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anyways... [Wed, April 30, 2003 | 09:07pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | jessica giggling to the computer screen ]

yah like usual i have nothing to rite, i just came back from davids house, stayed there abit to keep him company and then im here now with jessica, we did our stupid christianity project. its pretty retarded but i really couldnt care less at the moment... and in between all that i got "the call".. and I GOT THE FUCKIN JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the best part is i get a fuckin name tag with my favorite movie on it !!! i want everyone to come and see me !
ok anyways the fone is for me ill update another time


my pink hilroy copybook [Tue, April 22, 2003 | 06:14pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | silverchair- suicidal dream (live) ]

i have nothing to write just wanted to say:

its Daniel Johns' birthday today!!... thats about it



aahhh sick!! [Mon, April 21, 2003 | 04:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | silverchair- the greatest view ]

Bob Barker: you like them old and wrinkly. And
hosting their own game show isn't bad either.

Which guy are you destined to have sex with?
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hes going away.. [Mon, April 14, 2003 | 04:15pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | no doubt- running ]

yah well like everyone i had no school today. didnt do anything cause im not feeling too good, i think i have a virus or somthing. its ever since i had that pina colada last night i havent been feeling too good i dont no what the fuck it could be though. went to mottas last nite, pretty amusing, other than that nothing great has been going on with me.
i went to take my passport and medicare pictures today, and i wanted to barf on myself. those pictures come out soo bad!!! and then i went to the clsc and almost got in a fight with an old lady that works there cause she wanted 2 ids with my picture and i dont have any cause i lost them all.. fuckin bitch she smelled like soup, and had all the roots of her hair showing!!
anyways other than that i didnt do anything but watch i am sam the hole day and sleep, i fuckin wanna go shopping. but i have to wait until wednesday :| my mommy is getting me out of school to go shopping.. yay! i fuckin love her. hopefully they have the guess pants by then and i finaly find those adidas that i want.
school tomorow..the only thing i have to look forward is tomorow at lunch, a new ice cream place that opened and we could go there instead of staying in the smelly pizza place that i always come out smelling like food and cigarettes. by the way the castle opened now, and they sort of redecorated the place and painted the outside brown :s and inside there is still the mix of fruits and penguins and the polar bear fountain. (never got the concept of that thing)
im gonna go watch brown sugar now


Tiki-Ming [Sun, April 06, 2003 | 07:54pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | i mother earth- like the sun ]

im waiting for my pizza to arrive here, we called 30 minutes ago and it should be here any minute, i had a fuckin brunch today but the food was sick so i didnt eat much. all i ate was scrambled eggs the hole time, and drank water and momessos. brunchs are discusting, no one should ever go to one and i went to the one downtown where ur moving and you see all of downtown and old port area of montreal its pretty, "Le Tour de Ville" the moving was getting me sick cause it was starting to go round and then it stoped and then it started again and then it started again i didnt get the point but it was retarded. and some girl sitting nere me was wearing a raggedy anne jean dress, where the fuck do people go buy these ugly things these days. anyways so as i was saying im hungry and waiting for the pizza man to ring my doorbell, so i came online and felt bad for not updateing this journal thing (as explained to cynthia) so im giving people something pointless like always to read and boring (y). other than my experience at a brunch i did my stupid science lab report thats due tomorow which is completly retartded that i have to do cause i didnt watch any of the experiments, i was doing a test on one of them and then the other one i went home early so i didnt see it and now i have to rite up a stupid thing when i dont even no what it is about. but thank god i have nice friends who helped me out alot!! and its not like i could explain to my teacher the situation cause he wont care and im just fuckin scared of that man. he looks like a crack head that hasnt slept in a long time, but hes really funny at times though, and hes a really good science teacher so i feel bad saying the crack-head comment.
anyways pizza is here and the simpsons are on
cyn in the new madonna song she raps or watever u wanna call it at a point and she says she does pelates :$


[Tue, April 01, 2003 | 06:00pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Global News ]

fuck i just fell down the stairs and my fuckin ass is killing me :(.. anyways fuck nothing hapened today school is shit... so i just wanted to post these lyrics, its Karma Police from Radiohead. its a fuckin amazing song and everyone should downtload some of their stuff...

"Karma Police"

Karma police, arrest this man
He talks in maths
He buzzes like a fridge
He's like a detuned radio

Karma police, arrest this girl
Her Hitler hairdo is
Making me feel ill
And we have crashed her party

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get when you mess with us

Karma Police
I've given all I can
It's not enough
I've given all I can
But we're still on the payroll

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get when you mess with us

And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

For for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
For for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

1 pina colada please

[Sun, March 30, 2003 | 07:11pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | the roots - break you off ]

after falling down a flight of stairs at least four times in one night, getting staired at by an old lady thinking that i am on crack, getting in a fight with a young guy that worked at a hall that was on a pwer trip for trying to go into another wedding hall (all i wanted was a fuckin glowstick :|) and dancing like an asshole the hole night, singing sean paul and shawn desman most of the time. i finaly woke up at 1pm in jessicas bed with the a headache and my head feeling like it was 0.5 pounds, i got reasured that i did look like an ass and that i said a few things in which i wasnt suposed to say, or just plain and simply taught i wouldnt say ever, but the people understand the reasons why whatever was said was said. i find it pretty amusing at this moment on how much of a retard i was (speaking for myself), and i dont regret anything i had fun. i had to make the best out of a crappy hall party, the way i see it is that it is better than staying home and rotting the hole night by myself. not as many people as expected showed up, it was pretty much the group of people at my school that i never talked to before last night. i found myself dancing with one of the people that i reallly really dont like at all..lmao! it seemed as if they were playing 50 cent the hole night for some reason. in all i have to say that last night was fun and i enjoyed it and wouldnt mind doing it again. i got the sweetest talk from jagger last night that come to think about it now makes me almost wanna cry. he was the sweetest thing towards me and jessica and what he said was sooo nice of him :$ i fuckin love that guy.
anyways, i really dont understand why people have these big hall parties for their "sweet 16" no one wants to be there. most of the people there were there cause of difrent reasons, one in which alot of people had was cause they didnt have anything else to do with themselves on a saturday night so they decided to drag their asses to a hall party, i must say that i agree with that cause i was one of them with that reason.
not much of a point of having a big party when only 20 people are gonna show up in a big hall and you look really sad and as if u have no friends. i mean i dont have the best ideas but at least my birthday isnt gonna be a fuckin hall party where u have to pay 20 bucks for a slice of pizza and a sandwhich and all the free water ud like to drink that evening, and have my parents watching the hole thing from begining to end. i dont understand how people see that as fun, i mean its only normal that people are gonna come there and be drunk or doing whatever their doing and i wouldnt run up to them telling them to calm down a bit cause their mom gets the point that their drunk...rite okay well i dont want to talk about this anymore cause i see it as somthing extremly pointless, and boring so for the one or two people that acytualy read this hole stupid and most importantly "irelavent" journal entry... im sorry
goodnight everyone even though its 7:30pm.

1 pina colada please

dancing in my Nuddy-Pants [Thu, March 27, 2003 | 04:29pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | coldplay- the scientist ]

well i just finished washing the tupperwears and glasses and cleaning the floor cause lewis and andrew came over. lewis got snow in my house..:| but its cleaned up. we went to watch the pianist but in french today with my hole grade and the sec fives, the movie wasnt bad at all. it was surprisingly good. some parts were sick to look at but in all it was good, the comments made through out the movie kept me amused for the boring parts. so that movie took up pretty much my hole day and we decided not to go back to school, so we had to call in "sick" or having appoitments. my mommy let me out but franki had to call as lewis' mother and after doing a mission to see if vince was at work and asking all the sec fives that were around us to practice their mother voices we made a sec five pretend to be andrews mom cause he didnt want to call his mom and the secretary knows me and jessicas voices, cause were there too often :$ . in all we came back to my house, after we ate our lunch (chinese food :)) anything is better then going back to school for one period i saw it as pretty pointless and the fact that i woke up early and put my uniform on today was pretty pointless too consideing the fact that i just went home after the movie. but im happy i got out and i missed science class that class is sooo boreing. so that was pretty much my day today in general. and in all that i seemed to have noticed that everything that i was freaking out about before doesnt matter at all cause i moved on and i am actualy good now and not freaking out about anything, cause i relised its not worth it. so i did like i said i was gonna do let nature takes its corse and see what hapens, and for once i listened to myself, and im happy!
im going to baton rouge tonight!! i got warned to get the rib steak with the all dressed baked potatoe.. heard it was good, ill see until i get there. but i dont care as long as im at baton rouge, and i have my desert (hot brownie with ice cream) im happy
i have no school tomorow... i fuckin cant wait. i might be going to david's house depending on if i feel like but i know in the morning im going to my usual weekly apoitment downtown, and then im probably going shopping with my sister, cause im looking for a new pair of running shoes, i want to get the boots/running shoes that gwen wore at the super bowl during their performance, they are the boxer ones, if anyone somehow sees them could you please tell me where to find them :) even though they cant be found anywhere.
omg my phone does not want to stop ringing im getting really fuckin annoyed right now i think im gonna shoot the person that keeps calling...
ok im gonna go the guy to fix my fridge is here !

3 pina coladas please

your so last summer [Mon, March 24, 2003 | 07:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | radiohead- how to disappear completely ]

i dont even know why im updateing this thing i dont have much to say. i went to school today, like always, had a miniture heart to heart with jessica in the morning in the bus. talking about the newest collection to my problems (yay). one thing i noticed with that conversation is that alot of things come at bad times in someones life. you could be complaing that you dont have something and your wondering what went wrong for you not to have that certain thing, once you have it, you dont know what to do with it or you just dont want it at all. the way i see things is that there is a reason behind everything (not in a paranoid way) things hapen for a reason, which lead to better things at the end. now i understand that but the part i seem to be having problems with is to find out what kind of good is coming out of all this stuff. i cant even number the things that are bothering me anymore, cause they all relate to eachother.
it always hapens that right when your actualy happy and you think you actualy got somewhere with yourself somthing hits you and gives you a bunch of other things to deal with and the way you handle it is completly up to you. and its as if someone gives it to you as if your in a game and is just watching and laughing at you freak out and deal with all this stuff at one time. fuck if that were true then were are some sick fucks out there.
anyways enought about this stuff i wouldnt think that out of the 4-5 people that actualy read this, theyd want to here this shit. so other than that crap thats going on im not going to school tomorow i have career exploration and im gonna go to la salle college, until 12 and then im going out to eat lunch with my mom and then im going shopping to get those nice pants i saw on the ad on the bus today of guess with the chian, their soo nice. so because of that im missing a science test and a ethics quiz.
okay well im gonna go now, entertaniment tonight is starting and i want to go watch it.
sorry for the retarded entry thing.. it doesnt make much sence and it sounds extremly skitzo of me once i re read it

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lets say goodbye, the hundreth time and then tomorow we'll do it again [Sun, March 23, 2003 | 02:08pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | massive attack - butterfly caught ]

yah im back from my brunch this morning with my family and my nonna and nonno for their aniversary. the food was good, and the place had amazing washrooms they were so pretty.. and the handicap washroom had a fuckin hallway to get to the toilet i loved it! i almost got in a fight with two girls there stupid bitchs, they were all private school perky with the long hair and tits and ass hanging out when their with their family. they looked like the girl with the black hair in the ring. anyways they kept looking at me and franki weird, so then we decided to look at them with the bitch faces and then wen they were walking nere me i "accidently" pushed my litte sister in them hahah the ugly face they pulled was priceless.
anyways im not gonna do much today, its sunday and there isnt anything to do. the weather is good, i wanna go out for coffee tonight just like that not with alot of people i dont no why. i dont want to stay in this hell hole in which i call my home. i need a change in enviorment lately. im getting crowded where ever i go with anyone. i dont no why. its weird. and then i have school tomorow, i would rather shoot myself in the fuckin foot then go there. and i have to start my public speaking aawww i dont want to do it. and then i have ethics second tomorow fuckin asshole i hate him, were learning about buddhas and shit like that. its pretty cool but my teacher seems to have a certain way of taking the fun out of it and beeting it with a stick. schools gonna be over soon i cant wait! yay! this summer better be good. good news my bday is coming in the summer and thats the only thing that i have to look forward to right now in this moment. im gonna have a toga party this year, and then were sleeping outside in a tent again cause last year was amazing. and i wanna go to laser quest so ill try to shove it all in one night or somthing. ah who knows by birthday is in june i have a shit load of time to see what to do so i wont bother thinking about it now. another good thing to look forward to SUMMER SHOPPING!
urban came out with nice things lately but the thing is they look cheap and as if their gonna break as soon as you wear them, who cares their still pretty and im still gonna find myself bying them. and they changed the place around its a mess now, the clothes on the basement floor are mixed with the home stuff, it took me literaly 15 minutes to find my braclets yesturday cause it was soo fucked up and the shoes are nere the cash now. to contiue my fashion report i would like to say that Buffalo has a nice summer collection (nice skirts). Guess has nice things their not that bad, they have nice casual/go out for supper clothes. BCBG has the prettiest dress in the window if u pass by look at it, its white with black poka dots its sooo pretty to wear those with red or black stiletto heals. omg i want to have a party where i could wear that
ok i think i rote enough.
byebye :)


and its all in how you mix the two [Fri, March 21, 2003 | 04:35pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | coldplay- the scientist ]

I just got back from Tim Hortons, where i got my usual.. "French Vanilla Coffee please" with jessica.. we decided to go to talk about certain things that came up in the day. school wasnt all that good today, but i was fuckin hyper after lunch i dont even know why. i was in french class about to hit my fuckin french teacher cause he keeps picking on me, and i had this craving for mcdonalds in that class like a pregnant woman (chicken nuggets with fries and bar-b-q sause). then i went to my last class of the day.. ETHICS..with my tree hugging mother fucker teacher, hes soo retarded i hate him. but the good thing was i was one of the only people that passed his fuckin Judaism test 62%:) it was one of the highest marks too in the class too, only three people passed that stupid test. i didnt even study for it i guessed for half of the questions and then for the other half i cheated from other people, bastard.
anyways im not doing anything tonight my dad is coming back from his bisness trip tonight and hes bringing back Krispy Krem donuts ... their the best donuts ur ever gonna try their amazing and there is only one place in canada the rest are in the states but their opening one here so when they open, go purchase some! other than that im sleeping tonight im really tiered, and then tomorow im going out all day and i dont want to be bitchy whith whoever im gonna be with.
i think thats enogh for now and franki just came sit nere me to talk
so byebye


F.A.P founder [Wed, March 19, 2003 | 06:34pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | the used- blue and yellow ]

yah im here with jessica in my basement waiting for franki and steve to come so they could bring us to the La Senza sale since im a "prestige member" and there is a sale on.. ok wait my glasses are dirty... okay good. well i went to school today and had an fucked up day. i realised that i am out of everthing to say about this hole situation. most of all it fuckin kills sooo much and i cant do anything about it the way i see it for the moment. i wanna say something but i just cant bring myself to doing it, jessica told me not to say anything and if its worth it then its gonna go back to normal. but i dont want to do this, i cant just back out of something like that, when i dont want to. the person meant alot to me as a friend and to just forget about it.. isnt what i want to do so yah.
okay enough of this i dont think anyone wants to hear any of this stuff. im prob gonna read this entry thing later and just delet it cause ill think its fucked or somthing..
"anyways"aq im gonna go now frankie is here !

3 pina coladas please

once again your eyes make it hard for me to ask [Sun, March 16, 2003 | 02:04pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | finch - stay with me ]

well last night was cynthia's birthday party as everyone is aware of cause they were all there. it was really fun, we didnt do much but what eever we did kept us amused, we danced to 50 cent and to dance music that was playing on mix 96.
andrea and serena got sick (theyr okay now) and then we had jessica and cynthia who started to cry for unknown and reasons not to be discussed, and their better too now (jut got off the phone with jessica) some weird things hapened last night which i really dont understand why they did hapen, i did conclude last night that there are some people who i wont ever want to drink with. and next time we do drink, no one is gonna mix anything i hope. i really like that stuff that tania brought it tasted like lickerish or nonna candy and it had those cute gold things inside (it was a pretty bottle) okay thats enough said about the party there isnt much to say about it anymore. just that next birthday we have to do it again it gonna be really fun.
for today though im going to la senza soon with my mom cause their is like a 25% speacial on everything in the store and i want to get more of those short underwear their the most confrontable things. and then im going to my aunts house cause its her birthday so i get to have cake! even though i ate like an asshole last night. and then tomorow we have school yay(sarcastic) i hate it soo much, everything there pisses me off, i already need a break i want summer to come to badly (anti-social comment of the day)
im gonna go take my shower and get dressed now..

1 pina colada please

your my number ooonnneee [Sat, March 15, 2003 | 11:59am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | guns and roses- november rain ]

i just got back home, downtown was soo dead this morning cause of the protest against war thats gonna hapen soon. nothing good hapened went to my usual apoitment (boreing) and well i came home cause i was alone, but one thing that was good was that i heard 50yr old metro police talk about tits for 20 minutes. i was listening to them the hole thime i couldnt help it. but now im home and anthony is making me listen to dj sammy and singing to me.. i havent seen him in awhile i miss him
tonight is cyns party thingy about fuckin time... its gonna be fun even tho she doesnt want me to decorate and bring ballons or somthing, im gonna bring my hawaiian necklases at least.
well i didnt do much last night other than try to figure this thing out cause it is retarded and then i spent the rest of the night on the phone with david. were talking again!!! yay! i missed him soo much it sucked the way we just stoped talking but now were good so who cares about what hapened.
ok im gonna go help my mom clean now so ill go now


re-runs of boy meets world are on [Fri, March 14, 2003 | 08:38pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | elton jhon - tiny dancer ]

here i am in my basement.. iv been on this computer for the past 30 mins or more trying to figue out what the hell im doing... and i still dont know what im doing. i wanna change the way it looks but its soo complicated!
well im gonna go try to figure this thing out until then byebye.

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