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'My Corduroyed Life' - Mark A's Journal

28th July, 2010. 10:42 pm. Finality

You may have noticed that I've not updated this blog since 2009. The unfortunate truth is that I simply haven't wanted to.

So, after 7 years of blogging at My Corduroyed Life but over 6 months of neglect, I am officially announcing that it is no longer an active blog and I do not intend to further update it. For posterity, I will leave it up as I've opened up my heart and mind over the last 7 years, and it's an interesting (and, of course, self-indulgent) chronicle of how my life has developed over more than a quarter of my life.

When I moved on to the blog pastures new of Queen and Latifa and Grumpy Gay Wrestling Fan, I fully intended to continue to update (albeit infrequently) MCL. MCL never had a focus inasmuch as it was just my blog about me and life in general. What Q&L and GGWF gave me was a focused topic/ premise that I've found benefits me with constant inspiration and motivation. I've been revitalised by this focus (something I always bemoaned that MCL lacked) and have thoroughly got back into blogging (and, indeed, microblogging on the Q&L and GGWF themes). But even Q&L and GGWF are penalised by my lack of time to write everything that I want to write: I have a notebook by the side of my PC full of notes for blog ideas for both of them, and looking at this increasing number of unwritten entries for the two of them, I realised that it's just not realistic to think that I'll ever want to allocate time to MCL when there's so many Q&L and GGWF entries to write.

So this is not goodbye, merely a toodleoo! Please do visit my other blogs!

Queen and Latifa -
Grumpy Gay Wrestling Fan -

Have fun,

M x

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20th December, 2009. 11:51 pm. Rage Against The Machine Are The Christmas Number One!

I have been buzzing all afternoon because of this fact.

Once again the power of the internet has astounded me. Back in 2006, I took part in an inernet campaign to get David Hasselhoff to number one. It wasn't successful, but it did get him to number three. It did, however, make a statement that the internet has the power to do incredibly impressive and improbable things that bring people together for a common goal.

There has been much whinging from pop fans and killjoys who said it was a hate campaign against Joe, the Pop Idol winner. Just no. Even if, unfortunately, there was some less than pleasant behaviour on both sides of the fence has slightly soured it all, it was never about personal attacks.

It was rock music fans making a statement about music. We are just as numerous as the people who watch Simon Cowell's kareoke show. We believe that the music we listen to is superior to that of a talent show where the musicians don't write there own material and sing insipid cover versions. We are not the minority, and our music is equally as valid as theirs.

It was a rebellion against foregone conclusions and monopolies. It was getting behind an underdog and proving that the people and the internet have power.

It was about fundraising for charity. The campaign has raised thousands and thousands of pounds for a British homeless charity called Shelter.

It was about a worthy song about a worthy subject matter (the track, Killing In Ther Name Of, is about the shocking reality that some American Police Officers were/ are members of the Ku Klux Klan) getting to number one over whiney poppy nonsense.

And yes, it was about cheeky rockers gleefully getting a song with 17 instances of the word fuck in it to number one.

It was also about restoring my faith in the British people. I'm a proud Brit, but some of the things that have happened in my country recently has shamed me, but today was a day to be proud.

"Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me."

M x

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17th December, 2009. 3:38 pm. How To Impress Your Boss In One Easy Lesson

I suck...

Mark: “Oh no! I can’t find my glasses! Don’t suppose that you can see them?”
Boss: “They’re on top of your head, Mark.”

M x

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16th December, 2009. 5:49 pm. Glittergem and Cafe World Lady: Seperated At Birth?

They clearly were...

For those of you that don't know, I play a pink-haired, female gnome in World of Warcraft called Glittergem. I also play a game on Facebook called Cafe World: it's kind of like Sim Hospital, but simpler, and in a Cafe rather than a Hospital. In Cafe World, their mascot is a short, pink haired chef. I couldn't help, but see the resemblance...




Cafe World Lady

Seriously: seperated at birth, or what?!

M x

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6th December, 2009. 3:38 pm. Seasonal Musings

This entry is partially bastardised from a reply that I made on a post on my friend Steve Tierney's blog. I meant to write a quick note about how the way he feels as a Christian unable to celebrate Christmas in his way is mirrored by my feelings as an athiest. What happened was an essay on British culture. So I thought I might as well post it up here too, albiet adapted from the original text to make sense. this is also partially inspired by the huge response (mostly unjustly calling me a scrooge) to a Facebook update I made stating that I won't be putting up Christmas decorations this year.

I have discovered that Asda no longer stock Christmas cards with Christian imagery. I think that this is fundamentally wrong: there should be the option to purchase them just as much as there should be the option to purchase the non-religious/ comicy onces. It seems to me that it is something of an extreme version of what should be happening with everyone having the option that they want available. It was be just as bad if there were only religious cards avaiable. You can't tell me that there is not a market for religious cards: Britain may be one of the most faithless countries in the world, but we still have millions of Christians living here!

However, to me, ‘Christmas’ is something that transcends Christianity in Britain, and so it should with our wonderful, richly diverse citizenship. There should be the option to celebrate it the Christian way, the Pagan way, the faithless way, or any way that you want to. What is undeniable is that it is completely ingrained into British culture that it is difficult, near impossible, to avoid during December. Diversity is a good thing, and celebrating this particular season in your own way without stigma should be not only encouraged, but the norm.

As a staunch athiest that does not force it upon anyone but ensures that people know that that is what I believe, I sometimes find Christmas can be grating particularly if I encounter the ‘Let the Lord into your life’ squad. I find myself being judged for only embracing the social aspects of the season, but not putting up decorations in my home for example. With hindsight, announcing my lack of decorations on Facebook was a rash decision, but hey. This is my right in a democratic society to live my life the way that I want to. It would be equally abhorrent for me to turn up my nose at the religious and judge them for going to midnight mass, etc. I don't. I expect the same respect in return.

As for cards, for me, they’re nice to recieve as an affirmation of friendship, and if a religious friend chooses to give me a religious card, that’s fine and I am grateful. Personally, I choose to send an ecard and donate the money I would have spent on paper cards to charity. I will be posting my online card on this blog over the next few days.

Seasons Greetings/ Merry Christmas,

M x

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10th August, 2009. 12:13 am. Things To Do When You're 30

I decided on three things that I would get when I hit 30.

A pension.
A tattoo.
A cat.

I have just over a month before I am 31, and so far, I have only got one of the three. Considering the fact that I neglect this blog in favour of a blog about my cat, I think it's probably obvious which one I've got!

I will speak to the pension people the day before my birthday. I have to. I need a pension, however much it means changing my lifestle with 7% less disposable income a month. That is going to suck.

As for the tattoo. Maybe I won't bother. What do people think?

M x

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2nd August, 2009. 1:05 am. Mark's Column in Zhoosh Magazine

Yes, yes: this is related to the 'other blog', but do I look like I care?!

My first Queen and Latifa column has been published in Zhoosh Magazine today, and I'm somewhat chuffed about this. The article is an EXCLUSIVE Q&L article that you won't find anywhere else, and I hope that it is something quite special as I attempted to make it an important article and something a little more meaty that the usual 'I love my kitty' vibe of Q&L.

Download it (for free) here:

Feedback would be lovely - go to 'the other blog', please:

Have fun,

M x

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14th July, 2009. 2:01 am. An Appropriate Expletive

I swear too much.

Seriously, I really do use profanity too much, particularly with interjections and uneccessary adjectives, and I think it might be becoming a problem. I know I couldn't go a day without using bad language. I catch myself swearing at really inappropriate moments like in important meetings and in front of my mother or my friends' kids.

So I've been thinking... I sincerely doubt that I can create a situation where I want (need?) to use expletives less. So I need to find alternatives to swearing in this situation. Herein lies the problem: alternatives end up being blasphemous or camp. Being a staunch (strict?) atheist, I cannot and will not allow myself to blaspheme: not only is is insulting to people who believe, but it makes no sense as a concept to someone with no faith. And I am gay enough without my expressions of frustration making me sound so camp that I look ridiculous.

But you have a think: find me an expletive that is neither swearword, camp, or blasphemous. It's tough, aint it? I could think of nothing...

But then, my geekery saved me - take a looky at this vid:

It's not perfect, but I'm thinking that 'DAMNIT' will work for me as a non-sweary, non-camp, non-blasphemous expletive.


Have fun,

M x

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12th July, 2009. 2:51 pm. Come Dine With Me

I have been taking part in a Come Dine With Me competition (a la the telly programme) with friends all week and as such have been busy either cooking or attending dinner parties.

If you're interested, you can see my menu here, and my video diary from my day here ('Tifa makes a guest appearance in vid 12!). Please be aware that I was stressed on the videos and I do swear in frustration and panic, so please view with discretion.

Unfortunately, I didn't win, but it was very close! The two winners scored 26 and myself and the other 'second place' person scored 24. I don't really mind though as I had a nice time, and was pleased with how my dinner party went.

Have fun,

M x

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19th June, 2009. 2:06 pm. Karma Kicked My Punk Ass

And I deserved it too.

The other day, it was raining and I saw a bloke get drenched by a bus going past and hitting a puddle. I laughed.

Three steps later, I trod on a loose paving slab and drenched my leg making it look like I'd wet myself.

Damn you, karma!

M x

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