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[28 Jan 2003|11:53am]
I haven't updated recently @ all. I've been lazy, yes I know but that's ok. I've been busy spending time with William and all of that great stuff.

Anyways, William and I have been doing great. I really couldn't ask for anyone better to take his place, ever. I'm pretty sure now, that he is the one that I will end*up with for the rest of my life. I look forward to that. :)

I'm very pleased with the way things have been going lately, I just hope they stay this great.
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[28 Jan 2003|11:49am]
I took a love test @, and here are the results:

This is bound to be a relationship filled with creative romance and endless displays of affection. Two Cancers in love are able to spend long days at home together without ever feeling that they're missing out on anything. Neither of you probably jumped too quickly into this relationship. That says something about the amount of respect that you have for one another.

Try to avoid nagging each other too much. You can both be very critical at times, and this will only lead to resentment later on. And watch out for those mood swings. Two Cancers on a bad day can really spell disaster! With your Cancer partner, you'll never have to look far for a shoulder to cry on. Your home and family are the most important things to both of you. So, take the time to snuggle up together and enjoy the comforts of home.
I think most of it's true. :D
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[06 Jan 2003|01:14am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Well, William and I celebrated our one year anniversary on the 4th. I'm very proud of us. I never would've thought we would still be together a year ago. But we are, and I'm not complaining.

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to the movies and saw, Catch Me If You Can. It's a really good movie. Then I suggested for us to go out to McAlisters for dinner. It was yummy. William didn't get to get his regular Spud Ole because they ran*out of potatoes. >_< Oh well. We came back to my house and sat around and stuff. Later on, we went to Wendy's. I got a frosty and a salad. William got a frosty. We went to our favorite place, Walmart just to waste time. Then, we went back to my house. We had a very nice time doing "stuff". I have to admit, it really was intimate. :) Then, we went to his house. I spent the night with him. We stayed*up watching Happy Gilmore and TV. It was nice. As a little gift, I gave him a paper that had 101 Reasons Why I Love Him. :D I was a little disappointed because he didn't do anything for me like that. Oh well.

Today, was an ok day. I woke*up and all that. We spent most of the day @ his house just cuddling and stuff. We went to eat and all of that junk. Then we came back here and just did creative/productive stuff. Then, we were laying in bed. And I told him that he didn't love me. I don't know why I really said it...I just felt neglected @ the time. Don't know why. But it really hurt his feelings when I said that. He then went home and got online and we talked. I still felt bad and I was thinking bad things. We kinda got into it, but not really. I told him how I felt about Saturday & such. That's basically it, though. Everything's going to be ok. I know it is. It always turns*out.

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