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[23 Jul 2003|05:56pm]
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[18 Jul 2003|01:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Mest * Jaded ]

you're from the 80s
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[18 Jul 2003|12:57pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Soluna * For All Time ]

heyyyy...well heres whats been happening

*Yesterday I got up late once again...and Mariusz came over and we went swimming in the pool, yay. I called Ally to see if she could come but she was watching Nuno..sooo....yea. Jenn was out too so it was just me and Mariusz...we had a good time. Hop on the foot of the leg right Mariusz? lmao that was toooooooo funny

*At night..i got to thinking and had a talk with the beginning we both felt pretty stupid and shitty...but once I told him a whole bunch of stuff he never knew before...the two of us were crying because what we have is so great...and I think everything I had to say to him last night made him realize that he doesnt need to be scared of anything...=) ah god i love him!!!!!!!

*Today Mariusz was suposed to come swimming again...but we're not gonna do that since its cool outide and all. It sucks because I really wanted to see him...especially after last night...but I guess we'll both have to wait for tomorrow or something...

*Since I hafta do 80 hours of community service for school...I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do it at this senior citizens dad knows the husbands of the 2 owners and he talked to them about they went ant told their wife...and they said that it would be no I might go over there today to talk to them about starting and stuff...but I hafta make suer on Wednesday I dont do it...cuz im going to the museum with Mariusz like I promised I would so he can get his drawings done and all that for school...

*Well...i'll update later on...bye

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[17 Jul 2003|12:36am]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | 311 * Amber ]

=D Today I woke up late...12...and that sucked but anyway..I was up and talkin to my sister and Mariusz called me from someone's cell phone while he was at the summer program thing for arts and that made me happy :D. Some how Adrienne convinced me to go to NY and take the American Ballet class on my own...I really did want to dance..but i just didnt want to go there alone...but I did anyway...gotta start somewhere, right? mom took me and Jenn ame mom pushed me into the class LOL i was SO damn'd never guess how nervous I was...but I did it! I took an hours woth of the hour and a half class because I didnt want to do the across the floor section yet...O and Adrienne met us there since she works up the street from it..Well I love the class and cant wait to go back on Thursday =) My mom was so happy with my dancing too...

Saturday my uncle is going to have a pool party so Im inviting some should be pretty fun...Vinny is great lol so his parties rawk. ok well Im really sore..Im gonna go read a little and then off to bed for me


[14 Jul 2003|12:53am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Snapcase * Killing Yourself to Live ] ok today was a REALLY good's what happened

I got up and go tdressed and talked to Adrienne about her date last night which was great hehe and then my mom took me to get my nails done and they look all purdy and stuff. She liked me soo much she threw a little flower design on my ring finger for free lol and the entire time she kept telling me what a 'beautiful' girl i am and hour 'beautiful' my face was..hah lol she was nice tho

After that me and my mom ran into Right Aid and she got a pack of twizzlers of course..

In the car I calle Mariusz and Ally and we decided that we would hang out..then when we got to Mariusz's house we called Jenn and looked at Dave for a very long time since he's hot LOL..thats thinking my boyfriends brother is hot but hey...Mariusz I like you a hell of a lot better lol. Then we walked up and down the block a few times..and when we saw that Dave and the 2 people he was talking to were inside we tried to listen to their convo..hehe thats when we snuck inside all quiet and Jenn called my damn cell phone LMAO..Luckily he didnt hear and yea..we snuck ino his room and changed the background on his computer to say "HOMO" lmao and then Mariusz 'scared' them. We just sat in Mariusz's room..I played his guitar yay! lol and I played games on his computer lol Battlefield 1942 i think it is? and Jenn came..then I played Ecco yay lol and we went to walk around like in the park and saw Tiago but didnt say anything LOL..Mariusz had pizza..we went to the park more..went to blimpie where me and Jenn had yummy BLT sandwiches...went back to Mariusz's house and nobody was there..I was SO tired and fell asleep on his bed for like...10 or 15 mins or sumthin...I got up...fixed my hair and tried to make Mariusz's chap stick look like and we were gonna play hide and go seek in his house when I was like "why dont we get a movie?" so we did that and Mariusz lied and told the guy he was 17 and talked him into letting us get our oh so great rated R movie..lmao its so lame..we got Child's Play 1..hah and at like 11 my mom came to get us all and bring us home.

Tomorrow Jake is gonna be in Newark so if he's around he's gonna gimme a call so me and Jenn can maybe meet up with him while he's skating since we miss him cuz we haven't seen him since but'd be cool if that happens =) Im gonna go play some Ecco now lol and Super Mario yeaa

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[12 Jul 2003|08:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Foo FIghters * Everlong ]

Heyy...well yesterday Jenn spent the night and brang her web cam over...wee that was fun...Umm we did some cool stuff and today we went to Kenilworth...It was really doesnt get too fun unless Derek is there and he was liek missing ALL damn day!! Finally we went to this guy BJ's house (we = me, Jenn, and Vinnie) and met up with BJ (18..looks like Aston Kutcher..drug dealer...LOL), Matt Titus(15..Derek and his mom moved in with his family...does and still derek wasnt there! I was gettin really pissed off when Matt started to talk shit..and that fact that they were rolling up theyre drugs and stuff made me a little uncomfortable..But yea finally Derek came and had Wendys with him LOL and tried to pour his frosty down my throat..hes so fucking tall now LOL I went to give him a hug goodbye and I stood on my toes and mt chin was nowhere near his shoulder lol..and he used to be my height...Anyways..Derek was high..lmao he told me he hadta take a bad shit LMAO! and Vin followed him and thought he shit his pants..theyre all stupid..anyway Derek comes back down n is like "It wont come out" LMAO! And Titus told Derek me and Jenn were smokin with him and stuff (even tho we werent) and BJ was like "THATS WhY YOUR SO QUIET! YOU GUYS DO DRUGS?" i was laughin and I was like no lol...Umm....Derek got his ass beat as usual...hanging out with 4 high guys can be quite fun...if Derek's there......anddddddd yea the rest is just some stuff that probably only Jenn will get =P
* Lookin for Jake
* That chik Vin brang with us
* I kicked VIns leg
* Derek knocked the chair over
* Derek was so high he couldnt her
* "Say what if you're a fag" "WHAT!!!!!?" lmao
* "I have a *small package* for you to deliver Derek"
* "Look at the cut on my foot"
* Jesus sandals
* "My toes are all nasty and long and shit" "I guess what they say ISNT true..."
* Jenn is a porn star
* Vin taking pics of us
* the chicken nugget
* "Derek, your hair is're a flamer...Vin, you're hair is....funny lookin, you're a flamer"
* "OO i wish I could hear..thats all I wanna do is hear again" "YOU"RE ANNOYING ME! SHUT UP!"
* "OK! OK FINE! just talk about Derek when Im not in the room..u know what next time you leave Im gonna talk about all the pimples and shit you got on youre nuts"
* "They're fuckin gross talkin about my ballsack, whats the matter with you?!"
* "Everytime Matt hits me, Im gonna hit you"::derek screams... A LOT::
* "O..Ok so i dont get a hug goodbye?" ::hugs derek but is REAL short compared to him::"You're too tall for me!" "cuz you're a fuckin miget" ::gives him the finger..he puts his hand over my fance and pushed my head back and I slap him::
* Vin fighting with his dad and mom
LOL..yes fun day..

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[09 Jul 2003|09:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Black Sabbath * Iron Man ]

heyy..well no update in a while so heres whats been goin on...

*Sunday : Mariusz and Jenn came over and we swam in my 'pool' lol its a little blow up sucks but it was fun..I called Ally to come but she wasn't home =(. Sherry asked me to go to the beach with her and Joy the next day so I said OK But then started to not feel good so I didnt go...After we dropped Mariusz hadta go to PathMark and me and Jenn stayed in the car and goofed around..Jenn saw her friend TIago and we tried to crawl out the van windo to get him cuz if we opened the door the alarm woulda gone off LMAO it was so funny...

*Monday : Absolutely nothing happened...nothing at all....bla

*Tuesday (today) : Nothing huh? I was gonna go to Jenn's a buncha times n it got all screwed up and i feel bad...=\ But yea Ill make it allll up to her =D


[06 Jul 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Punk Rock Princess * SOmething Corporate ]

hi...havent updated for a while =P

*I am officially metal free in my mouth! yay! I got my braces off after almost 2 years of having them on feels great to eat hehe but now i have sucha funny lisp when I wear my retainer..O smile rocks now!

*Adrienne is here right now...but fell asleep in my room and im bored now...I want to go in there and take pics of her while she's asleep and send them to !people! lol

*I was down the shore for 2 days and I guess it was ok...Jenn came with me and yea..we won fish lol and I named mine Fish Dude...but then last night Kamil told me to name it Teriyaki (cant spell) and then I was eating Chinese food and was like General Tso! lolol so i just cal him dude or fishy fishy cuz We couldnt go on the beach tho cuz the only morning we could it was all drizzly and cold so we went..and then went back...we got some cool little memories tho hehe

*Yesterday Jenn had a 4th of July party and I went (i also got home from vacation yesterday) and we had funn lol i got to see Dylan and Jase and stuff...and got to watch Jenn get drunk LMAO. Me and Jenn got on her web cam and let Mariusz watch us...we were 'flashing him and stuff and Jenn was 'stripping' for Dave LMAO! and we made signs that read "HI DAVE WE <3 YOU!" and "DAVE IS WACKING IT!" lmao and held them up so he could see. Kamil was watching too and talking to me..and Jenn broke a TV LmAO! and that was hilarious! Jenn also pissed in a cup and attempted to throw it on a group of nasty brazillian men who were looking at us in the pool and clapping and screaming whenever we took off our clothes that was over our bahting suit to get in...too bad she missed when she tried to throw it..I told her to let jase do it tho lol and she didnt..theres always another time tho LOL i told my mom and Adrienne and they thought it was SO funny

*The remainder of my day will consist of being on the internet, talking on the phone, and playing the, huh?

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[02 Jul 2003|01:58am]

CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:48 AM]: jenn you an equus
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:48 AM]: ur an Equus Caballus
P i N k S e S 0x [1:49 AM]: isnt that like a dinosaur that was a fish or something?
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:49 AM]: LMAO!
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:49 AM]: i think its a horse
P i N k S e S 0x [1:49 AM]: oh with the guys head??
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:49 AM]: LOL! NO! a real horse stupid
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:50 AM]: For example, "horse", "cheval", "el caballo" and "pferd" are all common names for the organism with the scientific name Equus caballus . In some countries, if a horse possesses white patches on a darker coat, it can also be called by the name of "Pinto". Its scientific name will still be Equus caballus, because a Pinto's unique color does not make it a different animal from any other Equus caballus. In horses, color is not a "diagnostic characteristic". Diagnostic characteristics are those features that m
P i N k S e S 0x [1:50 AM]: sara's last name is horse
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:50 AM]: LMAO!
P i N k S e S 0x [1:50 AM]: Sara Horse
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:51 AM]: assssss
P i N k S e S 0x [1:51 AM]: lol
P i N k S e S 0x [1:52 AM]: i have a new nickname for u
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:52 AM]: uh oh
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:52 AM]: wat is it
P i N k S e S 0x [1:52 AM]: Danerz
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:52 AM]: uhmmm
P i N k S e S 0x [1:52 AM]: (dain- er - z)
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:53 AM]: any1 who speaks english can read that without a pronounciation
P i N k S e S 0x [1:53 AM]: LMAO
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:53 AM]: except for you
P i N k S e S 0x [1:53 AM]: LMAO hahahahaha ur too gunny
P i N k S e S 0x [1:53 AM]: funny*
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:53 AM]: LMAO yes im gunny
P i N k S e S 0x [1:53 AM]: LOLOL
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:54 AM]: JENN : FUNNY (fun - eeh)
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:54 AM]: not gunny
P i N k S e S 0x [1:54 AM]: LMAO
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:54 AM]: lmao i swear ur dumb..u n tiago
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:55 AM]: u dont know english n he gets soup boners
P i N k S e S 0x [1:55 AM]: no he gets
P i N k S e S 0x [1:55 AM]: BoNNers
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:55 AM]: LOL
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:55 AM]: is a BoNNer bigger than a boner?
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:55 AM]: im curious to know
P i N k S e S 0x [1:55 AM]: LOL
P i N k S e S 0x [1:56 AM]: i duno maybe
CHiX diG m0hawkZ [1:56 AM]: u should ask him

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[01 Jul 2003|11:33am]
i hate everything! fuck...whats wrong with me?! all im doing is crying and crying, i swear im not going to NY today i dont want to go and i dont have any leotards that fit my fat ass!!! i dont care how pissed off anyone gets, i AM NOT taking that stupid class today. I called my mom to tell her and she got pissed off n yelled "UR GOING and u bETTER FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR!" and hung up on me, nice isnt it? ugh...then after that i was on the phone with mariusz trying to hold myself back from crying and making myself seem stupid but that didnt work and I couldn't take it any more so i managed to say id call him back..and i still havent cuz im still here crying my eyes out for some reason. ill probably still sit here crying for the remainder of the day..yay(lots of sarcasm in that one). fuck. . .
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[01 Jul 2003|09:21am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Blink182 * Anthem Part 2 ]

ok i just got back from school..there isnt even school today lol. ALl we had to do was get our reportcard in the atrium..not even in homeroom so i did that n my mom stayed with me n then she took me home. I got onor roll again..yay so now since i got honor roll Dave owes me something lol cuz he told me if i made honors every cycle then he'd gimme something, so haha to him lol. Happy graduation to Dave n Ziggy n THiago and all those people for today =) Im going to New YOrk later for so nervous! lol but yea that should be fun. umm Mariusz you need to calm down about things hun, seriously lol everything will be fine with all this stuff =P muahz!!!! i love you!!! lol =)


[30 Jun 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | nothing.... ]

wellll...yesterday was pretty much a waste of a day...i was being really bitchy and stuff cuz i felt like shit and was getting pissed at EVERYTHING. I messed with the sims until like 3 or something last night...THANKS MARIUSZ FOR HELPIN ME WITH THAT StUFF!! lol and today i got up at 1...steph and irene stopped by for a few...and really that was all...i talked to Sherry just now and shes coming down Tuesday. Her n Victor got this new truck with a DVD player and stuff in it lol..interesting...umm tomorrow is the last day of school so wee all Im doing is going into homeroom and getting my report card and then my moms signing me out so basically i have 40 mins of school...well not even school cuz its homeroom lol. Tomorrow i think im going to New York with Angelica for out American Ballet THeatre class which should be gonna be soo nervous eek. Anyways Im gonna go...byee


[29 Jun 2003|11:05am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | RadioHead * Creep ]

okkkkk well Imstill in pain from the sun burn...and my stomache still hurts..bla bla fucking bla...ummm yea so last night i watched Crazy/ Beautiful until I couldnt tolerate the cold ness since im all burned i got the shivers reallllly bad, brr. Uhh so yea maybe laterIll do something..I hope..but I doubt Ill be back


[29 Jun 2003|10:41am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | As Tall As Lions * and the wick burnt black ]

last cigarette: dont smoke
last car ride: yesterday when Jenn's mom drove me home
last kiss: realkiss? prolly like a week ago
last good cry: hmmm....?
last library book checked out: lol something about witch craft trials for my research paper
last movie seen: i wateched crazy/beautiful AGAIN last night
last book read: im reading "Silent to the Bone" for school and I love it
last cuss word uttered: i dont remember...
last beverage drank: lemonade
last food consumed: a peanut butter and jelly bagel lol yummy
last crush: i dont know? Mariusz lol
last phone call: i called...Jenn from my cell yesterday
last tv show watched: rugrats lol
last time showered: last night when i got in
last shoes worn: white Adidas
last cd played: i listen to all mixed stuff so..
last downloaded: As Tall As Lions - Break Blossom and And the Wick Burnt Black
last annoyance: my stomache cramps
last disappointment: i dont know...
last soda drank: coke mmmmm...
last thing written: a website name
last key used: for my front door
last word spoken: "nope"
last sleep: last night
last im: talkin to Mariusz right now...
last sexual fatasy: hahahahaha
last weird encounter: i have no clue
last time amused: yesterday
last time wanting to die: i dont want to
last time in love: i am now. . .
last time hugged: yesterday
last time scolded: i dont know lol im yelled at like everyday
last time resentful: ??
last chair sat in: im in one room
last lipstick used: prada...this pretty pink one
last underwear worn: the ones i got on now..theyre cute
last bra worn: ummmm a black one i think?
last time dancing: In school...during dance class of course
last poster looked at:the ones Jenn had yesterday lol
last show attended: An American Ballet Theatre one
last webpage visited: some other people's Blurtys

1 MINUTE AGO: doing this survey
1 HOUR AGO: just waking up
1 DAY AGO: swimming and getting burned to a crisp
1 WEEK AGO: finals
1 YEAR AGO: graduating 8th grade whoop whoop
I HURT: Mariusz prolly lol
I LOVE: Mariusz <3
I HATE: stuff
I FEAR: bugs..ew and flying
I HOPE: this sunburn poisioning stuff goes awway FAST
I FEEL: in pain...
I HIDE: with Jenn from Mariusz hahaha
I DRIVE: i dont
I MISS: how things were last year...
I LEARNED: a buncha new dance stuff this year
I NEED: ummmm my friends / family
I THINK:not all the

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[28 Jun 2003|11:16pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Golden Years * Marilyn Manson ]

hmm lets see..i have fucking SUN POISIONING..AGAIN but its not bad, thank god because it would be soo bad if i had it worse than this...hmm so due to my sun poisioning im freezing my ass off...uhmmmm i have bad bad bad bad cramps...damn uterus! (lol) why cant i have a penis!? I swear guys dont know how damn lucky they got it! Having a penis must can just like let it flop around and stuff and sare people with boners..haha so yea anyways I was swimming at Jenns until I messed up my brnd new bathing lucky i fixed it tho..SoOoOoOo now Im bored....Im getting my braces off in 5 days! wee! cant wait...Adrienne was here before too and we were hanging out and being petty stupid lol, she wanted me to sleep over but since I dont feelgood I said no. I feel so bad..I always say no to her =( one day soon tho Ill go there lol. Um ok well Im gonna get goin, byee

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[27 Jun 2003|11:38pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | all my friends are metal heads * less than jake ]

today was fun! Last minute Mariusz and Jenn came over..we did some pretty fucked up retarted shit but it was funny...ummm tomorrow im going swimming at jenn's house cuz they people who are supposed to set up my pool are dumb dick fuck cock lickers lol..I watched too much of the SOuth Park movie..i think it like opened my mine to new insults..whatever. Right now my head still dizzy..sore..and i feel like im going to throw up..therefore im going to go take an advil or sumthin and go to sleeeep. nighty night

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[26 Jun 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | I could not ask for more * edwin mccain ]

i LOVE mariusz =)
*pretty random but very true...

Lying here with you,
Listening to the rain,
Smiling just to see, The smile upon your face,
These are the moments, I thank God that I'm alive,
These are the moments, I'll remember all my life,
I found all I've waited for,
And I could not ask for more.
Looking in your eyes,
Seeing all I need,
Everything you are, Is everything to me,
These are the moments, I know heaven must exist,
These are the moments, I know all I need is this,
I have all I've waited for,
And I could not ask for more.

I could not ask for more than this time together,
I could not ask for more than this time with you,
Every prayer has been answered,
Every dream I have's come true,
And right here in this moment, Is right where I meant to be,
Here with you, Here with me. . .

These are the moments, I thank God that I'm alive,
These are the moments, I'll remember all my life,
I've got all I've waited for,
And I could not ask for more. . .

I could not ask for more than this time together,
I could not ask for more than this time with you,
Every prayer has been answered,
Every dream I have's come true,
And right here in this moment, Is right where I meant to be,
Here with you, Here with me. . .

I could not ask for more than the love you gave me,
'Coz it's all I've waited for . . .
And I could not ask for more,
I could not ask for more.

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[26 Jun 2003|05:14pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | NFG * understatement ]

hey...i dont have a lot of time but ummm monday me, mariusz, jenn, ally, my mom, and uncle vinny went to six was fun but hot and tiring. I cant believe we waited 3 and a half mother fucking hours to get on superman...a 37 second ride..ha. Jenn almost passed out n scared us to death =( Anyway heres some insiders from that day; 'Todd', kid with the silver earring, jenn fainting, the gay guys, mariusz screaming, the people screaming back at mariusz to shut the fuck up, going front row on nitro for the millionth time n poor mariusz on his first time n we made him not hold on for the entire ride, Mariusz screaming when i was about to drink in the car, the pretzel demonstration, the rescue squad for ally, mariusz fell on the bag of chips, me n jenn getting ally get well stuff, guns n roses song playing, braces imprint & me suffocating, the car rides, screaming on free fall trying to get mariusz a tampon, pad, or diaper from the bathroom.."the gift shop was all out", Mariusz hadta fart, pettign much more lol

Anyways, im not goin to school until Monday....wee the end.
MARIUSZ STOP ASKIN ME IF ITS UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[21 Jun 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | puddle of mud * blurry ]

UGH! im so pissed off!!!!!! i swear to god i can never have a good day..its officially proven impossible for me to be happy for a complete day! i am so unhappy with myself! fuck...i woke up this morning and was so lightheaded and sore...blah but besides that i hate my body. I sit there and I think about things and im so fucking fat and ugly and it pisses me off because i dont even do anything about it..i sit here on the fucking computer and phone all damn day long. I swear im going on a hunger strike before next week gonna just drink water and thats it for a week. And to add to th elist im a bad dancer too..even richardson thinks its going to be too hard fo rme to take these ABT classes..and ill prolly not go now cuz ill just make an idiot out of my self anyway... UGh! what is wrong with me!? im an idiot...fuck it


[21 Jun 2003|10:56am]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | nuthin ]

heyy long time since i wrote...well things havent been too bad i guess....a few weekends ago was the portuguese feast and boy did we have fun there or what?! lol On Monday i believe im taking my first class with American Ballet Theatre in NY ::eek soooo nervous!!:: finals went great...i swear i fucking aced them ALL:D im so far im not going to summer school...i was so scared when she was giving out those slips lol i swear i almost cried every time she came near me cuz i thought i was gonna get one...On Monday me, Lucy, and Bettany left school at like 11 and went by East SIde looking for anyone that we knew..i was standing outside the front of the building and tommy noticed me from the art room window and mariusz came like running out lol it was so cute. I got to see him every day this whole week =). I helped him study for finals so he better have done umm.....lets see i didnt go to school today because whatever...And only 6 more days left! yay! and only 12 days until my braces come off! wee go July 2nd! lol and my new pool is getting set up around the 27th i think....hmm well im hungry so im gonna go and eat..ill be back!


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