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    Saturday, October 18th, 2003
    9:45 am
    A sad ending...
    Last Sunday me and Kenneth broke up. There are lots of reasons why. He's a cheater and a liar is one thing. I mean of course he's lied to me b4. But it was about stupid stuff. Stuff that I knew could not possibly be true b/c of another possible lie he told. But I thought that when he made the important promises that they would stand for themself. I was wrong. I found out from a friend that he had a girlfriend in Bunn too. Her name was Jessica something. Doesn't really matter now. In the end I realized that with that kind of distance between two people and the fact that he wouldn't even go get his license and he's been 18 for like 2 could not work. Not if you can't trust someone. And in the end he was gettin mad at me for not trusting him. Like I cheated on myself ya know? He also hasn't had a job since right after school started. Well now he can enlist into the army like he wanted to be "like his homedog Chris." When he can't even go on a walk with me and my dogs for less than a mile without his knee hurtin him so bad he needs ice for it. I don't want to hate him and I can't but he's not the person I fell in love with anymore and he just possibly never was that person. Even when he finally HAD to admit he cheated, its like his story evolved. I can't deal with childish shit like that. if I ask for the truth...I expect it. And obviously he doesn't know how to give it. Monday I was really broken hearted. I cried all day. And I told my mom everything. She really helped me through. I didn't tell her about him fucking her though cuz she already disliked him enough by that point. Tuesday I got asked out on a date:). And so much happenned I don't even think about Kenneth that much anymore. But I'm not gonna taint my new relationship with posting stuff about it on a blurty I made for someone else. So this will be my last post here. I know me and Kenneth had good times and occasional bad times and I won't forget them. But I'm moving on...Bye people...I'm starting a new journal right now called urmahsunshine08

    Current Mood: optimistic
    Current Music: I'm Moving On - Rascal Flatts
    Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
    7:14 pm
    I am so fricken tired. 3 hours and a half of dancin can seriously drain a body. lol. Plus not eatin anything all day don't help that much either. Anywhos! I hurt all the way down to my lilest baby toe! lol. Chorus is so much fun this year. My new buddy Ryan tried to trip me on the way to 4th today. AND HE COULDN'T DO IT! lol. There was some kind of issue between Frankie and Bubbles today. I hope it all got straightenned out cuz I don't think Bubbles would do anything of what Frankie thought he did. Poor Bubbles if they think he did though. Amber came back today! Yay! Lunch was fun too. Me and Jason were playin around with Faith cuz of the "paint" on her pants. Sure Faith it's only paint. Jason really likes her I wish they'd hook up. Maybe one day. ANYWHOS. I'm so sleepy. I got a good nap during 3rd period today though. Felt more like a coma. lol. Then ofcourse rehearsals after school. We learned the dancing for part 1 of the disney and most of Just One Dream. I love that song. Well I'mma go eat now for the first time today.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
    Monday, October 6th, 2003
    9:03 pm
    Computer's Been Out!
    Oh yay sweet sweet lord. I've been without a computer for over a week. Well lets see what has happenned since last Friday... Well Friday 9/26 Me, Kristina, Eva, and Shere' went to go see The Rundown. It was SO good:). Then on the next Saturday I had to work. Oh joy right? But its ok cuz Jason and Rita were workin and I hadn't seen em in a long while. Then on Saturday Kenneth came over and went to my grandpa's b-day party with me. My cousin wanted to pick on me "ya'll can't get married til your 24 cuz thats how long I waited." blah-dee-blah. Well I think she's gonna be sadly mistaken:). Then me and Kenneth met up with Amber and her beautiful little 5 month old nephew Savon at the mall. He's so adorable. Everybody thought he was me and Kenneth's baby. We then met up with Kari so I could meet her new boyfriend Wilson. They are SO cute together. And Amber's thinkin about hookin up with his hot 21 yr old friend Dan. Ok well then me and Kenneth went to the movies alone to see Cabin Fever. It was OK. Not really scary trying to hard to be a funny movie. Then we hung out a while and again ran into Kari, Wilson, and Dan. Ironically Wilson was also from West Virginia and me and Kari thought it was so funny cuz when they talked they sounded exactly the same. Well then we had to take Kenneth home at about 10 pm. It was a great day. And like all great days it ended far too soon. Well then the next week was spirit week and it SLOWLY passed by. My favorite day was Country Western day. I had my little cowgirl hat on. I am so country. Then Friday was the homecoming day. Kenneth came with me to the football game. I got to show him off to all my friends. Most of them already knew them but Eva hadn't met him yet. Randell took VIDEO of us making out. LOL thats not nice! I got to get out of school early to go get him and he stayed until 11:30 at night:). It was such a great day. Then on Saturday I went with Beeny to the mall and kari got us a free cinnabun a piece:). And we went to Chik Fila for lunch. Judithe couldn't give us anything free like last time cuz all her managers were around. Well anyways then we went to Spencers and talked to Torbet and Bubbles met up with us. Then me and Bubbles and Beeny went to FYE. Then I had to go cuz I promised Amber I'd help her babysit. I bought the new Ying Yang Twins CD and 2 keychains. On the way out this guy approached me and Ktristina and told us we were the most beautiful girls he'd seen all day long and that he was running a contest but we had to be atleast 18 to be entered. He asked us what college we went to. That was a good feeling:). Then I went to Amber's til about 9 o'clock at night playin with the cutest baby in the world. It was fun. Amber's been suspended for a while(she comes back tommorrow!) and I've missed her. Well anywhos After I went home Kenneth called and we talked all night long as usual. Then Sunday I worked. Rita was there again! I was so happy she's so much fun to work with and she's gettin me a much better job at Target(shh!) since she's an assistant manager;). I got off at 8 and I came home and called my baby:). We had a long talk about our relationship and we both cried. I felt so cared about and loved. He said he was scared I would leave him and he'd lose the most wonderful thing thats ever happenned to him in his entire life. How sweet is he? Well today happenned lol. It went by REALLY fast actually. We started watching a new film in Mass Comm I don't remember the name. I worked again and I know I won't have to work again til atleast Sunday cuz of Chorus Rehearsals and the Fall Concert!!!! Friday night hopefully I'll be goin to an REM concert with Lenny in which "The Never" her boyfriend's band is opening up for b/c they won Battle of the Bands! THEY ROCK! But anyways. I g2g
    all my love always and forever,
    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
    4:24 pm
    Well yay I'm bored. I wish I had to work lol. I wanna go fishin again lol. I have a throat cold man and it sucks. Amber got in a fight this morning and I missed it. So ya she got suspended for 10 days. She's also made decisions with her life lately that I haven't agreed with. But I just want her to be happy so I will let her do what she feels she has to to achieve that. The guy that Mona Lisa asked for her number today(I helped:)). I hope he calls her. I know she's really excited about it. He seems to be a quality guy and there are so few left. Faith is doing her last day of driving for driver's ed. FINALLY lol she'll be 17 years old b4 she gets it. And a senior. lol. 5 weeks and 6 days for me:). Would've been earlier except our durn school is so crowded. I dunno why I'm so tired lately. I need to stop staying on the phone so late with Kenneth. I just miss him so much. I keep being late for school though. Well I got some homework to do. Lotz of Love 4 all my ppl.

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    Current Music: Mama Tried - Merle Haggard
    Monday, September 22nd, 2003
    5:31 pm
    LMAO THIS IS THE LONGEST E-MAIL SURVEY I HAVE EVER TOOK IN MY LIFE! It took me like an hour. Thought I'd share.

    1) Last dream: the one I had last week about Kenneth dyin that scared me so badly:(
    2) Last car ride: driving home from school today
    3) Last kiss: last sunday
    4) Last good cry: yesterday listening to Streets of Heaven
    5) Last Missing Library Book: i have no idea
    6) Last movie seen: Cold Creek Manor with Bubbles
    7) Last Book Read: Cursed be the Child
    8) Last cuss word uttered:
    9) Last beverage drank: a diet coke yum
    10) Last Food consumed: a piece of strawberry cheesecake
    12) Last phone call: Bubbles called me this morning to ask me for Tyler's #
    13) Last TV show watched: omg ummmmmm I cannot remember
    14) Last Item Bought: I bought some shampoo on the way home from school today
    15) Last time showered: this morning
    16) Last shoes worn: my black heels
    17) Last CD played: my mix CD with my new favorite song by 3 Doors Down
    18) Last downloaded: Forever Yours - Nightflash
    19) Last annoyance: my mom telling me to throw something away for her when I was busy
    20) Last disappointment: not seeing Kenneth this weekend
    21) Last soda drank: DIET COKE DUH
    22) Last thing written: writing down my Spanish homework
    23) Last key used: the "k" letter
    24) Last word spoken: ok
    25) Last trip: went to the mall with my friends on Saturday and I went to Kenneth's house last Sunday
    26) Last sleep: last night
    27) Last IM: Jennifer & Kevin
    28) Last sexual fantasy: last night ;)
    30) Last weird encounter: uhhhhhhhhhh dunno
    31) Last Store Shopped at: Spencer's w/Bubs
    32) Last ice cream eaten: can't even remember
    33) Last time amused: the conversation me and Amber had walkin to my car this afternoon "hmm wanna go to wal-mart"
    34) Last time wanting to die: can't even remember:)
    35) Last time IN love: right now :)
    36) Last time hugged: today :)
    37) Last time scolded: my mom for not washing the frying pan
    38) Last time resentful: September 2nd
    39) Last chair sat in: um this one
    40) Last lipstick used: my lip gloss
    41) Last underwear worn: my blue thong:)
    42) Last bra worn: my white one:)
    43) Last shirt worn: I wore my pop-eye chopper shirt today to school and I'm wearin my comfy duke shirt now:)
    44) Last class attended: Spanish el-yuck-o
    45) Last Final taken: ummmmmm...Geometry last year
    46) Last time dancing: Last Sunday::smiles and remembers::

    * · future
    [do you want to get married] yes
    [if so, what age would you like to be married] 18
    [who will you marry] Kenneth
    [what do you want to do when you grow up] be a nurse, a wife, and a mommy
    [where will you live] anywhere as long as I'm happy
    [do you want to have kids] yes
    [if so, how many] 3(2 girls and a boy
    [what would you name them] well I'm naming one of the girls Mary(kenneth mom's name) Anita after my god mama and Lenny's sister, the other girls name is under construction but the boys name will definitely be Christopher James
    [coke/pepsi] coke
    [pen/pencil] marker fuck pens and pencils
    [vanilla/chocolate] vanilla
    [hug/kiss] both
    [lights on/off] off
    [dark/light] light
    [rose/lily] rose
    [dr. pepper/mountain dew] dr pepper
    [mcdonalds/burger king] burger king
    [sandals/shoes] shoes
    [*nsync/bsb] do they still exist?
    [britney/christina] christina
    [justin timberlake/nick carter] justin timberlake
    [cd/tape] CD
    [phone/computer] phone
    [skittles/m'n'm's] skittles make me sick and I'm allergic to chocolate
    [rich and unhappy/poor and happy] poor and happy
    [tootsie pops/blow pops] blow pops

    * · favorites
    [color] blues
    [food] macaroni and cheese
    [song] Hurt by Johnny Cash, Fields of Innocence by Evanessence, and 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
    [group] Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels Band, Linkin Park, Young Bloodz, Lil' John and the Eastside Boys, TOOL, and the Never (;) Lenny)
    [singer/rapper] So many ummm Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, Tim McGraw, Gary Allan, Eminem, Lil' John, and so many more
    [movie] oh lord ummm All Kevin Smith movies (MallRats, Chasing Amy, Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, Dogma, etc), Leathal Weapon 4, Where the Heart Is, Adventures in Babysitting, Anywhere But Here and A lot more.
    [tv show] FRIENDS!
    [beverage] diet coke
    [alcoholic beverage] bacardi, margaritas, daquiris, anything with strawberries:)
    [subject] Chorus lol
    [teacher] Mr. Reese(last year)
    [store in the mall] Spencer's, Body Shop, and Sports Fanatic
    [radio station] 93.9,94.7, 96.1, 97.5, 101.1, 101.5 and 105.1
    [flower] rose
    [book] The Stephanie Plum novels by janet evanovich (1-9)
    [day of the week] Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    [animal] tigers and dogs
    [holiday] Christmas
    [sport] basketball, football, and racing but I like playing baseball best
    [fast food] ChikFila
    [color to wear] black and blue jeans(not a goth though)
    [number] 18 and 21 :)
    [actress] Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock
    [actor] Ryan Phillipe(yummy), Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry
    [ice cream flavor] strawberry
    [magazine] cosmopolitan
    * · questions
    - have you ever ..
    [cheated on a test] yeppers
    [cut your own hair] in Kindergarten
    [dyed your own hair] numerous times
    [been in a fight] nope :) I get along with most ppl and anyone else wouldn't mess with me b/c of Amber:)
    [if so, how many times] um none
    [skinny dipped] not yet
    [skipped school]
    [stayed home on a saturday] most of the time I go somewhere but sometimes I stay home
    [streaked] nope
    [toilet papered someones house/car] no
    [paintballed someones house/car etc] no
    [got toilet papered] no
    [got in trouble with the police] not really
    [if so, for what]
    [stolen something] yeppers
    [broken a bone] my leg when I was real little
    [cheated on a bf/gf] not in a long time
    [fell asleep in class] yuppers
    [gone to jail/juvenile] nope
    [been in the hospital] hasn't everyone?
    [flashed someone] hehehe
    [kissed someone of the same sex] ...
    [gotten lost on a vacation] yep

    * · other questions
    [do you have a car] yep
    [if so, what kind of car do you have] an 90' spirit til I can buy me a new one
    [what kind of car do you want] 2000 Mustang Gt hot rod red
    [do u think u will ever get ur dream car] I hope so
    [do you drink] time 2 time
    [do you smoke] never and never will
    [do you cuss] yeppers
    [do you consider yourself attractive] not the most attractive but definitely not ugly and my boyfriend thinks I'm beautiful but all boyfriends think that.
    [do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy] most of the time
    [do you have a cd burner] yeah
    [what did you do yesterday?] slept late, watched a movie and talked to Kenneth:)
    [what did you do today] school. YUCK
    [what are you doing tomorrow] School
    [what are you doing this weekend] spending quality time with my baby
    [what did you do last weekend] mall and the movies with my friends
    [what are you gonna do when this is over] eat dinna
    3:56 pm
    Monday? already? ::sigh::
    Well it was back to school for me today. I'm all caught up though in all my classes so I'm happy. Today was so very uneventful. I was a lil late for first period. It was chorus. We sang. Nothing crazy happenned. Then I went to 2nd period and we reviewed for our test tommorrow. Other than the usual me and Kari and Judithe playin around all period nothing much happenned. Then in 3 rd period everyone else took a test and I wrote Amber a note. After I finished my Algebra make up stuff that is. Then I went to Algebra 2 and we got new seats. BLAH. But its ok cuz I'm in a group with Jacque and TC. Well then I went to lunch and it was the usual. Jason, Mark, Faith, Mona, Eva, and me. Plus Travis hung around a lil bit, Amber was there for awhile with Noel, and some new guy that Mona likes. I don't know him he's a sophomore but he's a nice guy. We were discussing the hummer limo we're gonna get for prom. Its gonna be TIGHT!!!! ANYWHOS then I went to 5th period and we watched a movie called 1776. Yes its a musical and very very boring. Then I went to Spanish which was even more boring than usual which is pretty durned boring lol. Plus I was tired since me and Kenneth stayed on the phone til 12:30 am last night. Well I'm tired I'mma take a nap since I don't have to work today.

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
    Sunday, September 21st, 2003
    8:41 pm
    Hey ya'll
    Whats up? Well not much is going on here. Yesterday I went to the mall with Kari and Zack was supposed to meet her but that didn't work out yet again. I give up! Anywhos. We hung out for like 4 in a half hours and chilled with Amber and Nil then I met Brandon after he got off work at the movies at 8:30. We saw the 10:00 movie for Cold Creek Manor. It was the worst movie ever but it was fun. Judithe got me some free food at ChikFila. But she owed me 3 dollars anywhos. We have got to find something else to do than go to the mall. Southpoint is getting so old. I can't wait for the fair to come to town. Its only a couple weeks left. 6 weeks from tommorrow I get my full license. FINALLY! It keeps crawling by. Ya know its creepy. Kristina is like one of my very best friends and we've been like sisters since we were born pretty much. She's 3 days older than me and she got her permit 3 days before me and she'll get her license 3 days before me. That's wild. The day she dies I'mma have to be real careful. I was going to go to the movies again with her today but I wasn't feeling too well. Kenneth gave me his cold last weekend. lol. Well tommorrow is my first day back to school in a week. I keep listening to this really sad song called Streets of Heaven. Its really sad. lol you prolly learned that from the previous sentence. Here I'll put the lyrics at the end of my entry. Which should prolly be now b/c I need to go take my shower now and get stuff ready for school tommorrow. Love you guys!

    The Streets of Heaven
    By: Sherrie Austin

    Hello God. It's me again.
    2am room 304
    Visiting hours are over
    Time for our bedside tug of war
    The sleeping child between us may not make it through the night
    I'm fighting back the tears
    As she fights for her life

    It must be kinda crowded
    On the Streets of Heaven
    So tell me what do you need her for
    Don't you know one day she'll be your little girl forever
    But right now I need her so much more
    SHe's much too young to be on her own
    Barely just turned 7
    So who will hold her hand
    When she crosses the streets of Heaven

    Tell me God do you remember the wishes that she made
    When she blew out the candles on her last birthday cake
    She wants to ride a pony when she's big enough
    She wants to marry her daddy when she's all grown up

    It must be kinda crowded
    On the Streets of Heaven
    So tell me what do you need her for
    Don't you know one day she'll be your little girl forever
    But right now I need her so much more
    SHe's much too young to be on her own
    Barely just turned 7
    So who will hold her hand
    When she crosses the streets of Heaven

    Lord don't you know she's my angel
    You've got plenty of your own
    And I know you hold a place for her
    But she's already got a home
    Well I don't know if your listenin
    But prayin is all thats left to do
    I ask you Lord have mercy
    You lost a son once too

    It must be kinda crowded
    On the Streets of Heaven
    So tell me what do you need her for
    Don't you know one day she'll be your little girl forever
    But right now I need her so much more
    Lord I know once you've made up your mind
    There's no use in beggin
    So if you take her with you today
    Would you make sure she looks both ways
    Will you hold her hand when she crosses the Streets of Heaven
    The Streets of Heaven
    When she crosses the streets of Heaven

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    Current Music: The Streets of Heaven - Sherrie Austin
    Friday, September 19th, 2003
    6:53 pm
    Hurricane Isabel!
    Well it wasn't near as bad as everyone said it would be. We lost power for about a day but that was all. Anyways! I got to go to blockbuster today! YAY! Hopefully I'll go to the movies and the mall tommorrow and Kari will finally get a chance to meet Zack. I'm about to start my cashier training at work (THEY ARE ABOUT OH 4 MONTHS late on that) so I'm really happy. I missed two days of school last week b/c I got burned :(. But now I'm better. The surprising thing is I really missed school and wanted to go. I miss my fwiends!!! It was only a 3 day week anyhow! I cleaned up my room the other day and that made me happy. Well I'm about to go now and watch my two movies that I can watch now that my power's back!!! Love ya'll! I wish you peace and good fortune!

    I LOVE THIS! (From Alina's Profile)
    » d0nT w0rRY Ab0uT FaLlIn In L0vE.. CuZ In M0St FaiRyTaLes . tHeY DoNT FiNd EaCh0tHEr unTiL »
    [[ t h e l a s t p a g e ]]

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    Current Music: Man In Black - Johnny Cash
    Friday, September 12th, 2003
    4:16 pm
    A LONG week
    Monday as everyone knows I had my oral surgery. It wasn't all that bad. I thought it would be a lot worse than it actually was. Anyways then on Wednesday afterschool there was this huge fight. It was a gang fight at our school. 27 people got arrested. Bloodz vs Crips. Some blood woman spitted in Amber's face and Amber whooped her ass. She didn't get in trouble though. Since the woman was the one that started it and she was trespassing. Then today they started banning white t-shirts from school. LOL half a million people wore them to school today anyways but lol. Anywhos! I'm so tired after this week. Well I'mma go to work now. My plans for this weekend is go with Kenneth tommorrow to Southpoint to see Kari and then goin to a Duke Football game and then on Sunday introducing Zack to Kari. HOPEFULLY! Well anyways. I have to work til 11 tonight!!!! YUCK-O! I'm so tired. I get my license in 7 weeks people! This has been the longest year of my life LMFAO. well I g2g. I love ya everyone.

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    Current Music: Man In Black - Johnny Cash *RIP*
    3:39 pm
    A LONG week
    Monday as everyone knows I had my oral surgery. It wasn't all that bad. I thought it would be a lot worse than it actually was. Anyways then on Wednesday afterschool there was this huge fight. It was a gang fight at our school. 27 people got arrested. Bloodz vs Crips. Some blood woman spitted in Amber's face and Amber whooped her ass. She didn't get in trouble though. Since the woman was the one that started it and she was trespassing. Then today they started banning white t-shirts from school. LOL half a million people wore them to school today anyways but lol. Anywhos! I'm so tired after this week. Well I'mma go to work now. My plans for this weekend is go with Kenneth tommorrow to Southpoint to see Kari and then goin to a Duke Football game and then on Sunday introducing Zack to Kari. HOPEFULLY! Well anyways. I have to work til 11 tonight!!!! YUCK-O! I'm so tired. I get my license in 7 weeks people! This has been the longest year of my life LMFAO. well I g2g. I love ya everyone.

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    Current Music: Man In Black - Johnny Cash *RIP*
    Sunday, September 7th, 2003
    10:27 am
    Its been a long time!
    Okay anyways I've been so busy this week I haven't updated once! Well Tuesday was a really fucked up day filled with lying and stealing. I wore my Kenneth necklace to school for the first time and in a jealous rage Matt ripped it right off my neck and put it in his pocket. Then he ran out of the classroom even though the teacher was tellin him to stop.(he has no acknowledgement for authority or anything else) Then at lunch Amber came over there with me and searched him and he didn't have it any more. Because he got rid of it. We told Mr. Williams but since he didn't have it on him then he couldn't do anything about it. So he "got away" with it. But ya know what? Whether he threw it away or gave it to a friend to keep for him or whatever he did he knows he did it and he has to live with it. Not me. He has to live with the fact that at lunch he was a jack ass and pushed me and spit gum at me and that he is a PUNK for layin his hands on a woman. All he is to me now is a liar and a thief. I can buy a new necklace but he'll never be able to replace me. Kenneth flipped out about it but I calmed him down. I got ppl at Jordan that'll take care of me he don't have to worry about gettin in trouble:). My real friends. Zack flipped out too. I'm so lucky to have all these ppl that love me that much. Anyways next topic. It was a regular school week nothing much happenned after that. On Thursday Bubbles and Faith broke up afterschool. I hope they get back together. Faith handled it well though. Then on Saturday(yesterday) me, Bubbles, Kari, and Frankie went to the mall and chilled. We went to the movies to see S.W.A.T. It was so much fun. Me and Bubbles went halfsies on this lil spaceship balloon thing. It is so cool. And he let me keep it. And when we were buyin it we used Kari cuz she works at Cinnabon to get a discount on it. And the guy sellin us the balloon was like "that chinese girl" we were like yeah. Then he asked Bubbles"is that your gf?""no""do you have a girlfriend?""not right now""well if I knew her I'd make her my girlfriend"then ya know I had to say something"oh no she's married""married?""yea ya know that guy in the black shirt(Frankie)? Thats her husband""she is? how old is she?" "she's 20" "well I'm 23 are you sure she's married?" Then ya know Bubbles had to say something "Yeah and she's pregnant""PREGNANT? Her?" Me-"yeah she's in her 2nd month now" LMAO and when we told Kari she was like OMG HE WORKS 20 FEET AWAY FROM ME! lol and she was like you should've told him I was married to the Peurto Rican guy in cinnabon! LMAO and then me and Bubbles rationalized everything. It wasn't that big of a lie b/c 1. Frankie's married to a girl named Mary thats kinda like Kari and 2. Kari has 4 letter which is how many numbers she needs to be 20. LMAO. We had such a good time. At 10:30 my mom came to get me and Bubbles and we took him home. LOL. Well I had a good weekend. Monday I have to have oral surgery done...I'M SO SCARED! I'll talk at ya'll later.
    Monday, September 1st, 2003
    12:04 pm
    About time for an update
    I cannot remember the last time I updated! Well anyways. This weekend was a blast. Saturday anyways. I went to Kenneth's house from about 11am to 9:30pm. When I got to his house we went inside and laid down on the couch then his mom said we had to go with her and his dad grocery shopping in Spring Hope. So they went into Lowes Food and me and Kenneth went to the Family Dollar(shutup laughin lol) and a video store that was havin a sale on movies so I bought Punch Drunk Love, Old School, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Then we went and walked around the grocery store until his mom was ready to go then we helped her get her groceries to her car and went back to his house. Then we went to his room to lay down and watch Old School since we had both never seen it. LOL we never really got to watch all of it. Lots of other stuff happenned but I'll leave it to ya'lls imagination. Anyways at 7:30 we went to watch a little league football game at Bunn High School that his friends little brother was playing in. They lost by 2 points. At about 9:30 I went home. I was really sad it was over. He's gettin his license soon this week. I gave him some notes to study. ANYWAYS. I get my license soon too. I'm so happy. Only a month and a half left. Anyways I'm chillin and watchin How to lose a guy in 10 days so I'll talk to ya'll ppl later!

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    Current Music: Paved Paradise - John Mayer
    Sunday, August 24th, 2003
    2:25 pm
    Okay back to my Saturday story. At 5 Zack got there and they had the system war thing. Guys lol. Then all the others showed up and we ate. After we ate me Kenneth, Walton, and Faith went inside to watch Jay and Silent Bob:). "OMG they're movin!" lol long story. Then when it was over we went back outside and ate cake and ice cream. Then me and him danced to Free Bird(Lynyrd Skynyrd). It was so romantic. His mom took pictures and everything. Then everybody started dancing out there by the pool. Taylor danced with me and Kenneth lol. It was so cute. Then everybody else went swimming and me and Kenneth went inside and looked at pictures of him when he was a baby. We just laid on the couch and talked and cuddled it was so cute. Then the funniest thing of the night happenned when everybody started comin back inside. Devonna and Anfo were in the bathroom together which we didnt know with Poncho and then Andy came in and said "Where's Anthony?" Nobody knew lol. Then somebody said he was in the bathroom with Vonna. LOL so Andy went and openned the door and Anfo came out in a pair of Devonna's underwear mocking "Party Boy" from Jackass. It was so funny. We almost DIED laughing. Kenneth was embarassed though and it made him mad that he did that. But I cheered him up ;). Anyways so we hung out in the living room til it was almost time for me and Faith to go then we went on the front porch and hung out with Chris and Walton til my mom came. It was such a fun day. I didn't get home til almost midnight. lol. I'll be puttin up pics on my website as soon as they develop. I gotta go to work now :(. I'll be home around 10! LOVE YA'LL!
    12:24 pm
    The Best Saturday I've had in awhile
    Well as it turned out Kristina couldn't go so Faith went with me.We picked her up at 10:30 and made it to Kenneth's at about 11:30. We all got introduced to his friends and took some pictures and stuff then Joey and Walton got out of the pool and we all played Blackjack. Then his parents got home and we blowed up balloons and played with LeeLee Anfo's baby. Then we all sat down to watch the Jackass movie. Kenneth was my pillow:). well then me, Faith, and Kenneth went to the poolhouse cuz Walton and Joey were goin to pick up some other guy who didn't stay long and I can't remember his name. Then Taylor got there!!!! So we played with her and then let Faith take care of her for a little while so me and Kenneth could have alone time.:) It was so perfect. I could've stayed there forever. Well anyways then we went outside to watch Taylor swim and Zack got there so me and Kenneth went out there to test out Kenneth's new system in his car to see if his was better than Zack's. Then Chris, a girl named Jessica, Joey and Walton got back and we had hamburgers and hotdogs. Then we all swam in the pool and there was a war of who could push who in the pool that Kenneth's dad won. lol. After that he openned all his presents. Well I g2g real quick now I'll finish tellin ya about yesterday in a couople hours!
    Friday, August 22nd, 2003
    11:09 pm
    Ready for da weekend
    Yay today was fun. Cept for SOMEONE being an asshole naming no names. Someone who stole something from me and won't give it back. ANYWAYS. Today 1,2,3, and 4th period were mediocre as usual. Jessica got moved into my 4th period so me and Eva were happy about that. Then at lunch me and Jason and Brandon were wilin out about these mexicans lol. "Under da tree..." lol funny shit. LONG story. Well 5th period we had an ice cream party YUMMMMM. Brandon put whipped cream on Tiffany's face it was sooooooo funny. "Brandon you got it on my FACEEEE" "I told you I ain't got no aim!" lol it was so hilarious. Then 6th period we had an assembly for the juniors (05!) so that was cool enough. NO SPANISH! HAHA! I got to sit with Eva too which was cool. Anyways moving on. After school me and Amber went straight to the mall. We shopped literally til we dropped. We tried on prom dresses too. LOL I already picked out mine. OOOOOOOOOOHHHH it was gorgeous. I bought Kenneth lots of stuff for his birthday. I'll write it up here after his b-day in case he might read this ;). Then I went to Amber's house and helped her babysit her nephew who is so cute awwwwwwww. He's 4 months old. He's so adorable. I got to hold him and he fell asleep on my breast omg it made me feel all maternal. Then at about 10 her sis Crystal got home from work and took me home. I had a lot of fun at her house. I can't wait til tommorrow:). I get to see Kenneth! YAYA!Its kinda scary he's gonna be a grown-up tommorrow. Well I g2g got to shower and sleep! See ya'll later. Unless I get home so late tommorrow I pass out I'll update tommorrow.

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine
    Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
    4:05 pm
    Wow Wednesday
    Today is Wednesday YAY! Halfway through the week. Today has been a pleasant day. Me and Eva was partners in Alg. 2. I got a good nap 3rd period:). Film class...tiring. Lunch was fun as always chullen with Jason and Brandon this other dude I forget his name and all my home girls. UNTIL BUBBLES WANTED TO PLAY KETCHUP WAR GRRRR. I didn't get any on me though cept for my forehead. LOL stupid boy dammit. Then in 5th I chilled with Tiffany and we had to take notes BLAH. But the funniest part of today happenned 6th period in Spanish. LOL this dude I had a class with in 9th grade said "Do you have a younger sister?" I said no and I was curious to know who he thought my sister was since usually ppl are askin me if Amber's my sister so I said "Who do you think my sister is?" "This girl Stephanie." "Uh...that's me..." That was so funny. He almost had a heart attack laughin. So that was interesting. He was in my Physical Science class in the 9th grade. Tonight I'm goin to go get my pay check then I'm goin out to eat wit my family to Chili's:). Then depending on when I have to work either Thursday or Friday me and Amber are goin to Southpoint to get Kenneth's birthday present for his party on Saturday:). Kristina, Amber, and Faith are goin to go with me:) and I'll get to see my brother Zack:) and Chris(Squirell Nut). LMAO. And I get to meet more of his friends and see my cute as buttons lil neices!!! Taylor asked for me last night:). Feels good to be wanted. I keep listening to Saliva - Always and its so powerful. I love this song! I really want to see Uptown Girls and Freddie VS Jason. Maybe me and Amber will go see sumthin after shoppin. Well I better go I got homework. Love ya guys ;)
    Steph - "Hey Bert!"
    Bert - "Stephan-EEZAY!" ::hugs::

    Current Mood: silly
    Current Music: Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys - Get Low
    Monday, August 18th, 2003
    6:30 pm
    First Back To School Weekend
    I worked far too much this weekend. lol Friday I worked from 4-11 and then Sunday I did the same thing. Then on Saturday I laid around, talked to my baby(when he wasn't at work GRRR), and cleaned my room(yeah thats right its spotless) and watched Catch Me if You Can with my family. I bought a camera at Target and saw one of my old teachers. It wasn't an award winning weekend but it was calm and realxing and I think I needed it after a whole week goin back to school. Saturday night Kenneth said the sweetest thing to me:). But I'll leave it to ya'lls imagination. Well I'm going to get on working on my site. I don't need to be slackin!

    Current Mood: loved
    Current Music: Saliva - Always
    Thursday, August 14th, 2003
    6:27 pm
    School Days
    Yay and school's back in session. A whole week has gone by. Well almost. The first 2 days went pretty well. My classes were all screwed up but I was in a lot of classes with my friends. Bubbles, Tiffany, Regi, Demetris were in my US History class, Matt, Eva, Charlotte, and Kari were in my English class, my usual Mass Comm crew Janelle, Alece, Monica, Jerolyn, Brianne, and Gavin were in my Mass Comm class and it was a pretty good day. Plus Matt decided to stay at Jordan and we were really good friends. Then ofcourse the next two days he was pissed off at me b/c I wouldn't take him back so he's all pissed at me. I'm not going there. Well anyways now my schedule is straight my Algebra 2 class has Jacque, Eva, Chaio, and Travis in it and I've made a lot of freshman friends in Concert Choir. LOL SHUTUP its the only class I could get into and I still get an honors credit. Atleast I get to be in Chorus. Then 2nd period English still. Then Mass Comm 3rd. Then Algebra 2 class. Then B lunch with Brandon, Jason, Faith, Eva, Amber, Mona, and Matt. Its the best time of the day. And ofcourse soon I'll be gettin my license(HALLOWEEN!!!) and we can all leave for lunch. YAY!!! Then 5th is US History. Then 6th is Spanish. GAG!! I hate foreign language. I shouldda took French. The last 2 days have been bangin. I'm so happy. I actually LIKE school. Okay well I like being at school. For my friends though not the actual school part. I haven't talked to Zack though in like 3 days!!!! :'( I miss my big brother:( Anyways. I've been going to physical therapy the past week for my back pains. It has been a good thing so far and been helping even if it makes me really sore. But the ladies are real sweethearts. I've been working a lot too. And let me tell you wakin up at 5:30 and being at school til 2:35 then racing home and gettin to work by 3:30 and workin non stop on your feet til 10 is not easy. Tiring is what it is. But I need the money. I want a new car. I have one now and my dad gave it to me for free but I'd really like a new one. But then again wheels are wheels. Kenneth turns 18 the Saturday after this coming one. He'll be able to drive!!! Yay thats so great. I miss him! I can't wait til he moves down here:). I can't wait to see his senior pictures too. Well thats pretty much the only things on my mind right now. I love you guys:)

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    Current Music: When She Says She Loves Me - Tonic
    Monday, August 11th, 2003
    5:10 pm
    First Day of School
    Well today was really overall a good day. My schedule is messed up b/c of Chorus but I've made the best of it. Me and Faith will have the same lunch when it gets fixed! I'm so happy. Plus Amber, Matt, and Eva have that lunch. So yay. It was a really good day. And after this year only one more and I'll graduate no more school EVER!:):):):):) That makes me really happy! After school I had to go get some physical therapy for my back. I don't know whats wrong with it. But I have to go to a PT twice a week for awhile. I work tommorrow as well so I don't know when I'mma fit all this stuff in! Well I'm sore right now ppl I'mma lay down. Thanks for reading today's blurty! Hugs & Kisses!

    Current Mood: sore
    Current Music: When She Says She Loves Me - Tonic
    Friday, August 8th, 2003
    6:30 pm
    Forked Up
    Man this has been such a disapointing day. :( I went to get my open lunch pass and I stopped in to talk to my chorus teacher:(. Then I found out I don't get to be in Jordansound b/c 3rd period is when I have to take Mass Comm 2. It sucks:(. And I couldn't be in Falconsong b/c Spanish 1 is closed out and no one can get out of the period they are in. We'll have to see when school starts. Maybe it will work out. SO I have to be in Treble Choir instead. Atleast its still chorus. Atleast I got open lunch. Faith asked me and Kenneth to go to Carowinds if her sister can take us on Sunday. I hope we can go. I LOVE rollercoasters. Well I gotta go now to my great grandma's 94's birthday party. Well I'll prolly post again tonight.

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: Only God Could Stop Me Loving You - Emerson Drive
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