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    Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
    9:24 am
    What I See
    I see us, together, 20 years from now. We live in an incredible old house but we have the money to improve it, repair it, even restore and add on. We have a little bit of land and enough animals to keep us busy but not run our lives. We laugh and hug and make ourselves busy with daily chores. We go see live music all the time, just because we appreciate it so. You play guitar for me on our front porch every night while we share a couple of cold beers. We crawl into our huge bed at night, listen to the crickets and the ceiling fan, make love that scares those animals and fall asleep in each others arms.

    And every morning we wake up, feeling so damn lucky to have each other that we pinch each other just to be sure it's true. I make you breakfast and "ridiculously strong coffee" and we read the paper together. Then we are off again....
    Friday, March 4th, 2005
    10:25 am
    There is this feeling of love and excitement that has been overwhelming me lately. i have been feeling really close to You. Which is weird because we haven't had the best week! But i love how we are together and how we support each other. i want to kneel before You this weekend and show You how grateful that i am that You are in my life. i know it isn't easy most of the time and we still have our struggles, but all i know is that i feel better when You are there. Last night, You let me come to You and You didn't pressure me to be attentive to You. It was perfect. i know You were hoping for more and i am sorry. i didn't expect the turn of events that changed the mood of the evening.

    Lying in bed with You, just holding each other, asking Your permission to go to sleep in Your arms, sigh....i can't even describe how that makes me feel. i am Yours, heart, body and soul. i love You and can't wait to be with You this weekend...

    Current Mood: hot
    Friday, February 25th, 2005
    10:11 am
    Hello from New York!
    Lady Alexandra has agreed to see me tonight. i am both thrilled and apprehensive. I look forward to Her touch and all the She has planned for me but am nervous about releasing all my power. i want to and need to, but it is quite unnatural to me. But i do so love the challenge of it.

    i enjoyed pleasing Her by obeying my orders this week. i did all that She asked. i hope that She approves.

    i am writing this at great risk, as my boss is three feet away and could very easily catch me. Signing off!
    Monday, November 1st, 2004
    9:54 am
    I confess...
    Watching her this weekend, just being in her presence when she allows herself to shine, is such an honor. It made me realize how much I truly love and appreciate her. The way we see each other is a rare gift and one that I value beyond words. I know our lives are meant to be intertwined forever, through many lifetimes. When I held her close in my bed, my heart was so full of passion, happiness and a calm warmth. I think we have finally settled into our groove, the one where trust rules supreme. I just have to trust that we will find our way, together. I am not fighting my feelings any more. I know that love will guide us to where we need to be. I could never stop loving her...
    Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
    10:47 am
    Oui, svp. Plus, svp

    Thank You so much for agreeing to let me see You this weekend. i quiver in anticipation of You using me for Your pleasures. i am Your blank canvas on which You work Your wicked plans. i tremble at the thought of hot wax raining on my flesh, Your hands and breath hot on my skin, setting me on fire. i imagine being tied up to Your wall with those lucious ropes, and You slowly walking about, deciding what to do to me next. As You look over Your table of evil devices, i catch my breath. Then You turn and look at me with a devious smile and i know that i am at Your mercy. i start to tingle over all as You walk toward me, not knowing what will come next. Only knowing that it will be delicious...
    Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
    3:05 pm
    Take me

    Thank You for granting me a session with You. The very thought sets me quivering. You have asked me to open discussions regarding a session. Here are my thoughts:

    - You may dress me anything that You desire. Or nothing at all. My flesh is for You to adorn as You see fit.

    - Here are things this girl likes - waxing (and lots of it), light flogging, fire trails all over my body, anything soft and sensual. she does not prefer pain, unless deserved.
    she also is out of her skin over the idea of You coming to take her in the middle of the night. Throbbing, in fact.

    - this girl would like to session early to enable her to take Lady Alexandra to an elegant dinner suitable to Her tastes. i would like to buy Her a bottle of wine and share food with Her, feeding each other by candlelight. All of this of course, with Her approval, as She knows better than i how these things should be timed.

    These are just some suggestions, so please, let the negotiations begin!


    Your slave
    Thursday, August 5th, 2004
    10:29 pm
    Lucky Girl
    Thank the gods that she loves to talk. Her ability to stand steadfast until I finally figure out what is going on in my crazy head, well it is admirable. She loves me unconditionally, and that is slowly giving me the confidence to break out of the mindset that so many years have oppressed me with. She SEES me, I was never seen before like this. Never before heard, never before loved like this. Her patience is endless. She just wants to stand beside me in this life and give me her best. How lucky am I???

    Current Mood: loved
    Monday, August 2nd, 2004
    11:10 am
    I have given myself to her. Mind, body, and soul. I confessed. I told her that I think she hung the moon. That my heart is so full of love for her that being with her creates sudden stillness in me that I have found slightly disturbing. Like I can't catch my breath. I hope that this is not now the end of the chase. I hope that she doesn't realize that she has won me, the cat has caught it's mouse, and now will become bored. She better never stop...
    Friday, July 30th, 2004
    11:08 am
    That Lioness
    There is a woman with an auburn mane that has captured my heart and rocked my world. She has walked me through the darkest time in my life, held the light at the end of the line, and made sure that I reached the other side. And in turn, I am making it my personal mission to peel the layers of sour experience and attitude away from her soul, so that she may blossom like the roses that she so loves. We are growing together, gelling in the most amazing ways, under the most adverse of conditions.

    Her soul is centuries old and the confidence and grace that she exudes is very compelling. I know that she has the potential for cruel intentions, but some how I have been spared her wrath. She wraps me in the huge black wings that unfurl from her shoulders and ushers me through all that could harm me. She loves me and protects me, and with her, I know that I could never be harmed.

    Current Mood: grateful