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    Sunday, November 16th, 2003
    12:48 am
    first entry
    Wow my first entry, this is exciting. I tried one of these before on the another diary service when shannon showed it to me, but i didnt do anything with it and i forgot what my name was, and now kalle has introduced me to this and i think ill be better about it, that all is kind of metaphorical huh? Anyhow i really like the idea of being able to site every entry, and to know the exact day and time i was feeling these things i will be telling about, cool. Maybe this will improve my memorie, and next time i try to pinpoint someting that has happened and is relating to my current situation i can do it with pose and accuracy according to this. Oh boy now im getting all excited, i better keep it up or this will all be meaningless. god i am so bad about that, starting so many new things and never pulling through on them, come to think of it i do that in all kinds of situations, but its always great to break bad habbits so this will be great all around. Studies say that diaries improve everything for a teenager, their thoughts and clarity, even intelligance and memorie (obvously), but its very good for one. Anyone reading my journals (that is really kinda weird that anyone can, i better watch myself) needs to watch out for missspelling, its frequent and unnoticed to me so deal with it bucko. mmmk, im at kalles and its time to watch the godfather, im excited too, i have candy, my kalle, and a classic, what more could i ask for? cool, well till' next time (and there will be a next time i promise, promises help me pull through on things), bye bye lil' computadora. -hannah

    Current Mood: content
    Current Music: the faint backround of music from kalles moms room
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