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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
Wed June 8th at 11:35 pm - Hey
I've decided to say, screw this! My journal is now:

Friends Only

Deal with it. If you want to be added, you'd better be nice enough to me and not give me shit about what I say or I'll just delete you.

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Friday, May 21st, 2004
Fri May 21st at 3:50 pm - Problems
This journal gets me into more problems then it should. People read it when they shouldn't take things the wrong way, and all that jazz...My mom read that last entry. Yeah not good. Humm well...bye now. Sadly, bye for good on this thing.

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
Sat April 10th at 1:59 am - I Just Don't kNOw Anymore
Okay, So I have been sick all week, yeah that's just how I am. I went to school on Monday for two classes. Then on Wednesday I went to school for the entire day. My mother had gotten me this new medicine that supposedly would work better (it doesn't work at all ). Once I found this out I decided hey why not just take three. So in the morning I took three instead of two. So as school is going along I decided in history these pills ARNT working, so I crack open two more. La-de-da-de-da I end up in study with Taylor Michelle Tom and Mike and Sam are around somewhere. So I walk in and I'm like Taylor, I just took 5 of these Comtrex things. And Tom's like WHAT take more, do you have anymore? And I'm like yeah one...he's like take it! I was like okay...sure....so he got me some water and I took another one and before I know it were talking about Jackie buzzing. So as the period went on Tom's like SHIT your pupils are huge and Taylor's like Jackie, I think your going to get raped in English Mr. Hoffman will know and he's going to take advantage of you and I was like ah so toms like oh man I took 16 of those things once and I was sooooo high i talked to this kid I hated so much for an hour and a half he wanted to fight me, we ended up fighting the day after but still I was so high and I was like....am I moving? and I lost my pen some how it was like under there table idk it was a crazy adventure Ha ha it was great my entire body was shaking. I was on air. So the period ends and I am walking to my next class clinging onto Taylor and talking to Tom about Mr. Manger's prism. So I get to my locker and I am like HELLO AMANDA! HOW ARE YOU TODAY! and she said something to the amount of, are you high? And I just floated into English. I looked at Jaime and I was like Hello! How are you doing! and Jaime's like are you okay? And I am like oh I am just fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I got into a low whisper and was like "I took 6 Comtrex and my entire body is shaking!" So Jaime's like ummm okay Jackie. So I turn around and shout "TAYLOR!" "What?" "I loveeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu" hahaha ohhhhhhh yeah, So class continues on and Jaime's like "So Jackie how do you feel?" and I respond with "Jaime, I'm FLYING!" So I go to Lunch and decided it wearing off so I take some Tylenol. So now I have 8 pills in my system. I read the entire lunch, hadn't eaten a thing all day, since 8 last night actually, I was dead tired and having the best day of my sick life. So I head off to Psychology, and who do I see, TOM! He calls me over and I am like hello. So I think Tom's head was tilted but it looked like the room was tilted and he's like okay Jackie tell Casey what you took and I was like huh yeah Comtrex and he's like how many I was like I just took two more so that's 8 and there like shiiitttt and this girl was on the phone and she's like what your name I'm like Jackie? she's like okay yeah it was crazy
I don't even know what happened but I was there for like 10 min. And Mike came down the stairs and was like hi and kinda pushed me and I'm like hi and almost fell over, it was just crazy. So Tom's like ah I got to go to class and I'm like class, I don't think I have a class...and just stood there. So finally my teacher let us in our room and puts on a movie and of cause I can't even keep my eyes open. So I put my head down and Miss Rowley looks up and makes Melissa Weaver wake me up, so I am like FUCK and have to watch the rest of the movie....I was just so out of it. So schools over and I am still kinda high and I was walking to my bus. It wasn't there so I just stood against the wall my head slanted just staring at the ground not talking to anyone. It was so weird cuz I am usually wicked sociable and a ton of people I talk to were around but I just didn't feel like it anymore. So I got home and I decided hey lets get high again! That was fun! So I take NyQuill. Don't EVER try to get high off NyQuill. Actually just don't do drugs. Okay. So I ended up throwing up three times and skipping school the next day, and so Friday comes I wake up and Tom's online :) yay So I tell him what happened and he just said point blank, "Don't do cough medicine." and he's just opening up to me, and I don't know if he normally does that but, woah....yeah and if you haven't noticed already I've taken a liking to Tom...I don't know why either...Well I guess goodnight.


P. S. Some freak asked me to the x prom 6 days before it and I had talked to him online for less then 6 days...what a sketch ball

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Sunday, February 8th, 2004
Sun February 8th at 4:20 pm - *My DaTe*
OMG Okay, I went out on a date tonight :) I was so innocent, Andrew picked me up at 6:30 and I got into the car and of course I was thinking "oh just take me now!" But I mean who wouldn't because he looked so god damn good! So he's like "Shouldn’t I meet your parents?" I'm like oh, it’s not that big of a deal" and then we were talking and I was like "Uhh how am I going to get in? I know you can buy two tickets, but I'm not 17" and he’s like "Uhh oh yea, I forgot about that" So we decided that we would just sneak into the theater by buying tickets to a different movie so we get there and I was like can you read the sign? he’s like what sign so I pulled him over an pointed and he’s like uhh I have no idea what your talking about and then I was like OH we can go up there! and he’s like yeaaaa so I was like umm look to see what Butterfly Effect is next to and after some difficulty he’s like, oh win a date with Todd Hamilton and I was like okay lets go get tickets and it was perfect it was the theater across and it started at 7:10. So he asked if I wanted food and I was like nope do you and he's like no so he’s like oh I need to go to the bathroom really quick and I was like okay, and I waited then we went to the theater and I was like umm where do you want to sit? So I look up and being the egotistical idiot I am, go to the top row and ask if we can sit up there, and this girl who I knew the MOMENT I saw her she went to our school and was so a senior so I was like oh fuck. So we sit down and I was like oh you don’t have to move over, realizing way to late that there were two open seats! So I think that kind of made it awkward for him, having a girl from his grade there, but I have no idea… Any how we were just talking and then we watched the movie and I was expecting him to put his arm around me or something I moved towards him and everything and still nothing :-/. Well the movie ended and it was really good. So we walked out and we started walking to his car, no waiting ;-) and then I went to the wrong car being the genius that I am. So he’s like giggling, “That’s not my car” and I was like “Ooohhh I knew that!” So we keep walking to his car get in and it’s all toasty from the heated seats and all:-D So we talk like the WHOLE ride home, a lot more then there, and I noticed he says like just about as much as I do, which made me feel a lot better! Then sadly we got to my drive way, and there is my mom popping up from her chair in the playroom/office and I was like are you kidding me NOW she knows that I wasn’t with his dad too…oops…and I’m like “Uhh…thank you for the ride home….and the ride there…and the movie….” And he’s like “yea it was fun, we have to do this more often” and I was like “Yea, definitely, bye” Then I come home and my mom is like “I was so embarrassed I popped up because I thought that there was an opossum and not you, your home earlier then I thought” I was like “YOU MEAN I COULD HAVE STAYED OUT LATER?” So I just told her that his dad didn’t need to pick us up because he didn’t have to do any errands while we were at the movies.


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Sunday, January 18th, 2004
Sun January 18th at 7:18 pm - ~*~My DrEaM~*~
This is my psychotic dream I had running around with Jessi. First it had to do with these secret places. There were these little like oasis in the forest like they were water islands or something odd like that. They all had pools and everyone was getting pulled to them with oxygen tubes up there noses, but they didn’t need them because I was fine with out one. So anyway I met up with Jessi as she was being pulled away with a thing up her nose I said “Can I go swimming in the pool?” so she responded like a zombie “No its the mistresses turn to have control of the pool its the championship title”. I looked over the water and saw these like "sea monkey" people, but human sized. They were not real ones but the one’s in cartoons, and then Jessi was like lets go and I think she had ripped out the oxygen tube so we ran away to this Indian guy and he was telling us about, I don’t even know, some far away place (I think he was high) and was like come with me just run across this log because we were still in the forest and we ran across this “log” but really it was like the grass bumped up in the shape of a log so we ran running and I was like a weird outdoor hallway because I looked over to the sides and there were streams of light that looked like windows but more like a door way with people made out of light (they were light blue so that you could see the difference from the other light) moving around and trying to catch us or just get out, like they wanted help but Jessi and I just kept on running away. He had to have been high because we ended up at this big white building that I have been to in previous dreams and was defiantly not a far away mystical land... Okay so suddenly we are on a balcony in there and Jessi jumps the ledge and is like haha this is easy and scampers across the ledge on the outside of the balcony. I ran the other way because I was in flip flops. While I was running through hallways Jessi was calling at me “Why didn’t you just jump?” but I just ignored her trying to figure out where she would end up. I had been in this hallway before in other dreams actually I normally have sequels to my dreams. I had been in the hallways before so I knew where to go and there were like stairs and twist everywhere but I knew the right one to go on and ended up in a room with Jessi. Now this is the weirdest thing (in a dream before I had dreamt that Lindsey and Brandon were switching rooms and Brandon in real life wont stop telling me about how he wants a new rug in his room) okay so it was like an apartment (been there before) and like Jessi was telling me how the rooms were Lindsey’s and Brandon’s and they had finally switched now this is like the creepiest thing I was so into this dream, I went into Lindsey’s and put my stuff down and was like oh nice and then went into Brandon’s and screamed OMG HE GOT A NEW RUG and bent down and like grabbed the rug and it was like brown and fluffy so I could hold it in my hand with out like pulling it out, I don’t know it was one weird ass carpet and I was like all excited. Then the door bell rang and I was like I think its Matt and it was and I see Steve peak out from this other room like he literally leaned back in his chair or something and I was like WHERE DID YOU COME FROM AHHHH! Then out of the kitchen comes this kid Sam and (I don’t know how I knew this but he’s this neighbor hood kid with some odd disease whose always at Jessi’s house and after dinner always has to eat this 3-d star chocolate thingy) he was like littlish probably 12 so all these people are here NONE related to Jessi therefore having no reason to be there and I am still trying to figure out how Steve got INTO the house if Jessi was with me the whole time well Matt was like here Steve Chris wanted me to give you this and left and I was like oh my god thank you (I hate matt) so I sit down on the ground with Jessi and there is this TV with a cable box and she was playing some game but then stopped and I saw she was holding a remote I don’t even want to know but it was some like lord of the rings game I am sure and then she was like switching the channels but like not seeing what it was then like the radio came on and we saw this like bar thing for controlling the sound and I was like whoa cool and I don’t know if it was Steve or an orange cat but it was like oh I’ll move and it WASNT there before and then Steve sat down next to me eating NECO wafers and I don’t even know HOW the conversation came up but I showed him my cool rainbows I had put on my ankles and wrists before in the dream but I forget where so I didn’t state that earlier and then Steve’s like WOAH here and gave me the wrapper which oddly HAD A RAINBOW on it so I put it on my belly but I was looking at it and it said like something like:
"Chris @
for Jacqueline"
That was all I could read and I was like Steve it has my name on it (knowing it was for me) and he laughed and was like ummmmmmm sorry? and backed away a little and I kind of hit him jokingly and was like you asshole and Jessi’s mom came home and I was like oh hi and like Steve reached across me and I knew he was putting the wafers there and I looked down and I saw two and I was like awww thanks and then a table appeared right where we were sitting on the ground and suddenly we were all upright and like in chairs…it was screwed up, and we got dinner and this kid Sam had a mountain of a meal it was like a whole turkey mash potatoes and I don’t even know what else I couldn’t see it all and then his chocolate star that thing was huge and Sam is kind of not skinny he wasn’t fat just like a little chubby any way my mom woke me up but then I fell back to sleep because it was a crazy dream and I was back at the balcony and I was like screw running away and I kicked off my flip flops (that I only seem to have when I am on that balcony) and I looked down and was like well normally I am on the lower one but okay so I jumped over the ledge and grabbed this rope that came out of no where and propelled down like I don’t even know how I did it and it took like 5 min because it was such a long drop and I landed and was like hell yea and there were these cute guys I had never seen before at the top like rooting me on and I was like haha yes!!! And just threw the rope back up there and they grabbed on but then I woke up thinking I have to say thank you to Chris’s mom when I get on the bus Tuesday. It was so weird

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
Tue December 23rd at 12:44 am - “Sergio‘s drunk” “already?!”
I went out to Cambridge and the studio was wicked funny….and I have a lot to tell you, okay so we went back from that I had to drive in the car with Juli cause her mom didn’t want us on the subway at 11 at night so we took the car and Juli couldn’t say good bye to Levon and she was mad she couldn’t give Mo his gift and told me to tell Levon bye and give Mo his gift so I did that but when Levon walked in the door he was like “where’s Juli?” and his mom was like “will you deal with her” (implying Izzy, cause she didn’t want to go to school the next day because her brother didn’t have to) and Levon was like “where’s Juli” and his mom was like “her mom said she had to go” and Levon’s like “why couldn’t you stop her you know I wanted to say good bye to her…blah blah blah” and his sister was like I don’t want to go tomorrow and then his moms like PLEASE deal with her and levon was like I don’t want to be a parent! and so I walked out then and they were still fighting and like mo and Ryan were in his room with me and I was like wait, where are Sergio and mango and I went and got them after giving mo his gift that he like wouldn’t open cause he was having to much fun guessing what it was so funny So levon comes in and I hear mango go "she wasn’t serious right, she’s not sending us home" and Levon’s like no of course not she’s bluffing well apparently she heard it and levon idk left for a sec to check on his sister and I explained what was going on about izzy not wanting to go to school and I was all doing the motions and such no wait levon was still there cuz he didn’t know what happened either I was the only one there when it started and his mom walked in and was like "levon I am not kidding, everyone get out" she kicked everyone out of the house except for me because I live in Millis okay so she sends everyone home and I am told to stay in her step son's room so I sat there in a little ball listing to levon please with his mom to let mango and Sergio stay (cuz they live close by) and like she kept saying no do you get this now? okay good alright so finally he gave up and let his mom cool off a little bit and calm down his sister then he’s like mom can Jackie at least just watch TV with me? and she was like okay so I sat in there for a total of like 4 min then "DING DONG" Mango was at the door ohhhh man so mango told Levon’s mum he was locked out of his house and he couldn’t get in cuz no one was home, well his mom was like fine they are up stairs and Levon’s like HOLY FUCK HOW DID U DO THAT!!??? so in reality mango wasn’t locked out he jus t didn’t feel like being at home and was witty, and so Sergio finds out and is like wtf why didn’t I think of that and all wants to do it but it was way to late he missed the like surprise of it yea so mango ended up sleeping over to and we had random adventures I shall tell you in a few seconds yea so Mango obviously thought I liked him, and I was like ohhhh great another green burg incident.......:-\ well we were like up in Levon’s third floor thing and after a long time of watching random shit and just fucking around (as in joking not actually fucking) I got comfy for watching shit on TV and mango an did sat on Levon’s lap well then I was like comfy so I laid down on mango and like he started petting my hair and I was like wtf? and he was like tracing behind my ear, it felt good I see why cants like it but still I was like wtf? thennnnnnn I ended up sleeping on the kid for four hours and when he left he’s like I love you and I was like HOLY FUCK NO and just was like in a dazed state cuz I was awoken said bye and I was thinking way to early to turn u down now and okay like no him okay and like I had laid down and intentionally laid on my own arm and he’s like you missed and I was like no, and he moved my head to his lap and like the whole night and I KNOW he was doing it cuz its obvious I know when people do it but levon and mango were like making thumbs up and gestures and shit when I wasn’t looking


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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
Tue December 9th at 12:21 am - SNOW DAY
SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My weekend sucked ass, well so I thought it would, Friday I went to school then I went to drama then I went to basketball and then I went home, for ten minutes, and went to WORK. Came home slept. Saturday, yes COULD have been good I mean come on practice was canceled because of the snow, but so wasn’t everyone else... stayed home saddening, but I cleaned my room. Sunday, well I thought for SURE this day would suck, I was going to have to go to church and then go to CCD with Millis when there was a WAY BETTER Medway party. PHONE RINGS, NO CCD!! WHOOOP WHOOOP!!! I was excited and thinking hey probably no church too, well maybe in Millis but Medway, they didn’t want to stop the whole faith thing for a tiny two and a half feet of snow... so went to church came home. TALKED TO ALI!!! She very excitedly told me how Jessi's mother, whom I love very much, found out we HAD NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY DUE TO A SNOW DAY! I love side walks, anyway...I invited Ali over! and I wanted her to come to the youth center but she couldn’t, so I was worried about going alone considering SAM BAILLOTTA decided to NOT go...well Matty told me I could chill with him and that’s cool but I don’t really know him or his friends.... anyway I was talking to the coolest kid ever, MATTY! and he’s like I just got boots, I hadn’t taken mine off and I was like OMG r u serious, we both have boots we can be twins!! so I’m like go find a red and orange sweater and blue jeans, QUICK! So Matty's like I have jeans on and a black and gray sweater! So we were twins. Oh god so I get there and I’m like uhhhh I know NO ONE and I all see Sam’s tag on the table and I was like about to pick it up and tear it up while screaming WAY TO DITCH ME. but it wasn’t that bad, you see I walked over to the table where you drop off your offerings (clutish isn’t it? it was for a pregnancy help benefit thinger) and I saw ELEZABETH some girl who is friends with Lauren who I drove home one day. And how I was talking with them sort of not really, I get kind of shy when I am out of my element, but THEN MATTY CAME! oh yes and he put his boots next to mine and was like BOOTS and I was like BOOOTSS and gave him a high five and then he started talking to everyone else and I was like trying to follow but that was kind of hard cuz Matty started breaking out in a DANCE, btw Matty is the best! lol he was all dancing and making squeaky noises with his boots so I had to join, but then he had to mingle so he left but it made me feel more comfortable and I started talking to Elizabeth so we hung out like the whole night. She’s blind like me so we were walking away from her friends and I was like umm your walking away from your friends and she was obviously oblivious and I was like ummmmmm that way and was pointing it took like 5 minutes to get her to realize we were on the wrong side of this HUMUNGUS room...So we continue praying and such, you know all that boring stuff. Then we played a game. The priest, who was in the process of freezing us to death (he doesn’t know how to work a thermostat and therefore put on the AC), told us to split up into two groups boys and girls. He sent all the boys to the center of the room had the girls make a tape circle around them and the girls were to pull them out, oh lord…before he even started it was like one small mosh-pit….there were like 50 of them but still they were little…anyway we finally played and when it was the girls turn I latched arms with Elizabeth and she pulled me out I was like noooo why!?!! And after we had cake it was good we skipped the line cuz we were sneaky then we went to the bathroom and it was SO warm in there oh my god it was amazing. I actually could feel my hands when I was in there! Yup so then we prayed more and we left it was grand, I just went for the cake. Got into the car with my Madre and we picked up Ali! So much fun there aren’t even words to describe the awesomeness of Ali! So she came over and we ate, then we played life and I got bored sp we played some random game Lindsey gave me and u had to figure out the proverbs…oh man it was funny stuff like “Its hard to get a stick of butter out of….?” “…your underwear?” “no but very close, the correct answer is…a dogs mouth…” you know stuff like “I will see you next Tuesday unless…..the bridge breaks” or something off like that… well once we got bored with that we sat there listening to music and chatting about random things then TV then we slept. THEN I WOKE UP! Well Ali being the procrastinator that she is didn’t do her chemistry project yet so she had to go home and do it. So I made plans with Anne and Lauren to go see Honey and then come over. Well Anne got very ill with a soar thorough and her mom was also down with a infirmity so Lauren and I went to the movies! We had fun then Lauren came over and we sat there and watched passions and I did my hair insanely and we did the make up of dolls online, like www.barbie.com and such, we are so cool, and then ANDREW CAME ONLINE! And I spoke with him for an hour :) it was exciting. Then Average hoe came on and JASON WON! OMG I was rooting for him since he came on the show, such a cutie!!! Then I cleaned my room again and now its 1 am and I am finaly finishing this entry an hour later…what a weekend.


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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
Wed December 3rd at 9:56 pm - What a LONG day
They cut people today, I am not promised any playing time but I was originally just going to be cut and I cant go on freshmen because its not allowed, look I was talking to him (Paul) and he’s like "you showed a lot of desire and effort, I know you went to all of the gut camps but since you are just going out for the team now as a sophomore and you didn’t go to camp you are out matched" all I need is to be refreshed in like what the plays are....and he said that if I work hard enough I could play but he cant promise anything. because Elyse cant play cuz she failed if I get good enough I can take her place until she can play he cant guarantee it but he said if I work hard I will definitely make JV next year... I am dressing and all but I don’t know if I am going to play at all cuz I don’t know any plays and Taylor broke her finger so we are wicked short on players... I don’t want like anyone going to the games. Elyse said that she would help me with the plays but I don’t think she will...Paul told me if anyone was kicked off the team or got hurt I’d be the first person to go in for them. I am going to ask tomorrow if I can play in our one scrimmage I think we have one, but I don’t know if it is varsity or not.


omg we went to a shrine afterwords, omg hahaha sooo funny
so first we ran away form Elyse’s mom and her sister okay so were running away right and Elyse try’s to jump over a bush and she just jumped of the gowned then she all jumps over a real bush (it was a circle) and she tripped the wire and the set of lights went out!! ok so then wyle gets bored and gets down on his knees and is like fanning one of the statues like worshiping it Kevin called Paul and repeatedly said "ween. ween I love you ween weeeeeeennnnn ween are you still there? ween?" sooo funny okay so Wyle is done with that and runs off with his pants pulled down mooning us okay so Colin gets bored and try’s to get into this shed and Elyse is like NO and paisley’s like "I’m scared" and I was just running around d in circles trying to keep warm so all the guys follow Colin into the shed and Elyse is spazing OMFG WHAT IF MY MOM COMES!??! THEY ARE SO DEAD so finally they come out and Colin’s like its just wires and stuff so we are all looking around and someone’s like "WHERES WILL!??!" okay so we keep walking and there is will in this little shed thing lighting candles and Elyse is like ARE YOU PAYING FOR THESE!?!??! ITS TWO BUCKS A CANDLE and wills all like you don’t HAVE to pay its a donation!:-) so after we all light a candle we start walking to these steps right and idk who some one bent down to all pray and Elyse is like OOOHH CAN U SEE MY MOM FROM UP THERE!?!? and I’m like YEA GO CHECK and Kevin’s all running up the stairs and paisley and Elyse are like I HOPE HE FALLS and I’m like "like the old lady at that other shrine last year?" then we went up the stairs we looked around for her not there so I see will and wyle and matt going under underneath us and I was like wtf? so I walked down there path and there is a random like manger thing in a cave I was like WTF? then I started walking to this fountain and started like hitting the ice I was like hay paisley its WARM
and she’s like REALLY?? and I was like yes so she felt it and was like YOU LITTLE LIER!!! sooo funny okay so we go over to this thing with a frozen pool and a shell thing and all these hanging lamps and Colin’s like I want to throw in a penny! so Elyse gave him a penny and he through it at the ice and I was like NO Colin your supposed to throw it into the shell!!!! and he’s like really? and Elyse is like yea its a game and I’m like yea if u win u get to light a candle for free and he was all sad then wyle tried to get it into the shell and missed so Elyse is like freaking out where are my sister and mom!?!! and wyle is all I’m sorry and she’s like I’m sorry (they got into a fight back at her house) and he’s hugging her and ended up taking her down and Kevin’s like BLANKET!! and laid down on them omg sooo funny so Elyse is like okay we need to find missy to the gift shop so I was like OOOO arches and I was walking through them and looking for the way to the gift shop so I see all these people running and hear everyone yelling JACKIE ITS THIS WAY! and so I looked around and will was being an imbecile and ran the wrong way so I started to follow him but Elyse is like NO THIS WAY so I went there right way and we were standing there and wee found missy and Kate (Elyse’s mom) and were like ummm were missing people so Kate’s all talking to us and I’m like, "there is one" as Wyle darted across the path okay so he’s like darting from tree to tree as if we CANT see him and he all gets behind a mini Christmas bush tree thing and Kate’s like WHERE?!?! and I was like see that tree over there that’s shaking...that’s wyle....and she’s like oh but where is everyone else and Elyse is like THERES WILL AND MATT
and we started walking to the cars but no they aren’t done yet! will runs up to the tree wyle was hiding behind and like jumps wyle SOOOOOOO FUNNY so they were like wrestling yea and so were going to drive to burger king yup we get there and of course I ran in was third in line cuz Colin and Elyse cut oh well so they order and I all grab my food and only Colin’s back there so I’m like hey Colin can I sit with you and he’s like sureee so I sat down and I’m like, you do know wyle is going to KILL me for sitting her right? and he’s like no he wont get mad wyle comes over "Colin what the hell?" and Colin’s like "I saved you a seat dear:-)" and Wyle’s like well why is JACKIE sitting here and I'm like seeeee told you so I was inside the booth surrounded by Colin matt and wyle (was next to me hence is anger, he was having a bad night) alrighty so we were eating and like trashing people and just fucking around so wyle gets up while missy is alone and omg he’s like Missy you do know that this is our first date and she’s like umm, no...and after a little while he came back and is like Colin:-( she rejected me yea so Kevin and will are all sitting on the other side of the empty burger king and Colin’s like wyle come get food with me Jackie got a pie, I WANT A PIE, and Wyle’s like NO I WANT TO EAT!!! okay so finally wyle goes up with Colin and you hear will going OMG they are SOOO cute, Kevin why cant we be like that and he’s Kevin gets up and leaves soooo funny okay so after a while Paisley’s like LETS GO TO THE PLAY PLACE and u hear will in a sad tone like "they closed it, they have to clean it" okay then we decide to leave and go home, but no this wonderful story doesn’t end here! so I jump into the car and see Elyse pressed against the glass by will laughing her ass off and I'm like omg wow so finally she jumps into the car and I’m like ::picks up a string:: I think this is from Wyle’s pants...... and missy’s like no its mine so I was like ummmm yea okay then COLIN comes out of the building and missy’s like omg he looks like a thug and Elyse and I agreed but then Elyse is like that’s mean and missy’s like don’t tell him and so she’s like yea he looks cute like that yea cute lol so funny alright so now everyone but Colin and wyle are in a car So Colin walks up to Elyse and is like did either of you leave a white scarf inside? and Elyse is like my mom has one? and so he goes and asks her and right as he’s like did u forget your scarf and Kate’s like yes WYLE COMES WALKING OUT WEARING IT AND BEING ALL SUPER MODELISH OMG SUCH PERFECT TIMING yea and so he hands it over and then wyle and Colin who were going to get into the car with us again went around to Kate’s car ohhh maann EVERY SIGNLE GUY GOT OUT OF THE CAR AND WERE LIKE SHIT they all started talking and Colin’s like will we should go with the same person so wills like okay get into the car meaning missy's well Colin pushes me over and sits down and wyle comes in and sits down on my other side very unpleasantly as in STICKING HIS GOD DAMN ASS IN MY FACE SCREAMING MOVE OVER! so Colin looks over and he’s like Wyle? and Wyle’s like HEY LOOK THERE WILL and wills all in Kate’s car and he is yelling out the window and they drive off and Colin’s like wtf? we live near each other and there for were going to take the same ride..? and suddenly he shows up in the other car and drives away? and that’s basically it we just talked about chem. and like stealing cars and stuff afterwards...it was hilarious though


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Monday, December 1st, 2003
Mon December 1st at 12:34 am - Imma Shark
The Ultimate Personality Test

Jackie, you're a Shark!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Shark which means you are a Seeker / Success Your primary sub-type is defined by "Seeker" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Success" characteristics.

That means you've got a robust love of life and a killer instinct. Chances are you hate rules, and don't plan on getting old. You're flexible and friendly on top of being innovative and smart. In short, people respect you.

How do we know all this? How do we know you're extroverted and love being in the spotlight? Or that your mantra is "work hard, play hard"? How could we have divined that dull parties make you weep?

Because while you were taking the test, you answered four different types of questions — questions that measured confidence, apprehension, willingness to take risks, and your focus on experience versus appearance — the primary traits that determine your personality. Based on your responses, we determined your personality type, Shark.

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Sunday, November 30th, 2003
Sun November 30th at 11:41 pm - AHHH
I have tryouts tomorow, and i gave andrew my number today!!!:-) I am so excited!!! he was happy too

I saw gothika today good movie ali and matty know, even though matty didnt come with me...

I made pigs in a blanket!!! wicked good!!!

...Jason is a loser...

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Saturday, November 29th, 2003
Sat November 29th at 3:42 am - I took lindsey's quiz...
You represent... playfulness.
You represent... playfulness.
Playfulness can often be mistaken for sluttiness or
flirtiness... Flirting is something you enjoy
doing, but you're mostly just about having fun.
You're into partying, and it's seems that
people enjoy your company as much as you enjoy

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla


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Friday, November 28th, 2003
Fri November 28th at 11:15 am - WIERD DREAM
I was doing something and we were all after school i tihnk it was gut camp or somthing but it was very late and after we did what ever we were doing we went inside to eat in the caff welll i would sit alone cuz i didnt think i knew anyone but one night sam was there and sam asked me to sit with her so i did and it was a WICKED long table andsam was like are you ready for this? and i was like huh and i saw andrew walking over okay so i'm like OMG and there was a seat open RIGHT in front of me and someone ran in and sat in it and was like OMG SAM!! blah blah blah and he got a seat like 5 seats away so i couldnt talk to him lol soooo sam tries and "fix" it ... omg sam whispers into the ear of the person next to her "Someone at this table has a crush on andrew, pass it on" okay so I didnt know what you said but by the time it got to the person across from andrew the kid yelled it out and i was likE OMG WHY DID U SAY THAT so i was wicked low in my chair and i hear sam going YEA, I MEAN JACKIE DION! and i'm like OMG and like some how fter words we are all in his car at the drive through to mcdonlds i think lauren was driving sam was shotgun and andrew and i were in the back it was soooooooooooooooooo weird!! lol

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003
Tue November 25th at 12:48 am - I know it sucks, but its how I feel

Jump up touch the sky
Didn’t you know that you could fly?
The world keeps spinning
And I'm still wining
All of your love
Take flight like a dove
Feel the pain
Its circling
All around me
Just wont let us be
Reach out across the sea
Feel the breath of my company
I know that you are there
I feel your hand brush my hair
Warming up on a cold night
The raven takes its first flight
The moon light shines in my eye
A rush of something passes by
I know the saddened truth
About my troubled youth
I love you forevermore
But the raven cries never more

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Tue November 25th at 12:19 am - Whoooooo
Last day of gut camp tomorrow, I am kind of sad I’ll miss the intense workout but it will be nice to not come home dead everyday!!! Life is entertaining, I like it. I am kind of bored though considering everyone is asleep and I seem to have gotten insomnia AGAIN, I stay up nice and late go to school and sleep...then gut camp and I sit at home!! Well I finally finished my chem. commercial!!:-) I just have a lab to do and then I will have no homework over vacation, yay!!! I am in drama, but I don’t die!!! isn’t that great?!?!? OOOHH and I have weak ankles….so now I have to tape them every time before basketball, isn’t that lovely? Humm well I’m bored leave a comment if you feel the need, and I think you do;-)

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Monday, November 17th, 2003
Mon November 17th at 8:07 pm - DUDE
We had to do head ups, omg my throught hurt soooooo much!!!
We had to do a ton of stuff omg i was so dizzy and like almost fainted. I went out and bought cerial bars so i could have one before i go to gut camp, i need the enrgey!! Hopefully i will sleep tonight, but i dont know because i have to go to a germany meeting with the church!!! 2005 baby!!! I want to go to england sooo badly:-(


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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
Wed November 12th at 9:11 pm - i hate school
I hate school
I hate gut camp
I hate everything that is and was
I am bored
Tomorow we have to sprint for 15 min striaght
I am going to die.

yea this has been sitting here for like 3 hours, i dont feel like writing haveing too much fun making chats with matty!

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
Tue November 11th at 3:37 pm - I cant breathe
Hello, we didn't pull tires, but i feel like that would be easier then sprinting two miles, but hey i lost two whole pounds in the process and i am not kidding! 107.6...not bad...excuse me while i go through up

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Tue November 11th at 1:38 pm - QUIZ THINGY?

1. Starting Time: 1:39 PM EST

2. Full name: Jacqueline

3. Friends: everyone is my friend:-)

4. Sexiest Friend: Me

5. Funniest Friend: Ali

6. Smartest Friend: Jessi or Katie, depends

7. Dumbest Friend: Lori, JUST KIDDING, i stole this from her anyway:-)

8. Shyest Friend: Jaime or Kirstyn

9. Most boring person: Mr. Hoffman in class going on and on about puritins

10. Who Do you Get Advice From: Sam if shes in the mood to listen to me

11. Height: 5'5"....i think

12. DOB: 02/22/88

13. Righty / Lefty: Lefty, muhaha

14. Eye color: hazel

15. Shoe Size: 7 1/2 - 8

16. Shoe Brand: the kind that looks good?

17. Do u Crack any Body Parts: not that i know of...

18. Pets: 2 cats

19. Siblings: SHUT UP!

20. E-mail: baskettballkid@hotmail.com

21. Boy Friend/Girl Friend: getting there

22. Crush?: ANDREW!....i hope no one reads this....

23. Liked a Teacher: eewe

24. Killed Someone: how did you find out? I mean NO...

25. Laughed so hard you peed in your pants: no, well one time it was really funny and just a tiny little bit

26. Ate a Tub of Ice Cream: yea, six flags i rock!

27. Ran Into a Glass Door: that was glass?

28. Went into www.rotten .com: it was an accident, some kid was like LOOK HERE and i was like awww, haha thats funny(it was a kitten in a toilet, i know u've seen it!) and looked for more funny pictures and...i am scard for like

29. Gone Skinny Dipping: nope

30. Gotten hit by a car?: dont think so, but my mom got me into to car accidents?

31. Ran into a parked car: in a car? no on my own? countless times, they just come out of no where!

******Girls Fill Out About Guys******

32. Boxers or Briefs: boxers

33. Tall or short: tall

35. Six-pack or Muscular Arm: both

36. Body or Personality: is this a trick question? both?

37. Ear Pierced or not: depends, if it fits him hell yea

38. Sporty or Outdoorsy: isnt that the same kinda thing?

39. Good Guy or Bad Guy: depends on my mood....

40. Light Hair/ Dark Hair: light hair

41. Hat no hat: wtf kind of question is that?!?!

42. Tan or No Tan: ummm...hopefuly not as white as me?

******Guys Fill Out on girls******

43. G or regular:

44. Tall or Short:

45. Long Hair or Short:

46. Dark or Light Eyes:

47. Light/Dark Hair:

48. Body or Personality:

49. Ears Pierced or Not:

50. Curly or Straight Hair:

51. Good Girl/Bad Girl:

52. Hair Up or Down:

53. Sporty, classy or home girl:

******Which One is Better******

54. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi baby! (Jimmi Hendrix comertial, "Few, that was close")

55. Taco Bell or McDonalds: McDonalds (I'm lovin' it)

56. Cats or Dogs: Dogs

57. Coffee or Tea: Latte, but its bad for my chompers...

58. Sour or Sweet: Sweet

59. Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla icecream, chocolate chocolate....

61. Day or Night: night

62. Lights on or off: off

63. Summer or Winter: summer

******Your favorite******

64. Food: anything eatible

65. Animal: Koala or Penguin

66. Holiday: my birthday/christmas/give me presents day

67. Quotes: Sam B: This is where they burried Jesus(u dont really have to be christian to get that, but...(hint:jesus was never burried))

Britney: Omg I love your braclet! Is that the leaning tower of piza?
Me: Umm, thats the eiffel tower
Christina: Just because its slanted on her wrist dosent mean its leaning!

me: i am just awesome
ali: yes you are

Christina: I flushed your tamagotchi down the toilet, and it got stuck

Matty: we all thought u were wicked hott

Sergio: are you a republican?

Anne: i gg bye ashley::slaps ashleys butt::talk to you later

"But most importantly, it makes boys like you"-Tina Fey on Sex, oh god I love snl

anne: cuz they were drop dead, just drop dead

Whats the most important thing about multiplying matracies?
"You multiply the row by the condum"-Mike S

68. Radio station: Kazaa?

69. Place: Anywhere with a guy of cuteness/France!

70. movie: Matrix/Chicago/Miss Conginiality

******In The Future*****

70. Will you believe in god?: No

71. What you want to be when you grow up? Psycologist:-D

******Random Questions******

72. Define True Love: An unconditional love for someone that will never leave you no matter how mad you get your still after them to make things right again, being with that someone and knowing everything is just bliss and perfect and there is nothing in the world that could make you worry not even an apocolips could make you scared because your in that someones arms and you are safe.

73. Where Were You Born? Natick, i think...somewhere in Massachusetts

75. Favorite day of the week: Saturday

76. favorite song: I dont know i like alot...Hit that? 99 Red ballons? The Whistle Song? Du Hast? Tool and Manson in general?

77. Bedtime: when the good tv show's are done with or i pass out

78. Who Is Most Likely To Send This Back: Not relivant, you get no responce for that crap ass question

79. Satan or God or atheism: Atheism

80. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? Elyse

Take this if you feel like it, i took it from lori:-)

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Tue November 11th at 1:25 pm - I GOT MY LAPPY
Time for Lappy the THIRD whoop whoop!!!

I got a digital camera with my new laptop i am siked!! OMG i have gut camp today, its VERTERANS day and they make me go to gut camp!! UGH hey at least i get an "I surrvived gut camp" tee-shirt! whahoooo OMG My friend....my friend's friend matty he might go to this manson consert but not enough people want to go, but I want to go! OMG i want to go sooo badly!!! Matty's wicked cool and should get more people to come so he will go! hehehehe!!!!!! I have to drag TIERS today, coach grants crazy, its like 5 degree's outside and he wants me to DRAG TIERS??!?!?!?? Is basketball really worth all this? By the time this is over i will be ready for goddamn varsity!!! AHHH i wanna go to sleep. Maybe i'll tell you all about it at 3:45 today cuz thats when i will be home!! Yea 2:30 to 3:30 not too bad, but still its freziazing outside!!


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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
Tue October 14th at 11:59 pm - OOHHHEEEEOOHHH in TRINIDAD shame and scandal in the fam-i-ly
I slept for five hours when I got home today, yup I had some of my WICKED GOOD CARROT cake with Ali then I went up stairs to try out that whole studying thing, well it bored me so much that I slept from 4 until 9:30 thats a long time considering I got a good nights sleep yesterday!! Wow I havent writen in here in like twenty years...well I guess I will get back to useing it once I get my laptop again...this one is a really good one, its a 200X by gateway and its the lightest one out there only 4lbs!! OoO I love it!! OMG France that was the shiznit, I went out there and omg soo much fun, so yea now there is a kid I went out there with and well I kinda like him....but I am to chicken to talk to him in school I never see him anywhere else and he is always NOT online!! And NO he didnt block me and I know who did cuz I am on two sn's always and only special people know my second one:-) Yea so I am having my difficulties but I'll get over it some how...So the football team is kinda sucking this year and I kinda said something about it and now my friend hates my guts, he's evil! BUT our vollyball team is WICKED good and we are undefeated and in the tournament! Yay to all my vollyball playing friends!! Then its BASKETBALL SEASON! Yea I decided to play again, I know I suck but I need to play a sport...I was running every day and practicing, but you see there is this funny thing with new england weather, yea its called COLD and I dont go outside in the cold...:-/ oh well...Yup everyone is officialy offline so I better do the same, g'night who ever is bored enough to read about my wicked boring life!

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