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last entry =] [25 Aug 2005|12:33am]

yes yes thats write.. i have too many blogs already =]

so visit me at



or something

i dont know either one ~
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CAMP LALALA ~ =] [14 Aug 2005|01:00pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Twins - 救生圈 ]

even though it was two days ago =] hehe ^^ ages since i blogged here~

thursday 11th august

woke up at 6 !! and it was so cold and i was so tired and it was so not good!!...but anyway when i got to school everyone was lining up for the buses already so i didnt have to wait much... got on BUS 3 and sat with alice =P so everyone was all settled in and then eunice started going crazy taking photos haha so typical!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then we watched phantom of the opera and the music is really nice except some people didnt like it and kept on complaining the whole way and it was kind of really annoying because i was trying to watch it but then it didnt matter anyway because i fell asleep ^o^ then when i woke up it we arrived at suttons forest and it was freezing cold!! i swear my legs were going to stop functioning xP ahah me and alice were having such a hard time trying to walk over the bridge lololol so we got there and i watched everyone eat maccas and then it was time to go again!!

so got back on bus and watched the rest of phantom of the opera.. and i stayed awake this time but anyway ^^... first stop parliament house !! boooring and omgsh i saw john howard =P stupid man swivelling on his chair in the house of reps xP haha and amy said his pants were too short for him.. LOL then we got free muesli bars and just juice ! ... and everyone went to eat lunch while we went crazy taking photos again!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

okaay got back on the bus and went to electoral education center [old parliament house] and we had to do everything we did in year 6! and i was falling asleep =P then we had to vote for fruits and i voted MR APPLE!! =D except many people chose peach so apple was second... gay peach people! but it was boring anyway =P... then we went to Gold Creek Tourist Resort or something like that... =P and it was so cold! and i realized that we went to same one i went to in year 6! like.. omg memories =P we went in and everyone unpacked...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and we realized how much junk food we had!! [we didnt finish them either xP]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then some people took showers/changed and got ready for dinner.. except it wasnt edible so i was very hungry... so we went back to our room and sat/stood around until it was time for ZONE 3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
OMGSH it was soooo fun ^^ and i came 5th out of 17 people =P and there was DDR! like omgshomgsh!! hahah me and eunice were fully hiiiigghhh and we played twice and it was soso fun that we didnt want to leave ^^ lol..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
but we had to anyway. SO we went back and played MAFIA and DONKEY and BIG 2 and SNAP and CHINESE WHISPERS!! haha omg so funny!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then at around 12 - 1 ish we went to sleep and i think i fell asleep really soon because i didnt know what happened =P..because apparently they were all talking =S but anyway! i was snoring away xP haha no i dont snore ><" haha oh! and i kicked eunice in the middle of the night... except we were on different beds xP!! haha so i dont know how that happened either.. BUT HAHA i kicked her! 0_x

friday 12th august

woke up at 6!! without the help of the alram clock =D and took a shower because my hair was sticking up in all directions ^^ lol and then everyone started waking up and after then started packing =(... ooh and amy realized she lost her camera at night!!.. but more about that later

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

went to breakfast which was much better than dinner and after eating me and alice went back outside because it was so stuffy inside and waited to get on the bus... when we get on amy hound her camera!! and she was tres happy because she was very worried all night long ^^ then we took photos again!! and we took another bus photo like last time except this time we have many different people xP

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

went to national museum and watched that circa thing and then wondered around aimlessly for ages!! eunice belind and i went outside and then being the posers we are took photos again xP hahahaha eunice is such a poser xP

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

went to the war memorial and eunice and me... went crazy taking photos again... haha except theyre in jenny;s camera.. but omg! it was soooo funny =P and we were fully high! because we were imitating the poses of the umm statues? xP hahahah and we were all sooo sleepy and tired but we had to stay for 2 hours which was gay...

finally got back on the bus and left at 3:30... bus people decided to watch HITCH excpet i slept again =S haha... and when i woke up... we were at suttons forest already!.. again haha and this time i ate a deli choice thai chicken..and small fries and i was very full and i told myself not to sleep or else i would be fully fat.. so when we went back on the bus i watched the end on hitch and the beginning of mean girls... and then not long after we were at school again ^^

and camp has ended already =P haha so soon ><"...

okaay yesterday was a good day as well ^^ woke up very early for tutoring..! and the english teacher is very good... and nice ^^ then umm yes! had maths in the afternoon.. and after maths.. hehe ^^ i felt majorly happy!! =D haha im so weird... then! went home and showered and went to gordon for dinner !! at ribs and rumps =P and it was nice except i couldnt eat because i was famining and my aunty was trying to persuade me to eat =P but i didnt xP hahahah and vanessa was just eating away next to me =.= haha then umm went to her house and watched tv and waited for my dad to finish fixing her computer.. then left at around 12 ish ^^ but it was fun =P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

was so tired when i came home.. but then talked for ages with kylie =P but anyway!! haha super long post ><"

I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pyjamas and put on my prayers. Turned off the bed and hopped into the light, all because you kissed me goodnight ~ lol how cute

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[01 Aug 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | F.I.R - 刺鸟 ]

UPDATE UPDATE! priscilla u shud rili start bloggin here urself...coz i mean ur fans out there r prolli full complainin and im prolli driving ppl AWAY from ur blog!! newaiz someone sed i blog too much so il juz make this one short...my day was generally pretty good..except i almost died during maths...ARGH!! STOOPID MATHS...newaiz...everything wrked out alrite...and...

CONGRATZ TO LIL PRIS!!!! I TOLD U!! U WUDNT BELEVE ME!!! but newaiz...congratz x2750324640386 and hopefully il recieve betta news later!!

newaiz i think il hav to wake up RILI early tomoro to escape from hell!!...and french at nite!!.*sighz x4920458926*...and i cant bludge coz i bludged da other day already...im such a bad gurl :P...haiiiiiiii

~~~ love is in the air!! ~~~

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very very bz/confusing day [01 Aug 2005|12:10am]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | gigi - 顺时针 ]

hiiii its me agen!! hehehe im stealin lil pris' blog. newaiz today was soooo fun!! tiring!! interesting!! hot!! rainy!! and confusing!! and stressing!!

i woke up RILI early today!! (9:30am!!!)..had a bit of breakii...sat around..watched tv..then went out with my dad and cuzin. we went golfing and i stopped afta 100 coz my arm started hurtin... i think i hit tooo hard today but it was funny to see my cuzin plaiin golf in heels coz she didnt noe we wer goin to play golf so she wore heels and got told off (not rili) by my coach :P. afta dat i wanted to plai pool except da place we went was soooooooo frkn expensive!! and i was being a stingy bum so we went bowling instead...it was sooo sad!!! i lost!!! i came 3rd!!! :( but newaiz dats not da worst part yet...da worst part was breaking my prettyful nails!!!!! ARGHH..stoopid!!!!...so afta bowling i wen to da salon and got my nails fixed and now it looks prettyful agen!! :D and while i was gettin my nails fixed...i sent my dad and cuzin to da coffee shop..i joined them aftawards and i had da NICEST CHOCOLATE MILK SHAKE!!! it was so chocolaty but it wasnt too sweet adn i also had a blueberry cheesecake!! it was soooooooooooooo nice!!...definitely going bak agen!! aftaer dat we walked around a bit and we got my cuzin a new watch and she was rili happy and all but i didnt get nething :( owelz...nxt tym nxt tym

afta all dat we went to watch a movie...'seven swords'...in chink its 七剑 its a rili rili goooood movie!!! everyone shud watch it...except its a bit..only bit gory but its also funny!!...but there wer a few sad parts but not da ones dat wud make u cry so it was okay and da actors are alrite..and to those of u hu r lookin for hot guys ..u mite b disappointed but newaiz its a good good movie!!!

got home rili rili late...lyk 9 something?...had dina and then hopped online chatted to ppl but then i got rili confused by a lot of things..some good...some bad and i dono feel a bit horrible atm so i think i shud juz go

sorry for stealin ur blog priscilla and all those ppl hu r fans or her blogs...rili sorry but im juz rili rili rili bored!! and sorry if its not interestin but im juz so lost atm

~~~ ur past will alwaiz come bak to haunt u ~~~ *big fat sigh*

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[01 Aug 2005|12:06am]
[ mood | shocked ]

aiya what did i do



and my throat hurts too


OMG I DONT LIKE PEOPLE WHO ARENT NICE TO MY FRIENDS and thinks the whole world revolves around them! what kind of person thinks everything is directed at them WHY DONT THEY UNDERSTAND THEY ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT Person in the world
aiya! they can go to hell!

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[30 Jul 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | drunk ]
[ music | 黄义达 - 那女孩对我说 ]

hiiiii!!! im not priscilla, but im blogging for her, sorry if its not interesting. Well..today my air conditioner broke down, and it was rili rili rili hot and humid and i felt all yukki and everything..it was sooooo horrible!!...but we'r gettin it fixed tomoro and yea hopefully it will wrk. today was a pretty boring day...woke up at 11:30am (i feel lyk such a lazy bum :P) ate breakii...skipped lunch...watched tv...net...went out for dina...came home...toked to pris for lyk 2 and a half hrs on da fone.

china is soooo boring...nuthin interesting to do...nuthing to buy...da only thing i dats kinda interesting is gettin my nails done!!!!...they lok so pretty...except this tym my nails look lyk 'popcorn flowers' and my mum was telling me how its a waste of money and blah blah blah...

im rili running out of things to say...il juz telll all u ppl hu are on a diet a way to help u control ur weight

aim: control weight and improve ur health and helps a sore throat

ingredients: 10gm ginger, one tablespoon of honey, hot water

method: (1) put all three ingredients in a cup and mix

(2) drink 2-8 times a day (recommended 3 tymz a day, b4 each meal)

results: i dono

conclusion: ...

oh yea..today i was on a bus and i was standing there...then i felt something touching my bum!!..so i turned a round and it was this lil kid runnin on da bus!! and he kept bumping into my bum!!...but he was sooo cute!!!

newaiz...i think...ppl shud b nice to each other, no one deserves to b nigeled..well not everyone...and we all deserve a second chance...if some ppl are given more chances than they actually deserve..y cant they b nice and give other ppl a chance? everyone makes mistakes but juz some ppl dont undastand that 'no one is perfect'.

~~~ where is the love? ~~~

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[26 Jul 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | kenny kwan <3` - 先知 ]

went to alices house again today =] lol her house is my third home now ! haha ^^ anyway walked back to her house and prepared to send someone's present off onto the aeroplane =P hehe and alice sent a copy of her poster to my email and her email and then saved it onto her floppy incase she couldnt open at the library lol! soso we walked to rockdale post office but then after we chose the box and everything alice remebered she didnt bring the address...

so we had to walk back to her house to get the address!! and then walk to post office again in the wind! lol it was like pushing us from behind and forcing us to walk faster haha how hilarious =D anyway finally arrived at the post office! and lined up to pay... then omgosh! ^^ while we were writing the address on the box... there was this mother and she had two little girls with her (presumably her daughters...) and they were so adorable! they must have been in kindy because they were soo tiny! they barely came up to my waist ^^ so anyway one of them was standing behing me and one was behind her mum...

then out of nowhere i feel something bump into my leg...but i ignored it lol then it happened again ><" and i turned around... and i couldnt see anything! so i looked down and this adooorable little girl was staring at me! omg so cuteee! and then i started laughing and she smiled soooooo sweetly at me! and then i saw the other one looking and i started smiling at her too and she smiled and me and then hid behind her mummy again! OMG i had the funnest time smiling at them hahahahaha but like omg so cute!

okay after that me and alice walked to rockdale library to print off out posters onto A3 paper... and while we waited for the computer we read the guiness world records... or however you spell it! and we were shocked by the tallness of the tallest man in the world! 2.72m!! like waaaahh twice my height! lol hahah nearly... then umm sat around for a bit more and printed our posters off... then walked back to alices house. after lazing around for a while i called my dad to pick me up... except my mum came? but anyway came home and i havent done any homework today! how lazy of me

what should i do anyway?

☆ cry me a river`

Back to school [GAY] [20 Jul 2005|07:01pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | rain - I do ]

yesterday's first day back at school was gayness! well it was okay =] lol... bludgy and reeally boring! anyway today was very eventful! well not really but kind of =] woke up at 6:30 for some reason =\ soo weird i usually wake up late! not early lol so in the morning i knew today was going to be strange... hahahah well it wasnt but nevertheless!

first up! was science very very boring lesson =] then double english! it was bludgey but at the beginning of the lesson i was being an idiot... lol because i thought i had my science book on my table so i opened my book and started saying to myself nope this isnt my english book so i looked in my bag and then realised it had to be my english book so i looked again and then i said nope again, and then i was about to look into my bag again so i was half under the table ~.~ and then thought no it had to be my english book! and i looked and then i said oh it is my english book! then yunly looks at me and says "the teachers behind you"... and then i look up and see mr reis looking at me funnily >< and he goes "are you having fun priscilla?" how embarrassing?

after that umm embarrassing lesson lol went to the library and read... lol and OH yesterday it was so funny because after science we were walking out of the library and i started singing i believe i can fly and then when we were having lunch we heard sisi randomly singing that song and then we started cracking up and eunice or alice ? was like how come youre singing that song?! and then sisi goes i dont know! i heard someone singing it and then eunice cracked up and pointed at me =P it was really funny!

okay moving right along maths was just crazy again like always =] lol and so was pe... amy couldnt stop laughing! lol so funny. then at 5 went to parent teacher interview and it was good except for science.. that just ruined it ~.~ and i told my mum i didnt want her to see mr reis because hes scary and im scared =P lol and she was like okay i wont see him. Then when my mum was talking to mr murray (he told me to go for a walk lol) i walked past mr reis and he gave me this evil stare! it was sooo ergh! then i told my mum who my english teacher is and then she goes yes he does look quite mean LOL! i full cracked up when she said that =P well yea... ^^ it was funny

kylie says: "why is life so confusing!?"

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rain<3 MARRY ME <3<3 !! [18 Jul 2005|07:00pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | twins - 星光遊樂園 ]

rain is super hot and full house is super cool thus the layout =] hoho ^^ today i bored my arse off sitting at home and changing all my blog layouts when i should actually be trying to finish my science poster... not very successful at the moment considering i havent started... but bleh~ =]

holidays have been super good ^^ very fun and relaxing... and not much homework so that was good...and started reading harry potter and the half-blood prince last night. It's okay i guess. Not as good as i thought it would be but yeapyeap its a bit strange since i forgot pretty much everything that happened in the previous five books... and its not surprising who snape turns out to be lol

hai school tomorrow

have to wake up early ~.~ in the cold *cries*

err ill continue later.. this is such a pointless blog

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eunice is gayest =P [02 Jul 2005|10:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

HOLIDAAAAAAAYS !!!! hoho ^^ soso yesterday was the stupid 2 hour teacher strike.. but i didnt go to school anyway!! ^^ soso in the morning i went to alice's house and we did HOMEWORD =D such nerds ^^ lol while she was worrying about her dr du i went online to talk to kylie ^^ and i was talking on alices account and my account and fully confusing her ^^ hehe was kind of funny.. but then i got confused as well so yes lol

then at around 1 me and alice went to hurstville and she shouted me lunch at sushi train =] and we were so full ! lol then we walked around hurstville and everything.. i dont really remember but she wasnt feeling too well lol so we went to colonade or something =P well the coffee shop.. and sat there for ages.. talking.. haha

soo at around 3:30 ish we went to dr du.. and waited.. then i went tutoring and it was really boring and blah.. my little cousin came last night.. but then she left haha and yes ^^ ooh and we saw a few people too lol.. there was this year 12 girl and she was fully saying how shes going to get us busted =] haha so funny..

then todaaay i woke up at like.. 12:30 xP oh wells... then after a while had to go tutoring and la di da... haha it was a loooong lesson ><" then came home and i talked on the phone with eunice and she kept on calling me a liar =P haha i dont think we've ever talked that much before.. well nonstop anyway... it was such a funny convo =P and shes sooo childish lol she kept on saying "i win i win i win.. you lost you lost you lost!" and then she kept on calling me gay as well ><" haha it was just really funny.. she made up some really weird word as well ^^... haha but yea we were more like shouting at each other than talking =] but yes funfun ^^

i think im going yumcha with aunty and cousins tomorrow ^^ so back to tv now lol

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LAST TEST ` !!! XD [28 Jun 2005|07:08pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | 方力申<3~!! - ABC君 BEST SONG EVERRR!!! ]

wheeee` xP hehe ^^ i did my last test for this term today! even though i stuffed up majorly with the aqueous and gas and solid crap because i totally forgot to write it in the equations!! and the IronIII oxide!!! hohoho ^^ and even though i still have to write two feature articles for history and finish my botanybay thing for geography... im still happy!! =D lol im so weird xP

but what im not happy about!! is that the strike on friday isnt even TWO HOURS!??! how stupid is that ><""" lol i want it to be the whole day! but then again i might not go to school xP har har! =P lol

anymaways yesterday was the talk on HSC stuff for parents and jenny eunice yunly karen belinda susan and carmen all went as well! hehe ^^ so we were sitting at the back of the common room and 'studying' for science while the year twelve people were saying whatever in chinese for chinese parents =].. then halfway through i needed to relieve myself so i said to jenny 'i need to pee' ><" lol i dont know why.. but then she looks at me and goes.. "initidal D!?!??!?" hahhahahha it was sooo funny.. to me anyway...

then she got up and we started looking at the teachers photos and HAHA biggest crackup man! mr wright is sooo funny ><" you could see him getting fatter and then thinner and then fatter so obviously every year! and his red socks are always there ><" and yes.. then for some reason we all stood at that little umm corridor thing and looked at the photos and it was just weird!! and squashed.. lol

yeap.. then we sat back down and had this major bitch thing lol.. it was soo mean but oh wells =P haha then left at around 8:30 ish i think.. and my dad was like we're going out for dinner again..lol but we ate already! so i was like..so full yesterday ><" and when i came home i couldnt be bothered to study for science so yea... i studied at like 10 =P and then gave up after 30 minutes... so yeapyeap

today.. umm oooh at the parent teacher interview my mum's going to see ms o'dea and ms bullivant and thats really bad because i talk sooo much in maths and history!!! haha they better not mention anything =P OH and did i mention... i got my report last friday and it was okaaay =D im happy with most of it.. well more than half of it anyway lol! soo yes ^^

today at lunch and maths it was reeaally funny.. and omg at maths amy did those dotty things again and she kept on telling me to look.. and she knew i get all shivery and goosebump-y when i see DOTS!! OMG i was fully trying to not look and everything haha.. the teacher mustve thought we were weird.. but it was sooo gay! haha.... but funny in a way

BLUb... subject selections.. WHAT TO DOO!??!....

i have no idea.. ><" lol =P

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i dont know.. random blog haha [22 Jun 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | 他約我去迪士尼 mad song lol ]

so busy lately lol XP so that explains the um lack of blogging xP haha

soso what has happened... umm tuesday wednesday friday of last week... i have forgotten totally what happened lol... on thursday went to the geo excursion.. to umm brighton haha it was really pointless,, we just walked and drew and talked and listened to a talk.. it was soso boring lol... then after school i went to alice's house for some reason and then yes..saturday and sunday.. i dont really remember.. haha

monday i found out i had a science practical test just before i had science so that was really scary... but it was okaaay i guess.. yesterday had a maths test and it was sooo long and it was hard and it was gaaaay...then when i came home i attempted to finish my wide reading but i wasn't very successful lol... and today was really funny lol.. even though nothing happened... oh i dont know..

but yeaaa.. my memory's like.. getting worse >"<

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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long weekend =D [13 Jun 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]
[ music | 自欺欺人 - 方力申,傅穎 (Theresa@Cookies) ]

friday was athletics carnival and i went and it was kind of boring excpet donkey lol that was funny =D and belinda's sister seems to like us very much? lol haha whole day was just playing cards and taking photos and walking around and being random =D went hurstville with amy belinda jian karen christine after school and yeaap i dont remember lol.. but it was a random day =D

yesterday i went city with my parents and bought lots of clothes lol =D and i cut my hair as well and now its like sticking up everywhere haha xP but yesss ^^ went city again today for esther's birthday thingo and it was fun and random ^^ had to get there soooo early !! at 10?! lol and eunice got there at 11 ~.~ haha so bummed at galaxy for an hour before she came..

then we went to coco except it was closed and we wasted so much time throughout the whole day just trying to decide where to go lol so we went capitol and spent ages there haha then we were going to have lunch except no one knew what they wanted so eunice karen christine esther huan and me? i? went to the korean k first and i had no idea what was going on lol and omg before we went k we were at the umm convenient store? next to it and huan bought condoms =S!? lol it was sooo random haha yea and they sang english songs and esther sang korean songs lol she was the only krn there! ^^ then the others finally came with the cake and yes then sang some more...

went to phoenix for chinese k after that lol so funnny... and then started playing bing bang wah and had to kiss people excpet with gladwrap..! haha HOW RANDOM?! but then it got a bit slow after a while for some reason... so played spin the bottle and that was reaaally random tooo... lol and eunice was just singing ><"" lol then had to leave at 4 lol and yeess ^^ so that was pretty funfun.... haha

and ill ermm steal photos off eunice xP lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
lol me and eunice =D at korean k

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
EVERYONE =D with bday girl in the middle xP kind of anyway lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
what is huan doing?!?!!? O__x !?!? hahahahhaha

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me being weird...? =D

big fat sigh... SCHOOL TOMORROW T^T

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work experience + TWINSSSS <3 !!!! [04 Jun 2005|07:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | 張柏芝-[乙水][乙水]轉 ]

tuesday was really good!! coz i got to go to reservations on level 7 and everyone was soso friendly!! hehe ^^ so in the morning i got to help reply emails lol SO WEIRD! then umm went to the ticketing department and that was kind of boring... then refunds and that was... lol weird and met alice for lunch ^^ lol then after lunch was really goooood! coz i got to go to groups and the two people there are heaps nice lol we were like chatting and everything xP and then they were telling me how they were in charge of the twins' umm air fares and blahblah and everything and yea it was really funny.. then ques where i nearly fell asleep xP and the lady was just non stop talking in canto haha once she knew i was canto she wouldnt stop talking ~.~ then phone calls! i was sitting with liza with those headphone things and i felt so pro haha... then had to sit with A.k and he was the boringest lol but yea ^^ tuesday was goood!

er...wednesday was no comment... spent the whole day putting in three months worth of credit and debit data into the computer ~.~ then photocopying like a few hundred sheets, stapling them and putting them into envelopes.. like tiny tiny envelopes ~.~ argh lol it was quite boring...

AND OMG THURSDAY WAS THE BEST... =P coz i got to go airport! so i woke at like 9:30 xP.. because i had to get to airport at 11am from my house =D and when i got there i was so lost haha so i asked some security person and yes ^^ then i got there and had to wait half and hour before everyone arrived and its so funny because everyone in the office has to have this like meeting before every flight and yea its funny ><" hehe ^^ and i was supervised by corynne or something.. and we went checkin counter first and that was kind of boring because not many people but the lady next to me..she was telling me how she saw twins when they came in the morning and how she was fully standing next to them and how they had such nice skin but they were short and how they had sun glasses that covered three quarters of their face and how much luggage they had and OMG i was like AAAAHHH I SHOULDVE BEEN THERE lol.. then GATE 33 ^^ hahahha i got to go into the aircraft and the umm cockpit and first thing i thought was TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES xP hohoho and then i was going aaall around and they were showing me everythinggg soooo coool then i had nothing to do for like the next 30 mins lol coz it wasnt boarding time yet and omgomgomg i saw this hothothothothothothot x1029430291 guy!!! haha but omg xP sooo hot lol and he had a nice voice as well xP then ummm i got to check passports and boarding passes ^^ then when they disconnected the plane from the weird tunnel thing i was allowed to stand there xP and yea it was a reaaaally fun day ^^ and i got to leave at 3:00 =D!! lol four hours of work xP how noooiiiiiiceeee

and last daaay was boring at first... had to finish all the work for my supervisor but she was sooo nice! she kept complimenting me lol and she gave me all outstandings on my report xP so yes the morning was frustrating because she didnt want me to go to lunch lololol xP serious haha and then she said to me "in would be nice if you can come back in the holidays" and i was so shocked lol but yes ^^ then after lunch i went to level 7 again =P and then went and full bothered the reservations people XP but they were really nice lol well i sat with groups people and julie was telling me about her wedding and honeymoon and wedding dress and koala [koloa xP] hahahha and they were reeeaally nice and yea so i stayed there for the last two hours talking to them =D then yeeaap end of work experience

my dad came to pick me up and drove me to chinatown where i met karen jenny chadwick boris at phoenix and sang one hour of k then went to capitol and ate jap food for dinner ^^ sooo many poeple! haha took capitols and saw victoria and henny lol ^^ then yeap and the concert was heeeeeaaaaps goood ^^ sosososoos goood and gillian is soooooo pretttyyy!!!! except their singing went a little weird.. haha and they kept on going "everyone sing along!" hahha and i was full singing my head off with rebecca xP then omgomg they came to right in front of where i sat for one song and they were sooooo close! lol BUT MY CAMERA RAN OUT OF BATTERIES argh i was sooo annoyed lol and they sang some of there mando songs =P and yeap ^^ it was reeeeeally gooood! <3~~

haha oh fudge i wrote so much xP

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELINDA!!!! [30 May 2005|08:08pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | 吳卓羲 - 別怪她 ]

wheeeeee ^^ yesterday was funfunfun!! well umm it was belinda;s bday party..and in the morning we went city and took stickers and went all the way around the city (coz we were kind of lost) to go spuds and crepes coz belinda had a sudden craving ~.~ and then we went around city again! and ended up at hyde park (coz we were still lost) and then finally got to big echo but it was closed!! sooo walked to phoenix and sang an hour of K and it was SOSO FUN!! except belinda didnt sing and i couldnt hear yunly sing BUT anyway! then rushed back to belinda's house AND OMG HER SISTERS ARE SO CUTE!! ESPESHALLT WENDY THE LITTLEST ONE...excpet she wouldnt let me take a photo of her BUT SHES SO CUTEEEE!!! =D

while we were waiting for the rest of the people to arrive we watched raise your voice and then yeap they started playing air hockey...then after the movie ended we ate and belinda was fully rushing us because she wanted to see the grudge.. but me and alice went upstairs to colour in with wendy xP lol then yeapyeap after movie we had pizza and cake then OMG sooo funny amy was taping them walking down the stairs and commentating and everything like MISS HK LOLOLOL it was sososo funny!!! but then yes ^^ belinda put THE ACADEMY on while we waited for our parents to comeee... then yes my dad came to pick me and alice up and yes IT WAS FUN ^^

and today was work experience.. omgomg! lol it was boring ~.~ but anywayz went to pick up alice at 8 and it took us ONE FRKN HOUR TO GET THERE! argh stupid traffic jams.. lol but yes.. got there and my supervisor was explaining there different departments and what levels belong to them and then i got to go up and down the lifts and around the whole building with the postman xP HOW FUN!!? lol and the rest of the day i was FILING!! my god lol i was about to FAINT =P

met alice for lunch at 1 and i felt kind of lost because i walked out of my buidling and i was just standing there looking at the sign that said "bent street" and wondering where i should go lol..i was full staring at it for like 5 minutes xP maaan then alice appeared and came to the rescue =D haha and we went to chifley plaza for lunch and ate jap food!! hehe ^^ then we went back to work and i did more filing ~.~ lol then omg i had to use the TYPEWRITER! omg how old fashioned ?!?!?! lol and i made it all crooked but she still said it looks really good xP XD !!! hehe ^^

and she let me go home and 4:45!! how NOICE?! lol even though i had to wait 10 minutes for my dad and another 5 for alice!! lol BUT IT WAS PRETTY GOOOD ANYWAYZ! hehe ^^ but alice is like heeaaaaps more excited about it than me lol she was talking non stop about it in the car and then when we came home my dad was asking me DOES SHE ALWAYS TALK THAT MUCH!? LOLOL but yes ^^ soso it was goood ^^ tomorrow i get to go to the reservations department or something and TAKE PHONE CALLS =D !!! lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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YOU [28 May 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | lol on the phone with eunice? xP ]

okaaays.... friday was really really blugdey =D so that was cool.. lol at lunch alice eunice jenny amy karen and umm others went to the hall to help with year 7 language day...and we had to help our group with their quiz.. AND OMG i felt soooo dumb T^T lol because when they asked the latin, indonesian and jap questions i was sosososo clueless! haha i was no help at all ~.~ but then the french questions were okay =P they asked "what does 5 in french and titanic have in common?" and they all looked at me =P so i umm kind of half told them... then this girl goes "OH" and she writes.. 'they both SANK!!" hahahha ok it was funny at the time~!

and amy's group was really funny as well,,, there was this question about what does carot and orange have in common? oh it was in french though.. and then someone from her group said "theyre both oranges!!" lol ahhahahahah i full cracked up xP... well it was really funny!! OH and eunice wasnt even supposed to be their =] BLUDGER lol...

oooh and it was mufti.. and IT WAS SO HILARIOUS... eunice, miniskirt, boots... ahem.. TWINS?!?! LOL when umm i dont remember who told me it was soooo funny!!! haha *pat pat* eunice xP but yeeaa..then after school went to get belinda's birthday present with alice then yeaaap...

AND i talked on the phone with eunice today.. and shes sooooo mean! >:( SHE FULLY said she might not be going tomoro !! argh how meaaaaaan !! lol but shes so funny haha everytime i say go on msn to her she goes "what do u mean??" in this fully low voice xP hahhaha sooo manly =P

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haha POINTLESS [26 May 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Jade 放生 ]

Your brain: 80% interpersonal, 80% visual, 40% verbal, and 200% mathematical!
Congratulations on being 400% smart! Actually, on my test, everyone is. The above score breaks down what kind of thinking you most enjoy doing. A score above 100% means you use that kind of thinking more than average, and a score below 100% means you use it less. It says nothing about how good you are at any one, just how interested you are in each, relatively. A substantial difference in scores between two people means, conclusively, that they are different kinds of thinkers.

Matching Summary: Each of us has different tastes. Still, I offer the following advice, which I think is obvious:

  1. Don't date someone if your interpersonal percentages differ by more than 80%.
  2. Don't be friends with someone if your verbal percentages differ by more than 100%.
  3. Don't have sex with someone if their math percentage is over 200%.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 63% on interpersonal
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You scored higher than 52% on visual
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You scored higher than 43% on verbal
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You scored higher than 89% on mathematical
Link: The 4-Variable IQ Test written by chriscoyne on Ok Cupid

LOL wow its been quite long since ive blogged =D but nothing much has happened anyway..well from what i could remember.. lol around week three, vanessa's uncle and aunty came to Australia so went out for dinner with them for three nights ^^ it was great fun lol... then umm.. haha then umm last week some day...went to alice's house and umm i dont know... and yea i dont remember what happened lol

this week has been abit ergh... lol some of my test results are so... no comment kind of ish haha going to get such a gaygay report... well today ^^ school was relatively okay.. and i went to alices house again lol and she kept on telling me to do science and everything ~.~ lol then we just talked and watched tv kind of.. lol and yeap ^^

lol my god this is really pointless =] but i think ill be busy ish next week =D SO THATS GOOD lol im so bored at the moment

and i cant go on msn either haha... oh wells

lol and kylie if you read this TELL ME WHATS WRONG T^T

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[01 May 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | cbb to copy and paste ~.~ ]

nine.. 0 to go !!!!!

week two:
1. geography skills - thursday
2. science tickertape analysis - friday

week three:
3. maths half yearly - tuesday
4. science competition - wednesday
5. science rotation test - friday
6. history half yearly - friday

week four:
7(i). french half yearly listening - tuesday [soooo sososo bad!]
8. commerce half yearly - thursday
9. geography half yearly - thursday
7(ii). french half yearly speaking - thursday

week five:
7(iii). french half yearly reading - tuesday
7(iv). french half yearly writing - friday

help meeee ><"

lol so as u can see i wont be blogging T^T.... or watching tv *BIG FAT SIGH* well +oil and good luck to everyone having half yearlies or exams or wtvr!!

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ct + K !!! [25 Apr 2005|08:32pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | 希望 ]

weLL yesterday i went to sleep at 6 in the morning and woke up at 12:30pm =] lol then i ate and watched tv and ate and watched tv etc etc. lol and thats pretty much how my holidays have been...sleeping at like 4-6 am and waking up late ~.~ lol ooh and ive been watching 大長今and the little girl is soo cute and soo good at acting! i was like crying =D T^T but yes reaaally good ^^ !

well moving right along! i went city today with chadwick jenny dennis and huan...met at 11 and then ermm took capitols ^^ on the new machines lol..so squashed! then went to market city and played ddr.. we didnt end up watching AV even though huan reeeaally wanted to LoL..so we went to eat at y2k and then went K!!! mygosh soooo funnn ^^ and i wanted to go for longer but... T^T lol went playtime and jenny chadwick dennis and me played the photohunt game =] and sooo funny lol then went market city foodcourt and talked lol THEY ARE ALL SO DITRY MINDED ><" lol and it was a reeeeaaally good day!! really funnnnn ^^ kaka` i want K!!! =]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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MO LIU > [21 Apr 2005|02:04pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | 心裡話 ]

well nothing has happened lol xP ive been...watching tv? lol sucha pig =P ooh i need to do my science experiment as well...vanessa ><" where ever you are lol...mind if i use you and your sister for my experiment? =] hehe ^^

1. Given name: priscilla
2. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 14
3. Date that you regularly blow them out: 3rd july
4. Nationality: honkaaay =]
5. Astrological Sign: cancer
6. Relationship Status: LoL flyiiing solo =]
7. Height: SHORT x]]
8. Weight: waah too personal =D
9. Hair Colour and length: black? =S and umm longish lol
10. Eye Colour: brown
11. Ethnic Descent: Asian
12. At what time were you born? how would i know? =.=
13. How long was your mother in labour? no idea
14. Are your parents divorced? NOOoOOooO
15. Are you in school or working? Schooling at sgghs ~.~
16. Father`s name and occupation: WAT THE?
17. Mother`s name and occupation: NOT TELLING ><"
18. Siblings [include their ages]: haha only child
19. Pets [include animal type and breed]: no pet
20. Living Situation: With parents
21. Complexion? YELLOW =]]
22. Do you suffer from acne? Wat wat wat?? lol

23. Favourite Films [list a minimum of 3]: umm i dont remember any =P
24. Favourite TV shows [list 3]: 残酷一叮 ,, 獎門人 and i dont know
25. Favourite Drinks [list 3]: omgsh that mango thing! in hk ,, pearl milk tea ,, cream soda? lol
26. Favourite Ethnic Food: Japanese food xP
27. Favourite Snack Items [list 3]: fudge wat the? how random
28. Favourite Books: dan brown books? lol
29. Favourite Musical Artists [list 3]: umm many
30. Favourite Drawing Medium: i dont draw =S
31. Favourite Cereals [list 2]: haha i dont eat cereal! how gay =]

32. Early Morning Rituals [list 3]: Wake up..change..have breakfast?
33. Are you often rushed? no =]
34. What stresses you out? School! blah so stupid
35. Do you get dressed before or after breakfast? before
36. Name your means of transportation: car o=]]
37. Have you a license? nooo ~.~
38. What is your typical lunch consist? rice..lol
39. Where do you eat it? in the playground?
40. Early Evening Rituals [list 3]: Go on MSN, watch tv =D and do homework.
41. What is your regular bedtime? 11-12 ish?
42. Do you eat dinner as a family? yea
43. What is your typical dinner? Who prepares it? umm rice? and obviously mum cooks =] lol
44. Are you household chore enabled? NOPE =]]
45. How often does your room get cleaned? my room's always clean

faaark how long is this =.=

46. Describe the decor: i dont know.. computer desk bed built in wardrobe etc etc?
47. Do you hide things underneath your mattress? nope
48. Do people invade your personal space? not really..well my parents come in whenever and look at my stuff ~.~
49. Are you a pack rat? a what? O.o"
50. List 3 of your favourite shops: ...
51. What deternines your purchases: whether I like it or not?

52. Favourite Childhood Foods [list 3]: dont remember umm those sausaged frm hk? lol the thin ones that arent really
sausages but OH I DONT KNOE! and milk ~.~ and YAKULT lol haha yea xP
53. Favourite Childhood Books [list 3]: whaaaat...? ><"
54. Favourite Childhood Shows [list 3]: I DONT REMEMBER playschool? =D
55. Favourite Childhood Toys [list 3]: barbie, cutout people and wtvr we made up at the time lol
56. Favourite Childhood Animal: horses? O.o"
57. Favourite Childhood Colour: blue haha
58. What was your dress style like? I`m not sure if I had a "style" rofl.
59. Worst trends you succumbed to [list 2]: huh
60. First words: i have no idea =D i doubt even my parents know =P
61. Did you go to summer camp? Were you in any clubs? nopee
62. What was your social standing? O___x"
63. If you could go back in time, what would you change about your childhood? nothing =D

64. Do you see yourself as troublesome? NO ... kind of?
65. How have you evolved in the last couple of years? IVE MATURED!? lol
66. List some major milestones of this time: umm

67. Any Piercings? Tats? If so, where and what of? i have two piercings one on each ear HAR HAR wat a rebel =]
68. Did it hurt as much as you had anticipated? dont remember i was like FIVE?

HUH i give up ~.~ lol tooo many =P

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