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7th May 2004

11:45am: 10 minutes in the life of Delilah
Delilah )

Delilah was given a treat when I put the camera away. She snatched it from me and then ran to eat it in her cage, as if she needed to guard it while she ate it. She is mellowing out a lot, but she is still the most paranoid bunny we have. She doesn't like to be petted (or touched, or carried, or approached), but she is becoming more interested in approaching us, so that is neat. She certainly has personality. And she loves her treats!

30th April 2004

10:56pm: Grandma's coming for dinner tomorrow.

I have much cleaning and studying to do before she and my family arrive at 2:30, but I'm just so freakin' tired. G and I napped today for more than an hour-- we only meant to snooze 15 mins.

The nap sort of killed my productivity, but I did manage to cook the shrimp two ways (cajun and poached), make the creme caramel, and do a load of laundry. Oh, and I went out for lunch with G to hear him debrief about his interview. Then after we woke up from our nap, we found out he got the job(!) so we went and bought some champagne. It will be a modest raise, a higher classification, and something he finds more interesting than what he is doing currently. They want to know if he accepts their offer by Monday. I think he's going to accept, but we'll see. He'll be working for the same company, just a different part of it. It's very exciting.

29th April 2004

4:36pm: The semester is almost over. Thank God.

Hello, Blurty. It's been a while. Maybe we'll chat more.

3rd March 2004

12:32pm: The babies are leaving :(
I just received noticed that there have been a flood of applications for the baby bunnies, and that maybe all four of them are spoken for.

I have been growing very attached to the baby bunnies. They've been with us since February 1.

Now, they're positively adorable and they're on and they're going to be... leaving me. I know it isn't practical for us to keep any of them. The four bunnies we already have are more than enough. But I was finally starting to think seriously about keeping Pepper or Sage, and now there's been a flood of applications for them to the rescue that is adopting them out. I don't know if it is good or bad that we had a rescue do the screening. I trust the woman to screen people, and maybe nobody would be good enough to adopt a baby bunny if I were doing the screening, but I want to at least know where the babies are going! I want to keep them all, even though I know we can't. I want to keep one of them, even if it isn't practical. If I want to keep one, I have to say so now before the bunnies are all committed to people.

I just realized there is a dent in my Enter key from where Moose was gnawing on it last night.

I could cry.
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17th February 2004

4:14pm: minortragedy


3rd February 2004

11:30am: Live Journal for the bunnies
I'm so exhausted. I didn't get enough sleep after the Superbowl, and I didn't sleep well last night either. I think the whole problem revolves around these early classes. I love getting home in the morning and having the whole day in front of me, but it is so punishing if I stay up too late!

I want the baby bunnies to be adopted. I know we can't keep them, so I'm hoping that if I chronicle their lives from birth to weaning that some special people might see them and take an interest. The live journal is located at, and I'll be posting there about them everyday. I'm also hoping that, once they get bigger, I can persuade a rescue to let me post to G and I are completely enamored with the babies. It's going to be so hard when it is time to let them go.

It's too bad the Panthers lost the Superbowl, but they put on a good show. It wasn't as much of a show as Janet Jackson, but they represented themselves well.

1st February 2004

6:23pm: New bunnies
It turns out she is definitely a she.

This photo was taken about ten minutes after they were born. I have no idea what we're going to do with them, but birth sure is a miracle.

31st January 2004

4:32pm: Bunny
Look who came home with us from the shelter.

She is going to be living in a puppy pen in the living room until a month after we have her spayed. Then she'll be introduced to Bear. She is an adorable little thing. We're quite sure she's a dwarf, and that if she's not fully grown, she's almost grown. She weighs 2 pounds, 10.5 ounces. She still hasn't forgiven us for weighing her. She has silver marten coloring, so she's mostly black but she has silver on her feet, behind her ears, on her face, and on her tummy. G is in love with her.

There are only a couple of ifs: is she really a she? if she is a she, is she pregnant?

If this as-yet-unnamed sweetie turns out not to be a girl, we'll have to take the bunny back to the shelter.

30th January 2004

9:43am: Peter Pan
I am not cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Ick. What an absolutely overrated cereal.

In other news, I started reading Peter Pan last night. My latest novel attempt is at a fantastic fairy tale, so I have been reliving all the beloved fantastic tales of my youth. A couple of weeks ago I reread the Wizard of Oz-- what a treat that was! Anyway, I think the first paragraph of Peter Pan is fantastic, so I am going to share it:

"All children, except one, grow up. They soon know that they will grow up, and the way Wendy knew was this. One day when she was two years old she was playing in a garden, and she plucked another flower and ran with it to her mother. I suppose she must have looked rather delightful, for Mrs. Darling put her hand to her heart and cried, 'Oh, why can't you remain like this for ever!' This was all that passed between them on the subject, but henceforth Wendy knew that she must grow up. You always know after you are two. Two is the beginning of the end."
[Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, Penguin Group, New York, 1991-- I believe the book was written in 1911]

Of all the books I have read, I think that first paragraph rates among my top ten favorites.

29th January 2004

8:52pm: I love vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles after it's melted a little and all the colors flow together.


I am deliriously tired, headachy, and considering an early bedtime-- but then I would miss The Apprentice.

28th January 2004

11:11am: Happiness returns
The sun is shining. The ice is melting. It is a beautiful day.

Classes before 11:00am were canceled. That included my class today, so I've now had days without class.

And I do need to mention that the post office delivered the mail yesterday; I was pleasantly surprised.

I have been taking this opportunity to work on cleaning the house and it has been good. G has almost finished his arcade game machine, and it is playable. I spent a good bit of time the other day honing my Ms. Pacman skillz. I also spent a good bit of time yesterday wishing the speakers didn't work. Right now, G's creation is in the living room, and he hasn't grown tired of playing the games he hasn't played in years. Hearing an hour or two of random arcade music is enough to drive anyone batty (unless you're the one playing). I'll be happy when we've moved it to its home in the gameroom.

I'm almost finished with my personal statement for my grad school application. I hope to submit the application tomorrow or Friday.

I also hope to take my (way, way, way) overdue library books back in the near future. I know it's my fault they're overdue, but I swear, things keep coming up. Look at how this snowstorm thingy has hemmed me in the house since Sunday! Granted, they were overdue before Sunday, but still...

27th January 2004

3:44pm: Snow & Ice
Day 3 of being home

Classes were canceled for the second day in a row. It's still gray outside and the news wants people to stay off the roads. G went to work; the power company doesn't close for bad weather. The post office has commercials on tv making claims about how nothing keeps them from delivering the mail. We didn't get any mail yesterday, and I don't think we're going to get any today either. Not that I blame the post office-- I wouldn't want them out delivering in this weather-- but I think their commercials are over the top. And I wouldn't mind getting my mail.

I am ready for some sunshine.

26th January 2004

11:54am: Some people are hard to love
Some people are extremely difficult individuals to love. I write this with a particular individual in mind, the person who dumped at least 25 rabbits in a parking lot last week. Obviously, he/she wanted the rabbits to be found, because the parking lot they were deserted in is huge-- it's where the Carolina Hurricanes play and it is very public. Just as obviously, he/she didn't want to take responsibility for the fate of the bunnies and abandoned them.

It just makes me sick to think about it.

I don't think the shelter has room for all of them, and I am seriously thinking about adopting another bunny. On the bright side, the bunnies are getting some press (NBC 17 slide show), so I'm hoping they'll all find good homes soon.
Current Mood: disturbed

25th January 2004

3:49pm: It was a gray and quiet day
It's a gray and quiet day here in North Carolina. We have about an inch and a half of snow and it is currently sleeting. It's all supposed to turn very icy tonight. The news is trumpeting to people to stay off the roads, and schools are already announcing they will be closed tomorrow. I doubt I'll be going to class tomorrow. I hope we don't lose power.

G was going around singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

I don't think it is Christmas-y; I think it is lethargic. I'm having trouble accomplishing anything today.
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24th January 2004

12:45pm: The dinner that didn't happen
So we were supposed to have a friend over for dinner last night. She was supposed to come between 6:30 and 7:00. I had everything all set. I'd spent a significant portion of the day tidying up and prepping for dinner. At 6:15, she called and said she wouldn't be able to make it for dinner. She had a good excuse, and I was very disappointed for all of five minutes until I realized several things. One, the house was nice and clean. Two, I had prepared a delicious dinner. Three, it was Friday night and there was no work or school on Saturday.

G and I had a lovely romantic dinner, watched Bend it Like Beckham, and killed a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Life is very good.

Now we are off to the Saturn dealer to the push the GM hot button and see if we can win a car.
Current Mood: happy

23rd January 2004

3:04pm: Company coming
We're having a friend over for dinner tonight, so I thought it would be nice if I made a dessert. Normally I bake something, or make a pie when we have company, because those are things I know how to do. I have never been particularly good at making custards of any kind-- I do much better with tapioca out of the box. But I have been craving creme caramel. It looks very easy in the cookbook, and I thought surely I could conquer my custard demons and prevail.

I mostly succeeded. If I hadn't tried to gussy up the recipe, it would have been perfect. It should still taste good. Now I just have to get dinner ready. We're having shrimp and grits, at G's request.

22nd January 2004

10:47am: Just when you think you're unique...
When I was a kid, I was surrounded by people telling me how unique and special everyone was. When I was about eleven, I started to get suspicious. If I'm unique, and everybody is unique, doesn't that mean I'm unique like everybody else? What is special about that? Even though I espoused that theory, and had a cynical few years following that, I think I still believe, at some deep level, that I am unique and special. No, I have never lacked for self esteem.

I think it is interesting that our culture is so focused on individuals and individuality, but humans crave connection and gravitate to those with whom they have the most in common. Today at school, I met a young woman who is also married. In fact, she was married on the same day I was in 2002. She also graduated from college in the same year I did. She works as an office manager, which is what I used to do. She has the same career aspirations I do (except the novel part). It was really sort of eerie, though the eeriest part was that we were married on the same day. While a small part of me was a little disturbed to discover that my ambitions and life are so commonplace, another part of me was delighted to meet someone I with whom I had so much in common.

I guess I'm not really unique at all, but at least I'm still special.
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21st January 2004

10:54am: Affirmation
Sometimes the universe sends you a sign, just something small, to let you know that you're doing all right.

Case in point:
This morning, I was not ready to wake up and go to class. When I got into my car at 7:25, I thought about getting out and skipping class, but I drove to campus anyway. It's a cold morning today, made colder because people in North Carolina (myself included) don't own appropriate apparel for mornings like this. I pulled into the parking deck, got out of my car, and went to pay for parking. Right as I keyed in space number I realized I left my parking money in the car. I had a dollar on me, but I needed two dollars. I did not want to walk back to my car. A split-second later, the parking-money-collector machine thingie (do those things have an official name?) spit out a dollar at me. It wasn't as if the dollar was spit out from the person in front of me; the thing waited to spit out that dollar until after I keyed in my space number. I reinserted the dollar, and it went in just fine. Then I put in my other dollar, grabbed my receipt, and gratefully trekked to class.

It really is all about the little things.

20th January 2004

9:20pm: Poorly written textbooks suck.

That is all I have to say today.

19th January 2004

6:23pm: Finished, part II
The kitchen had one last nasty surprise in store for us.

When we slid the refrigerator back, we realized that you could still see the yellow behind the fridge, and we were all out of paint! I grudgingly purchased another quart of paint and painted behind the refrigerator. That's annoying but it's not truly nasty. What was nasty, was that when we slid the oven back into its place, one of its feet caught the linoleum and ripped it. Worse, the place where the floor ripped is visible. We have to fix it. What a pain. Fortunately, we know they have our pattern at Lowe's-- it's the linoleum that came with the kitchen from when the house was built in 1995, so of course it is the bottom-of-the-line. If we hadn't just bought a freezer and a bunch of other things, I would be tempted to use this as an opportunity to upgrade our floor. Oh, well. Another time.

Finally, we can move everything back to the kitchen and get life back to normal.

18th January 2004

2:14pm: Finished! (well, almost)
We finished painting the kitchen red. We used every last drop of paint, and we didn't finish painting behind the refrigerator. All that is left to do is touch up the molding with white, paint over the red spots on the ceiling, and remove the paint that managed to drip under the drop cloth and get on the linoleum.

If I never paint another thing again, it will be too soon.

Is it too much to hope that the last two bathrooms will paint themselves?
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16th January 2004

7:11pm: Kitchen
Painting the kitchen is hell. Anyone who tells you otherwise is on TV.

It's been a week and a half, and it's still not all the way done. What with all the rooms we've painted, I didn't think it would be that bad. The paint just isn't covering, and it's a deep red, so it has to cover in order to look good. I even sanded parts of the paint, and it's still not covering.

Worse, when we pulled up the tape, there were places where the paint wouldn't let go of the tape and ruined the finish. And we're running out of paint because we have to put two coats on everything.

Argh! It's so frustrating that I dread finishing it.

12th January 2004

11:28am: First day of school
Classes started today, and I had a class at 8:05 this morning. I left the house at 7:25 to allow for traffic and time to park.

I arrived at the appointed room at 7:55. The room was dark, but that didn't concern me too much as all the rooms were dark and people were waiting in the hall. At 8:05, I was starting to get edgy. At 8:10, the people in the hall were let into their classroom, and only me and one other person were still waiting outside room 1150. After another five minutes, we concluded the class must have been moved. We went to the accounting department to ask about it, but the administrative assistant was one of the most unhelpful administrative assistants I had ever encountered. As a former administrative assistant myself, and as a former supervisor of an administrative assistant, I wanted to give her a piece of my mind. I kept my mouth shut, though, as I intend to be a grad student and might need her assistance someday in the future. In the course of asking about the class, I discovered that the guy I had been waiting with was not even in the same class I was! He disappeared, in search of his class. I went back downstairs, assuming I must have gotten my classrooms confused. I went to room 1130, and took a seat (late). The professor smiled at me and then continued with her lecture. After five minutes, she looked at the book on my desk and told me I was in the wrong room. There had been two other tax accounting students in her class earlier, and I was supposed to be in room 2206. Embarrassed, I apologized and went upstairs in search of Room 2206.

There is no room 2206. I interrupted the class in 2204, wondering if the instructor downstairs had been off by a room. That wasn't my class either.

By this time, it's 8:20, and I'm starting to get really upset, especially since I'd been in the building for a half and hour. I went back to the accounting department, determined to demand the administrative assistant to look up my class location.

The administrative assistant was not at her post, but I heard noise in the copy room. I went to the copy room and saw a professor. By this time, I was visibly getting upset. I explained my problem to the professor and he volunteered to look up my class for me. He even offered to walk me to the class after he found out where it was, since the building is confusing.

I found out when I went back to thank him for assisting me, I realized he's the department chair. I'm sure I made a great impression (not).

The class had been moved to room 2406, with no notification or sign whatsoever, and I was a half hour late. I checked my room assignments for my classes four days ago, so any last-minute changes must have really been last minute. Back in Spartan Country, they put signs on the door when a class has been moved! Ugh. I guess now to check the room assignment the morning of class.

Okay, I've let go of it now. The good news is that having classes early in the morning means that there are parking places! I've already done my grocery shopping for the week, and the only other big thing on my list today is to finish painting the kitchen.

G will be so pleasantly surprised if he comes home to a fully-painted kitchen. :)
Current Mood: optimistic

9th January 2004

9:37pm: The GMAT is over.
I have been dreading the GMAT for a very long time, and I finally took it this morning. Hallelujah, it's over.

You see, I have this complex about standardized testing. I believe I should do really well. I generally have in the past, and so I have these ridiculous expectations for myself. Unfortunately, I was one of those people who was more of a great test taker than a great student. And when computer adaptive testing became the norm, all my testing prowess flew out the window. In fact, the prep software I was using repeatedly predicted I would receive a thoroughly average score on the GMAT. I was afraid to take the darn test on the basis of what a computer program told me. I got so upset with the software, that I didn't actually prep for the exam, because prepping depressed me. But I also felt guilty not prepping for such an important test.

Now the weight is lifted. I took the test this morning. My unofficial scores place me at about the 90th percentile. Considering the amount of preparation I put into it, and considering that the test didn't test any math I learned after my sophomore year of high school, I don't think I did too badly. And even though it's not as good a score as I could have hoped for, it is way more than sufficient for my modest purposes.

G took the test with me. He scored 40 points better than I did. I'm okay with that.

Mostly okay with it, anyway.
Current Mood: light

8th January 2004

9:18am: I haven't died. I'm just stressed and busy. I should be back next week.
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