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series thirty-five [17 Dec 2003|04:57pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | "the blue period" by beloved ]

more icons. be sure to bookmark the iceblink website because i might not update this anymore.

be sure to comment if you take anything and credit in icon keywords or i will hunt you down.

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series thirty-four [17 Dec 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | "shamans witches magic" by hidden in plain view ]

more icons, some have matching frineds only signs that can be found at iceblink.

be sure to comment if you take anything and credit in icon keywords or i will hunt you down.

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series thirty-three [17 Dec 2003|04:42pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | "understand the dream is over" by the juliana theory ]

here are some random icons that i put up on my new website iceblink. be sure to check it out for newest icons/friends only signs/backgrounds.

be sure to comment if you take and credit in icon keywords or i will hunt you down.

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series thirty-two [12 Aug 2003|02:24am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | "one" by metallica ]

i decided to try this once more. if i see people using these icons without credit i will just save them for glitter_rock.

if you take an icon comment. credit me in icon keywords if you use it, interests are not acceptable anymore. and you must credit if you alter my work.

if i find anyone using my work without credit there will be hell to pay.

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open for business [01 Jun 2003|03:20pm]
glitter_rock is now open. ask to join. follow all the rules. you can make requests there but it might be slow at first but things will pick up when i am completely out of school (they are piling one the work).

i've been unmotivated to make icons here because i lost all my icons. i'm talking to the webmaster of foreverfree and seeing if he can send me my files. i really appreciate those of you who are e-mailing me icons. thanks.
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series thirty-one [22 May 2003|10:26pm]
atlas, here it is, the newest batch. they are a bit dark/depressing and most of them are cropped.

i recently made a closed community (at blurty) that will be for requesting icons from, it is not open as of now, but it will be when i start taking requests again, so don't ask to be added yet.

please comment if you take any and credit in icon keywords.

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not taking any more requests [20 May 2003|06:13pm]
because i have been busy with requests, and not able to make any new icons for public use, i am not taking any requests until i am out of school for the summer. i will finish the requests i have now, but all new request will be returned.

sorry for the inconvenience, but i am almost done with school, i will be bored and sitting around the house shortly.
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new rule [16 May 2003|09:39pm]
if you request an icon either don't request it anywhere else or inform me that you had the icon made. i'm sick of making icons for people and finding out they already had it made by someone else. it's annoying times 10.

does anyone like the new layout?

and be sure to join icontest and vote in the latest icon contest. i think everyone can tell the one i entered.
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series thirty [13 May 2003|02:56am]
here's a batch of random icons i made of heartbreak, zoe ball, the white stripes, and random art work i've come across.

numbers one, two, five and six are cropped.

be sure to comment if you take and credit in icon keywords or you'll go on my wall of shame (located in user info).

series thirty )
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update [12 May 2003|02:46am]
sorry about not having any icons up. i have been a bit busy. i had to put a desk together today plus the mother's day stuff. but i will have some up soon.

i have put up a wall of shame for people who have not credited me in my user info.

you might be on if you:
-didn't credit me in icon keywords
-didn't credit me for several icons (credited only one and not all)
-customized an icon i made but didn't credit me.

and go to prettyful_icons and vote, i have an icon in the upcoming contest.
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series twenty-nine [06 May 2003|08:11pm]
here are another batch of cropped icons that will work on dark backgrounds, yay irene has figured out how to correctly crop.

these are models again (brooke burke, chandra north and georgina robertson).

be sure to comment if you take and credit in icon keywords.

series twenty-nine )
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series twenty-eight [04 May 2003|10:59pm]
i got sick of making requested icons, so here's a batch of a model by the name of sybil buck. she isn't the normal model, she has nipple rings, nose pierced, and birght red hair. in fact, some of her pictures inspired me so much i made my current icon theme a sybil theme.

also, this icon batch are mostly cropped (number 1 and 9 are not), meaning you can see the background in certain parts of it. but unfortunately, some look bad on dark backgrounds... but this was just me learning how to crop. expect better ones in the future.

be sure to comment when you take and credit me in icon keywords.

series twenty-eight )
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give credit where it is due [04 May 2003|03:26pm]
i'm debating whether i should make this a friends only journal. i've been finding lots of people using my icons without crediting and some people claiming that they made icons that i made. also, i found some who don't even let me know they took them. how rude.

all i ask is that you take five seconds and credit me in the icon keywords. and incase you don't know how to i simplified it in three easy steps.

how to credit me in the icon keywords
1) download the icon you wish to use or find the url address of it.
2) upload icon.
3) go to edit pictures and in the text entry box simply put "made by iceblink" or something to that extent.

this is all i ask you to do, so don't ruin it for others. if the level of credit doesn't go up i'm going to post a list of users who haven't credited me so the public is free to ridicule them.

thanks to those of you who have credited. i really appreciate it and if this does go into friends only you will be added.

and if you see someone with an icon made by me without credit please let me know.
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series twenty-seven [03 May 2003|10:42pm]
here are some left over kurt cobain icons and some dashboard confessional icons. i didn't make much of them because 1) there weren't that many good pictures and 2) i don't know their music that well.

be sure to comment if you take and credit in keywords.

series twenty-seven )
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series twenty-six [01 May 2003|02:55pm]
here are the kurt cobain icons. it was hard to make them without feeling a little depressed that such a great musician is dead. but i'm glad it's something better than pop artists and actresses.

be sure to comment if you take and credit in icon keywords.

series twenty-six )
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series tweny-five [26 Apr 2003|07:53pm]
i finally learned how to animate and to celebrate that i made animated icons in this batch and i took requests from icon communities. but i would like everyone to know i will only take personal icon requests that are sent to my e-mail (, all requests in comments will be ignored.

and i will not go picture hunting unless it's a sugguestion for a new series. in request include: pictures, font color, font face (with a back up incase i don't have that one), text you want, fading/blinking/ect, your user name and any other helpful info.

anyways, here are some fiona apple, rachel leigh cook and various other icons.

remember to comment if you take and credit in keywords.

series twenty-five )
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series twenty-four [23 Apr 2003|12:18am]
here are the alyson hannington and a few rachel leigh cook icons.

comment if you take and credit in icons keywords.

series twenty-four )
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series twenty-three [20 Apr 2003|06:15am]
happy easter to those of you that celebrate it.

here's the michele rodriguez icons as requested.

comment if you take and credit in keywords.

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seres twenty-two [19 Apr 2003|06:21pm]
paid accounts suck )

note to past commenters (nice mini rant) )

now that that's done with, here's the new series, a few joey and pacey ones from dawson's creek and good charlotte by request. comment if you take and credit in keywords.

series twenty-two )
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series twenty-one [18 Apr 2003|01:32pm]
here are some katie holmes icons that someone requested and a few extras i had.

remember to comment when you take and credit in keywords.

series twenty-one )
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