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    Sunday, July 27th, 2003
    10:57 pm
    I was so remember i don't drunk it
    Sorry bout that. Here are a few pics salvaged from my cruise. There are stories to go with them but I can't say on the grounds it might inseminate me.

    #1- me with two lovely ladies Sonya (left) and Alex (right). They were 20 and 19 respectively I believe. I met em in a bar with their 2 friends and parents.

    #2- Sonya and Alex and me again, but with Miguel and his wife Jenna, a nice couple that I met in the same bar as the girls. This was taken at like 12:30 one night at a big pool party.

    #3- Me with Sonya and Alex again, along with their friends Charlie (my right) and Danni (left). We were at karoake. Alex is an awesome singer.

    #4- Me at the bottom front, with my friends Pete (behind me) Kevin (right) and Jenna (left). Here we are at Karoake doing the YMCA. Pete and Kevin (and their lovely wives) are the ones that introduced me to Miguel, Jenna and the Fantastic 4 (the four girls).

    #5- Ahhh the group photo. You've met most of these people, But the guy on the far left in red is Frank a.k.a. Frank the Tank and his wife next to him. If you see me and look down you can see Christie, Kevin's wife. Pete's wife Dorrie took the pic.

    #6- Danni's mom and dad on the left, Dorrie in the middle. This is the bar where we met. I was there with a blonde chick when Kevin, Christie, Pete and Dorrie showed up. We partied until my friend left. I stayed and hung out, and a little while later, in came the Fantastic 4 with mom and dad. Pete and Kevin saw them and invited em to join us. They held a little game show sort of thing to try and the chicks to hook up with me. It didn't work out unfortunately, but I made some great friends. Look for more soon.

    More to come later

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    10:48 pm
    I hope this works
    Saturday, July 26th, 2003
    7:18 pm
    The chilling conclusion - Back in Black part 3
    Today as you all know was the Magic: The Gathering 10th anniversary. The tournament was held across the WORLD at card shops everywhere. It was a sealed deck type of thing where everyone got 5 boosters, access to however much mana they wanted, and a Ruhk Egg foil promo. I dragged my little sis along so she could get in, which meant get me cards. I took the Rukh from her and tossed it in with some cards i pulled and made a decent red/black deck. Here is what it looked like at the end of the tourney (I only sideboarded twice throughout the five rounds).

    8 mountains
    7 swamps
    2 urborg volcano
    1 rod of ruin
    1 phyrexian hulk
    2 Canyon Wildcat
    2 Bog Imp
    3 Deepwood Ghoul
    1 Eastern Paladin
    2 Giant Cockroach
    2 Wall of Stone
    2 Carrion Wall
    2 Shock Troops
    2 Lava Axe
    2 Cinder Wall
    1 Goblin Chariot
    2 Shatter
    1 Dusk Imp
    1 Volcanic Hammer
    1 Viashino Sandstalker
    1 Severed Legion
    1 Ridgeline Rager
    1 Hill Giant
    1 Panic Attack
    1 Ogre Taskmaster FOIL

    Here's how it went down at the games.

    ROSS BROOKE (my sis)

    1st round BYE 0-2-0
    2nd 1-2-0 0-2-0
    3rd 2-0-0 0-2-0

    semi-Finals 2-0-0 OUT

    total record 7-3-0 0-6-0

    *I got a BYE in round 1, so i worked on my deck and watched Brooke.

    *Round 2 I played a kid named Adam who had a vicious red/green deck. I used my Rukh Egg promos and beat him first round, but after a long dispute with the shop owner, the Eggs were ruled out of play and I had to remove them from the deck. I seriously thought that I would lose the tourney when they left my deck. He killed me rounds 2 and 3, although they were very close.

    *Round 3- Ross vs. Jakub, a foreigner with a Green/Blue/White deck. I never saw much else of his deck but mana and a Blinding angel. I butchered him in the first 2 rounds.

    * Round 4 was the semi-finals. I played a local high school graduate named Luke. He had a nice Green/Black/Blue but in the end a few small playing errors ended up costing him the games. It was at game 2 here when i learned i could use all my cards NOT in my deck as a sideboard, Which would have helped... a LOT.

    I played Nick again- the only player i had any trouble beating there. He had a deck built around his 8/8 Primeaval Force, which is tough but with the possiblilty of facing it 5rd turn.... yikes. He beat me first round in a really close game. i was really worried I'd lose, and after some very disappointing mistakes, I was meticulous in my plays the rest of the game. Game 2- I won with 6 health, and I used Rod of Ruin to kill him. For 14 turns. It was quite possibly the longest game ever. I was so scared that he'd crush me that i was drenched in sweat after the game. Game 3 was a slaughter, but in his defense he played the last game really well, and put up a lot of defense. But i still won by like 16.

    I got another Rukh and 2 boosters for winning. Yay!

    Anyways, 8th edition rhox. Get it? haha it's a joke. I meant to say "rocks" but instead said "rhox" cause it's pronounced the same but Rhox is a 5/5 green creature in 8th edition. you don't get it do you? ye bastads.....

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    10:38 am
    Back in Black
    It's been a long and arduous journey, but I have finally come full circle. I've been playing so many different decks lately I can never find one I like, and never a compatible strategy with my playing style. For a long time now I've brought useless decks to the tables (Morph, Mistforms, Avens) all kinds of colors I never use for casual play. And for some reason I was surprised when I lost every game. Last night was Saudi's pre-release for 8th edition and I ended up with the White "Life Boost" premade. The only life boost other than Venerable Monk and Angel of Mercy was Spirit Link/Ivory Cup. I could eat a can of beans and shit out a better life gain deck config and white is perhaps my worst color. Playing this made me realize I've got to start playing towards my strengths more and abandon conventional win strategies. Last night was Earthquake's last night in standard play, and i had to bid farewell to one of the best cards ever made. But it was the rebirth of my other favorite, Guerrilla Tactics. It hasn't seen play since Alliances but now it's on it's way back to the top. It was one of the staples in my "Classic" red/black deck, the one that hasn't lost a match in at least 6 months, and I play with it almost every day. But like all good things it had to come to an end, and so last night i dismantled it so i could build a new Red/Black. The strategy is a little different due to the fact that 78% of that deck is like type 1 and/or illegal. But now to celebrate my return to tournament play with Black and Red I've built an insane destruction deck. I havent used red and black together in a tournament in at least a year, so this deck symbolizes my rebirth into the winners circle as well.

    Lethal Burn Deck B/R


    11 Mtn
    9 Swamp
    4 Bloodstained Mire

    Mana Sources

    20 Basic Lands
    4 Fetch-lands
    4 Swampcycling


    4 Twisted Abomination


    4 Lethal Vapors
    4 Sulfuric Vortex


    4 Carbonize
    4 Cruel Revival
    2 Guerrilla Tactics
    4 Shock
    4 Spark Spray


    3 Blaze
    4 Pyrotechnics

    But we must remember that this deck came at a price, Earthquake iis no more and may not see DCI tables for another year or two. I love you Earthquake... Goodbye....

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    Thursday, July 24th, 2003
    10:31 am
    Back in Black
    I'm back from my cruise and other far wanderings. I will happily share it all with you, on Saturday or Sunday. Two M:TG prereleases this week. Yay! We'll at the very least I'll have too more stories to throw in. Besides, if you wait, I'll have cruise pictures.
    Friday, July 18th, 2003
    8:47 am
    A day for mourning, a day for loss
    I got word this morning that a close friend of mine died last night. She was in a car crash late thursday evening and died instantaniously i believe. She was a wonderful person and it's impossible for me to believe right now ill never see her again. RIP Lauren.

    I also lost in tonight's FNM, it was a valiant struggle but alas my midgame/late game couldn't pull through. My deck this week was a modified "Goblin Mob" prebuilt. i went up against a blue counterspell deck with one really big surprise. Super Tim. It seems as if someone knew how much i hate Prodigal Sorceror and how much i hate Pemmin's fucking Aura and put em together. Fortunately i am friends with the owner of the deck and the loss was taken easily.

    Round 1- I slaughtered him with some heavy hitting gobs. Stupid of me to not take notes, he played Tim (Prodigal Sorceror for you unknowing peoples).

    Round 2- I got Chris down to 1 life, and then came Tim with Pemmins aura. He won.

    Round 3- Same thing.

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    Sunday, July 13th, 2003
    12:41 pm
    Couldn't have put it better myself
    You represent... hope.
    You represent... hope.
    You're quite a daydreamer and can be a hopeless
    romantic. You enjoy being creative and don't
    mind being alone at times. You have goals, and
    know what you want in life... even if they are
    a little far fetched.

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    Saturday, July 12th, 2003
    9:23 pm
    Mana Burnt
    Argh, sometimes lady luck is a real bitch.

    I've been laboring for two weeks, turning combos and sideboard possibilities over in my mind, so i could be ready for last night's events. I tested my deck out on everything i could find. I went up against burn, goblins, soldiers, clerics, birds, even SLIVERS (!) and still found victory. But if there is one race that represents cheap combos and unstoppable massing of creatures and tokens, it's those god-damned elves. I cant think of a time when an elf deck couldn't win. In my foolishness, I looked over elves, and that is EXACTLY what I played against.


    The first round was a slaughter, i got mana screwed like hell, and by the time i was rolling, my loss was sealed.
    Round two, i did better, and i almost cleared his half of the board. Almost.

    You are probably saying, "why not just make an elf deck?". Not only are they overrated, but they take the competitive edge out of it. It's like shooting a paralyzed baby kitten with a 12 guage tactical shotgun.
    Poor kitty.

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    Thursday, July 10th, 2003
    10:43 pm
    Because deep down you really do give a flying duck
    I finished my deck about twelve hours ago, and I'm just now telling you aboot it. Which is surprising cause I have been bored ever since. I am hesitant to put my deck on the page, cause it's pretty original, a nice escape from those stupid tribal decks that have taken over the type 2 scene. I'll post my deck tomorrow night after FNM and my lunch and a movie rondievoux with Ms. Elodia. All I can say is it focuses on a new play mechanic and is more than one colour.

    In October, Wizards of the Coast is debuting their latest Magic: The Gathering expansion for expert level play. Mirrodin is it's name, and with it's arrival comes a big shock to the Magic community. Before i continue open your ears for a little lesson on Magic. New cards are introduced in blocks, and a block is a set of three expansion packs that retell a time in the Magic storyline. Every new expansion usually contains between 100 and 300 new or reprinted cards. But for tournament play, not all Magic cards are allowed (that would be over 9200 cards. seriously.) only cards from the 2 most recent blocks. And so, when a new block is released, the oldest of the 2 is kicked into type 1, or classic tournaments, which are usually just for fun and such. But back to my point. Currently, the two most recent expansions are Oddysey and Onslaught, respectively. The Oddysey have introduced a lot of cards that have devastated tournaments and nothing has been the same since they came in. In a nutshell, Oddysey has redefined all the rules, and all the veterans' heads (mine included) are still whirling.
    Sorry if this is an information overload, just take a breather, I'll be here when you get back.

    There, feel better? I figured you wouldn't. Anyways, I have been anti-Oddysey for a long time now, and that is why I'm looking forward to Mirrodin. My new deck has no Oddysey cards in it and I think I'm the only one that can say that. It is my hope that when Oddysey leaves that everyone will be so forlorn and confused when it leaves, i can get a lot of cheap wins.

    See, it's more complex than you think.

    I really don't know what else to talk about.

    If any of this slightly interested you, you can go here to learn more about the current happenings in the world of magic.

    or if you want to learn how to play, you can go here too.

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    8:29 am
    8:08 am
    Mouse Infestation
    Got back from a family vacation yesterday. Unfortunately, the vacation was at Disney World, which means whatever you pay for something in the real world is tripled in the Disney World. I have always treated Disney World like a seperate country that just happened to be within Florida, like Vatican City. It has been my belief that someday Disney World is going to eventually call it's Mouseketeers to arms and seige central Florida. Eventually tthe entire Sunshine State will be one big fucking hellhole where parents go to buy their kids $45 plush toys and $10 sodas. How do I know? They have already begun their recreation of the world around us, two resort locales have already been made in the likeness of famous cities. Number 1 is "Port Orleans" supposedly a "family-friendly" New Orleans, which means no booze or topless chicks. Number 2 is "Old Key West", supposedly Key West long before Fantasy Fest or HIV. It captures the flavor of Key West, but gets rid of the
    riff- raff. Which is hard to comprehend seeing as every other fucking building in Key West is a bar!

    Oh well, I'm gonna go wander off now, I have plenty more of anti-Disney stuff that I'll tell you later. I'm tired and yet hyper on the inside. I have an urge to make something right now, then break it, then make five more, and then piss on all of em. I gotta stop eating after 10:30.

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    Sunday, July 6th, 2003
    10:35 am
    Who's the man?
    I got fired from my volunteer work at the Pepsi 400 yesterday, i was actually home before the race began. Apparently I'm the only Floridian who HATES racing. Anyways, The only reason i was there was for a fundraiser. I'm playing my horn now so I don't wanna type to much. Here.

    A pic for my Akira test
    You are.....
    You stayed in the crowd until one night everything went insane,know you live in
    some other dimension with three wrinkled 6-
    year-olds.So there.

    What Akira Character are you?
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    AKIRA is my favorite movie, and Tetsuo is probably my favorite character. Shibby.

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    Friday, July 4th, 2003
    1:18 pm
    Man, what a day! I woke up late, worked out some, and got ready to go to band practice. En route to the practice I stopped off at a local card shop and now my deck is kickin ass and takin names like nobodies biznass so step of biatch before i morph up my skirk volcanist and do three points of direct damage in your eye! Word to your mother!

    -Sorry... i tend to get carried away-

    So after ill that i rode on down to my friend ryan's house. Me, him, and our pal Bundick hung out the rest of the night, watching Half Baked, playing Magic, and eating a shit load of pizza. All the cards i got from trades with B-man and all the ones i stole from ryan while he wasnt looking, helped me finish 2 more decks, and also pumped up my morph deck a bunch. I got about 4 hours of sleep over all, making it a long, long, long trip back.
    Sadly, i'm skipping out of tonight's tournament, for a multitude of reasons...

    #1- Saudi (the proprietor of the local DCI affiliated card shop) raised the entry fee by $10 because tonight is a special prize night, i think the winner gets a booster box.

    #2- My deck isn't quite ready for a public appearance. I still have a little more i want to put in.

    #3- Tomorrow is the Pepsi 400, and unfortunately, I have to go. The school is doing a fundraiser and so i get to go bring tylenol to drunk pit crew attendants and clean up after people without a full set of teeth amonst the lot of them. Whoopie. Oh yeah, and i have to get up at 5 IN THE MORNING!

    #4- see #s 1-3 again.

    #5 I don't have enough fundage. I spent it at

    #6- Still don't have enough fundage.

    So that's my story. Meanwhile, check this out...

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    You live to save the world! You are honest, true,
    and always victorious! You may not always get
    the girls/boys, but all you really want to do
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    User Friendly
    User Friendly

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    quite. But you could definitely impress your
    friends with your extensive knowledge. Who
    knows... They may start to worship you before
    you even take the first step in world

    The Ultimate Anime IQ Test
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    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
    1:06 pm
    i thought this was cool
    sex appeal

    (results contain pictures) What kind of ANIME BOOBS do you have?
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    12:32 pm
    May not be suitable for children
    The following is true and rather disgusting. But so is your face so ha.

    A few days back a dog showed up at our house, and slowly it grew on us, and today i officially named it Glover. Anyways, all the animals hate him for some reason, especially the little Jack-ass terrier Roxy. Mind you shes no more than 5 apples tall and is a total wimp in a fight, but she likes causing trouble. So whenever they come in contact, she goes crazy, which scares Glover, which scares the cats cause they hate him, which wakes up Chewy, which scares him cause he's old and probably going senile. And when all this happens, all the people of the house go equally insane and we all yell at Roxy, who runs in circles until she passes out, which scares Chewy so he pokes her until she comes to and starts running again. Well today, first thing i see when i wake up is this procession of dogs running about and so i scream and yell at them for waking me up. All this confusion scares the dogs, especially Roxy, so she runs and doesn't know where to go, so she shits herself, all the way down the stairs. So after i cleaned that up, i went on to finish my summer asignment, and just as i finished that, Windows has a system error, which means everything is fine except my PC doesn't think I should be done yet. So i rewrote it and just as i finish, Chewy comes in and barfs underneath my seat. So after that got cleaned up, i helped myself to some KFC for a late lunch. Then Glover went with me to take out the trash, and as we got back (we have a long drive way) the cats started hissing at poor Glover. needless to say, everyone is sleeping outside tonight.

    I still have 12 hours to go....

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    7:58 am
    it's one of THOSE days again...
    Bored.... up early..... taking quizes......

    You're in the Geek box.

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    I could see that one coming honestly, I'm not good at these things...

    You are not a writer. Maybe you should take up some
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    such? Cuz it seems you really weren't meant for
    the literary world.....
    ...Oh well. C'est la vie, right? We all have our
    weak points. Maybe writing's yours, eh?

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    Hmmmm...... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

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    others down.

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    that bunny kinda looks retarded.

    I'm gonna leave until I have something cool to write about.

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    Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
    9:21 pm
    Yada Yada Yada
    Wow, I got a journal thingy, now my friends can read about all the shit i don't talk about (and you strangers can get in on the fun!).

    Thanks to Edvard for setting me up with this whole thing. Now all you have to get me is a girlfriend and $114.30 for my new Magic deck. Tick tock Clarece.

    How come nice guys finish last? That's not fair at all. I see all the assholes becoming successful and I get screwed everytime. Maybe I should run over a kitten or something, maybe I'll get a peace prize or something.

    FM3 is planning a big comeback. if you are interested in a CD, joining the band, or just giving us money, go ahead and ask. It'll be huge.


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