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[03 Jun 2003|12:49am]
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[26 Apr 2003|01:11pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | boomhauer. every time. ]

how come people who are incredibly unattractive people both in personality and looks are getting some, where is the justice in that?
i don't have enough money to go out tonight which pisses me off. if i ever meet _iinfamousz_ i will punch them for being retarded*. why are there so many retards in this world, tell me WHY.
my standard grades start on may 6th, i still haven't done any revision. so i'll only really have myself to blame when i fail. i also have a feeling i've fucked up art because i haven't done coursework.
why anyone would voluntarily go camping when it isn't reading/titp/v/insert festival name here is beyond me. it is cold, it is uncomfortable and tents are fucking hard to put up. and it always rains. maybe ive just been put off camping after constantly being dragged on camping holidays by my mother when i was younger. they were always shit.

roll on motherfucking biffy.

*not retarded as in people with mental problems. i have nothing against them, only people who can't spell/type to save themselves. like _iinfamousz_

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[31 Mar 2003|01:14pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]
[ music | none,but i have "bad babysitter" stuck in my head. ]

i didn't go to school today, again. and my standard grades are in about a month. so basically, i'm kinda screwed.

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[21 Mar 2003|12:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | manics. love's sweet exile. ]

i'm going to liverpool tomorrow morning and i've come down with a godawful cold. what the fuck. i'm all bunged up and i can't breathe properly through my nose. what larks. i got my coursework done last night though... even if it is shit.
i hope that shop that sells me alcohol is open tomorrow morning. and i hope my mother doesn't decide to drive me to the station. i need to be drunk by the time i get to liverpool otherwise i won'thave any confidence. i think i'll wear a skirt. i like skirts.

how i love reading things i'm not supposed to! )

and now i will turn my music up LOUD and attempt to make my room look vaguely tidy. i.e shoving everything into my drawers.

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i cant bring myself to say it, it's my own advice i need [20 Mar 2003|02:40pm]
[ mood | lazy. ]

youre not bigger than this. not better. why cant you learn?

i need to do two essays today or else i'll fail art & english. i'm the worst person ever at doing essays. i procrastinate {what do you think i'm doing now?}, get easily distracted, and panick because i don't know what to do. the art one is already about three months late. i just need motifuckingvation.

calum is treating jess like utter shit and it makes me so angry, so so angry. does he derive some sick pleasure from telling her how much she sucks or something? right now i'd be perfectly happy never having to see him again. not because he's done anything to me but because, well, he's a fucktard. an utter fucktard. fucktard being a cross between a fuckwit, a bastard and a retard. but that's not going to happen while i'm still friends with his friends and so on. i was going to try and get jess' stuff back but it doesn't look like i'll manage. oh, and he's boring too.

fleur is being really bitchy and two faced to sarah. she's making everyone hate her and stuff. i think it's horrid. she needs to stop being so self-obsessed. i don't want to get involved though. because i do like fleur.

my bum is numb;i think i'll do my essays downstairs rather than in my bed. bye.

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finding stuff you wrote a while back is weird [20 Mar 2003|12:28am]
it's a symbol of strength
when you walk through
the door
and the four leaf clover
attracts stares.

we can dissect this world and present it to one another like finger foods on a platter {if we don't get lost along the way}. and we can diagnose my deficiencies until i can't wait to throw up. we can talk about things like eternity, and why the phone never rings, and who we wanted to be when we grew up.
{could you ever be anything less than an addiction?}
but there are some things {always on the tip of my tongue} that i can never say... so i'll hide behind eternity, and waiting for the phone to ring. and one day it could be you. for that i'll always pay the bill.
and it's the thoughts that confuse me. and make me sway to the music. [how many headache tablets will make you go away?] and i always thought that the most beautiful way to die would be to write each reason i hurt and take an paracetemol for each. but i think it's the thinking that matters. and i love the residue of love too much {even when it is rotting} to ever die.
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it's more than just a picture of everyday romance [19 Mar 2003|02:29pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

gummo is a really good film. i'm so hungry i think i might actually collapse. i need to go to the shop but that requires effort and besides my hair is a mess i can't go outside with crap hair. i havent washed it since sunday because i am skanky. if i'm not careful i'll turn into calum. i have a feeling andrew wants to talk to me he must have rung me about twenty times today, no joke. i'm crap at talking on the phone though and my voice is croaky so i'll ring him later, maybe, if i remember. my friends are truly rad you know.

i think people who cheat on people suck and i know i can hardly talk {for various reasons, one of which being that i have cheated on someone before. but that was jason and he doesn't count because he's a fucktard} but still. yeah.

my biffy clyro ticket came today fuck yeah. i don't know if i have enough money to get to glasgow or anything but whatever. i'll do what i usually do and take a packed lunch in and save my lunch money, haha. maybe. i was supposed to be doing that this week but i kind of didn't go to school. and when you don't go to school you don't get lunch money.

i like writing in here, i don't have to watch what i say. 108 people read my livejournal, and it feels pretty scary knowing that 108 people are reading about your life on a regular basis. it's mainly full of filler entries though. i want to cut down my friends list but, i don't know, i'd feel bad. because getting suddenly removed from someone's friends list sucks i know that from experience!

is it lame that i'm worrying about livejournal? probably. but what else would i be fucking doing, my essays? fuck that shit.

mm quite a few gigs coming up which is great. biffy clyro, biffy again, placebo, possibly placebo again... oh more too i don't remember. i need to tidy my motherfucking room. i think i'll add a bunch of people to my friends list. because i'm nosy and like reading about other's peoples lives. and right now the only person reading this is siobhan


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[19 Mar 2003|01:36pm]
[ music | thirst. bracelet king. ]


who needs food when you have motherfucking dumdum lollies. not me that's for sure.

if i dont take my books back to the library in the next few days i'll be getting charged something obscene like £80 for them. why the fuck do books cost so much. fucktards.

i need a cigarette but my mother is still home so i can't. maybe i could inhale my lolly stick? haha, on saturday night someone had a herbal cigarette. it was foul smelling and had no nicotine in it. hello, what's the point in cigarettes if they don't have any nicotine in them?

i hate liars. really cannot stand them. now, i reckon i'm a nice person. i'm honest. i always try and see the best in people. minor slip up in the fact that i think i'm better than most people and i tend to use people. no one's perfect. but the one thing i cannot stand, is lying. especially blatently obvious lying. hello, i'm not STUPID. but what can you do i suppose.

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[19 Mar 2003|04:41am]
[ music | sigur ros. untitled 3. ]

what the fuck. another fucking journal. oh boy.

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