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    Sunday, February 8th, 2004
    8:41 am
    Thoughts on the past two weeks...
    Jeremy Camp sums it up pretty well....

    Scattered words and empty thoughts
    Seem to pour from my heart
    I've never felt so torn before
    Seems i dont know where to start
    But its now i feel your grace fall like rain
    From every fingertip washing away my pain

    I still believe in your faithfulness
    I still believe in your truth
    I still believe in your holy word
    Even when I dont see I still believe

    Though the questions still fog up my mind
    With promises i still seem to bear
    Even when answers slowly unwind
    It's my heart I see you prepare
    But its now that I feel your grace fall like rain
    From every fingertip washing away my pain

    The only place I can go is into your arms
    Where I throw to you my feeble prayers in brokeness
    I can see that this is your will for me
    Help me to know you are near


    I still don't know what I think, I'm still in shock. I'm back at school, I'm pretty sure that's a good thing. All my roomies and friends have been awesome and for that I am blessed. Mom sounds like she is doing okay. I haven't talked to Rachel yet, but I probably will today. I'm really dreading classes and makeup work....blah!

    Alright, it's time for church....

    Current Mood: melancholy
    Current Music: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" Third Day
    Monday, January 19th, 2004
    10:43 pm
    Okay, Jay just got on my case for pinky promising to update and then not....well, actually, it was just just an "obsevation" on his part.

    I have been completely bored out of my mind the past few days! I am so ready to go back to school....see everyone, have stuff to do, *gasp* go to class. I'm excited about all my classes...maybe not so much History. I have Carls again. ahem ahem. But Mandi is gonna be in there, so at least I'll have someone to talk to. NT will be fun...Patterson rocks and Katie's gonna be there again. Josh is being a loser and taking a different professor. I miss everyone so much...especially Katie cuz I haven't talked to her much at all since break!

    I've made two new friends...new friends rock! One is Beth...Gothie Beth....she's very cool....words dont' even describe her, lol. The other is Jeremy....he is awesome. He has said some of the kindest things to me that anyone has ever said. For example...tonight: "I hope and pray that someday I meet a girl that's half the person you are." How freakin awesome is that? That some dude can say that about you?

    I think I'm going to get my tattoo next week...unless I chicken out, that is. I want it so badly....but I am so incredibly scared of needles! My mom is going with me....how cool is that yo? I 'cited!

    Alright, that's about it for now....I'm gonna go back to talking to my peeps! Shout-out to Brian, Jeremy, Jay, David, and Amy!

    Pray for my church...we're dealing with a lot of crap....it sucks majorly.

    "Opportunities are never lost; someone else will take the ones you miss."

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Channel 18 News
    Sunday, January 11th, 2004
    11:46 pm
    I really should start updating this thing more often....
    So much going on, don't know where to start...so I won't! lol....I'll do a real update soon....pinky promise!

    Two comments:
    *Has anyone every related cutting to baptism? My pastor was talking about baptism this morning and that's what I thought of...yeah, I'm messed up I know. He goes "an outward expression of an inward belief" Well....???

    *This comment may be for girls only....guys can read it, but be warned.....
    *So New Year's Eve we were all at Shane's house. Beka, Lindsay, and I were looking at newborn pics on centralbap.com....we were looking for Mrs. T's new baby like she told me to. So were were talking, and I dont' remember what exactly I said, but I said the word "service" and Lindsay thought I said "cervix." So she starts flipping out/laughing. Well, I start laughing cuz that's not at all what I said! And Beka just sits there and goes "what's that?" She honestly didn't know what it was!!!! How freakin dumb! She and Jossh have been having sex for over a year!!! They shouldn't, duh...cuz they aren't married....but that also shows her level of maturity. I certainly think a girl should know her own anatomy before she has sex. That just screams NOT READY!!! I was very annoyed by the whole thing.

    In other news...I'm very bored...I think I'll go to bed....good night!

    Current Mood: bored
    Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
    5:32 pm
    I haven't updated in forever....
    Ohwell...Happy New Year everyone....

    Here is my update for now:
    *My hair is blue! I was bored and needed a changed, so I streaked my hair blue!

    Current Mood: happy
    Monday, December 22nd, 2003
    11:22 pm
    I almost forgot about this....
    Well, there hasn't been much to talk about lately....I have a lot of crap going on, and until I get some of that sorted out, I dont' have much to say. Hopefully I'll be able to start sorting that out tomorrow...I dunno though.

    We had the AP French reunion today....a bit awkward, but fun. Cat came....I mean, she's nice and all, and I enjoyed listening to her...but she monopolized the convo too much. Ohwell.

    Danielle is coming to Cincinnati with me on Saturday. I am soooo excited....wow, I can't wait!

    Seriously, that is all I can think of to write.....Christmas is Thursday...woohoo.....*sigh*

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: "Majesty" Caedmon's Call
    Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
    5:30 pm
    Okay, here's a real update...
    Last night I was really tired and completely drawing a blank....

    *I'm home, been home since last Thursday...will be home til the end of January

    *Sunday I got to see Danielle....Amanda, Clint, Danielle, and I had lunch at Guadi...horrid restaurant, but fun times.

    *I went to school Monday to see Madame and Mrs. Tiller. Mrs Strickland is great....dessert party at her house on Monday! Woot! Mrs Tiller is having a baby tomorrow....eek! She and I were looking up pictures of newborns on centralbap.com.....she was showing me how to get to her baby's pic after he/she is born. She was cracking me up! She was making fun of the babies: "That poor child! My baby will never wear *that*. That bow is bigger than that kid's head!" It was great.....all the parents were putting cute comments under the pics like: "daddy's angel, etc..." Mrs. Tiller said she was gonna put "Sam's Nightmare" I cracked up!

    *I saw Jeff last night at Rachel's choir concert! I haven't seen him in a long time...fyi, he's a youth minister at another church. I admire him sooo much. Anyway, we discussed theology....it was awesome! Topics included:
    -Canonic Inclusion
    -Church Doctrine that is not Scripturally based
    -Water Baptism
    -Problems with the SBC - doctrinally
    -Why Timothy wasn't circumcised when he was eight days old
    -a little bit of KJV-Onlyism

    *Last night I saw my very lesbian Chemistry teacher from last year.....*shudders* Her girlfriend has a mullet...a very bad one....Also saw Mr.B....he spat out so many "music is an essential part of life and will boost standardized test scores" quotes that I just wanted to run away! lol I saw Andrew's mom...she says he likes Duke "okay." That's ridiculous! If you're gonna pay 32 grand a year for college...find one you really like, not just one that has a great name (and basketball team I might add!).

    *Time to list the all the cool people I've talked to in the past 24 hours just because I can: Jason, Brian, Ang, Shane, Jay, Heather, Jena, Josh, Jeff, and Hayley! wow, I'm a dork!

    Current Mood: okay
    Current Music: "Bring me to Life" Evanescence
    Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
    10:23 pm
    Okay, I've been sitting here for about twenty minutes looking at this thing....I can't think of a single interesting thing to say....

    So here's my update for tonight:


    Please comment on my update, it might make my day!

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: "Part of That World" The Little Mermaid
    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    6:39 pm
    Just got back from Starbucks....
    Vanilla Creme Frappuchino....yumm......

    Anyway...this was the fourth time we've been to Starbucks in the past week...yeah....caffeine, lol...and the third time Katie and have gotten hit on by this same dude! He wasn't there the first time...but the past three.....wow....

    And coming back, Katie and I were talking and stuff and I swear it sounded like she said: "Can I just get a Chippendale?" She says she was saying something about coffee though...I dunno....it was funny....oh the quotes...."Hey Sarah! We need to start talking to the Starbucks guy so I can have a date to the Cardinal Ball!" ~Katie

    Current Mood: happy
    4:28 pm
    Okay guys...update time...woohoo!

    First...well, I know I confused a lot of people with my last journal. Well, I'm sorry...and I'm sorry to those who were hurt by reading it. I just needed to get out what I was feeling at that time...and so I started writing. But, I got it all worked out. We all talked and everything's all good. I'm still going to Cincinnati....assuming my mom doesn't change her mind. I will be so mad and upset if she does. I am so much looking forward to this.

    I have officially finished my first semester at college!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! I am so excited...it's over, I've survived. I'm not sure what a couple of my grades are, but I'm not worrying about it (hehe...can you believe that!). It's out of my control. I really need to get myself out of the mindset that B=failure....I'm just gonna have to accept that a B will be my best for a couple classes. Ohwell. German sucked all life out of my last night...ask anyone who talked to me. That final was sooooo hard! My brain was so fried...I kept dozing off after I took it....it was bad.

    Jayma moved in yesterday! Yay! It was so exciting....our room rocks now! Hehe....David called Jayma last night and Katie and I were goofing off (yeah...me....out of it)....and so, yeah...I think he was scared...lol.

    Well, I think that's about it...I really need to pack everything and load up my car....I may write more later! I love you guys...bunches and bunches!!!

    17 days and counting....

    Current Mood: relaxed
    Current Music: "Here Without You" Three Doors Down
    Monday, December 8th, 2003
    9:50 pm
    The past week....especially since last night....I have so much been looking forward to going to Cincinnati (once again, ask if you're clueless), but now I'm not. I'm just gonna be a bother and be in the way. *You* (and you'll know who you are) say I won't be in the way, but how can I trust you? I've never really believed that. Now I don't at all, seeing as how you just proved my suspicion that you had been lying to me about something else. I know you want to be with her and only her and it's gonna be her last day there. I'm still holding onto the the bit of faith that lets me believe you still want to meet me, but now I'm not even sure about that. Maybe I just won't come at all. I know *he* (yeah, you'll know who you are too...) likes me....to what extent I'm still not sure, but I do want to find out. I want to go, but I can't. I think about other people too much. As much as he may want me there, there are two others who do not. So I'm left with the dilemma....make one happy or two. I know I'd be happier if I could meet him, but all that would be ruined because I would know they'd rather me be at home so they could be alone. And they're in love, why wouldn't they want to be together, alone? Who am I to impose on that? I'm no one. So, now I don't know what I'm gonna do. I want so bad to go, but I know I can't handle making them miserable...and I know they would be, especially *you* if I came. I'm so confused....If anyone can help me figure anything out, please let me know.

    Current Mood: pessimistic
    4:49 pm
    Real Update!

    *I just got finished with my first final! Woo-hoo! It was World Civ. I think I did well on it....I can miss 13 ??? and still have an A in the class, so I'm not too incredibly worried. Wait a minute, this is me....I'm very worried! I rocked the essay....so that's good. I studied enough for this thing! *rollseyes* Seven hours yesterday, four hours this morning.

    *Dubis is so dumb...he's actually making us show up for our final tomorrow morning at 8am! I don't have a final! I've already given my presentation...let me sleep! Respect for our classmates...blah!

    *I hate computers! Mine got a bad virus or something and I couldn't get it off. So I ended up having to delete everything!!! I lost all my files, my music, my pictures! Ooh...I was so mad!

    *December 27th can't come quick enough. I can't wait. I wanna go now. For those of you who haven't a clue what I'm talking about or dont' know the whole story, just ask. I have "met" the greatest person ever. And I'm 95% sure I'm gonna get to really meet him. I'm so excited. I'm smiling just thinking about it....man, a real hug....These next three weeks are gonna go by soooooo slow. But, I'll survive and it's gonna be great! *smiles* I'm in such a good mood....

    *Just a reminder: If you're talking to someone...phone, person, IM....and they say they're busy or they need to go, quit talking!!! Leave them alone! Man...some people.....

    *I listened to "My December" for the first time last night thanks to Jason. It rocks. If you haven't heard it, go find it. If you've heard it, go listen to it again!

    That's all for now...I'm gonna go crash on the couch for a while before I start studying for German! Tschuss!

    Current Mood: peaceful
    Current Music: "My December" Linkin Park
    Sunday, December 7th, 2003
    12:27 am
    Just because.....
    Jason is the coolest person ever....

    Okay, a real update to come later.....

    Current Mood: happy
    Friday, December 5th, 2003
    6:49 pm
    I don't have much to say
    Sorry it's been so long....I'm sure everyone was in tears cuz they didn't have a new update to read before now. *rollseyes*

    *Finals start Monday....beginning with History...I really need to study, but I'm feeling lazy right now. I'll do my flashcards tonight, then get up early tomorrow to study them.

    *Frau Fowler is crazy....ugh...we have class tomorrow AND Sunday...what is up with that? Granted, I could use forced study time, but class on a Saturday and Sunday? That's ridiculous.

    *I'm feeling really down today. A friend of mine was in a wreck today...he wasn't hurt (thank God) but now he has no car which causes a lot of problems. And I felt like total crap cuz I couldn't help him. I had no words to say....nothing, I felt so stupid. And then there's the situation with Jason...I don't even know where to start....all I can say is he's awesome. And I can not wait to meet him! How he's not already taken, I honestly don't know. The only thing is a certain person who might stand in the way.....yeah, but I have to tell her, I can't lie or anything. I dunno....it's all got me feeling pretty bad.

    Okay, that is all for now...If I'm in a better mood later,I may write more.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: "My Own Prison" Creed
    Sunday, November 30th, 2003
    7:08 pm
    I knew I would think of something else....
    *For everyone's information....Do not, I repeat DO NOT, tell me I'm wrong when I KNOW I'm right....I was so mad in Sunday School today....Where in the world, Mr. Sunday School Teacher, do you get off telling me that I'm wrong? Paul *was* in prison when he wrote 2 Timothy....IT SAYS IT IN THE LETTER!!! So don't tell me I'm wrong...it's not like I haven't been studying the book since AUGUST!!!! Grr....
    7:02 pm
    Back from Thanksgiving break.....
    Well...it was eventful and uneventful all at the same time....let's see if I can remember all that happened...

    *Got home about 7:30pm Tuesday night...finally, I thought I was gonna fall asleep on the way home cuz I was so tired, but I made it safely!

    *Part of my first conversation with my mom:
    Me: Okay....something to tell you, but keep an open mind...
    Me: Well, you remember how Nick and I first met? (he accidentally got my email address from Shane, and started talking to me on MSN to see who I was)
    Mom: Yeah......
    Me: Well....the same thing has kinda sorta happened again
    Mom: Meaning.....
    Me: Well...I've sorta been chatting with this guy online for a couple months.....
    Mom: And he's like Nick?
    Me: NO! The only thing the same is that we haven't met!
    Mom: So tell me about him....
    Me: Well, his name is Jason, he lives in Cincinnati, he's twenty....I've been talking to Brian too....they're friends....
    Mom: So...you're telling me this because....
    Me: I dunno...just so you know....and so you know that I don't talk to psycho people.
    Mom: So...you like him?

    *I took my exegesis to Heather Tuesday night...she liked it!!! YAY!!!!

    *Thanksgiving dinner...yummy!!!!!! Except...no potatos!!! I was sad...oh well..mom was sick, that's why. Pabby made chess pie....it was so good!

    *I got to talk to Jason Thursday and Friday night....man, I feel so disconnected without my computer...how sad is that?

    *It snowed all day Friday! Yay! But no accumulation in my little measly town....roads were bad in Lexington though....bleh

    *After Thanksgiving shopping....hectic! I saw Nicole...lol I tried desparately to find some new clothes...didn't have much luck. Sometimes I just feel like growling at God for giving me the dimensions that He did...lol, jk I do, however, throw black stars (BC ppl should get that) at all the fashion designers in the world! Oh well...I found a sweater and a really cool skirt.

    *I went out with Kyle on Friday night. It was...fun....we really did have fun....went to Carrabba's and then bowling. I am such a horrible bowler!!! Oh, well, at least I have fun while I suck terribly! But.....I don't think there's a future....I mean, he's a great guy...but I dunno....He gave me a hug at the end of the night. I'm super glad he didn't try to kiss me!

    *Fight with my mom Saturday night...in short...I'll be screwing up my life if I decide to be a bone marrow donor. *rollseyes* Compromise: wait til I'm out of college.

    *Saturday night: *a thimble full of bourbon helps the medicine go down...* Wait...that's not how it goes...GAG!!!! *shudders*

    *Jeopardy! I'll take family secrets for $600 Alex....well, it's not really a secret since EVERYONE KNEW EXCEPT ME!!!! I found out yesterday that evidently I was supposed to have a brother....named Seth.....but he died....because he had spina bifida. Evidently he should have been born when I was around 2/3ish....and I have no recollection of this AT ALL!!! But my sister...my 13 YEAR OLD SISTER....did a good job of filling me in....WTC? How does *she* know and not me? I was freakin alive at the time and *I* don't know? What is up with that? I think I should know if I have a brother...even one that didn't surivie....ugh....

    *In more recent news....Brian is being mean. lol

    I think that's about all....if I think of more, I'll think about adding it later...

    Current Mood: good
    Current Music: "Famous One"
    Tuesday, November 25th, 2003
    2:05 am
    I'm going home tomorrow....
    ....meaning this is my last update until at least Sunday night....maybe Monday....

    *I'm almost finished with my exegesis....only one more page to go...YAY!!!
    *I thought Richard broke my hand today, but it's just badly sprained. In the words of my instructor: "Revenge is sweet" I flipped him....it was partly on accident...not really for revenge
    *Nashville on Saturday rocked! We had so much fun. We went to Cool Springs Mall....then to the Parthenon...then to Josh's house. I love his parents...very cool. Dinner was fantastic...yumm. Then we saw Josh's room....frilly pillows...hehe...Josh has a girly room now! We all sang songs around the piano...Josh played. It was tons of fun.
    *Brian is going to see Ang for Thanksgiving....*bleh* couples disgust me right now! lol
    *I'm going home tomorrow...I'm excited....Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping on Friday! Woo-hoo!

    Fifteen People I'm Thankful For:
    1.Family (obviously)
    14.Johnny Joseph and Little Sarah
    15. All my other wonderful friends....

    Things I'm Thankful For:
    3.Power of Prayer
    4.Friends and family
    8.Everything else I'm forgetting cuz I'm too tired to think.....

    That's all for now! To everyone that reads this: Travel safely, have fun, eat lots! Love you all!

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: "Where are You Christmas" Faith Hill
    Friday, November 21st, 2003
    7:56 pm
    Yes, blah...that's exactly how I feel....CUZ I HAD THIS ENTRY ALL TYPED OUT AND IT GOT DELETED!!!

    Blah is also the word I would use to describe the events of the past few days! Some people just need need to GROW UP!!! If you are actaully the age you claim, act it. And if you're in college, act mature enough to be here! This is NOT third grade anymore....no chasing boys around the playground and no picking fights in the lunchroom!

    In other news...wait, this is me...no other news....so....random babbling!

    *Today is my mom's birthday! Woo-hoo! I called her since I couldn't go home this weekend.
    *I'm almost halfway finished writing my exegesis! YAY!!! Only six more pages to go!
    *John and I are speaking again....I'm glad.
    *Ooh!!! I know this happened last week, oh well....I actually talked to Jason on the phone! I was so nervous, but it was great. I was so amazed at how quickly we both calmed down and how smoothly the conversation flowed. I was excited.
    *I'm going skating tonight....I really hope I don't fall.
    *I'm going to Nashville tomorrow...it should be fun! Christmas lights at Opryland! Woot!
    *I talked to Danielle yesterday for a long time...hadn't talked to her in forever. She told me her story and all I have to say is....wow!
    *I've officially been introduced to SoCo music. I can't believe Danielle didn't shove it down my throat before! lol I *really* like it...it's the kind of music that you can just get lost in.
    *Oh, if you are a girl and you do Pilates...WEAR PANTS! Thanks!
    *Finally, take a minute and think back to elementary/middle school. Then go here: www.playmash.com hehehe!

    Okay, I think that's all...I know it's shorter than what I had originally written, oh well...deal! lol If I think of more later, I'll just update again...oh, the joys! And, hey, those of you who read this...leave me a comment! Make me feel special and loved!

    Random quote of the day: "I was once a spoon!" -Me (ask if you wanna know)

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: "Here Without You" Three Doors Down
    Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
    3:21 pm
    Well, I didn't write in this thing yesterday. Oh,well, you'll live. Yesterday was uneventful anyway....for the most part. Last night was really bad. John and I had a major falling out (best friend, NOT boyfriend). We had had a major arguement last week in which he treated me in a way that made me feel like I couldn't trust him anymore. Basically he talked to me like my stupid stalker ex-boyfriend used to talk to me. And now that I'm FINALLY free from Nick, I refuse to let another guy treat me like that....not gonna happen, ever. So, anyway, John and I decided to go separate ways....at least for a while, maybe permanently. He has to earn my trust back and he doesn't know how to do that. He says I deserve a better friend. I talked to Britt for a long time last night about the whole situation....she really made me feel a lot better about it all.

    I talked to Kyle for TWO AND A HALF hours last night....just random stuff. I'm hoping to go hear him preach sometime over Christmas break...if he's anywhere close. I don't really wanna drive a lot. I think we're gonna go out again next week while I'm home for Thansgiving. It should be fun. I told him I'm not ready to get into anything right now.....I'm still very hesitant after my last relationship.

    Dude! I'm officially working under the assumption that exactly 69 days from now, I'LL BE IN HAITI!!!! I am so stinkin excited....can't wait. I so much want to go....see Johnny, little Sarah....all my haibies. Wow, I can't wait. I would once again be the youngest member on the team....I don't care...about ten of the people are people I've been on Haiti trips with before....they're all like my parents/grandparents. My mom is a little nervous about me going by myself....but if it's what God wants me to do, she'll be fine. Ahh........yay!

    Haha, Amy just reminded me that room checks are tonight.....guess who hasn't cleaned her room? Yep, that's right...ME! I should get on that.....that and my 15 PAGE EXEGESIS!!! grr.....oh well, must be done....

    I'll leave you with random quotes made by random people:
    *"Beep! The microwave goes beep!" Katie (roomie)
    *"The taste, the feel of cotton." Amy (roomie)
    *"I have a flaming marshmallow on my coathanger!" ME!
    *"Maybe since I'm talking so fast, my brain'll work!" Katie
    *"I drank some Robitussen last night." ME!
    *"Never eat straight mustard..." Josh
    "As opposed to gay mustard?" Amy

    Current Mood: energetic
    Current Music: "Away from the Sun" Three Doors Down
    Sunday, November 16th, 2003
    2:33 pm
    Oops....forgot one thing....
    This is for Brian:
    *evil things* lol
    2:30 pm
    Random ramblings....
    Okay, yay...my second journal entry! And people have actually read my first...lol....dorky, but this makes me feel special!

    Today has been rather uneventful so far. It's all rainy and dreary...ick. I really don't like the rain...it's just wanna be snow that's not good enough. I went to church...wow, I love my church down here...it's great. I thought I was gonna pass out in the middle of church, though...not good....I stood up and almost fell over into Brad. It was bad. I think maybe I have an inner ear infection...I've been a little off all day. Or maybe my stupid blood problem is back. That would make me mad....I would have to go back to the doctor and have them take more of my blood....not gonna happen. I'm gonna go drink some water to try to solve that if that's the problem....

    Man, I'm tired. I stayed up late last night...well, I do that almost every night. I need to quit doing that. I need my rest....oh, well. I talk on AIM way too much. Brian is convinced I never sleep. lol Last night Jason and I were taking lots of random quizzes on www.quizilla.com It was fun. We matched on three of them....I am Marlin from Finding Nemo. That is such an *AWESOME* movie....if you haven't seen it, go see it, now....scurry off. The second one is escaping my memory right now...maybe the rose one? I dunno. The last one I won't share....Jason might not be too happy with me if I did! lol Fun times.

    So, anyway, last night/this morning I was in bed, not sleeping still.....and I started thinking and I made myself sad. It's been two months since my grandfather died. I still have yet to deal with that. Yes, I know, not that healthy. It's all gonna hit me when I go home for Thanksgiving. It's gonna be so hard. It doesn't feel like he's gone, you know? Today would have been his birthday.....And it's been three years this week since my greatgrandmother died. Wow....it's been a long time...it feels like I was over at her house just last week. I miss her so much...I really don't think I miss her any less than the day she died. Gosh, that was such a horrible day...I'll never forgive myself for not going to see her. I stayed home cuz I was tired....how selfish. I didn't get to tell her bye cuz of my selfishness. Man, wow, I'm thinking about this too much....I think about her every day though....she was my biggest role model. Dude, she taught me how to play checkers and make dressed eggs! lol Such an inspiration....I can still hear her sing "Count Your Blessings" Gosh, I'm gonna have to change subjects.....

    Other Jason (bad boys) told me I need to talk about Five Point Calvinism.....not so much in the mood right now....so, that gives me something to talk about next time.

    I'm not sure I have anything else to say......I think I'm gonna beat the living daylights out of a guy named Richard next time he triest to touch me or shake my hand or hug me....grr....I've given him so many warnings, I'm done. He's annoying as all getout. Oh well....some people just don't know. I'm sure I have more to say, it's just not coming to me right now....

    I'll leave you with a Proverb: "On jette le sort dans le pan de la robe, Mais toute d├ęcision vient de l'Eternenel." Proverbs 16:33

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: "Let It Be"
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