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[I am not Joel Madden from the group Good Charlotte. This is a journal for a role playing game. I know that I am not Joel Madden. I do not IM others stating that I am him. I only role play with others in this game who are fully aware that I am just a writer. I mean no harm or malice to Joel Madden/Good Charlotte/or the Madden family. I have had a complete psychological work-up and am sane enough to know that I am not Joel Madden. If I understand this, so should you.]

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Name: Joel Madden aka "Sickboy"

D.O.B.: March 11, 1979

Hometown: Waldorf, MD

Status: Single

Height: 5' 9"

Eye Color: Brown

Present Hair Style: A 'fake' black mohawk

Clothing: Diesel, Dickies, Docs, belts, t-shirts, EastCoast Clothing, Evolve Clothing, boxers

Gear: Microphone

Pets: Cashdogg

Fucking shit joel posted at 05:28pm on Apr 27, 2003
So NP is fucking us over and we're here for the time being. God. So much has happened.

Okay, so finally got Tony and Benji to stop being shy and just get together. Bout fucking time. That took some work but I'm happy for them. Tony is like the best guy someone could have as a friend. Always there with a helpful blunt. Anyway, so talking to him... I just.. I went to sleep one night and got some bad.. naughty.. dreams. Yeah, anyway, that was stupid. But it reminded me of 2000 and one of the tours we participated on. -sighs- Stupid shit to go into, but yeah, Avril and I are not going on our date. I don't wanna end up hurting her in the end. I know I will if I see him again.

So that's my update. What's up with all you fucks? Haha. Tony's getting through to me. Any day now, and I'm gonna be saying 'brah'.
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