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1 Sept. [09 Jun 2003|02:55pm]
Going back to Hogwarts! Going, going, going...

All right, all right, so I've had a bit of sugar this morning - I'm blaming it on Ernie; he shouldn't have sent me that box of chocolate frogs last week. It's all his fault, really. No, really. Everything's his fault, and if it isn't, it ought to be.

Mum keeps looking at me like I'm completely off my rocker. She's a little nervous about sending me back, since she talked with Ernie's parents and they filled her in on the goings-on up at Castle Dearest. Mum always was a bit paranoid, if you ask me. I'm not all that worried, though I guess I ought to be. You'd think that I, of all people, would shiver at the thought of something happening at school, but I'm not. Guess being Petrified once makes you feel like there's nothing worse that could happen.

Maybe I just think Dumbledore's such a great Headmaster that he'd keep us all safe, somehow. If it were me up there, I'd just kick all the Slytherins out of the school to be safe, but it's not me up there, so I have to keep my mouth shut about it. Don't want angry snakes snapping out your heels, what Dad always says.

Ooh, we're ready to leave! Hogwarts, here I come!
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