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Sunday, July 11th, 2004

Time:3:28 pm.
wow im updating...i think im gonna go back to blurty for a while.....i miss everyone here..haha well heres a pic of us when we went to orlando friday....amanda,christina,then me
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Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Time:1:42 am.
im leaving out blurty....ahhh ive been so into livejournal....ill update more tomorrow im tired went to the mall with shauna then came home and went with amanda wooo.....and saw white chics..funny movie well ill ttyl...bubyes
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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

Time:11:40 pm.
You cut to forget somthing/someone. Someone else
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Friday, June 11th, 2004

Time:11:20 pm.

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Time:10:18 pm.
This is the beginning of my quiz!
Your name is...:Jessica
How old are you?:17
What do you do?(work? school? nothing?):skool....
Where are you?:my comp
What's your sign?... because it's soo important!:ARIES! woo hoo
While we're at unimportant questions...
Height?:5'6 or 5'7 i dunno
Eye color?:brown
___ handed?:lefty
Got a lover?:yup
Current stuff
Listening to anything?:nope
Thinking of anyone?:yup
Eating anything?:nope
Doing anything besides this?:talkin to people
Watching anything?:no
Color:pink and black
TV show:dunno
Thing to do in free time:dunno
Do you...
Play an instrument?:used to
Love someone?:yea
Hate someone?:sure
Watch too much tv?:nah
Have a life?:yup
Friend type stuff
Who's your best friend?:ha all my x-bestfriends are BITCHES!so noone rite now
Most fun friend?:anyone
Funniest friend?:anyone
Most boring friend? comment
Tallest friend?:martin
Shortest friend?:autumn
Most attractive friend?:hmm
Whatever questions
Ever stolen someone's garden gnome?:? ha no ?
Is the indigo part of the rainbow all that important?:sure why not
Who's hotter? Brody Dalle or Adam Brody?:lmao i dunno who they are...
What's the best concert you've been to?:havent been :(
Who's a good author?:the guy who wrote the child called it
How many languages can you speak fluently?:2
How should I end this quiz?:fgnhhdffhdfdfdh

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

Time:4:54 pm.
ahh my mom thinks im but yeah i havent updated in this in a usually doin the lj......ADD ME! lol but yeah ill try and update more on this....later
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Friday, June 4th, 2004

Time:12:17 am.
Mood: bored.
[last word you said]- eat

[last song you sang]- hmm that one song with the singin goats...modest mouse i think

[last person you hugged]- Austin Hale

[last thing you laughed at]- nicole

[last time you said 'I love you']- earlier tonite to austin

[last time you cried]- today

[what color socks are you wearing]- im not wearing any

[current annoyance]- frogs

[current longing]- haha....

[current book]- im not readin anything :(

[current worry]- school and bf

[story behind your username]- i have no was my subprofile name

[current favorite article of clothing] - sweatpants

[favorite physical feature of the opposite sex]- eyes,smile

[Same sex]- boobs

[last CD that you bought]- dunno

[favorite place to be]- beach

[strong in mind or strong in body]- stong in mind

[time you wake up in the morning]- 12:21

[if you could play any instrument, what would it be]- guitar

[favorite color]-

[do you believe in an afterlife?] - im not sure

[how tall are you]- 5'6

[current favorite word] whatever

[favorite season]- spring

[one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to]- hmm dylan

[one person you wish was here right now]- Austin...i miss him

[a random lyric]- Y'all niggas ain't ready for this,
Muthafuckas ain't steady for this,
Cuz y'all still ain't learn,
Nigga got a 4-4 cocked, In a flick so hot make a muthafucka feel that burn,

[identify some things surrounding your computer]- glass,neclace,phone,papers


[kindergarten teacher's name]- Mrs. thiel

[first grade teachers's name]- Mrs. cook

[second grade teacher's name]- Mrs. marynac

[third grade teacher's name]- dunno

[fourth grade teacher's name]- mrs alexander

[fifth grade's teacher's name]- ms zampella

[sixth grade's teacher's name]- I had six


[you want to go to]- california or maine

[ideal job]- lawyer

[probable job]- lawyer

[you want to live (place)]- any place nice in michigan

[number of children you want]- 4

[kind of car]- sliver cougar or a black escalade with spinners...mmm i be pimpin that out


[mood]- ehh a mix of hyper and

[music]- nothing

[taste] - ranch

[hair]- auburnish

[attire]- sweatpants,pink underwear(haha),and shirt

[smell]- popcorn

[longing]- dunno

[desktop image]- sum dell shit

[nail color]- nonebut toes r pink

[crush] - uhh austin?

[time-wasting wish]- i wish umm....idk
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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

Time:9:00 pm.
wow....i need to start updating in here more....ive been to busy with the christinas bday was still kinda mad at her so all i said was happy bday and thats all even tho we planned to hang out all day then.well yesterday i woke up at 730 and went to austin around 9 w00t w00t for me wakin up early,but yeah we hung out as his house till 230 and then went to mcdonalds and then went to the mall.i got sum really cute outfits and then i wanted these shoes but i wasnt sure...well i got home around 1030 and then got online and talked to him till 130 so basically yesterday i was with him all i did nuthin,my cousin called to see if i wanted to go to the beach but it was all cloudy so i said maybe tomorrow,and later on today we were havin all these storm watches lol i hate when its all black and windy outside,scary shit rite there....well im gonna update late on tonite....

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Sunday, May 30th, 2004

Time:12:24 pm.

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Time:1:54 am.
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22. What do you think my weakness is?
23. Do you think I'll get married?
24. What makes me happy?
25. What makes me sad?
26. What reminds you of me?
27. If you could give me anything what would it be?
29. How well do you know me?
29. When's the last time you saw me?
30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
31. Do you think I could kill someone?
32. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?
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34. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?
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Saturday, May 29th, 2004

Time:11:32 pm.
Mood: irritated.
wow....seriously im not in the mood to fuck around so dont fuck with me tonite....well heres sum convos.....

me and christina
CRAE [9:45 PM]: :'(
CHEERGURL5163 [9:45 PM]: hehe whats wrong?
CRAE [9:45 PM]: I want to get out and no one wants to do anything or they have no ride
CHEERGURL5163 [9:46 PM]: aww
CHEERGURL5163 [9:46 PM]: what about amanda?
CRAE [9:46 PM]: shes hanging out with her cousin
CHEErGURL5163 [9:46 PM]: oo
CHEERGURL5163 [9:47 PM]: its funny how u say u dont like her but yet hang out with her
CRAE [9:47 PM]: i never said i didn't like her
CHEERGURL5163 [9:47 PM]: yeah u did
CHEERGURL5163 [9:48 PM]: bc i member u told me u were only puttin up a front
CRAE [9:48 PM]: no I said i might as well b/c shes the one that doesn't liek me
CHEERGURL5163 [9:48 PM]: omg ur lying
CRAE[9:48 PM]: no I'm not
CHEERGURL5163 [9:48 PM]: yeah whatever
CRAE [9:49 PM]: what the fuck
CHEERGURL5163 [9:50 PM]: what?
CRAE [9:50 PM]: your getting all strange on me
CHEERGURL5163 [9:51 PM]: how?
CRAE [9:51 PM]: your sitting there yellign at me over nothing
CHEERGURL5163 [9:51 PM]: lol how am i yelling?
CRAE [9:51 PM]: you know
CHEERGURL5163 [9:51 PM]: all i asked u was why do u hang out with her if u tell me u dont like her?
CHEERGURL5163 [9:52 PM]: no i dont know how im yelling at you
CRAE [9:52 PM]: i said i don't always like her
CRAE [9:52 PM]: i hang out with everyones
CHEERGURL5163 [9:52 PM]: bc i member we were at the baseball field talkin and we sum how got onto her name and u said u dont like her and ur puttin up a front
CHEERGURL5163 [9:53 PM]: and i was like oo
CRAE [9:53 PM]: but why does any of this matter between us
CHEERGURL5163 [9:53 PM]: bc if u talk shit about her behind her back then it makes me think if u do it to me
CRAE [9:54 PM]: I hardly hang out with her...
CRAE [9:54 PM]: she does it to me so i do it to her...
CHEERGURL5163 [9:55 PM]: so then why r u her friend?
CRAE [9:55 PM]: im not really
..................later on................
CHEERGURL5163 [11:40 PM]: well i dont feel like hearin u
CRAEQ [11:41 PM]: hearin?
noone is talking
CHEERGURL5163 [11:41 PM]: ur talkin
CRAEQ [11:41 PM]: no im typing
CHEERGURL5163 [11:41 PM]: same thing smartass
CRAEQ [11:41 PM]: notat ala
CHEERGURL5163 [11:42 PM]: well then stop typing
CRAEQ [11:42 PM]: why?
CHEERGURL5163 [11:42 PM]: bc
CRAEQ [11:42 PM]: why?
CHEERGURL5163 [11:42 PM]: talk to sumone else

ok so im not usually this bitchy bc im always nice to her well im tired of bein nice when shes gonna be a bitch....

ok sum more.............

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u fuck a guy named chris aderly?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11 is away at 11:01:07 PM.
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: ?
Auto response from PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: Around...leave it
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: hold up
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: chris aderly?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11 returned at 11:13:14 PM.
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: ya
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: i dont even know a chris aderly
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: why?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: he said he fucked u
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: chris sumthin
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: dunno if its aderly
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: did u talk to him?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: no
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: scott did
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: ask him

~~~~ok so im askin scott~~~
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: wtf
Auto response from Ouch ISkate: vice city on xbox yesssssssssss
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: why r u tellin dan sum shit about me fukin sum guy
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: u need to get ur fukin shit str8 before u start lyin on me asshole
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: but whatever keep lyin on me

ok palm bay people since u cant get ur shit str8 and u gotta keep bringin this shit up.....this is the story.....mike told me austin was cheatin on me with sum chic so then scott talked to him and mike said he went to my house and fuked me...which he dont fukin know where i stay at let alone know my number..hes sayin that shit to make me look bad in front of everyone so that austin will believe him and not love me anymore.....which is fuked up bc im so fukin tired of people and their shit.....get a fukin life or grow up! damn how hard is that.

so yeah i woke up around 1 and then the day went by fast....i didnt wanna do anything,i dunno why.....christina and nicole wanted to hang out but i was to tired i guess but josh came over around 930 and stayed till al lil after 11...hehe i told him to go home....

.......i miss austin......alot...

christinas still tryin to talk to
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Subject:w00t w00t
Time:9:19 pm.
happy 1 yr 8 mt austin!
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Friday, May 28th, 2004

Subject:etjfjjfgfjfjf gjfgj fgj fg
Time:11:10 pm.
Mood: sick.
blah i feel sooooooo sick u just dont know.....well anyways let see last couple days been good i guess.....last nite i was posed to hang out at the mall with christina and amanda but her car wasnt workin i think and she didnt go so i hung out with christina and nicole...but i took nicole to her bf's then me and christina drove around and decided to go to wal*mart and do the things on the list but we forgot the list :( dan knows what im talkin about!! soooo we kinda membered stuff and did extra things too heres what we did.....skateboarded in the store,got 7 guys to play football,holahooped,turned on all the radios full blast,mixd all the cd's up,carried around teddy bears and said we lost our mommies...haha and they announced it on the intercom so yeah pretty embarassing....and other stuff but i i got in around 1130 and went to bed......then today bam called and we hung out all day.....went to see "day after tomorrow" good movie i think....i got scared hahaha but then after that we got checkers and ate...i ate alot :( and now i feel sick....but then i got in around 9 and josh called but i forgot to call him and i talked to austin for a while and he made fun of me bc i found a cd :*( lmao but yeah thats all i think......i need to go to the beach!!! im addicted to i think im gonna be hangin out there everyday for a while....well im gonna go bc im tired and sick!
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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Time:12:29 am.

You're Johnny Knoxville! You're Normal!

Which Member of MTV Jackass Are You?
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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

Time:10:22 pm.
Mood: amused.
hehe i luv this gurl sooo much!

CRAEQ [10:01 PM]: hehe
CRAEQ [10:01 PM]: i have your bra
CHEERGURL5163 [10:01 PM]: lol ive been look for it everywhere
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Time:12:25 am.
Mood: hopeful.
*~Things i love~* this only goes out to one guy.....he knows
-September 22nd,2002
-October 4th,2003.
-^the morning after hahahah.
-wakin up to you in the morning.
-kissing you.
-you lookin me in the eyes and sayin u love me.
-June 19th,2003...i do
-talkin to u everyday.
-knowing i can run to you about anything and ull listen.
-how you can make me happy when i cry.
-the colds walks back to ur house.
-beef o bradys.
-the halfway walks back to class.
-our science class.
-knowing we hated each other at first but grew to love on another more than life.
-goin to the movies.
-knowing ull sleep outside just to see me the next day.
-having talks about us.
-knowing everythings gonna be ok again.
-the thing u do to my ear..hehe.
-walks on the beach.
-holding ur hand.
-seein u smile.
-knowing im the only girl that u love and wanna be with.
-us pickin baby names for our future kids...hehe.
-burnt brocollii head,hah gotta love that show.
-fallin asleep on the phone with u even tho u
-wrestling in the front yard.
-knowing every tickle spot.
-u holdin on to me when we walk through the mall.
-make up sex.(haha sorry had to put that)
-talkin to u about how ur day went.
-the little things you do to make me smile.
-hearing you laugh.
-red lobster.
-me watchin u skate.
-letting me wear ur shirt when its cold.
-7-11 and staples.
-knowing ur gay! lmao inside joke
-theres so many things i love about him....and im gonna make the whole list l8er too tired rite now hehe sowwie

*~Things i like~* random order but things ive done with friends:D
-walks on the beach at nite.
-talkin on the computer about stupid shit till 4 in the morning...moo.
-goin putt putt golfin @ 11pm in mini skirts.
-singin loud in a car with hairbrushes with a friend u just met and ur best friend.
-gettin my face licked lmao! too funny.
-takin showers with friends at 3 in the mornin.
-makin the birds go crazy at the beach.
-stayin up all nite talkin about our girl problems and guys.
-goin to the mall
-seein u draw a pic of u and "ur motorcycle" thingy...popeye.
-goin down my hill on skateboards and almost breakin our necks.
-$1 burritos from wal*mart
-runnin the neigborhood in MI doin girls gone wild on the lane!
-goin through skool sayin WHAT!
-gettin slupees and finding a fish head.
-goin up to travis tryin to play basketball with the guys after skool.
-skippin class to talk to u.
-gettin my ass slapped in science class.
-gettin water balloons thrown at u while u have a white shirt im still mad!
-watchin the guys talk outside.
-lookin up at the moon freakin out lmao.
-dancin to spice girls outside ur house.
-gettin a black guy to dance with us for party boy music.
-gettin all taped up by them and not gettin out.
-watchin u get ur shit split.haha.
-goin to get donuts at 6 in the morning.
-finding a kitty at 7-11.
-gettin stuck on a roof playin man hunt....hah.
-i can tell u everything knowing ur a guy and we barley see each other.
-the walks to 7th with u
***a whole bunch more but dont wanna write it all***

and last

*~Things i hate~*
-us fighting.
-shit talkers.
-knowing how u dont like my bf so u throw our friendship away.
-u believing other people when i tell the truth.
-u talkin about sex like im gonnaa give it up to u.
-how "its" gone bc of how immature we acted during those couple months.:(
**thats all i dont hate many things in life....lifes to short to hate things....

i figured id write all this bc i mite not get to experience anything like that again with u guys.i mite be moving with my dad....ill miss u all sooo much u guys are like family to me. also u better keep in touch and ill have the # in a couple days so u can call when im there even tho its outta area:( better stock up on them phone cards!

Jessica and Austin
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Monday, May 24th, 2004

Time:1:05 am.
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Time:12:24 am.
Mood: amused.
haha dan ur the bestestish

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: so whos this joey?

Auto response from OoSXyxBtCh48oO: damnit joeys here......

brb while i take his fuckass sk8board and throw it in my pool:-D

ill bb in a few.....Lv it

love you austin

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: huh
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u cheatin on me again?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u dirty little slut!!!
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: uuuuggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!1
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: >:o
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: actually i asked u first then said huh

Auto response from OoSXyxBtCh48oO: the things friends say to

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: huh
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u cheatin on me again?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u dirty little slut!!!

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: dumbass
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: god u havin pool sex too arent u?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: god damn it im comin over
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: and woopin his ass and then urs!
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: bitch come back
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: i miss you :-(
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: grrrrr

Auto response from OoSXyxBtCh48oO: the things friends say to

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: huh
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u cheatin on me again?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u dirty little slut!!!

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: come back
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: wat cant im me?
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: after i leave bout 20 of em
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: i goota do dishes
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: lol
OoSXyxBtCh48oO: hold on
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: oh ok
PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: oh so u had him over for dinner too huh?

Auto response from OoSXyxBtCh48oO: dishes suck ass>:o

PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: damn it!!!
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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004

Time:1:23 pm.
Mood: crappy.
well i dont think i can get any meaner......i dont even know why i acted like that towards him...i love him rite? well i dont think im posed to be like i dont wanna see u and all that.well he called last nite wanting to come hang out so i was like i dont feel like seeing u and i made up an excuse sayin ill be in cocoa beach with christina....omg usually im like YAY COME OVER! so idk whats goin then he was like well ill call u when i get home but he never called and he called this afternoon sayin "can i come over" im like no....where were u last nite?so he said he got his hair braided and he got in at like 11 and he took his dad to orlando this i was like yeahhh soooo he kept askin and i was like idk and then i hear his brother in the background sayin just get a new gf and all that its funny anyways i was like whatever do what u want sooo he came over and he went to give me a hug and i backed away umm??? i never do that....well yeah i think i dont like him like that anymore....we didnt even i said bye and he left....well idk whats goin on anymore between us im just fixin to give up on everything.....idk i just had to write all that
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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

Subject:i feel sick :'(
Time:12:24 am.
Mood: loved.
omgsh lmao another fun nite with christina.....her mom dropped her off here around 6 and then we got ready and got gas then we went to cocoa beach to fill out that application and see these guys....yup they were bein nice and i got a free slushy(cant spell)but yeah after we talked to them for a while we headed over to jungle village and played sum arcade games mmmm and this guy that worked there gave us 100 tickets bc we broke the machine thingy and tickets were flying out so her gave us em it was sooo we played there games and were goin next wkend and playin laser tag and ridin the gokarts! yay but after that we went to mcdonalds and then back to that place and talked to them guys....haha they said well prolly get the job so me and her was like YEEAHHH lmao so after that we went to walmart and was lookin for sumthin but we didnt see it :( so then it was like around 11 when we left and these 2 guys were like hey come here so we flagged em off and got in the car and they got in theres and sat behind me so i couldnt get out so i was like FUCK so i slowly back out without stoppin and they moved and i was leavin and they were following us and me and here were freakin out bc theey were like 20 and so then i went in the turnin lane and so did they then i turned around real quick and left but yeah we got back here and we were eating and this was at like 1130 and there was a knock at the door and me and her just looked at each other like O.O! lol so i opened it and it was a lady lookin for sum guy i was like lol so then i took her home and i got here around 12 we were posed to go to the battle tonite but decided not to at last minute...ah thats ok so tomorrow we mite go to the beach YAY!! but other than that it was fun we met some more guys and talked to them......well im deciding if i should just drop austin this time bc hes not bein here for idk how to explain it but yeah theres so much more for me and im just not doin anything about it ahhhh im getting sick i swear i have a bad headache and my tummy im just gonna lay down.....

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