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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
11:17 pm - & you kissed me like you meant it. & i knew that you meant it.
my summer has been the most amazing summer ever [only with a few minor setbacks]. i wouldn`t change it for anything.


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Sunday, July 17th, 2005
10:37 am - & hours alone above us of the sins we own
back to reality & back to life, damnit ;] carolynn & i got back from top sail island yesterday. i was ready to come home & sleep in my own bed but i didn`t want to come back to all the daily shit. back to BOTH jobs, running, getting things together for college in the fall...

the beach was so much fun though. we learned how to surf, which was amazing. it`s so hard to even stand up, but we finally got it after a little while. i always thought that the little billabong & roxy shirts that surfers wear were for cuteness reasons, but we found out differently. my stomach was so red from rubbing on the board so much. & i`ve never inhaled or drank so much salt water in my life, but it was stilll fun. at least i can now say that i kinda know how to surf!

me, carolynn & leah got henna tatoos on our lower backs. they`re frikkin sexy if you ask me. it`s starting to fade a little bit though already, but oh well. i`m getting a little sick of the design anyway; that`s why i could never get a real tattoo. most of the time at the beach was just spent chillin in the ocean &/or in the sand. it was so relaxing. we got come crazy pictures though :]

i`m out; off to work ♥

current mood: distressed
current music: warmth of the sand- dashboard confessional

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Thursday, July 7th, 2005
10:49 pm - but the question is ; can you handle mine?
today was my first day of training at nike. they`re frikkin intense about everything in there, but overall everything went well. the next time i go in i get to pick out any pair of shoes that i want and i only have to pay tax since it`s part of our uniform.

people need to fucking grow up. i thought that graduating from high school meant that you leave all of the stupid stuff behind; heaven forbid. i came to a point during my senior year that i really didnt care about all the petty shit. so many people get themselves wrapped up in other people`s business, or get mad over nothing at all. i used to let things like that get to me. they didn`t really upset me but i would get involved. & then i realized that i really don`t care & i`m so done with dealing with all of that. i can`t wait until college, when all of the drama is goneeee! but seriously, i think most people need to get a life of their own. it`s sad that the only way some people can live is to get themselves wrapped up totally in other people`s lives, even when it`s none of their business.

sorry; i`m just complaining. beach tomorrow :]
leave some lovin` ♥

current mood: lazy
current music: avenged sevenfold [new cd]

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
9:28 pm - & it`s all in my head, but she`s touching his...
i`m in the craziest mood right now; not sure why! i feel like getting all sexy and then dancing. i was blasting britney spears in my room & dancing around in my underwear. i don`t know, i`ve been under so my stress, i guess that`s just how i released it all. i feel alot better. i know it`s retarded but i really don`t care, at least at the moment ;D

this summer has been going by so fast. before i know it, i`m going to be heading of the college!!! i can`t believe that. i haven`t been home much this summer. went to the beach for 2 weeks in florida with my family & i`ve been working alot. got a 2nd job at nike at the outlets; so we`ll just have to see how that goes.

got training tomorrow at nike & then go to cvs after that. then i leave friday morning with carolynn for the beach!!!

kisses ♥

current mood: crazy
current music: do somethin` - britney spears

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
10:20 pm - -* first time baby ;
just trying this out ; hope it all works

current mood: sleepy
current music: holiday - green day

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