Evil Toshya's Journal

Thursday, September 25, 2003

9:18PM - Long Day

It`s been such a long day,I got up at 11:00 mom let me sleep in a bit,because I got home at 1:30am....We had to go to town and wash the clothes,then we had to go see granny,alot of bullshit blah blah blah..................But I did get Carla something for her baby so thats good!!Now I have nothing to do but wait till Robert gets off work,then I can talk to him for like a sec..then go to bed,get up at 6:00 feed the animals,then I can lay around all day and do nothing!!!!!!!So much fun ill tell ya **rolls eyes*.Robert will be moving out soon CANT WAIT!!Then I can go to his place and hang out and cook for him:)

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Friday, September 12, 2003

5:50PM - another day:P

Its another day in Crossville,Robert is workin (b/f) so nothing to do.But he gets off work @ 3 tom... so then i guess we can do something then....Nothing really to say im still sick,I need to get a job so I can have some money$$..And help out around here... thats all 4 now:P:P

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