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[02 Jan 2004|08:13pm]
[ music | :eurythmics : sweet dreams [are made of this] : ]

happy new year all =)

well, aint been up to all that much

ive slept a lot.. i dunno why but i just cant get out of bein tired..
took me ages to bring myself to get outa bed this mornin. well.. afternoon when mum woke me up..

new years eve : i went into glasgow..did a bit of shoppin, but didnt find anything to buy [which is gd really, seen as i cant afford anything right now!] then went to the pics to see the return of the king. really enjoyed it, thought it was amazin :)
then went home and slept .. then had bout 15 mins to get ready an went to alis..
was a pretty gd night =) cept from wanderin about in the cold for ages tryin to find another decent party.
after lots of walking we ended up goin back to alis.. n i dunno why but i just couldnt seem to warm up after that, n spent the rest of the night shiverin!

yesterday slept for ages.. then got up n quickly got ready to go see my gran in the hospital... then i think i slept more

today i actually had to do school work (argh!) due to the fact i have so much to do over the hols.. nasty teachers! [and also the fact i understand nothing out of the 5 highers im doin.. so im a bit screwed for the holidays..]

tomoro hopefully goin to djs if i dont have too much hw..
and sunday i think kirsty n ross are maybe comin over for christmas/new years seen as they been away for the past week and a bit,, so be good to see em :)
then the next day is monday, an im back to school.. an its gonna kill me!

anyhoo, i better go


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