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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttttttttttttt.............................. [11 Jan 2004|04:56am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | when the levee breaks-led zeppelin, don't forget- best song ever!!! ]

ok i don't know if i will be posting on blurty anymore cause i don't really know of anyone who reads it except for a few people........and i got a lj account a while ago, so i am going to be writing there now. if somebody is reading this, you should get a lj account too they're free and you don't need a code!!! well anyways i had the account and then of course ana wanted me to write in it so i did...go there instead!!! what are you sitting around reading this for? http://www.livejournal.com/users/jenna_michelle

alright kiddos catch ya on the flip side..lol why did i say that well it is 5 in the fucking morning..............bye bye maybe i will update here every once in a while alright!!! :) i love you!!!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! [26 Dec 2003|01:45pm]
i am at my gparents' house waiting for my sister and her fam to get here...i am so bored...i just finished checking my mill emails so now i have nothing to do!!! i want to play with the baby!!! damn my gparents fridge in the basement has an assload (yes, assload lol) of beer in it and i am a big fan of beer as my posse knows...haha...posse...my posse is in effect! ol wha tthe fuck...i woke up too damn early today! i need to take a nap i was so fucking slap-happy earlier; i wa laughing at everything! steve (my little brother) was making noises and i was laughing so hard cause we were making fun of my dad and laughing at him. wow my stories are cool. haha...i am boring you, i m sorry....wait, who's reading this anyways?! COMMENT DAMN YOU!!! haha. i am gonna go upstairs and be all family-oriented and shit. pasha!!!! <<MERRY CHRISTMAS
and happy new year!!!
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womp womp womp!!! [19 Dec 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | blue on black-kenny wayne shepherd ]

"night falls and i am alone. skin yeah chillin to the bone. you turned and you ran oh yeah oh slipped right from my hand..." i love this song........................yeah! so! today was a good day i will elaborate later cause mrs baker made me sad ahh umm i got this really cool hat from brent and some nose studs for when i get it pierced!!! i can't wait!!! here's me with my new fav hat!!! THANK YOU BRENT!!! I WUV YOU BWENTON!!!

well i have to go finish packing i love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR but i'm sure i will update before then...bye bye!!! love jennapoo :)
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blurty is fin-FUCKIN-ally back up!!!!! [16 Dec 2003|12:50am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | filter & crystal method-trip like i do...hot song!!! ]

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.................i don't remember what i wanted to write about but i have wanted to update the past few days...............who knows...probably random spurts of shit from my mind!!! lol.......well guess what? here are some pictures of sexy men who make me feel naughty in my panty zone!!! lol............

ARE YOUR PANTS GETTING TIGHTER TOO??? lol lady wood!!! justin makes me complete. *happy tear* he is such a fuckin sexual man...damn you justin timberlake, for all of the naughty things that you do that drive me insane...but thank you also!
the things i want to do to this man...if he could read my mind, he would feel extremely violated...
johnny fuckin depp...he is just asking for it i swear! he has been naughty..and he needs a spanking.....ok maybe 20 spankings...:) johnny makes me smile in the pants...he is so dirty all the time and i love it. he is a beautiful man!!!

ok and how fucking hot is this???? a SEXY naked man with alcohol...that's all a girl needs...lol...but seriously that sounds great right??? i heard jason lewis shaved his head bald! i'd like to see that!!! fuckin HOT right!

now this is interesting...i don't care if he is covered in blood and raw meat...because i know there is some meat hiding under there that i'd like to take a gander at!!! and maybe get a little poke poke...lol...johnny knoxville you are just naughty naughty naughty and it makes me such a happy lady! lol. nicely put haha.

infact...all the guys from jackass drive me crazy!!! mmmmmmmm bam, steve-o, chris, even wee-man!!! he is one hot midget, and brandon, ryan, raab, ehren is alright, and oh yeah preston baby let me tell ya! lol JK!!! eww rake yahn can't do that either!!! scary mustard-phobic man...dave is kinda silly too!

jim morrison is so sexy i wish he wasn't dead cause now i have to go hump his grave...anyone want to film it? i'd make big bucks off that one...lol...did you know he would be 60 now??? STRANGE...he'd make a hot old man though...wish he was still with us he was a fuckin hot man who made great music!!! and he wore leather pants a lot...AHH!!! bad thoughts...

now i have figured out that i have a thing with j's...justin, johnny, jim, other johnny, jason, and here is the first W lol...wes scantlin...wes wes wes...mess mess mess...WHAT who said that...haha. he is so dirty and it is so HOT!!! i love it. if he cut his hair and wore a suit i would be like NO and throw dirt at him because he just belongs dirty and that makes him all seductive to ms jenna! lol...oh well he is a j in a way... because my sister's ex husband is named jim and he looks SO much like wes..mmm jim...he is a good man! yeah yeah i know..."sister's ex husband"...i can dream can't i? i can be dysfunctional can't i? i am. so HA. and for now i will cream my pants over wes...

oh i got pirates of the caribbean for christmas!!! (we had it early cause we're leaving for st. louis fri and my older brother jake can't go!) so now i can watch ^^^this HOT action^^^ all the time!!! HELL YEAH!!! orlando bloom looks like justin in this movie i think...and i like it. i like it a LOT!!!

...:::i think this is a good way to end this entry, i mean it's a pasty but what the hell...it makes me happy!!!:::...



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blahblahblah [10 Dec 2003|11:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | let it be-beatles ]

yellow aura
Your aura shines Yellow!

What Color Is Your Aura?
brought to you by Quizilla

i don't know if i TOTALLY agree with this, but whatever...look at the faded person in the background!!! there's either firecrotch pubes or they're on the rag and having some trouble taking care of it. lol...was that a tad bit graphic? sorry. well i am gonna finish downloading some music & make some cds, then probably go to bed. i am so tired, cause i actually didn't take an insanely long nap today. lol. well BYE LOVES...

let it be let it be let it be let it be...whisper words of wisdom...LET IT BE!!! ya know what mayeb that is good advice!!! except for it you break your leg or something...DON'T let it be! get a cast ya big dope. DUH.

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dunununununununuBATMAN!!! [10 Dec 2003|04:42pm]
<img src=http://www.quizilla.com/user_images/J/Jubes33/1052008761_resritalin.jpg>
Okay there! Come down horsie! One word: ritalin

brought to you by Quizilla

i just thought this was funny!
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...:::it's times like these you learn to live again:::... [10 Dec 2003|12:02am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | times like these (accoustic)-foo fighters ]

ello loves!!! i had a good day i guess...i took a 4 1/2 hour nap!!! that's probably why i stay up so fucking late usually!!! ahh...it's a vicious cycle i tell you...lol.........well here are some pics...some pics were requested so i scanned a few from our (afton's & my) birthday...so here they are!!!

OCTOBER 21ST...mike's apt...
me and afton
jess & afton
...a few days after our bday...dave and buster's with courtney...
me, jake aka STUPID POUTER, and afton
...here is a pretty recent one..well maybe over a month ago actually...
we were getting ready for some hardcore pool playin!!! oh yeah!!! too bad we can only play good when we're drinking...which we didn't find out that night because we WERE drinking...

i have a lot of pics from these times but those were just random ones i scanned so i put them in here. YEP!!!

SO!!! here is my dream car! i love it!!! 57 CHEVYS ROCK MY SOCKS...OR BOAT...WHICHEVER YOU PREFER...

i should go to bed now!!! goodnight loves!!!

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doodoodoo [08 Dec 2003|01:17am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | when the levee breaks-led zep :) ]

soooooooooooo! ladeday i just figured i should update. don't know why. i'm not tired like i should be. oh well!!! well this sure is boring. well that fred durst guy, eric.........supposed to meet him tonight supposedly lance said so i was like NOPE i smell like outside sorry another day and he was like yeah and i was like cool and he was like zork and i was like SNAP! nooooooooo....................................i don't know i am a tad bit hyper and this is boring so BYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha seductive feather pose lol what the fuck. i like it! haaaaaaaaaaa. peace homies. *GANGSTA POSE* vogue. bitch. ha.

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just thought you (you??? who's "you"??? no one fucking reads this...if you do, comment!)might like to know... [05 Dec 2003|12:23am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | kashmir-led zeppelin :) ]

Oh dear, your "Wish You Were Here". Maybe
your feeling a bit down because you miss
someone or experiencing something that you want
to share with someone. Either way, your time
will come in whatever spotlight you desire but
keep hoping, good faith people like you deserve
great things.

What Incubus Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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quick question... [03 Dec 2003|01:08pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | dancing days (led zep cover)-STP ]

garden gnomes......creepy...or erotic???

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sooo glad i stayed home today :) [03 Dec 2003|01:02pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | one of these days-pink floyd...damn good song! ]

so i stayed home from school cause of a sore throat and headache and now i am completely rested...my throat and head still hurt but it's all a little better when you're not tired ya know...so anyways!!! look at my shoes!!! they are fabulous aren't they??? they make me happy :)
i love my shoes!!! can you tell? i kissed them i only kiss things i love right? riiight...haha...
damn my song is over. now i am listening to misty mountain hop by led zeppelin. it's so fun!!! why am i in such a good mood??? i am not usually in a good mood when i don't feel well...oh whatever i will just enjoy it...

llaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i took a big pause and my music is gone :( MORE I SAY MORE!!! what to play what to play... hmm...wish you were here by pink floyd...so so you think you can tell heaven from hell...ETC...this is one of my fav songs! i love it :) alright i am like talking about absolutely nothing. shoes and music. well there's not a whole lot more to life than that! haha jk. oh i am leaving for st. louis on the 19th which means i'll be there in like 17 days!!! i can't wait. i need to put some pics of my adorable nephews on here so yall can be excited with me. i mean of course i love my whole family but i am always most excited to see my sister & her little family!


yep. oh whoops i can't go out tonight cause i stayed home. :( ahh. damn it. i am listening to behind blue eyes by limp bizkit now. mmm fred durst. let's take a look at that man...

now that's hot! i am supposed to meet a guy that looks like fred durst. his name is eric. and he knows he's supposed to meet me which means i have to try my best to not be annoying and i have to look my *best* cause no onw likes jenna if she looks like a stupid dope. lol. well i guess that's it. I LOVE YOU!!! maybe.

love jennapoo

ps this man is still the best...
HOLY FUCKIN SHIT SMACK ME WITH YOUR BIG...i mean, umm....i'm a lady. and i want you to respect me. HA. bye.

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i can't wait for xmas!!! can you tell??? [02 Dec 2003|01:54am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | whiskey in the jar...metallica ]

i love my new layout and if you don't then you can kiss my white little hiney!!! sooooooo anyways..i declined to describe my weekend!!!

well alison came over on fri during the day and me and afotn played with a magnum condom alison had. we are such kids lol. oh then there was the at home "hardbodies experience" that afton provided us with. lol. talk about pissin your pants!!!

then alison left and me, afton, & courtney went to courtney's aunt's house to see her cousin deborah. she is 6 months old and SOOOOOOOO fucking cute!!! we stayed there playing with her for about an hour, and we met a guy named drew who looks like chris pontius! which means he's kind of cute! but chris pontius is hot i think!!! i wanna go see the baby again!!!

then we went to brent's for billy's going away party, which billy didn't really even participate in!!! lance (fucking hot!!! afton should know! lol), tiny, chris, and brian were there. we played strip poker and i didn't end up getting naked because i don't think a fat kid should disrobe in front of like 10 people lol, but i only had my jacket on. afton got the most naked but she still was able to cover up the goods lol. tiny told me i didn't have to take my underwear off if i chugged a 3rd of hi cup, which he pretended was 7 up & vodka, but was actually straight vodka with a drop of 7 up so that he wasn't lying! but i was like "i'm not WEARING underwear!!!" i knew that was a prob from the beginning..lol...so i went into the bathroom like afton had done and had my jacket on & held my pants over my crotch & went "i can NOT move these!!!" and sat down gracefully. lol it was interesting.

then later i went pee (ok one of the like 10 times i pissed lol) & i came back and couldn't find afton and lance and i was like "are they humping???" haha...but they weren't...so i found them with tiny and i smoked with them, well at least, the last that there was. tiny kept telling me how cool i was cause i loved beer and led zeppelin and liked to smoke weed...i was like damn straight i am the coolest kid ever lol...chris and billy kept running off to "play video games" but i was like "they're not playing video games, but they are pushing each others' buttons!!!" and "they're playing with their joysticks!!!" i laughed a lot. and ate a lot of ritz crackers. and then i wanted to go to sleep. we ended up going to afton's house. i think...yeah...

we went back to afton's and waited for her mom to get home so we could go back out...i crashed on the couch and afton and courtney were talking and i'd pop up in the convo randomly. they thought it was so funny!!! well courtney ended up leaving at like 2:30 and we went to sleep. teri ended up getting home @ like 5 am!!!

then on sat night me & afton went to courtney's apt. lance came...lol...omg i smoked with lance and i am like such a lightweight now with smoking and drinking cause i got "silly" right away and like turned around to go inside and didn't see that the glass sliding door was closed, so i fuckin smacked right the fuck into it! i hit my knee and i was drinking water and i hit my hand and smacked the glass into my mouth it hurt but it was too funny i almost pissed in my pants and afton thought she was gonna fall off the balcony lol. i managed to make ramen and popcorn that night...but i also managed to fall down after attempting to walk to the gas station with courtney to buy chips and bean dip.......i fucking killed it man. i had dirt like embedded in my hand!!! i also managed to break courtney's cousin's salt shaker thing and i felt soooooo fucking bad. courtney said her cousin (nicole) thought it was so funny cause she didn't care about it and i felt so bad.

well oh yeah i forgot tiny, matt, and brian came over like an hour after lance then later they left and some of courtney's friends came over and afton and then some shit happened that i was not aware of at the time cause i was in my own little world of falling down and drinking more than one thing at a time and just being my silly self...anyways afton and lance wanted to leave so me and afton went to my house, apparently i made lance drive us home cause i just told him to! on the way home i was like, "hey lance did i make you take us home?" and he said "yeah" and i was like "omg i'm so sorry!!!" lol...

anywho...we got home and i found out the details of the night and afton and i were gonna go to bed but then we decided to made a shit load of food...and eat it all...and we were fucking loud downstairs too and we were laughing...i don't know how my parents are oblivious to it but oh well better for me!!! oh and i emailed my older sister and said "hi i'm so fucked up don't tell mom i love you bye bye" but i typed it all fucked up!!! haha. she doesn't care. well she just doesn't want me to get myself into too much trouble. and she doesn't want me to smoke weed. but i tell her almost everytime i do. whoops! she loves me!!! god i miss her and my nephews!!! well...about 19 more days till i see them!!! YAY!!! ok i need to go to bed i have to wake up for school in like 4 hours!!! bye bye...

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looky looky i've got pics :) [01 Dec 2003|10:13pm]

i am a sexy beast lol

*sniff sniff*

my christmas tree in my room :) i love it!!!

i am smiling at YOU!!!

i like flowers :)

i guess sometimes i think i can model...lol...i like this pic though...

i still like flowers!!!

*i guess i'm done now*
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looky looky wha ti fuckin did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [01 Dec 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | spin you around pom ]

i am so proud of myself :) i used snapfish to do it........................................yeah

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[01 Dec 2003|09:47pm]

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[01 Dec 2003|09:40pm]
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[01 Dec 2003|09:33pm]
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[01 Dec 2003|09:32pm]
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blah blah [01 Dec 2003|06:25pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | none-king of the hill! ]

testing testing 123...

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if i saw you dancin, i would spin you around... [01 Dec 2003|04:16pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | spin you around-puddle of mudd mmm wes scantlin :) ]

i love this song!!! yeah yeah...i am feelin awful crafty!!! i got a digital camera which is exciting! it is also a webcam, sound recorder, and short movie maker thingy. i have taken a mill pics with it. lol. i will put some on here when i upload my pics to a hosting site. i have pics on a fotki site but it won't upload them to here so that sucks. i think i am gonna try webshots or photovillage (i think that's what it's called) or snapfish cause i wanna make my journal more exciting...and of course what is more exciting than ME?!?!?! not a hell of a lot! haha. i wen tto the dr today and got 3 shots. i was supposed to get 1 but then she was like well how about these 2...you're 18 you're old enough to sign for it. so i did cause i have been having allergies lately so i got my flu shot so i don't get the flu from slimy germy people!!! SPIN YOU AROUND!!! SPIN YOU AROUND!!!TURN YOUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN!!! i started the song over...yeah! well i am about done i think i will upload some pics on a site and try this whole thing out. alrighty tighty wighty!!! love jennapoo :)

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