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    Wednesday, February 19th, 2003
    4:18 pm
    new thing
    Hello, I'm moving from because I don't really like them as much and this site seems cool. We'll see.
    Sunday, December 8th, 2002
    4:38 pm
    Jingle bells
    I have returned, though very sick right now. I went to the doctors last week, and she said I was very healthy! It figures. My house has been invaded with the holiday spirit, or at least the holiday decorations. My lil sister really enjoys that stuff. There's a snowflake contest at school. Gonna enter that. Took my SATs yesterday. Then I went shopping with my sister and dad. Today I've been hanging out like a corpse. Still had to shovel, no matter how sick I am. Childhood friend took SATs too and did well. Her online journal is here I hope html works on this journal. People need to relax more often. I need to relax a little more often. bye bye
    Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
    5:54 pm
    sorry ppl
    Due to the fact that my cat peed on the carpet, I can't do any updating for the next wekk. I promise not to do anything exciting until the weeks over, ok? Bye ;_;
    Sunday, December 1st, 2002
    8:06 am
    Last night, male friend and I got in an arguement about how I handle people who are a pain in the ass (like homophobes!). He has no right to critisize me like that! Then we talked a little bit about marriage (not happening). I woke up mad at him today for telling me how I should handle those stupid, blond, over made up, snotty freshman girls. No offense to blondes, just they always end up blond. I've never had trouble from a brunette. Strange. He went on blabbing about all the shit he's been through in middle school, and yadda yadda yadda. I was not impressed, middle school was hell for all of us. I want him to be in my place for once, just once! It's not about what I've been through, it's about what I've done. He spoke about hiding in the shadows, well I can't do that anymore! The only thing I'm hiding right now is him! He knows that. Maybe that's what was bothering him. I'll write more later.
    Saturday, November 30th, 2002
    1:46 pm
    college stuff
    Today was housework day. I don't like doing one chore a day, but if you give me a whole day and a list, I actually enjoy it. I like getting stuff done. It reminds me of my summer living in a dorm. I'm really looking forward to college. My biggest hurdle is whether or not I can get into one. I'm working on one of my college essays right now. I'm trying to get into an art college, but my essays always take a political theme. I can't help it if I have strong opinions. I should probably go into politics instead, but i gotta draw too. Wish me luck.
    Friday, November 29th, 2002
    6:36 pm
    F&@% the fortunate world!
    Just wrote a long email to childhood friend ranting about how trapped I feel. I live in a tiny hick town. I can't wait to leave. I hate it and I hate this planet for restricting womens rights and safety! I'm one tenth of a millimeter from hating men too! And women for letting themselves get so pathetic! What the F&@% was the creator thinking when she made us? Welcome to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
    Thursday, November 28th, 2002
    5:12 pm
    Yesterday was a half day at school. All the teachers were kinda jerks because they wanted to leave. My now nondiscrinimating friend was talking about the bad deal most minorities get and I told him that's what I've been telling him for years. Oh well. I'm glad overall. Spent the afternoon working on dollz and talking to male friend on AIM. Arie and I pretended to be each other and screwed him up big time. that was mean, but fun.

    Today I'm going on the road to visit turkey and eat relatives. Did I say that wrong? Happy Turkey Day, when we're thankful europeans came and killed us all for being heathens. Native American History month is drawing to a close. Be thankful that you're safe and able to eat turkey with you loved ones, because not everybody can do that. Enjoy food!
    Tuesday, November 26th, 2002
    3:08 pm
    political conversation
    Had a very good conversation during study hall. I guess what happened last Thursday made that friend think a lot. He's been looking at the whole ignorance and tolerance and minorities thing a lot more. He used to simply excuse it as ok, not taking it seriously because it didn't effect him. We discussed what's appropriate in front of which people. Like a white person can call another white person a cracker, but a black person can't call a white person a cracker. It was a very refreshing chat, considering I'm usually the only one who thinks it's an issue worth discussing. Most people I talk to believe just because some laws were made, society treats one another as equals. I believe there's much more work to be done. I very much enjoy politics. I hope the UN investigators can diffuse this potential war in front of us. I don't want W. Bush to charge on Iraq without the UN backing it up. I know it's much more complicated than that, but right now, the U.S. is very much disliked and I don't want to make that worse. Oh yeah, yesterday male friend, sister and I all had after school stuff to do, so male friend came home with us! That's all.

    Go to this cute site if you like Dollz.
    Sunday, November 24th, 2002
    11:41 am
    Lazy Day! Spent most of it at home. Had cousins over. Made dolls with girl cousin. Talked to male friend on phone for an hour and a half, most of it was silence. Went to see musical, Secret Garden. Beautiful. It's far more morbid than I imagined. Well, it's full of ghosts. Well worth seeing. Slept over at cousin's house.
    11:38 am
    Went to coffehouse at school. First half was punk rock, britney Speare's voiceovers and bad love poetry. Second half was 45 minutes of guitarist pouring his heart out with a bunch of identical songs. Boring after the first three. Went home.
    Friday, November 22nd, 2002
    4:59 pm
    Not bad, I suppose...
    No sorry from personperson. Now I want revenge! I'll have to think about it. A marine came into English to talk about Marines. Big surprise there, huh? He was short. The uniform looked very uncomfortable. I went to Improv club and had fun. We worked on long form skits. We really need practice and help. It was fun and made me feel better. Male friend didn't come to improv because he had to go to a college thingy. Tonight, I'm going to open mic night, hosted by the writers club. I used to be in the writers club, but I resigned. It's very demanding and I didn't have time to do any writing! That was last year. Did another page of storyboard for alien comic. Got to go!
    Thursday, November 21st, 2002
    3:14 pm
    Ignorant Shallow Bigots Really Stink!
    Today was rough. In english, Personperson shouted outloud lots and lots of Native American racial slurrs directed towards me all period. No one did anything about it. The teacher couldn't even hear him. One of my friends sits right in front of personperson too and he didn't do anything! Next period I called my friend an ignorant shallow bigot for not doing anything and bawled my eyes out. I hate crying at school. I know that personperson did not do it because I'm part Cherokee. He did it because I'm very politically active and sensitive about those things. Later, some people came up to me and suggested I confront personperson. I told them I was tired of confronting ppl and wanted other ppl to start being more responsible! Even my friend didn't do anything when he sat right in front of personperson when it happened! What did he expect me to do? Go punch personperson in the jaw? I wish! Anywho, I hope somebody learned from this experience.
    Wednesday, November 20th, 2002
    4:54 pm
    Good Day
    Good days don't happen every day and need to be appreciated. The pies from the chorus fundraiser came in, so I got to leave my last class early! I have a page of storyboard done. I'm doing a story about an alien. It's a story that's been done many times before, but I want to do it anyway. Left twin has her story idea down. Male friend was back from Out of School suspension. Nobody gave him any crap about it to my knowledge. Reading Richard the Third in Shakespeare class. Bigot Republican friend finally got the courage to ask his crush out and says he got a yes. I feel good today. Went to psych. He suggested I try going off my meds for a while to see if I still need it. I said at least not until after freshman year! I don't want to screw things up. Male friend invited me to Turkey dinner with his family. I don't think that will happen this year. I think that's it today.
    Tuesday, November 19th, 2002
    4:34 pm
    Oooo, new thing!
    I now have a uJournal! (the crowds cheer.) If anybody wants to know about me, they can read my user info. Today, my male friend, who I happen to be secretly romantically involved with, wasn't at school today, because he got in a fight yesterday. My little sister shrunk my pants in the dryer. My friend, the left twin, is gonna make a mini series indy comic with me. That's cool. Haven't been able to talk to my childhood friend in a while, bummer. Ex-girlfriend has found a childhood friend and they're "clicking totally". I have a vicious jealous streak that's rearing it's pretty head. Maybe that's why my eyes are green. I think that's all today.
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