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    Thursday, June 5th, 2003
    10:24 am
    I am a giant mutant kitten. Not strange at all.

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    in that case...where's Peek a Boo.
    ::evil grin::
    9:26 am
    Wow its madd early.I just watched the lion king...had 2 ice pops and 3 cigarettes. I cant sleep at all because im not taking my medicine...Im selling it to this kid at NA. Haha who would have thought that being mentally disturbed woulda paid off in the long run?
    Yesterday I went to Erics house. We went to Ryans and smoked then walked home and went to NA.
    We were trying to get some but noone was willing to drive in the freakin rain. So we chilled in his moms friends car. haha yeah chilled.
    So after NA i call my mom to come pick me up and the bitch hangs up on me. Im thinking that shes already somming to get me. So Around 10:30 i call her again and shes like oh well YOU hung up on ME so i thought u were getting youreself home. Then she hung up on me again and got me. I live for this kind of shit...Drama. See thats prolly why i instigate so much because i do anything to make me feel alive.

    At ryans they were all making fun of Steve. It made me smile. :) They were sayin how hes a pussy and how he such a loser...He walks up and is like hey guys. hahaha. Yupp thats steve. Hes gone down to an all time low i hear. He broke up with Kayla and is now going out with a 12 yr old from Bridgewater. Hes the Playschool Pimp. I wanna kick him in the shin and be like YOUR 17 DUDE. DATE SOMEONE UR OWN AGE! I bet the only reason he dates preteens is cause he cant get ass from anyone older. They know better.

    Jenns Party- Well it wasnt a party at the moment it twas a gathering perhaps? Me Jenn Amanda and Drew ventured to the Rollercoaster and toked. Drew was retarted...climbing on trees...running around...lol trying to get resen hits off a saftey pin. Amanda was drawing on a log and me and Jenn were talking. haha it was madd fun. Then we met up with Thoden and we toked with him. He was funny. He was hitting the bowl and was like im not getting anything...I was like thinking in my head-Maybe cause its cashed. THANKS COACH CASH.
    Sadly Jenn, Drewis and Thoden bizzounced. We had to part ways because if Jenns dad saw me hed call the cops.
    It was all good though. Haha after that day there was another day we chilled at Stoney Brook and we toked and saw the log with out resen pin and such. Then we ventured to central//white oak for some water i think...We saw Brian and Naydeen and they informed us Drew was comming. so when Drew came he was pissed cause Jenn didnt chill with him or whatever. Or she didnt anwser he cell phone. i didnt even hear it ring mann. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN WE HEARD IT. THE ICE CREAM MAN. WE CHASED THAT BITCH FOR LIKE A HALF MILE! yo bannana and watermellon italian ice kicks ass.

    Current Mood: dirty
    Current Music: master p, currensy, choppa-i got you girl
    Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
    1:41 pm
    Yesterday i went to Mackys. We smoked and then we had sex in the rain. haha it was pretty fun. I accually didnt mind getting wet. After that we talked alot and we played rocks paper sissor shoot and thumb war. Then we went in his house so i could go to the bathroom and we got Snapples and smoked a few stoages and then we sat in his moms car and made out for a while. Then my dad came to pick me up. We went to Quickcheck and i got this ChickenBacon Club thing. It was bangin. When i got home i went downstairs and ate that chicken thing and chilled for a little.
    Im mad thirsty right now. I dont think anyone understands.
    I have a 4:30 Thearpy appointment with Michelle and then im going to Erics. Were meeting a dealer at NA so itll be cool.
    Im glad im back to smoking. Cause at the hospital i was acting out like madd. I was in the Quite area and they send me to my room for 5 hours. I mean cmon my mom hasnt even done that shit. Ive come to the conclusion that the only way i can succusfully get through a day is to be high as a fucken kite.
    alright im gone gotta do some school work. I gotta pass this grade yo.

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    Current Music: ja rule ft jennifer lopez-im real
    Friday, May 30th, 2003
    12:28 am
    Alright last friday i was amitted into Carrier Clinic (thumbs down and makes farting noise) for threatning behavior and "drug abuse"
    Its such a long story so im just going to write about pess for now.

    Me and my sister (Amanda) were sitting downstair watching Peter Pan when 2 cops and a dective waltz on in. I was like what the fuck. They were all like get your shoes on were going. So of course i was going to atleast go upstairs. BUT when i go upstair there are 3 more cops there waiting for me, which really pissed me off.
    They were saying how they were going to take me to the hospital for threatning behavor (homicidal).
    I was so ready to throw a shit fit and run away like the last time something like this happened but they were blocking the door. Of course it was the fat cop blocking the door.
    SO adventually i agreed to going but it was MANDATORY that i was handcuffed and taken in a police car. Before i left the house i spit in my moms face...

    I feel bad ass now <~ Sarcastic

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: smashing pumpkins-ava adore
    Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
    11:02 am

    Tuesday-Went to the park with my sister and Jen (Jensunrise) to have a little randasvous. We watched a little bit ov a Ville and Immaculata baseball game...THANKS COACH CASH! haha and then we went back into the haunted trail and had a bone-WHEN the funniest thing happend. Jenn was sitting next to me on this log and then all of a sudden she starts screaming and she goes GET IT OFF hahahah and it was a big momma carpenter ant. amanda was retatrted as hell and i had a nice high goin. We had to walk home though. that pretty much sucked.
    Later i was informed that tara sullivan like fell in a puddle and i almose pissed myself.
    I saw alot of people that i havent seen in a while and didnt want to see for a long time either.

    Random thought: What doesnt Dom want to play with me anymore? We used to be best friends! We used to go to the pool together , ride our bikes together , wrestle together and the list goes on. DOM WHY DONT U WANNA PLAY BASKETBALL WITH ME?? You used to be my best friends. Are you embarassed cause im a girl? ONE more game of basketball. Ill make an appointment

    Wendsday- Alright my dad drops me and my sister off at jenns house and ya know we enter and she wips out her bizzzzzzong. i was like that shit is hot. and then she showed me williams. and i was like kool kool. so we went to go smoke and amanda went first...she fucken chokes and bong water goes everywhere. hahah i was cracking up on the floor. it would have been alot funnier if i was high.
    So then Jenn goes nothing funnie happend there...no bugs this time :)
    and then i go and i was chancin it and so then we had to put another hit in there cause it was KOed

    Amanda was like pretending she was a clown and doin shit with these tickets and idk..it was funny she was spitting water everywhere.
    Hedi was pointing to things which was a fucking riot...hahahaha i love that dog. YANKSDOGGG! hey jenn have u ever see Chudogg?
    Anyway then we went inside and watched final destination and smoked some more untill we were like retarted. i loved it.

    Jenn i left you a post in ur journal that i got some burn to hit u back. so call me up. peace

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: lilo and stitch
    Monday, May 19th, 2003
    1:42 pm
    Ive had a kick ass weekend.
    I forgot everything i did friday...i dont know if thats good or bad even. I dont even think i was smoking.
    Saturday- I wake up at the fucken crack of dawn so i can take a shower and get ready to go to my boyfriends house who lives all the was in Basking Ridge. So finally when we got ready and got dirrections we left the house and adventually got to his house. (My sister came) We found his house and when he opened the door he gave me a big hug and introduced me to his family which was cool. and he has a cute little kitten.
    We went to charter day (fair) and chilled there for a while. I jacked some stuff for him but i bought him a red teddy bear cause his favorite color is red. And he bought me 2 necklaces. One is a locket and one is a pot leaf.
    So we were walkin around pickin up all the free stuff and then my sister decided to leave. I think it was because she was like a tag along like i always am. I mean when ur in a group of three and two of the three are an item then the one usually feels left out. I tried to include her but she wasnt feelin it. Then we met up with his step brother Jimmy. Me and Macky (boyfriend) went to watch battle of the bands. Some were good and some kinds ...sucked.
    We left at around 5 and went back to Mackys house. We went to the park and i watched Macky , Jimmy and 2 random guys play 2 on 2 backet ball.
    After that we played dice and well lets just say i won so he ended up naked. haha
    Then we went back to the house and cuddled and watched Requem of a Dream.
    -Back to the park- Had sex
    Mom came and picked me up.

    Sunday- Woke up and called my fellow companion jensunrise and we met at Stony Brook hahah smoked a bowl had a stoge i was a tad bit ripped...couldnt ride my bike too well. I had kottenmouth like a mother fucker
    So we ventuerd to central for a drink of water. haha then we went to the haunted trails and smoked another bowl. AND I WAS FUCKED UP. I almost hit that shit from the wrong end. Jenn saved me from falling off my bike.
    There was this game of Baseball going on and these kids were like you have ballons for boobs and i was like no i dont but...i really did. So when jenn departed ::tear:: i sat behing the UMP and i was watching the ball get thrown at kinda me. I dont know it was bugged out and one kid was like whered your boobs go so i was like arent you in the penelty box? and he was like not really and then i said exactly what i thought so turn around and shut the fuck up. And then this other kid was practing throwing and catching by me before the next inning anf he missed so i was like u obviously suck. and he was like i wasnt saying shit to u and i was like dude it sounds like u havent hit puberty yet and then i was like dont fuck with me now im chillen. and then i started laughing and he was like what and i go ur 3 feet shorter then me anyway so go back to the damn penelty box...and he did.
    After that i rode my bike home and i almost had an anurism at the effort.
    I collapsed on the couch and drank like ALOT of iced tea.
    Then i fell asleep and my dad woke me up and asked if i wanted to go to red lobster and see x men 2 with him and my sister. So of course i did...i cannot resist food. So i went and got some buffalo wings and then we cought the flick and played some dace dance revolution.
    a kick ass week
    i got back to school tomorrow.
    I bet noone will start any shit with me. I am invincable. MOOO. Touch my toenail

    Current Mood: energetic
    Current Music: cold-same drug
    Friday, May 16th, 2003
    1:36 pm
    1:09 pm
    Last night i couldnt sleep.
    I was thinking...talking to my cat and smoking half a pack of cigarettes.
    I remember laying in my hospital bed talking to steve on the phone and him telling me (after like an hour of me begging him to tell me) that he cheated on me with Marina. I remember his exact words..."Well you dont like liars so i guess ill tell you..."
    Then i started crying which is really rare and then i screamed that i fucken hated him. The nurses came into my room and took the phone from me. Gave me pills to calm me down and talked to me. I wanted to go home so bad. I wanted my kitten so bad. And most of all i wanted to be home with my family.
    I never realized that one person could cause so much hurt and pain in someone elses life. The world is a cruel cruel place kids... here take my gun i have more.

    I dont think i can take anymore heartbreak. My first everything (kiss, touch, and i lost my virginity to him) ended up in a residential facility because he was 17 and i was 13... Meaghans Law. Now for the next 5 years hes going to be known as a pedophile.
    Ive had a lot of fuck and chucks too. Like Jeremy. I met him down the shore and i fell in love with him.
    He said i was beautiful and we went into the woods and did out stuff. He even carried me. He asked for my number and address and everything-but he never called.

    Im the kind of person who needs to be loved. If someone says they love me i jump into theyre arms.
    It sucks but Hey atleast i know one of my many faults

    Random Thought:
    How can you hate someone you love?
    And how can you hate someone you thought loved you back?

    Current Mood: numb
    Current Music: bone crusher*t.i*killer mike*-never scared
    Thursday, May 15th, 2003
    3:49 pm
    3:09 pm
    ...called steve 10 minuites ago and asked him if he was going to Liberty Corner for the festival. He said he wasnt. Which im pretty happy about accually. See now i can kick his girlfriends ass with out him being there to stop me.
    Heres the story.
    Sometime in April while me and Steve were still an "item" i attempted suicide and had to go to the hospital ICU(5 days) and Carrier Clinic (4 days). During my stay in the ICU i called Steve and he told me that he cheated on me with a 13 yr old girl-Marina. Thats really fucked up because hes 17 and shes 13. Thats like a crime right there. So after that i get out of the hospital and i go to visit my friend Eric who happens to now live in the same devolpment as Steve. Steve randomly shows up and apoligized which i rejetc. But it was so hard because i still loved him...
    After a while i finally listened to him and heard what he had to say and i forgave him. (silly me) and then he asked me back out (fucking stupid me)
    I got high with Eric and then when he had to leave to go to the doctors I went to go chill at Steves with , him and Chris( friend). Steve took me into his garage and we had sex. For the next 2 days i hadent heard from him and then i find out he has ANOTHER girlfriend while this is all going on! That fucking prick.
    Her name is Kayla. Shes a fat cow bitch who looks like a shit faced dog :)...do u all see my anger?

    So now i have moved on but i DO hold grudges! And they will get theres. So want to hear the ironic part in this?
    Im now going out with somebody named Macky, hes from my school hes so nice and sweet-i trust him and he treats me like an angel. BUT his step cousin is that fat moo cow listed above...Kayla.

    My life is one big black hole

    Current Mood: mellow
    Current Music: 2pac-hail mary
    Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
    9:53 pm
    9:27 pm
    okay so Jess (mentour) picked me up at my house around 12:30pm then we went to get something to eat. After that we met Josh at middle earth and we had to go pick up this other kid keith(who was getting a suprise random drug screening) so we pull up to his house and noone is there. hahaha thats what im talking about! Not being there when they show up!
    So me and Jess (mentour) go to Prompt Medical center to talk to the doctor who would give the okay that i could go back to school. It was like feeding kandi to a baby.

    So all the "offical" buisness was done and Jess (mentour) droped me off at Erics. We chilled for a while had a few cigarettes, and adventually met up with Omar and Jed. I even saw GeOrGe. omg he is sooo hot.
    We bought a 20 from "girl" and then went in the woods to smoke in. When i was trying to cruss the river i fell. hahaha I LOVE THE URGE TO HERBAL.
    My mother came to pick me up at 8:00 and i was toasted as hell. My sister was making me laugh at everything.
    I wouldnt be suprised if she questioned the fact if i was high or not.
    8:50 am
    Borderline:Very High
    Dependent:Very High

    -- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

    Alright i was chillin downstairs, listening to Eminem having myself a smoke and my candle fell off my CD player and hit my glass of Strawberri Milk. Milk flew everywhere and now its all in my hair...I swear...my basement is haunted.
    Im still suspended from school. Im going to the Doctors today with Jess (Mentour) to see if i can go back soon.

    Random thought:
    When you close your eyes...Does the whole world go black?
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