...OMG! *dies*

I'm such a stupid little fangirl!
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20th May 2003

4:50pm: OMG....
Look at the answer I got to the entry before this!!!!! OMG!
I wonder if that really IS Sigge...

I got so fucking mush to do in school now, don't really ahve time to sit here. Can't it all be over?
Have to take some time of from the net noe, until friday...fuck, how will I survive that?

Can somone tell me if that realy was Sigge???
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16th May 2003

12:49pm: hehe...
Dommie, Dommie, Dommie.The sexiest hobbit ever...
This is a naughty one, so youd better be prepared.
But then again, who wouldnt like to wake up
next to this guy?

Which hottie is the right one for you? (dom,elijah,billy,orli or jude?)
brought to you by Quizilla
Current Mood: naughty

15th May 2003

2:53pm: I'm so angray!
Was in town today to look for a poster of Merry and Pip, or just Merry or Dom. Coluldn't find a single one! Not even a postcard with them! The only thing I found was a big TTT-poster with a smaaaall Merry and a smaaaal Pip in one corner and a Merry doll. Really, it did look a bit like Dom.
Waht the hell!?!?! Why is everyone so discriminait to Merry and Pip? They have quite big rolis in the book, and in the film! Just fuck everyone!
I want my dear Merry/Dom!!!!!!!
Current Mood: angry and sad
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