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Stitches [10 Aug 2003|12:05pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Kagerou, Shoushitsu ]

I got the stitches removed. I thought it had all healed up, but apparently not. I started to bleed a little after he got them out. Hmm... well I hope it doesn't leave a scar.

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Evil teeth! [09 Aug 2003|06:53pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Psycho le Cemu ]

I went to the dentist today and oh man... I can't believe I got three cavities. I tried so hard not to get anymore and look where it got me. Arg... my mouth hurts right now and I'm not feeling too good. I wore my contacts for more than 5 hours and now my eyes feel all tired and shitty. Woe is me... I might have to bring some floss to school from now on...

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ARG [08 Aug 2003|04:38pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Pierrot, COCOON ]

Ahem...hehehe... okay I shall continue what I wrote yesterday since Mother was screaming at me to get off... The girl, Yvonne... yes, she is too much. I have this gut feeling that she does not like me. Well taken, actually, since we are very different from each other. Uh... like total opposites. I bet that if I showed her a Dir en Grey picture or one of Mana she will freak her ass off. I loathe people like that. She tried to get me to dance...uh hell no. She gave up after a few tries. I am not dancing to hip hop music, man. She says I'm shy because I do not like to dance. Yeah, right. I am not shy of dancing... just not like her dancing. I'm not bowing down to peer pressure. Fucking sheep. Just because everyone else is dancing does not mean you have to too. Maybe some classical or soemthing, but definitely not hip hop.

I've never had a boyfriend before and when she asked me, of course I said no. Here's the conversation:

"Do you guys have boyfriends?"

"Hell no..."

"Why not?" she says, looking terribly confused.

"I'm celibate, hahaha... I'm going to be a spinster and anyway... I don't need a boyfriend. If fact, you can just called me a fucking nun for god's sake. Hahaha! Hmm... have you ever had a girlfriend?"

"Of course!" Yvonne said, looking at me like I was on weed or something... "I broke up with him before we moved here."

Can you believe this? What the fuck? Damn... she is stupid. I bet a lot of guys will like her, just for her looks though. When they talk to her... whoa, hello. Dipshit. She disgusts me to no end. I told her Edward would like her because of her looks. She said, "That's shallow guys, him liking me because of my looks." Hypocrite. She cares too much about her looks. I swear she kept asking me over ten times if she looked crossed eye because her contacts were moving. Annoying ass. Shut up already, I heard you the first time and you look fine. Shit, if I looked crossed eyed, that'll look cool... hehehe... another quote from her, "Oh man, this hat messed up my hair." [gasp] like anyone gives a flying crap... I have the begun the process of shying away from her... hopefully we will not have any classes together.

Sick I tell you, sick. This girl is going to grow up to be like one of those Asian sluts. Ack... I am truly disgusted by her behavior. It was like she was bragging about it. I think she was too much for California so they had to move here to this little island to get away from all the havoc she wreaked over there... Uh... I really need to stop cursing. It is an addictive habit I've had since 4th grade.

I went to get my schedule fixed and the lady said my counselor wouldn't be available until Monday. Damn... why do things like this always happen to me? I just have really bad luck, I tell you. We went to Wal-Mart and Kim and I bought some shoes. She got some blue shoes that looked cute on her but shit on me. I bought some cool looking ones, it kind of like graffiti. Heh...

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Tor Camp [07 Aug 2003|09:47pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Psycho le Cemu, Lonely moon ]

Oh man, what a day it has been today... I went to Tor Camp for the Health Science academy and well, let's just say it was eventful. 12:30-4:00 they introduced us to Ball High and everything. I made some new friends. I met one Indian guy, Haviece I think that was his name. Hahaha... he was cool. I asked him if his dad owned the 99 cent store by HEB. Hahaha, I'm gay, I know. A Filipino... although I don't remember his name... heh but I don't think he was too interested in being my friend. I met Thomas, a black guy. He was cool but damn... he danced way too much. There was this Vietnamese girl, Yvonne. One word, ack! Dude, she was so fucking flaky. I swear she cares too much about her looks. J.Lo is her idol. Hello. I was wincing the whole time. She takes girliness to a whole other level. She is in dance. Oh god no. My first impression of her? Pretty girl with makeup, manicured nails, long frilly pheasant skirt, some shit looking shirt that Kim thought was cute. Uh huh, as a fucking table cloth. Too much. Way too high maintenance for me. I swear, hanging with her will only bring trouble. This girl has no modesty at all. I understand why her father would not let her go to dances. She'll probably get her ass pregnant. Eh... [shudders] I am scared for Kim, she might follow this girl and turn into one of those hoochies. What the hell did she give this girl her phone number for if she wanted to "distance herself from her?" O_o

The dance had too much hip hop/rap music. Shit music I say... I did not dance, because why try when you can't? It's really hopeless. I just sat there and talked. It was all right. Then we got our I.D.s The guy who made the I.D.s, Beau, took the picture out of a quick cam! Whoa... and then he printed it out and some afro dude gave it to me with a cheap chain. At least he didn't screw it up and break the sticker or something. I looked like shit as always. Hahaha. Ah damn, I have to go back tomorrow to get my schedule fixed because the bastard counselor didn't give me a first period. Fucker. I got everything that I wanted except the French Pre-AP. Arg...

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Moley moley moley [04 Aug 2003|06:02pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | vidoll, agoraphobia ]

Whoohoo! I finally got the large beauty mark removed. My dad did it all... and he is good. ^__^ It's good to get it taken off now, because it might have just grown bigger and bigger until it becomes cancerous. [shudders] Like my cousin's grandmother's. Hers was very large and had hair on it. My dad refused to remove it for her, he said it was too dangerous. She might die from it. The anesthesia stung like hell. He gave me two agonizing shots. After the "operation" I took a look at the beauty mark lying in the plate, and it looked suddenly bigger then it seemed on my face. Scary, man... eh, I'm probably grossing you out talking about this. Oh well, hahahaha...

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Horror [04 Aug 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Psycho le Cemu, Boundless ]

I have found this awesome website. It has tons of horror graphics for you to use. It's all in Japanese though. I love the eyeball ice cream. :)

I have become completely and totally addicted to Honey Bunches of Oats as of now... oh it is so good. Blarg... uh, I know I'll get tired of it next week. I always do somehow... I get a crazy obsession and then it goes away after two or three weeks. Mother thinks I'm insane because I change my mind so much. Friends think I'm weird and are confused sometimes. Hahaha... my current obsession? Downloading music... but I can feel it slipping away... hmm... I wonder what the next one is going to be...?

My dad called the car company. They still haven't fixed the car and it's been two whole weeks! Damn lazy bastards... I guess I'll have to bum a ride with Kim. We had to ride our bikes to Arlans yesterday. I guess it wasn't so bad, but I wasn't that steady with the bike. I crashed on the sidewalk. Heheh... I think it's a boy's. It looks cool though.

I've been having some of the most freakiest dreams ever... I used to have dreams like once or twice a week, but now it's every night. Whoa... what is going on there?! I have seriously never had a nice, relaxing dream. They are all weird and strange. [shudders]

Yeah, yeah... I know Kim said it's not good to use an online journal, people stalk you and shit. Uh huh... it's not like I write personal stuff in here or give out my fucking address. No one knows who the hell I am and nobody at school knows I write a journal. It's a 1000000000/1 chance that they'll read my journal and find me interesting enough to uh... stalk. She's not my mother, and even if she was... I wouldn't listen to her anyway. I humor people too much. God, she is too paranoid about this stalking thing... People tell me what to do, I nod politely and don't do it. Heheheh... I am certainly not going to write in a real journal. Someone is going to find it and then... AH! She can write in her little journal all she wants, but not me...

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August [04 Aug 2003|08:45am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Pierrot, Mass Game ]

Ah! I-it can't be...the dreaded month, August 1. Oh man, this summer flew by like a fucking bullet train. What have I accomplished during this...uh...wonderful summer? Nothing. Nothing at all. I'm am highly disappointed that I didn't do anything constructive these past two months accept being lazy and not even gaining some weight because of it. Eh... oh well, at least I got some reading done. Maybe I'll see some of the old classmates there, that'll be fun. I'm not ready for school yet. >_< I want more time to slack off... hahahahaha... two months is definitely not enough. Dying... and now Mother is "prepping" me for the school bus. Oh man, now she's trying to wake me up earlier and earlier until I wake at 6 am! I am going to die, literally. Last night I couldn't sleep. Laid on the bed for about an hour trying to fall asleep. Torture. Today she woke me up at 8 am talking about it was 9. Arg... I swear she exaggerates to the extreme sometimes...

K-i-m and her sister posse came to my house around 10 yesterday to give me a pair of size 6 shoes. Whoa. Hehehe... they were cute, I'll wear them, when I feel like it. If I don't feel like doing something... you aren't going to get me to do shit. Probably to the library or something. They're awfully flat though... I would have liked something to boost my little height... but oh well, I'm being way picky again. >:B At least she had the thought to get me something. Cool. Mother's been trying to get me to wear those brand new sneakers from 6th grade that I never go to wearing. Ack, no... yeah yeah, I know if you buy something you're supposed to wear it blah blah blah... but I'm horribly attached to my old Adidas from 7th grade. *sniff* I can't part with them, I almost went mad trying to look for them. My dad was screaming at me because I kept digging around in the garage looking for them. I wear them until they rip apart and there can be no way on Earth I can walk in them again. Lily can wear those new ones when she grows into them.

I've started reading The Two Towers, and they were right... it is way more interesting than Fellowship. I'm hooked now. I never thought Lord of the Rings could be this good. :D Must go and finish it... I'm too addicted to books... maybe that's why I'm half blind.

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[03 Aug 2003|08:12pm]
Whoohoo! Brand new layout. :D
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