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[08 Apr 2003|09:12pm]
ilovebrian. ;D
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cause i`m a teardrop away from crying and a few shots away from dying; [31 Mar 2003|08:27pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i don`t know whats up with me & chock.
we haven`t talked in like forever. ok well..since thursday night actually.
i dunno..sometimes it seems like...all he cares about is getting high & never about me. ;\ if he doesn`t meet me this weekend then i`m not gonna stay in a relationship with him, because it`s basically a waste of my time. yanno what i mean ? i mean, i could be meeting other guys that i`m sittin here saying no to for chock when he`s out getting lit and not giving a damn about me. i dont know. maybe he does care...but he sure doesn`t act like it. anyway, how was my weekend ?
it was great actually. friday night kayla & brian came over and we all chilled. it was really fun. i looooove kayla ;D she rocks my world. lol yea and then sat. me and kayla just chilled out all day. then sunday i went to wackoff`s and i was all decked out in southpole shit. i looked straight up thuggin. what can i say ? i`m a motha fuckin P-i-M-P !, anyway, and me & matt and my bro rode around and shit and we smoked like 3 joints. fuq yea. it was fun as fuck. lol so yea. my weekend rocked ;D. loll well i`m pretty tired so i`ma head on to bed. ni ni

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[27 Mar 2003|02:31pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

not anything big but.
i just wanted to remember this x.x

one of the hottest guy in school indicated I was hot
he looked me up and down & goes "damn , you got it goiin on" x.x OMG i was like "WHAT?!" cause i didnt kno if i was dreaming or somethin and he said it again. i was like ;O! i didn`t say anything tho lol ;x <3

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[26 Mar 2003|02:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | No Limit Soldiers-Tight Whips ]

heyyy babyy <33

yumm. i`m eating salmon patties LOL. i`m such a geek ass.
anyway, school was actually pretty cool today.
I laughed alot loll.
omg man. mr. nauert moved me cause daniel & brandon kept fuckin with me. i`m like GRR. so now i sit by a bunch of girls. ugh. i swear...i hate girls. i get along with guys much better.
hah. in 1st period I was tellin my friend kayla [goate] that i`d give pepper ann a makeover and make her look decent if she would let me LMAO.
yea ha. then in study hall molly came in there and we just chilled and talked about shit..man i missed her so much.
loll in 4th period ed wrote me a note and asked if i wanted to see his "fun stuff" lmao it was hilarious. i said "nooo..that`s kates loll" yea. lots of fun.
then i went through his backpack & i found some broken sunglasses with the frames busted out and i ran up to hinesy & said "OMG LOOK WHAT HAPPEND TO CHRIS` GLASSES" rofl it was hiliarious. then when the bell rang i was askin random people in the halls is they were theirs lmfao. then when i got outside i asked trey & he said yes and took em and put em on LMFAOO gosh it was so fuckin funny...then when i got into the car my grandma`s like "who`s that guy yall were talkin to?" and i`m like "trey" and she`s like "oh i`ve seen you talking to him before and i never hear you talkin about him" and i was like "yea..he`s hilarious" haha woo. lots of fun. then i came home. wee. today was funnnnnnnnn! loll. yay. tommorow is already thursday!
gosh, i asked hillary if she wanted to do something this weekend and she was acting like she didn`t wanna go to strike & spare. oh well...i`m goin even if she doesnt.
ok well i`ma go skate before i go to the dentist lol. bye byeee.

we roll tight whips every day!

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[25 Mar 2003|06:24pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Kid Rock Feat. Sheryl Crow-Picture ]

today was ok. i guess.
school sucked. I totally forgot to write down my homework.
god. man. i`m fuckin stupid. anyway, brian wore his
SALM0N dragon shirt today. loll he looks funny in it.
ha. omfg michael johnson came up behind me and grabbed my fuckin
pussy. 2 effin times. i`m like WTF?!!. dude god it was so nasty.
we were all outside layin on this mat thing by the track and ed layed on my ass. the like we switched places and i was layin on his stomachh lol. it was funny. we both have boyfriends/girlfriends so don`t think it was ANYTHiNG like that.
omg last night, I talked to chock. awww i love him more than anything or anyone. my love for him is like so effin' deep. it really is. I haven`t felt someone like this in forever. he`s great man. anyway, today after school my dad took me out to eat for redemption or whatever. it was fun though. we ate at the cooker and we made up & i acted goofy as hell. i`m crazy like that.
i`m soooo bored. katie went running. i think i`ma go skate cause i haven`t exercised today or anything. lol i`m such a lazy ass. anyway, i`ma go. mk.
iluk BFFL;

I just called to say I love you

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[24 Mar 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Hoobastank-Running Away ]

i`m really pissed. at my dad & grandad that is.
my dad bitched me out cause I wasn`t outside waiting for him
and i`m like what the fuck? cause my grandad bitched me out right before him cause he didnt wanna hear fiddy cent and he was on the radio and hes like "CUT IT OFF"and im like "no i love him" and and he turned it off and i was like "GOD UR SO FREAKIN RACIST"
so yea. today sucked. mondays always do. anyway...i saw my mom at the store lol. yea. and my brother LOL. hah. i`m thinking of moving back in with them cause it`s so fucking HARD over here. anyway, kayla told me that brian wanted to kiss her today. what the hell? he breaks up with her & gets with fuckin iris & now suddenly he wants to kiss her. whatever dude. fuck him. he`s so fake. fuckin player. ok anyway enough ranting and raving about guys.
ed dyed his hair and got it cut. aw it`s so cute lol. omg he wrote "show us your boobs" on my arm rofl. my mom saw it too. loll she just laughed tho. he also drew dice on there and hillary wrote "roll model" on it ha. and amber wrote "hey. -amber" and then ed also wrote "howdy" ha i love them. i really hate guys. most of them that is. i hate girls too. you know what...i actually hate alot of people. but not my friends lol. i LOVE u guys.
i don`t feel good. i didn`t have a pen/pencil in 2nd period so i couldnt write down my assignment. i`ll probably get grounded for that too. it sucks. so fuckin bad.
my dad is mowing the yard. about damn time. that retard let it grow it forever.
I think jessi & hillary gave me anthrax cause i`m really sick.
aw jessi went home early.
man, i just went for a walk and just like cried so much.
god damnit. chock doesn`t even know i`m depressed gjlkjgkjdfkfd
er okay i`m being lame. bye.

so why are you running away?

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[23 Mar 2003|02:16pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

so church was really boring.
lmfao we almost got lectured by the preacher ;x
lol er it`s not my fault. i swear it isn`t lol.
yea it was fun. we went to the playground & swing swinged for a while.
then we left & came home. we didn`t kno what we wanted for lunch so i asked dave for suggestions & he said wendy`s so we got wendy`s lmao.
loll anqel_eyes just left like 30 minutes ago. cherriez_biche is reading a book about the bell witch or something lmao. she is crazyyyyy. now she is watching me type this and giggling aimlessly LOLL omg yesterday when we were in her truck, these big black glasses came flying down the dashboard and i almost flew out the window..it was so hilarious omg hahah. and then this coffee cup fell on the floorboard rofl. i mean them glasses were gigantic. i think i saw them in the party room bathroom under the sink once LOL omg rofl. loll mann hills has to go home soon ;[
MY GRANDPARENTS ARE MEAN ASSES!! loll but yea...chock left me a message while i was at church woot. i love him <3 rawrrrrr my chock-o-lit haha mk well i`ma go talk to katie well my grandma babbles aimlessly about getting ready to go. byeee byeeee.

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[22 Mar 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | none ]

me & kayla are sittin here & hillary is sittin behind us on the couch w/ grandaddy. hah um we got back from strike & spare like 30 minutes ago. well...we didn`t stay there that much. omg this stupid ass rent-a-cop was like following us &_ shit i was like u mothaa fucker go the fuck away dumbass! he was like a chink or somethin lmfao michael like cussed him out rofl. he was shining the flashlight in his car lol it was funny. lol omg hillary has anthrax -runs- loll yea poor hillsee. k anyways, omg i went to mcdonalds & i was acting so fucking crazy just for the hell of it. lmfao i`m talking to my baby chock lol lookiie what i just said to him.
piink is punk x: he was a stoner boyy she saidddd "calm that boner boy!"
rofl yeaaa i`m a fuckkinnn dork haha. weeeeeeeeee.
hillary is standing behind me LOL she is "giggiling aimlessly" rofl.
she is soooo crazy. omg rofl it was so funny. these people on tv were like "move bush get out the way bush get out the way" -dies- ludacris is inspiring everyone these a days isnt he? lmfao OMG hillary just hit me in the boob she is "practicing karate"
LOLl kung fu! haha omg crazy asses. kayla is laughing hysterically .
lol yuh yuhhh....haha lol well i`ma let hills write in her journal.

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[22 Mar 2003|10:11am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | *Eminem feat. 50 cent-You wanna be me* ]

so yesterday I was just sitting here thinking.
i realized, that I am in love with chock.
and I told katie & she was sooo happy for me,
because i`m usually a pimp who doesn`t fall in love.
and now its like woah. i`ve never felt this way about anyone else in the world.
it`s sooo crazy.
so, me & chock talked for like 45 minutes & then he wanted me to call him back in 5 minutes. well, i was downloading songs & totally forgot about it. so he imed me and i was like ooh yea. so I was trying to call him back my cellphone was being a piece of shit. i was like gah u fuckerr. thenn i called him later...& we talked for like 20 minutes? god he is such a sweet guy. no one has ever treated me like he does..but yea it was sooo great talking to him. he told me to call him at 10 this morning & it`s 9:37 so yay! I get to talk to my lover soon.
anyway, last night I was sposed to go out with hillary but she ended up having to babysit. but her parents aren`t gonna be there tonight so we`re gonna go over there & maybe go to strike & spare. lol yehhhh brad wants to meet me there but eh i`m not sure.
man...me & my brother are getting really close again. we used to fight sooo much & now we don`t that much. we are both stoner asses haha.
him & his friends wanted me to go out with them on thursday night & last night but my mom said no. gah lol.
omg i told my mom that i smoke weed. i don`t know why...i just felt like she wouldn`t care. it was cool. me & her like talked alot yesterday. we went out to eat at a chinese place lol.
aw omg I got 3 new magazines too.
rolling stone has 50 cent on it. I love him!
eminem & fiddy are my obsessions.
theyyyy are so hottt ;D
damon just imed me.
geez. he looks just like fuckin eminem.
i can`t believe we dated 5 times rofl.
the first time we were together...
i was in love with him.
he still holds a special place in my heart.
but i don`t think i`ll ever get back with him.
aww. it`s 10:07 now so i guess i`ll go call my babyy chock.

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[18 Mar 2003|08:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

okay so, i`m going to sleep soon & i still haven`t got to talk to chock today -cries- only for like 1 sec each time. but yea...i gotta go. so ni ni. i love you chock.

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[18 Mar 2003|02:46pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Fat Joe-All I Need ]

so, i just got home from school. all day I was thinking of chock.
and then when I get home, & get online and he`s on, so i was really happy!
but he`s not awnsering me ;[ which totally sucks. i miss him ;[ rawr godddd i love himmm lol ;x anyway, i hope kayla gets on soon. oh fuck, i forgot she has detention. damn you kayla. fuckk. it`s my grandma`s birthday, so i`ll prolly have to go out to eat ;[ -cries- i have lots of homework ;[ mk well i`ma go. i love you chock <33.

aww. J.R. just called me. wordddd. me & him are sposed to do somethin on friday night or somethin ;D
k bye.

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;o [18 Mar 2003|05:25am]
[ mood | giddy ]

aww. i`m talking to chock right now as he`s getting dressed ;x
rawr haha. umm yum lol ;x he left me a voicemail awww so cute ;D
lolll katie just left me for school ;[ haha ummm weee....school is gonna suck. but doesn`t it always? ha..anyway, not much to say but i love chock

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damn i love him ! [17 Mar 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

aww. guess who i just got off the phone with? yep you guessed it, chock.
omg dude...he has the sexiest voice ever. i was like rawrrr yum ;x
he was watching the ring with his sister & his friend maggie. ;\
so he`s gonna call me back.
omgg, before we got off the phone...i go 'k bye' and he goes 'i love you & miss you' and i`m like "aw i love you too & miss you too" aww -dies- i love him so much.
he is so fucking great. i`m glad he is mine & i am his...forever & always....i hope at least..wait scratch that...i know so ;D mk well i just wanted to write about how madly in love i am with this boy. well i`ma go. i love chock.

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and i know it might sound crazy, but after all that i still loved you. [17 Mar 2003|05:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Amanda Perez-Angel ]

aww. my first entry in my journal ;D
yayy. aww, this morning chock was on, but he had to go, so i emailed him.
here`s what the email said;

heyy baby <3 whats up? nsh just sittin here...I missed you last night ;[
rawrr. i love you so much <3 you`ll always be my babyyy ;D
well, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you before I go to school.
i`ll talk to you later baby <33
ii love you forever <3

haha aww. i love him man ;x
so anyway, today was boring.
i`m talking to kayla right now.
i love you babe! you gotta get a journal chickaa ;D
k well i`ma go. i love you chock.

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