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Sunday, May 16th, 2004

Subject:it's all over!
Time:11:03 am.
all good things come to an end.

this is an end for blurty.

check out my new journal at

see you there!

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004

Subject:that's a wrap!
Time:12:08 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:Hoobastank - The Reason.
well i'm all done school, thank God! i'll give ya the wrap up here:

-history: gotta love fatman. i had to watch a ton of movies- lots of blood and gore, but it was a pretty interesting course. i already got my grade for that class- an A, so i was happy.

-calc: my hardest class of the semester. i've never been any good at calc. i guess i can blame it on grade school since i had a lot of bad math teachers, but high school didn't help out too much either. my prof this semester had a british accent, so that was a little hard to get used to. i dropped 10 points on each of the three tests, but i did good on the assignments and stuff. the final wasn't as bad as i thought. projected grade: B :(

-business: a pretty fun class. it covered just about every part of business. my prof was cool. my group did great on our project, we finished in 1st place and got to split the grade prize pf $100- yip de freakin do. projected grade: A

-philosophy: um it was probably the most boring class i have ever taken IN MY LIFE. i wanted to fall asleep every day- and most times i did! there were simple quizes, and only three essays. projected grade: B+

-english: this class was taught by satan herself. her only saving grace was that she was a flyers fan. i don't want to talk about this class now that it's over, so i won't. projected grade A-

so that ends that, 4 months of vacation ahead- whoo hoo!

i went to the movies with heather last night to see mean girls. tina fey and tim meadows are hysterical. i would definitly reccommend that movie.

i'm headed to the flyers this afternoon with joe. game 5- its pivitol. i really hope they win. they are a much better team than the leafs. 1/2 of the flyers aren't even playing at the top of their game, and they are still giving the leafs a run for their money. if the stars keep not showing up, they will lose the series, but that won't happen. they will win today, and i will even say that they will win game 6 in toronto- eat that canada!

over vacation i am going to paint and lay a new floor in the kitchen, i'm also hoping to paint the living room, dining room, and hallway. sounds like fun eh? i'm also going on vacation to punta cana at the end of june, and then i'm going to cape may for a week in july or august. i'm sure there will be day trips here and there too.

i stopped up at roman for the first time since before christmas on thursday. i had a great time. i got to see a lot of people and they all made me feel great. i had lunch with some of the faculty in the faculty dining room, and i can really see myself there in a few years. i things fall into place for me.

i'm really starting to run out of ideas for this thing. anything i should write about or should i pack up shop? let me know in the comments, i guess i'm a comment whore like becky too.

one last thing- i'm coming up on a milestone in the blurty: 3,000 visitors. if you are 3,000 please leave a comment. it'll probably be felice again since he seems to get most of the milestones. lol good luck.

later, and go flyers,

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Friday, April 16th, 2004

Time:10:15 am.
Mood: nervous.
Music:The O'Jays- For the Love of Money.
so it has been over a month, and this blurty page has been silent, but not for long because i am updating today!

i have been really busy with school and some other things that i haven't had the time to update, and when i do, i end up falling asleep. the truth is that there was an update about 2 weeks ago, but i typed in the wrong password, and when i went to type in the right one it deleted the entry. damn computers.

less than 2 weeks of school and not much has changed- my english teacher is still a bitch. i had to have a meeting with her a week ago and she was talking down to me the whole time. i don't respond well to that kind of stuff. her only suggestions on my paper was that she wouldnt do things the way i did them. well no shit sherlock, i'm not the one who is almost 30, not married, looks like a 1st grade teacher but pretends to be a college professor, who teaches just to use it as a power trip!

my business class pretty much wraps up today. my business plan is finally done and we have to meet with the bankers at 1:00 to see if they will approve our loan. keep your fingers crossed! other than that, school is done in less than 2 weeks, and i am thrilled!

i'm actually looking foward to next semester because my schedule is MWF from 8-1 and thats it, so thats awesome. i also am in the process of switching majors so i will be an organizational management major, with an education minor. hopefully i can get a job teaching business my first year out of school, and i can continue to go to night and summer classes in order to get a masters in education. then i can move on to a rich suburban school district and get a nice single home with a pickett fence, sounds nice huh?

stinky the fish is still doing well. he got a friend for easter. my godson Jody bought him a little shark decoration for the bottom of the tank- it looks pretty cool.

tonight i'm headed to see the first night game at citizens bank park with heather, joe, christine, rich, felice, and colleen. it should be an awesome time- and finally some nice weather! i was down there for the 1st preseason game and it was pretty cold, my mom bought me a sweatshirt because i only wore a t-shirt- yes i know i'm a smacked ass. i also went to opening day with joe and had an awesome time. we left early because we lost feeling in our feet, but hey- it was a good time!

i know in the last entry i predicted the flyers to finish 1st or 2nd, but they finished 3rd. they had a bad streak there at the end of the season, and it hurt them. they look good now, and eschey is playing great! i was at game 2 of that series and it was so incredibly loud for a long time, but it didn't break any loudness records in my book, they are:
3) game 5 of toronto series last season
2) ottowa game that set record penalty minutes this season
1) handzus' penalty shot goal in overtime to beat the new york rangers in dec 2002
i will be at tomorrow's game because joe got tickets, and if the flyers really screw up, we will be at game 7 too, i doubt there will be a game 7 though.

i realized that i never wrote that heather got a new job- she works at giggle's gifts at frankford and bleigh. i think you should go say hi. she hates wrapping to buy something to get wraped- even if it is only a balloon or a card, make her wrap it!

i'm going to go practice my stuff for bankers day, i'll probably update next week when i get the results just to let you know how it went!

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Monday, March 15th, 2004

Subject:beware the ides of march...
Time:10:07 am.
Mood: okay.
Music:Blink 182- I Miss You.
real quick before i update i want to steal a page from becky's journal and give a quote of the day...

i'm walking across campus on my way down here and i overheard this conversation between three girls, the one says "i don't know- it's been like two weeks and he hasn't tried to have sex with me yet, is there something wrong with me?" the other girls looked shocked and one said "he hasn't?!" while the other said "no way." i wanted to say- yes dear, there is something wrong with you, you are a whore.

okay back to the update, it's been a while!

over spring break i was very busy painting my sisters' room and the basement. both turned out really nice and i am really happy because i worked really hard! just have to get new rugs in both rooms then they are done. next up is the kitchen i hear...

i also made it through with no MAJOR injuries, but a few minor ones. on my left thumb, i cut myself with the saw just under the nail. also on the left thumb i drilled the other side of my thumb. also on my left thumb, i dropped the new computer desk box on it and scraped off a lot of skin. perhaps my worst injury was to my head... i was trying to pop the pin out the door hinge on my back door with a screw driver, well as i was pushing it slipped and it stabbed me on my head, less than an inch above my right eye- i was lucky. it was really bloody, but heather fixed me all up. :) so it looks like i'm not too much of a bob vila- but i'm more like tim the toolman taylor.

school blows- only six weeks left thank god! my english teacher is a pain in the ass, i can't wait until her class is over.

stinky the fish got a new home and he loves it. it has a light and everything! he's eating a lot and seems much happier in his new home. i also got heather a fish named giggles since she starts her new job at giggles gifts tomorrow! her's is a psycho! it throws the rocks at the bottom of the bowl at the wall when it wants to be fed! it also does flips and lays on its side- pretty crazy! back to heath's job- im so glad shes working there. its more hours, more pay, and nicer people. her old job was getting to be a pain in the ass since she worked with a few assholes- i'm glad shes outta there. it's also nice that she will smell like candles when i pick her up from work now instead of lunch meat- haha jk babe.

the flyguys are looking very good- i'm predicting a first or second seed for the playoffs this seaons- just like i told you all months ago! my cousin actually reffed their game in pitt yesterday- a game they should have won. oh well, they will be okay. how are your damn devils now ariosto?!

the phillies are also looking good. only 28 days until joe and i will be at OPENING DAY AT CITIZENS BANK PARK VS. THE REDS. i also have tickets to the friday night game, and the last game of the season.

since it's 28 days until opening day that means 26 days until i get my new cell phone... thats a good thing because i don't know how much longer the scotch tape can hold up!

okay time for me to run- i don't know when i'll update again so later!

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Subject:i lied...
Time:10:17 am.
Mood: anxious.
Music:Lostprophets- Last Train Home.
yeah so i lied to you. i told you i probably would not update through the week, but here i am. if you really want, you can close the window and open it again on monday that way i don't look so bad for updating.

it's HUMP DAY- and it's a special edition of hump day because its ash wednesday, no meat folks. pizza and fries for lunch, real healthy.

anyway- since it is wednesday, that means i'm halfway through the week! tomorrow i have my business midterm (ahh!), and an english draft due. friday i have a big test in history, so as of friday at 9:51 am i'll be a very happy man.

over spring break i'm gonna get some work done at home. i have to paint the girls' room, and do a little fixing up then painting of the basement. new furniture for both rooms comes a week from tomorrow, so it should be pretty cool when all is said and done!

i'm sitting here with the daily news in front of me- it has the crucifixion scene from "the passion of the christ" on the cover, kinda gross. i don't know if i want to see the movie or not. it's like reading a book, then watching the movie- it ruins all of the images you had in your head by reading, plus blows scenes out of proportion in order to make it a little more "hollywood". i think certain movie topics should be off limits- like that scott peterson guy who is on trial for killing his wife (and kid i think- i'm drawing a blank). his trial isn't even over and they are working on a movie! that bothers me.

i realized i never updated about valentines day! i got a betta fish from heather- his name is stinky. it was hilarious because she couldnt wrap him, so she made me drive to her house, i wasn't allowed to look at her or the rear view mirror, then she jumped in the back seat, and we drove to my house. well on the way he spilled a little so she was cracking up. then she made me get out of the car at my house, and go in. after i left the car she yelled at the fish "YOU STINK!" (now you know why the name is stinky) i went up to my room to get her stuff and came down to see stinky, i was so happy- it was the only thing i wanted. i got her diamond earrings, and put them in a little stuffed dog's collar (the dog's name is rover), she also got a cape may beach tag for day trips so we dont have to fight with the beach tag nazi. after that we went out to dinner- calabrasilla on route 13, it was pretty good. after that we went back to my house, cleaned out stinky's tank, then went to a party around 11. we stayed until about 130 and at that point heather went back to my house and proceded to get sick- she drank like a champ tho- she came in 3rd in survivor flip cups! tomorrow is 5 months with her- i can't believe it. and on friday we have to go to her brother's birthday party- ice skating, ugh. time to make a fool out of myself in front of her family!

well, it's time for me to get some work done, i'll talk to you later.

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

Subject:hey everyone
Time:8:21 pm.
hey guys-

ton of homework this week, so i dont think ill update, but if you want to bug heather, here is her screenname:


you should IM her, she doesnt bite lol
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Friday, February 13th, 2004

Subject:it sure has been a while
Time:10:43 am.
Mood: happy.
Music:Kiss- The Boys Are Back In Town.
i haven't updates since just after the semester started! wow... a lot has happened and time is flying. i hardly have time to do anything any more, but since i worked my ass off yesterday to do work, i have nothing to do until sunday, so i thought i'd stop by to say hi and fill you in on what has been up!

i'll start with school since that seems to be taking up most of my time. my classes are rough, and i was definitly duped last semester. i thought college was a breeze- turns out i just had really easy teachers. here's the run down of my current classes:

history 1500- present: it's an okay class. a little boring, a lot of work. it's pretty much a lecture with 3 tests, the first of which is next week. he also has us watching 6 movies over the semester! one is barry lyndon- it was very hard to find and i ended up going to the library to get it. it was 2 tapes and 3 hours and 4 minutes! i popped the first tape in my living room vcr on sunday, and it wouldn't play. here, the vcr ate it! so i freaked out a little then decided to go down the basement and watch tape 2. i put that in for about 15 minutes, it stopped, and once again, A DIFFERENT VCR ate the tape!

applied business calc- i actually like this class, (jim likes a math class?! is that possible?!) it isn't too hard, and we do most of the work on the calculator and excel. math makes sense when you apply it to something!

business perspectives- it's a hellish course for all business majors. it's pretty much like a cult, they take over your life. we have to develop a product, and come up with a business plan for it including financial statements and marketing plans. to cap it off you need to present the plan to bankers and try to get a loan to start your business. the program is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and the winners get $100... sounds fair right? do all the leg work, here's a $100 bill, split it 4 ways, and never call us again! my group was planning on developing a razor that shoots out shaving cream and water, but it's already made! can you believe it?! we changed our idea to self tanning wipes. johnson and johnson already makes self tanning products, and they make baby wipes, so we are gonna put it together... pretty good eh?

philospophy- this class isn't for me. i dont like dancing around answers and going along with the "but why do you think he thinks that way" crap about aristotle. it's right up someone's alley, but definitly not mine!

english- i saved the best for last, yeah sure. it's college writing 2, and the professor is like 2 years older than us (well thats exaggerated, but i have never met such a young professor). she has a bitchy streak to her and a voice that just cuts right through me. on my first paper i got a B, i was not thrilled at all. it was a summary paper, and she raved about how wonderful the summary was, then writes "watch pronoun agreement- B" what the fuck? 15 points off for pronoun agreement?!?! the next paper will have NO PRONOUNS in it. she thinks shes a know it all too. she tells us to do our essays in MLA format, but teaches the wrong format, and people question her so she gets all bent out of shape and says "do it my way". well no, because its the wrong way you ass!

ok now i vented most of my frustrations about school, i'll move onto work. it sucks. next month will be 4 years for me. when i started we had 6 employess, not counting the owner. now he have upwards of 10, not counting pharmacists. it's pretty rough because we dont need everyone, and everyone wants hours. sometimes its like pulling teeth to find something to do because i feel bad standing around. most of the other people stand around and don't get anything said to them though... i dont know what to do. the customers are asses too. i'd love to have a day to tell people what i thought without having to deal with consequences.

this weekend is valentines day. me and heather are going out to dinner at a place called calabrazilla (i dont know how to spell it). i boobed out and didn't make reservations until late, so after calling a bunch of places, the earliest i could get was 8:30, ouch! i think we may hit up a party after that, who knows.

things at home are going okay. this is a shitty time of year because this is the time last year when my dad started to get really sick. i was kinda freaked out going to austin meehan for sam's soccer game the other night, it was the first time i was there without him. we're all hanging though!

did you see the flyers game last night? they won, and burke played well in net (i like the trade by the way), but roenick took a slap shot to the face and is out indefinitly, then 42 seconds later primeau got hit and got a concussion. so at one point they had a ton of defensemen out, then both goalies went down and one had to retire! i guess it's time for the offense to go, but atleast they will all be healthy for the cup run! joe and i will be there for the cup run too- we are buying the playoff tickets to go with our 11 game pack so that they are a lot less expensive. it's over $450 for 2 home games in each round, and you get refunded for all games that arent played, so we are banking on an early playoff exit so we can get our money back. but since that is the way we are thinking they will probably win the cup and we wont get any money back- it's worth it. (shhh- it's reverse reverse reverse psychology- do not attempt it at home, i am a trained professional!)

me and mike at work may buy a 17 game plan for the philles so we get entered into a drawing of 15,000 opening day tickets instead of the regular people drawing which has 5,000 tickets. if we get the 17 game plan, we also get the first crack at playoff tickets- where they will be this year!

theres so much more that i want to talk about, but i can't possibly write everything! i figure i'll save it for another time- until then, take care!


yo- leave me a comment!
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Subject:and the decision is in...
Time:10:51 am.
Mood: busy.
Music:The Starting Line- Three is a Charm.
with the whole iowa caucus thing going on, i figured it would be a good idea to hold a poll on my blurty to see if i should continue with it. well the decision is in, and i'm going to stick with the blurty. there are a few reasons...

1) i am super busy with school and i don't have the time to get a blogger organized
2) all my info is here, and sometimes i like going back and reading it... who knows maybe if i keep it going for a long time i can get a book deal out of it
3) if it ain't broke don't fix it- the only bad thing about this site is that it takes a while to load, but i ran into the same problems on blogger, and i cant fix them

so the decision is made, and i hope you are happy. so now here are a few things that i want to get sorted out... i'm not going to be updating as much because of school, but i'm going to try to update atleast once a week, so chill with the hate-mail. i also need things to write about- so if you have any ideas please let me know.

now i want to get back to the caucus thing. did you see howard dean? what a nut! could you imagine that guy running the country? (there is no doubt in my mind that i would rather have dean as president over bush, but there has to be a better democrat for the job.) if you want, i will officially endorse a canidate in this journal, with this election, i guarentee it will be a democrat.

school is really tough, and from what i hear, my english teacher is a psycho. my business class will be rough beacuse we have to develop a product, market it, prepare financial statements for it and so on, so if you can think of anything that would improve your life, please let me know! some examples that they gave in class that were developed in the past few years included sunscreen that came in the form of babywipes, and a pacifier that dispensed medicine.

i'm actually going to run right now so that i can work on an essay for history. i'll try to update soon. talk to you later.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

Subject:The End...
Time:10:16 am.
Mood: confused.
Music:Creed- One Last Breath (For Blurty? Just maybe...).
Is this my last blurty entry? Quite possibly...

A few things that make me think it is time for a change:
1- College is hard, and I won't be updating as frequently.
2- Blurty's servers are bad- they are slow, pages load slow, and updates sometimes get lost- so i get frustrated and then end up getting mad- not a good thing
3- I found a new site: that site is also a journal site, butit seems a lot easier to use, and I'm able to have a little more control over the look. It also allows for audio journals- so if i am on vacation, i call my journal, and it posts an audio file for you to listen to!

Now, it's your call... I know a lot of people visit my Blurty because the counter sends me stats. Leave a comment on this post and let me know if i should:

1- Stop writing an online journal
2- Move to Blogger
3- Keep Blurty going

I don't care if you use your name or not- just vote and let me know. I'll check over the weekend and make my decision. One thing I will promise is one more entry- it's either my very last online journal entry, my very last blurty entry, or just another plain old blurt entry.

I'm looking for a good response...

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Subject:first entry of 2004...
Time:3:52 pm.
Music:Todd Rundgren - Bang On the Drum All Day.
hey i know i haven't written in a while, but not a whole lot has happened.

new years eve was fun. i went out to dinner, then down to penns landing for fireowrks, then back here for a while and then crashed. i did a couple family things, and i've been working, so thats how ive been staying busy.

my PC crashed, again. so it took me a little while, but its back up and running.

eagles tix- nope. i tried with 3 phones, heather tried with 2, and joe tried too. he said he got through to arkansas at 10:14, but they sold out at 10:10. oh well, i saved $ and i get to see the game and be warm!

i went out to lunch today with rich becky and heather. we went to chickies and had a good time. i also have a new theory on chickies- its not good. the only thing they have going for them is seafood and crabfries. they are expensive, rude, and and charge you for refills, what is this the 12th century? leave it to rich to come up with a line like that.

today i feel like mr. mom, im doing wash, fixing the hall light, helping sam with homework, making dinner, and i have to fix the computer... yeah way to relax the last few days of vaca jim!

last night i went to target with heather to get school supplies, tomorrow im going with joe and christine and heather to buy textbooks at lasalle.

me and heather have an addiction to PS2. we've been playing it a lot, the bad thing is shes getting good. she even beat me in madden a couple times. im gonna have to practice so rich cant say im a disgrace to men anymore.

time to run and do wash... oh my god im a disgrace to all men. :(
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

Subject:happy 2004!
Time:5:51 pm.
Mood: nostalgic.
Music:Kenny G - Auld Lang Syne (The Millenium Mix).
wow can you believe another year flew by just like that? and the most amazing thing is it was supposidly the most important, interesting, and fun year of my life.

2003 was a roller coaster ride. the ups and downs with school, family, friends, and work made the year quite interesting. during the last few days i've been thinking about where i was at this point last year, and where i will be at this point next year. it's scary, and exciting, but i found it rather mind bending.

if i had to sum 2003 up in one word it would be "change." all kinds of crazy changes happened to me, and i'm sure you went through them too, but this is my blurty, so i get to write about mine. first of all, i got a blurty. i never thought i would be a person who would sit at the computer and write, and actually enjoy it. i never thought people would be interested in it, but by that counter at the top of the page, you are. it has changed me to the point of questioning my major at school, will i make a good accountant, or should i get into something else, english? journalism? i'm sure that will get solved over the next year.

theres the physical changes too- the blonde, then no blonde, then blonde again... side burns and no side burns... no facial hair and facial hair... earring, and no earring. and i got a little taller and lost some weight... i call it the cancer or stress diet... i dont recommend it.

touching on that... this time last year my family was celebrating because we thought we had the cancer beat. well my dad isn't with us anymore, so we had to accept the fact that God had other plans for my Dad and my family. it's pulled my family together and strengthened my faith in unbelieveable ways. it's also made me live for the day, and place a value on life.

i left roman, and started at lasalle. i graduated, went to my senior prom, traveled to disney for the first time in my life, got in a car accident, got a new car, read books for fun, redecorated my room, and many other things.

i got a girlfriend. heather is the girl i've been dreaming about since i was in 7th grade. now, we are together and happier than ever. people judge, and even seem like they don't approve, i'm the only one who knows how i truly feel.

i found out who my friends are. and i have amazing friends. words of encouragement at just the right times have kept me going. i found my role models and heroes. i've grown up... and changed.

2003 was a very exciting year. i'll never forget the smiles, laughs, and even tears.

here's hoping 2004 is full of more smiles than tears. have a healthy happy new year!


ps- download the song i picked for this entry... it's rather interesting.
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Friday, December 26th, 2003

Subject:merry beleated christmas
Time:11:55 am.
Mood: pleased.
Music:Lou Monte- Dominic The Donkey.
eek! i forgot to do an entry before christmas, my bad!

christmas was okay. it didnt feel like christmas though. we went to my aunts for the first time instead of my grandmoms which really sucked. my aunts wasnt so bad, its just the fact that i went to my grandmoms for 17 years, why not go for the 18th? no one in the family liked the decision, and 2 of the families didnt even get to go. my grandmom knew that no one wanted to go, but she said we had to try it. she wanted to avoid a big family fight, well instead only 1/2 the families came, and they were pissed at the ones who didnt, and everyone is pissed at the ones who hosted christmas so its just one big mess. i wanted to say something but i was told "shut the hell up and put a smile on your face." yeah thats what happens when you fuck with tradition. i made my grandmom promise that every holiday is at her house from now on out. she said yes, and apologized for the mess which made me feel a little better.

anyway... i did pretty good with presents. especially since i didnt ask for anything. i got clothes, cologne, a flyers jersey, a dvd, cd, a watch, $$$, and movie money. heather got me an earring, clothes, boots, and a kick ass framed print of the skyline of philadelphia for my room, its awesome. i would link it but i dont know how.

tonight is the soccer game, i dont know if im feeling up to playing yet, i still have a lump in my throat.

i gotta go get this day started... i'll update later. i love todays song
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Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Time:5:35 pm.
Mood: stressed.
some upsetting news:
SNL isn't going to be in comedy central anymore. it's being replaced by mad tv, and they are moving some episodes for E!. its only supposed to be on at 5 and midnight... how much does that blow? heres the link to the last few episodes to SNL on comedy central:

theres some other shit bothering me too. i dont think its appropriate to discuss here, but to sum it up: my sister is being a bitch. i dunno if its just the typical sibiling fights, or if theres more to it. oh well.

what else? im just about ready for christmas... i bought all of my presents, and i have about half wrapped. im looking foward to it, and im also not looking foward to it.

hershey kisses are good.

sorry that was random.

i'll update at soon, im just not feelin it right now.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

Subject:the cure for boredom- blurty!
Time:2:37 pm.
Mood: peaceful.
Music:Dave Matthews Band - What Would You Say.
today is pretty much a nothing day for me. i have no big plans, i'm just sort of resting- that is what vacation is for. the weather is so shitty that i just dont feel like doing anything. i did stop up at my grandmom's today beause she was sick so i was checking in on her... aren't i a great grandson? lol

last night i went out with the fam to get a christmas tree. i wish i had a digital camera and could post a picture of the thing. its very fat, the fattest tree we've ever had. it is taking over my house, but it looks very nice. who's idea was it to buy a live tree, bring it in your house and throw lights and cheap glass and plastic ornaments on it!?

speaking of christmas, me and my mom created the easiest way to put up lights in the windows. we built wooden frames and stapled the lights to the wood, so the lights are straight, and easy to put up and take down. i think i should market it.

in celeberty news... i was at the mall and ran into steve coates, the announcer for the flyers. i talked to him for a good 5 or 10 minutes. hes a real nice guy. he looks shorter, heavier, and sounds more canadian in person. i told him i'd be down at the game tomorrow and i think he was a little shocked that i knew a lot about the flyers. i also was talking about my cousin who refs in the NHL so we were getting along well.

tonight i get to finish my christmas shopping- i have to pick up 3 things for my mom and i am done... i'm very happy considering im just about broke. it's okay- pay day is tomorrow.

all day today i have been checking lasalles website for my grades- so far i have 3 A's and a B+. i'm pretty happy with that- 2 more grades to go.

okay time for me to go turn some wash on and put some lights on this monster of a tree in my living room! talk to you soon...

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2003

Subject:IT'S ALL OVER!
Time:4:44 pm.
Mood: relieved.
Music:Jimmy Buffet - Margaritaville.
hey guess what? i finished my first semester of freshman year in college! now that i have my life back- i figured i'd update the blurty. the sad part is that there isn't all that much to write about!

they were pretty easy. i actually sat there and thought "i am paying $28,000 a year to do this?" i really didn't feel that challenged. i don't know if that is because my classes were easy or if college in general is easy. next semester is english, philosophy, calc, a business course, and the second part of my history. i have a feeling i will be regretting that "college is easy" comment.

it's right around the corner! i have most of my shopping done. i just have to worry about some odds and ends, and wrapping. i have a feeling i will be investing in gift bags since i don't wrap well.

i'm really not liking it lately. i love the people i work with, but i hate the customers. i've been there for almost four years, and the little things are starting to bother me. i'm going to give it a while and hope it gets better, if not, i'll have to think about moving on.

we are doing great. she is awesome. i want to tell you what i got her for christmas, but she reads this so i can't. i think she is going to like it. i think we are going to go to the movies tonight (something we do a lot). i haven't seen her in over 24 hours, and i really miss her. i never thought i'd feel this way about someone, but i'm glad i do.

how about those guys? they look very good! big games this weekend- friday and saturday both against new jersey. i'm hoping they pull out 2 wins- that would be making a big statement.

i'm in first place and i've been there for 14 straight weeks! i'm in the lead by 4 games and i just have to hold out for 3 more weeks. this is a major improvement of last year.

i have to get some things done around the house over break. i'm helping my mom clean out the basement and decorate tomorrow. i would also love to get the basement remodeled and make it a little more "mature". maybe a bar where the toybox is? just a thought. i'll have to work on the fam for that.

okay there is the long awaited update. i'll try to do it more often. talk to you soon, good luck with finals!

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Time:11:59 am.
brace yourself...

an update is coming...

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003

Subject:good read
Time:10:37 am.
hey i know i just updated but i found this article and liked it a lot.

judging by the comments in the last entry, we have some philly sports buffs...

so check out this article by bill lyon in today's inquirer:

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Subject:Turkey Day!
Time:10:29 am.
Mood: grateful.
Music:The Juliana Theory- Top of the World.
well, one 75 minute class separates me from thanksgiving break, the break i have been looking foward to since august. all of my professors said next week is basically a wasted week because the following one is finals, and i am done of wednesday of that week. it's flying by and i am thrilled!

since i have just about all my work wrapped up for now, i'm pretty bored. so i decided to read some journals while I am on break. i found the following link while i was looking around:

I scored a 100% on the "How Philadelphian Are You" Quizie! What about you?

pretty impressive eh? well considering i live in ne philly, work in fairmount, went to high school in center city, and now go to school in olney, i should know it inside and out. one thing remains true- i hate roxborough. i can count on one hand the number of people i like from roxborough, and whats with the hills???

ya know something else that has really bothered me? my car radio- THE RADIO DOESN'T PLAY MUSIC ANYMORE. is it my fault? nope- radio works perfect, the stations just blow. i listened to 96.5 the point a lot, and i loved barsky in the morning, but rocco the janitor took over and now plays shitty rap and r&b. not only that, but it's like the same 6 songs over and over and over. and all the christmas music is bothering me too... at first i liked it, a lot, but now- it's old, and it's not even thanksgiving yet. there are like 7 christmas songs, and its just different people singing them with different instruments. so im stuck with y100, 93.7, ysp, mmr, and q102 (yuk) and they all seem to play commercials at the same time. i really need to get my cd player fixed in there...

okay i got one more rant left in me- CELL PHONES. i'm really getting annoyed by mine. my bill has been +$150 for the last 2 months (and i fear this month too). well we thought each of our cell phones had 400 anytime minutes, and 250 mobile to mobile each, and my mom had an extra 1000 because she was the main phone. wrong. the deal was we shared 400 minutes, and each phone has 250 mobile to mobile, and my mom has 1000 mobile to mobile (m2m). well since most of the people i talk to are on verizon, and i am on the phone the most, we switched the plan so i have 1000 m2m, my mom has 250 m2m, and my dad's old phone has 250 m2m. now we share 400 anytime, and have free nights and weekends, and unlimited between the 3 phones. i think that plan is gonna work much better. i also wanted to get a new phone since mine is falling apart, but the guy told me i have to wait until 4/10/04, or pay full retail price. i don't mind signing a 2 year contract, but make a phone that lasts 2 years. i just feel like i was willing to give them $150 for the phone i wanted, we have been customers since it was bell atlantic, and we always pay our bill on time, i even got a $25 credit for referring a buddy when heather got her phone there on saturday, so why wouldn't you take my money and give me a phone i will be happy with? i just do not get it.

okay so there's my rants... i feel much better, and killed a significant amount of time!

ooo- another thing- christmas presents... what do i want? i have no idea. my mom is going to kill me because i have no idea, and i think heather wants to kill me too. i usually ask for clothes or stuff for my room, but i don't need clothes and i just redid my room, so i don't know what to ask for. if you have any good ideas PLEASE post them in the comments so i can give them ideas. the good thing is whatever i get will be a total surprise because i'm not asking for anything!

i think i'm going to go- i don't know if i'll get to post before thanksgiving so ill wish you a happy thanksgiving now and leave you with a quote from Oscar Wilde:

"Nothing succeeds like excess!" so eat up, and have a great holiday (and give thanks for something)!
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Thursday, November 20th, 2003

Subject:okay... i'm back
Time:10:27 am.
well it's been a long long time without an update and i know you are dying to know what is going on in my life because i know thats how you get on with your life. i got like 25 minutes before class so i am going to squeeze in as much as i can.

first i have to say how awesome all of my friends are. as you probably know, if you know me well, my dad passed away on november 10th. i have had so much support over the last week and a half, and really over the last two years since my dad got sick. i would never have been able to make it without you guys. my dad was really awesome, at the funeral a lot of people told me i was just like him... that was the best compliment i could ever receive. he fought cancer for so long, yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of being diagnosed, so that really sucked. that last day, when we got a call to come to the hospital, it was the first time i saw him struggling, i couldn't believe the cancer was beating him. it was then that i just wanted him to let go, it wasn't right for everyone to see him the way he was. that night, after a few breaths, he passed comfortably with everyone surrounding him. we were ready for it, but i can't really say i was prepared for it. things are starting to hit me now and it sucks. the holidays are always something i look foward to... my family always calls me mr. christmas, but this year won't be the same. we are all going to hang in there, theres a couple more hurdles to jump, but if i look at the past, we've jumped so many already so it shouldn't be a big problem.

school is going okay. 8 class days left and 3 exam days after today. i can't wait for a break. my schedule next semester is a little better than my schedule now, but not much better. i'm sure i'll post it at some point, i just don't feel like doing it right now.

my relationship with heather is excellent. she makes me very happy, and we make the most boring things fun. we went shopping for fabric for my mom last night. neither of us have ever shopped for fabric before, but we still had a very good time.

the flyers are streaking. i am so happy things are working out. they are a lot of fun to watch. they play minnesota tonight... so you have to watch (well not mare- you are always bad luck for the flyers.) i also don't want to see the flyers-haters at the parade down broad street in june (ariosto).

time for a movie review... ELF.
it wasn't that bad. it was rated PG so it wasn't will ferrel at his best. i did laugh out loud at a few points so it should get a good rating for that. if you want to get in the holiday spirit, and laugh a little bit... check out elf.

where have all the blurtyers gone? no comments, no updates, i'm very upset. i know you people still check... the couter says so. leave me a comment so i have the urge to write again sometime soon. i'm also getting tired of writing about my day to day life... so if you got anything you want me to talk about, just let me know. michael jackson is a freak and he rapes little boys... theres my thoughts on that topic.

i'm going to get to class because i forgot there is a test in it today. it's on microsoft excel... i hope it's not too hard because i have an A in that class.

by the way... responding to the e-mail i got about the poem i used in the eulogy at the funeral, here it is:

"To laugh often and much,
to win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children,
to earn the appreciation of honest critics
and endure the betrayal of false friends,
to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others,
to leave the world a bit better,
whether by a healthy child,
a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
to know even one life has breathed easier because
you have lived.
This is to have succeeded!"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

John Pen from Roman gave me a copy when i graduated. i have it hanging above my desk (which is put together and still standing!!) in my room.

okay i'm really out of here... talk to you soon!
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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Subject:where have i been?
Time:10:01 am.
Mood: calm.
Music:Fuel- Falls On Me.
sorry it took so long for this update, but i have been so busy it isn't even funny.

you know your life is getting crazy when you have to plan days (sometimes weeks) in advance, the next time you will be able to get some sleep! this semester is winding down fast- thank God! i only have 2 more full weeks, then thanksgiving, then another week before finals. i only have 3 days of finals so i'm out on december 10th. hopefully then i can get all my stuff done for christmas, then relax for a few weeks! i was at walmart on saturday and they had a sign that said 55 days until christmas- THAT'S SOON!

course selection is coming up- it seems like i will once again be stuck with a shitty schedule; however, not as bad as it is now. i also think my courses will be harder because i will have english and philosophy. lots of reading, and i hate reading. speaking of reading, i have to read "I Claudius" for history. i hear its a roman porn, and its so nasty that the prof can't even talk about it in class. i'll post a book review on that one... stay tuned.

on to reviews... how about some movie reviews?!

-Radio- one of the best movies i have watched in a while. it's funny, sad, and makes you think. the only complaint i heard was that it didn't have enough football in it- well the movie is called RADIO, so you know there will be a lot of Radio. to all the roman guys- i wonder how long it will take until the names of murph's theology classes are changed to "Theology Through Football Movies and September 11th". In the 1st quarter he'll probably show that 9/11 documentary again, 2nd quarter will be Remember the Titans, 3rd- Rudy, and wrap up the year with Radio. I can see it now... "bad move men."
- Brother Bear- yes i saw brother bear, and i have a good reason: when i was in florida i saw them making it. it probably also helped that heather has been looking foward to it for weeks. the movie wasn't good. i'd say skip it. didn't have the toy story, ice age, monsters inc, nemo type jokes to keep the adults entertained.
- Asoka- i watched it for history class. if you are into subtitles, blood, and indian women dancing in waterfalls- this movie is for you! oh well, i got 10/10 on the paper, so i'm happy.

i had a rough day yesterday. it just felt like everything was catching up to me. i was getting mad each time a leaf fell off a tree and hit my car. stupid things were bothering me. sorry if i upset anyone with my "terrible mood" away message. i'm fine... don't worry about me. my problem sometimes is i keep things inside, and it works well for me, but sometimes i just snap and want to just be miserable. i'm allowed to just be miserable for a day. the good thing is i'm feeling much better today even though theres not much to look foward to this week. i have to work tonight and thursday, and i have to stay here on wednesday for some stupid author talking about her book. i didn't read the book, and i have no interest in the topic, so i may sign in, stay for 15 min, then cut out.

today is election day and before all of the "breaking news", "live team coverage", and "exclusives" start on TV you will hear it here first... john street will be re-elected. it's the worst possible thing for the city on all levels- that is unless you are an africian american living in the middle of north philadelphia- because that is all john street cares about. when i was PAL mayor for the day john street forgot my name at a press conference- and made me introduce myself, during a photo-op the photographers had to say "mr. mayor, pretend you are talking to the kid". Pretend? kid? i just wasn't happy... i felt like john street wanted nothing to do with a catholic school white kid from the northeast. so he's going to get re-elected, but i wonder if it will be four years. there was a bug placed in his office by the FBI. in order for a bug to be placed anywhere you have to get clearance from a judge. this judge must have one hell of a good reason to bug the mayor's office in the 5th largest city in the country just before an election, or they are just one ballsy individual. i have a feeling this "bug" is a whole lot more than people thought, but we'll see.

i'm off to do some work... hope everyone is doing well. i'll try to update a little more frequently.

take care-
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