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    Sunday, January 16th, 2011
    11:15 pm
    When my kids grow up...
    I've thought a lot about how I want my kids to see me when they grow up, the events I want them to remember. I guess it's because I've made so many mistakes already and my kids are only 3 and 2. So if someday my kids are adults, chatting to someone about their childhood, these are the things I hope they can say:

    "My mom had a good sense of humor!"
    "My mom was never to busy to hug me."
    "My mom didn't believe that too much affection could spoil a child."
    "My mom was good about not raising her voice."
    "My mom treated me with respect and love, she cared about my feelings."
    "My mom was honest and she always kept her promises."
    "My mom played with me, A LOT!"
    "My mom wasn't afraid to apologize when she did or said something wrong."
    "My mom spent quality time with me one on one every day."
    "My mom didn't get angry about messes when I was little, she laughed and took pictures!"
    "My mom taught me what it means to love and follow God."
    "My mom taught me what it means to be a good parent."
    "My mom was easy to trust."