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Date:2005-01-07 13:43
Subject:Beautifully Constructed Tragedy

And I don't remember coming here with you tonight
I don't recognize this hand in mine
Do you remember every word you said to me?
While you sat there looking back at me
Well there's nothing more for you to say
You've ruined what's left of this place
So replace all of our yesterdays
And bring some hope for us today

So while I'm pretty sure there's nothing left for me
This empty bed shows that there used to be
A love that fit so perfectly
You looked so beautiful tonight
But all that's left now is a broken family
A beautifully constructed tragedy
Broken promises from me to you
Though every word I said was true

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Date:2004-07-06 21:28
Subject:Kaleidoscope Eyes

We're just beautiful strangers with our beautiful lives,
Beautiful places and the beautiful sights
Everything seemed perfect through Kaleidoscope eyes
Until the day you took off your perfect disguise
Now we're aged and broken from all this deceit
Understanding nothing but the pain of defeat
Everyone is everyone's worst enemy
Giving up is all that you wanted from me

I know this is the way this story had to end,
Just another empty face and another forgotten friend
I remember asking you where you wanted to be
Forget the answer but I think it was far away from me

I remember the day you left with tears in your eyes
How come me not caring came as such a surprise
Walking off of your doorstep looking up at the skies
Wishing someone would take away both of our lives

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Date:2004-07-06 21:23
Subject:The night I didn't say "I love you"

When I lie awake at night, counting cracks on the ceiling
I can't help but think of all the places I'll never go
or the people that I'll never meet
think that maybe I wasted all these years
and fallen victim to all my childish fears,
about growing old, feeling unloved, unwanted
by the people that meant the most to me
There were chances I could have taken
possibly have ended up where I wanted
but what's the point of dreaming
when reality is always there to greet you with a kiss
reminding you of where you went wrong
and dwelling on moments like this forever.
It's been more than enough time to forget
but instead just more time to regret
that my whole life can be traced back to one night
one moment where everything stopped making sense
and what I thought was true spoke louder
than what I truly felt.
So this is where I wish that everything would get better
I would say "I'm sorry" but there's no one left to tell
reminding me that words weren't meant to heal us.

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Date:2004-07-06 21:21
Subject:an early morning thought

It's almost time for us to die
with arms stretched out and open wide
We welcome in the summer rain,
pretend that we can't feel the pain.
From time to time I feel regret
for the things that I cannot forget
But memories are all I see
when looking back on you and me

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Date:2004-05-14 01:25's to dying and living to tell about it

We laid in your bed trying so hard to keep a conversation
But all that I could do was stare blankly at the stars
Little reminders like the soft white glow of the waves
When you're caught looking up in the middle of an undertow
I tried so hard but my silence spoke louder than words
Shattered by the untimeliness of daybreak
The sun poured in and I awoke to an empty life
Just make a wish as you watch me die....

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Date:2004-05-04 23:29
Subject:Opening doors that should be left shut....

Wish that you would see me but you call me on the phone
And say I never made you happy and you'd rather be alone
So why do lies make perfect presents when they're spoken from your tongue
I know you never saw this working but I thought you were the one

Piece together perfect endings and stop ripping them apart
I'm lying face-down in a picture frame right behind your heart
So tell me this is not the ending and I'll tell you that you're right
You say "let's make it through the summer" first let's make it through the night.

I opened up your bedroom window just to see what it was like
To see the moon and think that one day everything would be alright
But our lives are never like what has been played out on the screen
So close your eyes and say goodnight we'll be together in a dream

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Date:2004-04-25 00:22
Subject:Love is a Lost Cause

You tell everyone you're lucky
I think it's safe to say you're not
We're getting ready for a quick fall
I'm going to give it all I've got
With the silence getting louder
& the tears coming on stronger
I stare into the distance
Realizing that I've lost her

There's no one left to take your place
I'm cold & lost in this empty state
We've been trying so hard to find words to replace
Our thoughts without consequence

I heard love was in the air tonight
So I'm trying my best not to breathe
You keep saying things I'll never understand
I think it would be best if you'd just leave

I can't wait until the next time I see your pretty face
You disgrace me with your smile & bless me with your grace

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Date:2004-04-25 00:18
Subject:Take One for the Team

So much for all those plans we talked about
I would have been better off sitting this one out
How did it feel kissing me goodnight
And knowing you didn't mean any of it

You saw the spark in my eye
And wouldn't dare break my heart
So you faked how you felt
Just to get through the night

You were full of emotions
I was full of the moment
This one was getting ugly
But I didn't seem to notice

I took comfort in your pretty words
Like you meant every one of them
I felt complete with you by my side
But now I'm alone once again

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Date:2004-04-25 00:10
Subject:Goodnight replaced by Goodbye

I tried to look my best tonight
But you didn't seem to notice
I fought so hard to make things right
Still I'm left drowning in this
I tried so hard to love you tonight
And you gave me one last kiss

Why now, everything seemed so perfect
I think you even fooled yourself this time
Opened your mouth and meant to say goodnight
Instead came out, "this is goodbye"

Call me crazy but I didn't see it coming
I'm still trying to convince myself this isn't a dream
Yesterday you said you couldn't wait for summer
So we could be together almost every night
I wish I knew what I did to make you change your mind
I'm starting to believe it's destined to fail if it feels right

....Remember when you said you couldn't live without me?
Well I'm all alone and you seem to be doing just fine.....

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Date:2004-04-25 00:04
Subject:If only I could die while everything is perfect

We've been trying our best
Just to have one night like tonight
It's sad to think it's over
Come and gone just like the rest
The look in your eye
Made me believe what you said
"This night was so perfect"
But it's all in your head
I would have died in your arms
but you'd complain about the mess
"I love you" is just a button
You never want to press

Perfect is how I described
What we never really had
I was singing love songs to myself
because I wanted it that bad
But now it's clear this is the end
I've given all of me to you
It's a little late for appologies
I think we both get the point
Now just carry out your plans
Like I was never part of them

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Date:2004-04-06 19:46
Subject:Soundtrack to Our Lives

I hear a piano in the background, Like a soundtrack to our lives
All the years of guilt are found, distant in your eyes
Don't waste your breath on those familiar words "I love you"
They've come to mean nothing cause you never meant them too

Now I've drawn out this conclusion without hearing the end
This time it's ripped us open far too deep for us to mend
Our thoughts have been erased so just sit and stare away
We'd talk and make it better but there's nothing left to say

The music is quiet another day has come to pass
We're faking in love and trying to make it last
I'd take off running if it saves me from this place
Sad to think these years have all been such a waste

We're like a book with half the pages missing in the end
We live out the beginning and the rest of it pretend
So take a second look, this isn't what it seems
A whisper in the dark about lies and broken dreams

Our day has boiled down to just another fight
The familiar disillusion that one of us was right
Staring out the window we're both wishing to be found
But knowing all too well there's no one in this town

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Date:2004-04-06 19:41
Subject:Hold Your Breath

Don't tell me words aren't a game
They're either hit or miss
Use them up or waste them away
I don't know what to say

I'll give up what's making me sick
If you can take a hint
Cheap thrills and a sudden loss for words
Make me think of her

Live up to the words that I shared
But don't pretend to care
Think fast and die all alone
Try not to breathe the air

Friends make the worst enemies
But it's fun in the end
Sick of feeling like you fit in
Just let them win

I'll give you up, I'll burn you out
I'll find out soon what you are all about
So breathe in deep and think of me
These broken glasses make it hard to see
These cement caskets that buried your faith
Are getting harder than your heart
These happy faces have lined the streets
Asking questions about defeat
The sound of silence, to break the ice
Gave us something to talk about

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Date:2004-04-06 19:33

I give you this song with nothing to lose
You're still jealous cause I told you the truth
Count me out as a friend cause I helped you to see
That true love never really meant anything

You carried out on your plans of leaving
All this time apart and it's taught us nothing
Find some desperate nights to say I'm sorry
It's getting old reading your made up story

You left and now you're so far from home
You're still jealous cause I'm stuck here alone
Leave a message I'll probably never call back
Just like the love you told me always would last

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Date:2004-04-06 19:28
Subject:Sunday Drive

We're tired and lost on this drive to nowhere
Far from home but we don't want to go back
Out of money and the tank's on empty
Hoping somebody will come and save us

See the sign on the bridge
"Use caution up ahead"
You thought for a minute
You'd be better off dead
You continued on faster
Saw the road painted red
And little did you know
You'd all wind up.....

In another town with nothing to eat
You found a place but no one was home
It felt like a ghost town but really the truth
The only ghost in this town is you

Stare at the lines while you dream of sleeping
Kept awake by coffee and headlights
It's snowing harder and the roads are icy
This car's our only way of keeping warm

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Date:2004-04-06 19:25
Subject:Mistakes of Old Friends

It's been months since we have left this place
Familiar voices now are distant grace
Mumbled a prayer and said your last goodbyes
Fighting tears that now have filled your eyes

This song is all that's left
Guarding secrets that we haven't kept
Losing hope that once kept us here
The meaning's gone but it was never clear

I think about the mistakes I made
You laugh about the times that made us both feel safe
I never thought that this would take so long
But we lie and try to prove eachother wrong

Look over your shoulder and catch a glimpse of what's to come
Your steps are traced by the lives you've left behind
Fading out in the wake of what you've done
Why does happiness seem so hard to find?

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Date:2004-04-06 19:22
Subject:Notes from a Rooftop

From high above look down on the city below
You've gone away but no one seems to know
Come back now I need just one more day
So much to show you and things I need to say

This is a story with no ending
On & on it goes
Until the day you stop pretending
And your true thoughts finally show
This is where you leave me feeling sorry
For things I didn't do
I'd scream but you would never hear me
There's nothing left to prove

The night is quiet and the stars have filled up the sky
I'm here with answers but the questions were never mine
The air is cold and the leaves have covered the ground
I called your name without ever making a sound

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Date:2004-04-06 19:18
Subject:Midnight Fire

Pass this off as just another one of my mistakes
Your devotion makes me aware that I don't have what it takes
You gave me your picture and you sprayed it with perfume
Along with a letter, "we'll be together soon"

For now take this with you
& Hide it close to your heart
So that every breath you take
Will remind you we're apart

From the start I knew that I had so much more to give
So many appologies that there's nothing left to forgive
Find time to show you that we're falling apart
We've reached the ending but we're right back at the start

This fire at midnight is still burning bright
Melting the frost that kept us alive
The hours are passing but the night is still young
Told me once you were leaving
Tell me twice and you're gone
Until now this all made sense
But I forgot where we began
I'm trying hard to find a reason
Empty pages are all that I've got

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Date:2004-04-06 19:14
Subject:Empty Room

Lying lonely out in the rain
Longing for love but it never came
Wish you could take back all those nights
You wished on a star that doesn't shine
I'm here if you need to think things through
Be there for me if I need it too
No one will ever take it back
They will never want to

Never did
Never would
Never could quite understand
What you had that I could not live without

It's cold outside won't you come in
Tell me how your day has been
I woke up empty-handed and alone
Just a letter next to the phone
The clock on the walls been stopped for days
My heart is gone see how long it stays
I decided to get out of this town
This empty room I call my home

I whispered the truth
It came back a lie
I told you to hold on
We might as well try
Until you forget me
I'm doing just fine
But now that it's over
I'll be gone in time

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