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[1x3x04 @ 3:40pm]

new journal ^^^^
i'm not a loser. 2 people disagree.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[1x2x04 @ 12:11am]
come on people!! fill out the survey... any "bad" answers wont offend me, just fill it out already!
i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

new jersey bound [1x1x04 @ 5:15pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | coheed and cambria - "devil in jersey city" ]

yet another day without a car! grr.

i can't wait until i have my car back because i could be doing so much right now aside from sitting here. in fact, i was supposed to go to lowes to apply today but then i realized i had no car!

lets see, recently, nothing major has been going on in my life, just enjoying my time off of school. last night, me, dan, alysyn, and pat just lounged around in dans house and ate chinese food and watched tv. nothing special, just having a good time, kicking back, yadda yadda. and i got to talk to dana for the first time in forever because well, i just havent called, but i did last night and we talked for a while, brought up so old jokes, good time.

a few days ago, me and katie went to nyc and had a lot of fun walking around and doing some shopping and just having a good time all together. it was so exausting, i climbed into bed when i got home and passed out for the next 14 hours.

this week greg is here, even though i only hung out with him twice but they were both crazy times, the first time was with greg, chris, marc, erin, and pippy (for a little bit)... we went to surf taco cuz greg hadn't been there in 6 months and it was great. then we went to the mall, did some random stuff, then we returned to FRANKS NURSERY! most of you dont know about the infamous night there on january 11 where we had the greatest night ever doing shopping carts, breaking into a bus, etc. well anyway, we did shopping carts for a little bit, even with multiple people in a cart at a time. such a great time. then the other day, me, greg, jeremy, and alicia (spell check) hung out... i brought my skateboard so we could bring back some memories. we went to the starbucks in sea girt, got our fraps/coffees and did a little skating. jeremy skated into the bush like old times and me and greg just flat out jumped into it then i took a dive and roll down a hill and it was ridiculous and awesome. then we did a bunch of driving and jeremy had coheed and cambria on so i got it stuck in my head and i've been hooked for a few days lol.

the echo screen show is tomorrow and im waiting for badders to call me so i can go to nicks house and pick up the tickets. it should be fun cuz they are good and i feel the need to go crazy. but i have to ride a bike to his house cuz of the no car thing, so its a good thing he lives like a half mile away.

well anyway, that was a whole lot of writing.


i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[12x28x03 @ 1:22pm]
how well do you know me???????????? take this and leave the answers in the comments.

01. who are you, what's our relationship:
02. how and where did we meet:
03. what's my middle name:
04. how long have you known me:
05. how well do you think you know me:
06. tell me one good thing about myself:
07. do i believe in God:
08. when you first saw me what was your impression:
09. my age:
10. birthday:
11. my favorite band at the moment:
12. colour eyes:
13. do i have any siblings:
14. have you ever had a crush on me:
15. what's one of my favorite things to do:
16. do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you:
17. anything super special about me:
18. would you consider me a friend:
19. describe me in 3 words:
20. if there were one good nickname for me what would it be:
21. name 5 things i love:
22. do you think i'm good looking:
23. how would you describe me to someone:
24. have we kissed:
25. would you ever date me:
26. do you think i'm funny:
27. do you think i'm a cool:
28: do you think i'm hot:
29: do you think i'm stupid:
30: what do you like most about me:
31: have you ever seen me with my pants off:
32: have you ever seen me cry, if so when?:
33: if we could spend a day together what would we do:
34: have we ever got drunk together:
i'm not a loser. 5 people disagree.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[12x6x03 @ 11:17pm]
nothing to write about today cuz i didnt do anything. it snowed a whole lot. i didn't feel good at all. i worked on anthonys site for a while, watched tv, listened to music, and talked to people on the computer. that sums up my day.

although i do have stuff to look forward to in the near future, such as going to nyc with katie!
i'm not a loser. 2 people disagree.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[12x6x03 @ 4:48pm]
You are Wintergreen.
You are cool and collected. You are very
comfortable with yourself and what you do.
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i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[12x6x03 @ 12:57am]
// series one - you
-- Name: jay
-- Birth date: 3.31.85
-- Birthplace: point pleasant, nj
-- Current Location: brick, nj
-- Eye Color: brown
-- Hair Color: brown
-- Righty or Lefty: righty

// series two - describe
-- Your heritage: german, austrian, hungarian
-- The shoes you wore today: same as every day
-- Your hair: messy
-- Your fears: death, rejection
-- Your perfect pizza: hmm.... hard to decide
-- One thing you'd like to achieve: dunno

// series three - what is
-- Your most overused phrase on aim: lol
-- Your thoughts first waking up: i need to go back to sleep
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite(or same) sex: eyes
-- Your best physical feature: i dunno
-- Your bedtime: when i say so
-- Your greatest accomplishment: dunno
-- Your most missed memory: stupidy nj/pb&j era

// series four - you prefer
-- Pepsi or coke: pepsi
-- McDonald's or Burger King: wendys
-- Single or group dates: doesnt matter
-- Adidas or Nike: whatever
-- Lipton or Nestea: nestea
-- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or coffee: depends

// series five - do you
-- Smoke: nope
-- Cuss: i try not to
-- Sing well: scream
-- Take a shower everyday: yea
-- Have a crush(es): its more than i crush but i guess it can count
-- who are they: KATIE!! 11.20.03
-- Do you think you've been in love: yea
-- Want to go to college: i dont want to, but i still go
-- Like school: there are some good things
-- Want to get married: yea
-- Believe in yourself: yea
-- Get motion sickness: no
-- Think you're attractive: nope
-- Think you're a health freak: no way
-- Get along with your parents: yea
-- Like thunderstorms: as long as i'm not driving
-- Play an instrument: no

// series six - in the past month, did/have you
-- Drank alcohol: no
-- Smoke(d): no
-- Done a drug: no
-- Have Sex: no
-- Go to the mall?: yep
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
-- Eaten sushi: no
-- Been on stage: no
-- Been dumped: no
-- Gone skating: skateboarding
-- Made homemade cookies: no but i ate some
-- Gone skinny dipping: nope
-- Dyed your hair: nope
-- Stolen anything: no

// series seven - have you ever
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: i dont think so
-- If so, was it mixed company:
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
-- Been caught "doing something": no
-- Been called a tease: nope
-- Gotten beaten up: no
-- Shoplifted: no
-- If so, did you get caught:
-- Changed who you were to fit in: no

// series eight - the future
-- Age you hope to be married: dunno
-- Numbers and Names of Children: dunno
-- How do you want to die: uhhh
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: not sure
-- What country would you most like to visit: canada?... i dunno

// series nine - number of
-- Number of girls I have kissed in my life: 3
-- Number of girlfriends you've had: 3
-- Number of boys I have kissed:
-- Number of boyfriends you've had:
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: zero
-- Number of CDs that I own: a whole bunch... i never counted
-- Number of piercings: none
-- Number of tattoos: none
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: a bunch
-- Number of scars on my body: not sure
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: let the past, be the past
i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

i'll be dead wrong and you'll be just fine [12x5x03 @ 11:26pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | soil - "breaking me down" ]

ok, two days worth in one... i'm ready for this one... i think

yesterday i woke up and talked to katie in the morning before she had work and my mom made me lunch. then i went to school. it was stupid like usual. english was worthless and then i took the mind-numbing math exam... wow!

i came home and had a little something to eat and no one was home so i called dan to see where he was and they were all at the freehold mall so i met them there. we only went in a few stores and contemplated a picture with santa lol. then we went to ruby tuesdays and had us some eats. i ate the most disgusting slaw ever on... sort of a dare, but not really cuz i was willing. but a good time none-the-less.

then katie called on the way home and we talked on the phone until about 10:30 or 11 and then i watched some tv and went to bed.

today i layed in bed watching tv almost all morning cuz i was light-headed and my throat was soar. then katie called me and said we would be able to hang out after she got home from college. so when she got home, she came online, we talked for a little bit and then i went over. then we went to the mall with her mom and brother and were there for about an hour and a half which was the time that the snow started coming down hard. we went to a few more stores and then back to katies.

we watched tv for a long long time. good time! then i had to drive home at like 11 and i stepped in a huge puddle and got one of my feet soaked so that was no fun. the drive home wasnt as bad as i thought it would be but it was still bad enough. and now im just sorta sitting around, waiting to get tired!

i'm not a loser. 2 people disagree.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

a want a suburban home [12x4x03 @ 11:55am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | nonpoint - "woo hah (got you all in check)" ]


::woke up and had some food before i went to school.

::found out that the teacher made a fuss about me leaving early the other day, but oh well

::critical thinking was a joke again. we took some survey which took half the time then went over old stuff

::eet lab we did a worksheet that i finished in a few minutes then me, justin, and jeremy sat there and talked about how we want to go to school somewhere else and about old computers and games, and stupid people in the world

::eet class we reviewed the worksheet which is the same as the quiz pretty much then we took the quiz and left

::came home to a decorated house

::didnt do anything after i got home. sat around, watched tv, ate dinner, talked to katie until real late! and went to bed

so that was my day... exciting?

i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

no cash and prizes [12x3x03 @ 12:03am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | eighteen visions - "vanity" ]

ok... gonna make this brief cuz i'm exausted.

on my way to school it was an absolute blizzard... it was ridiculous. anyway, more important news. i did nothing in computer class like usual. i just did my math homework cuz i was bored. i ended up going to study hall cuz im a complete idiot. that class will drive me to suicide, i can see it.

then in actual math class the teacher was sending people over to me so i could tutor them. that is bull... i don't pay to go to school so i can teach other people lol... so i left! i didn't miss anything so it's alright but i didnt feel like showing college kids how to draw a line on a graph or something like that and i was anxious to go to katies.

i made really good time coming home, considering it was the tail-end of rush hour. i got to katies expecting to see becs car there cuz her and vin were supposed to be there but it wasnt so i was scared to go knock cuz i thought i was gonna end up looking like a moron cuz they might have been out for vins bday and tried to call but i didnt have my cell today. well she was home and we watched tv... good time.

then it was chevys time. dan, alysyn, anthony, jeff, and krista were there. had some laughs, anthony sung some songs, yadda yadda. i drank my water and ate off of everyones plates cuz the waitress never got me my food, but oh well, it happens. so now i am stuffed, and tired, and just wanna sleep!

i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

you're my angel without wings [12x1x03 @ 11:33pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | a static lullaby - "lipgloss and letdown" ]

woke up today... ya know, like usual. katie sent me a text message so it was a good way to start off.

easy drive to school today so i guess that's a good thing. then in english i wrote my 3 page paper in an hour. i think its the first time i ever just sat down and pouneded it out. sweet deal.

then we had another huge game of cards again. that is always fun. i didnt win at all today but its ok cuz i win a lot most of the time. then we had electtonics.. that was a mess. i forgot to turn my cell phone on vibrate after break. no one ever calls me during school but of course the one time i forget, as soon as i get my quiz it starts going off. then i put it on vibrate and as soon as i finished the quiz i looked down into my bag and saw my phone flashing again so i went out in the hallway, took the call, and called vin back. yikes.

then he gave too many notes and sent us on break. me and justin didnt feel like sitting around cuz he had work and i was bored so we both just left. oh well, it happens.

well i came home thinking that i wasnt going to get to see katie because she said she was gonna be busy today but then my phone started ringing and it was her! so we hung out at lonestar with vin and bec for a while. then they had to leave and me and katie stayed and talked for a while and had some good qualithy conversation. it was good! then i took her home and we talked some more which was nice. then we talked even more online, which was nice as well! woop woop.

well i gotta start getting ready to sleep!

i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[12x1x03 @ 11:06pm]

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i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

and dont forget to breathe [12x1x03 @ 1:19am]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | descendents - "im not a loser" ]

ok so i woke up this morning, showered, and got ready for katie to call me. pretty corny but oh well, i do what i want. she came online around 12 and then i went over to her house. we watched some movies with her mom and brother. then during the one part of the kenan and kel movie she was laughing so hard that she started crying. it was pretty funny and her brother kept rewinding it. good times.

then i had the test at lonestar ((thumbs down)). it was ridiculous. how am i supposed to name all of these wines and hard liquors if i dont drink or know anything about alcohol... sooooooorry but that test was a mess. it seriously hurt my head. they asked me so much stuff and i dont think i would pass if i prepared myself for it and knew what the questions were gonna be. why do u have to write a novel to serve food. who knows. i would have been so much better off just staying at katies and forgetting about the test.

then i went to surf taco tonight. oh man, i havent been there in like probably almost 2 months and it was so good. good times, good times. now we just have to wait for greg to get back so we can go there in the middle of the winter like we did last year after we used to get done skating. more good times.

tonight i just watched tv, talked to katie, and really didn't do anything cuz it was kinda late by the time i got home. i worked on my essay a bit but i have 2 hours to dedicate to it tomorrow in lab so i can finish it up... hopefully.

well thats about it for today.

i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

your eyes, they shine [11x30x03 @ 11:36am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | senses fail - "free failing without a parachutte" ]

i don't know why i never updated yesterday but here is what went on.

::nothing in the morning

::went to the pizza place with my brothers

::played basketball with my brothers

::katie called!

::played around on the computer and ate dinner

::katie called!

::went to the howell barnes and noble with dan, alysyn, and anthony and i took the weirdest way to get there and come back through the back roads of howell and i did it without getting lost our going way out of the way

::came home and talked to katie

::picked up vin from work

::went to applebees with vin and saw like eleventy billion people i knew from school/growing up

::came home, watched tv, and went to sleep

so now i'm just waiting for katie to call so that we can hang out today cuz we haven't since thursday!

i'm not a loser. 4 people disagree.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[11x29x03 @ 6:57pm]
1) Your name spelled backwards? nosaj
2) Where were your parents born? nj... i think both in brick
3) Have you ever moved? from one side of brick to the other
4) What's your favorite restaurant? applebees
5) Your bed is a single, double, queen or king size? double i think
6) Your favorite sport to watch? hockey
7) How many kids do you want? dunno... a couple
8) Do you have cable? yep
9) Favorite 80's song? dunno
10) Ever prank call anybody?: yea
11) Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? probably
12) Furthest place you ever traveled? umm... to florida i guess
13) Ever bowl over 300? nope
14) What's your favorite comic strip? hmm... i dont read them
15) Do you really know all the words to our national anthem? yea
16) Bath or shower? shower
17) Best movie you've seen in the last month: i havent seen many in the past month
18) Favorite pizza topping? just cheese or dominoes bacon cheeseburger pizza
19) Chips or popcorn? depends
20) Beer or ale? pff... yoo-hoo or water
21) Have you ever smoked peanut shells? no
22) Do you eat the skin on chicken? yea
23) Orange Juice or Apple? orange
24) Favorite kind of cookie? soft chocolate chip with milk
25) Favorite type of chocolate bar? fast break
26) Your favorite vegetable? potatos in mashed or french fry form
27) Your favorite fruit? strawberries
28) Have you ever won a trophy? yep
29) Are you a good cook? can be
30) Do you enjoy watching Oprah? no
31) Do you enjoy your present job? it's money
32) Ever thrown up in public? no
33) Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love? true love
34) Have you ever been in love? yea
35) Do you believe in love at first sight? no
36) Ever call a 1-900- number? no
37) Ever been stood up on a date? no
38) What is a major turnoff of the opposite sex? no sense of humor
39) First thing that catches your attention on the opposite sex? eyes
40) Ever cheated on someone? no
41) Ever been cheated on? i dont think so
42) What's your all time favorite SNL character? lionel osborn
i'm not a loser. 2 people disagree.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[11x29x03 @ 1:39am]
Boarder Punk
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What kind of punk are you?
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i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

i cannot inhale that sparkle of your voice [11x28x03 @ 11:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | poison the well - "for a bandaged iris" ]

so today was pretty boring.

i woke up and there was nothing to do. no one around, nothing. i went outside and played basketball for a while which i only do when i'm bored. i came back inside and watched dogma cuz it was on and i had nothing better to do.

then i was gonna go to lonestar to check my schedule but i just decided to call while i was going there and found out i have to take a test before i do my last training day and i wanted to take it right then but i have to go in on sunday at 4 to take it.

then i went to walmart to look for stuff i might want for christmas and to get something at mcdonalds cuz i had a free sandwich thing from the monopoly game which before i went to go order i checked it and realized it expired a few days ago... grr. they expire way too fast.

then i decided to stop in at my moms work and jeremy was there so i talked to him for a few minutes before he had to leave again.

then i came home and played more basketball and stayed bored. i talked to katie for an hour or so then ate dinner and then we talked on the phone and then online again. woohoo!

then tonight jon came and picked me up and we just went driving. we went to starbucks and walked around barnes and noble for a while. then we went to best buy and looked at a bunch of stuff. then we went and checked out that new super double plaza thing in howell because there was nothing better to do. that thing is insane.

so yea, that was my day... plus all of the other posting i did. now i just gotta wait until sunday when i get to hang out with katie again.

i'm not a loser. 3 people disagree.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[11x28x03 @ 6:52pm]
current time: 6:53 pm

* name: Jay
* age: 18
* dob: march 31, 1985
* school: devry
* e-mail: punkrock9876@yahoo.com
* color of eyes: brown
* hair: dark brown
* height: 6'
* shoe size: 11 i think
* brothers/sisters: tim and josh

----------HAVE YOU EVER------------

* been so drunk you blacked out: never been drunk
* missed school because it was raining: no
* put a body part on fire for amusement: no
* been hurt emotionally: yep
* kept a secret from everyone: probably
* had an imaginary friend: i dont think so
* cried during a movie: no
* had a crush on a teacher: nope
* ever thought an animated character was hot?: nah
* been on stage: yep
* cut your hair yourself: just a trim


* shampoo: no real preference
* soap: ditto
* colors: blue
* day/night: night
* summer/winter: hmm... they both have good points
* spring/fall: fall
* cartoon characters: peter griffin
* food: hmm... applebees appetizers
* movies: clerks, mallrats, dogma, chasing amy, jay and silent bob strike back
* ice cream: hmm...
* class: critical thinking cuz its pointless
* 'normal' drink: water
* persons to talk to online: katie
* bands: poison the well, static lullaby, from autumn to ashes, the youth ahead, 18 visions and some more
* songs: there are many

-----------RIGHT NOW------------

* wearing: jeans, socks, gray t-shirt
* hair is: a mess
* i'm feeling: happy and tired
* eating : nothing
* drinking: nothing
* thinking about: katie
* listening to: a static lullaby
* talking to: katie

-----------IN THE LAST 24HRS----------

* cried: no
* worn a skirt: hmm... nope
* met someone new: no
* cleaned your room: a little
* done laundry: no
* drove a car: yea

------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------

* yourself: yep
* your friends: yea
* santa claus: no, the movie ruined it for me! lol
* destiny/fate: not really
* miracles: yea
* angels: yea
* ghosts: yep
* ufo's: no

-------------FRIENDS AND LIFE-----------------

* do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yea!!!
* like anyone?: obviously
* who's the loudest: anthony
* who's the shyest: dunno
* who's the weirdest: weird is a requirement to be my friend!
* who do you go to for advice: depends
* who do you cry to?: no one
* when do you cry the most: i dont
* what's the best feeling in the world: spending time with katie
* worst feeling: honestly, getting hit... u know where

current time: 7:19 pm
i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

[11x28x03 @ 2:46pm]

which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality

i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

every time i look at you i can see the light [11x28x03 @ 11:46am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | vaux - "switched on" ]

so i wrote about the show and how it was a great time. so the next morning when i woke up i was so tired cuz it took me forever to fall asleep cuz of my ears still ringing at that point.

so when i finally showered and got dressed i still had a whole bunch of time before my grandma was gonna be here so i had to wait that out and thankfully katie came online so i got to talk to her!

as far as food goes, i think i ate more yesterday that i have on any other thanksgiving. maybe it has to do with the fact that i only had that small breakfast the day before and some ice cream and nothing else and didn't eat until like 2:30 yesterday but who knows.

then my grandparents left after we watched some football but that got boring so i came back online and katie came on a few times so the day kept getting better.

then came the dessert extravaganza at anthonys house. i was there for about 5 minutes and then dan asked if i wanted to go to the movies with him and alysyn so i said i'd go and then he wanted me to beg katie to come with us and she did :)

it was a fun time. we saw bad santa and me and dan made fun of pat for being in the movie lol. then after the movie i never did end up fight that kid for dumping his popcorn on the ground purposely lol. oh well, next time i see him, he is done! then i took katie home and it was really late so i hope her mom wasn't mad.

so that was my thanksgiving and it was an awesome one.

i'm not a loser.
jay <3 katie ~ 11.20.03

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