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hahahhaha [06 Oct 2004|05:57pm]
[ mood | high ]

ive moved to..



NoTiCe Me<3*

.:*FrIeNdS OnLy*:. [04 Aug 2003|05:12am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | frankie j // wanna know ]

1-comment here
2-add me first
3-comment at least once a week
4-dont be bitchin it!!!


thank u much!

(66) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

Hate my brother.. [03 Aug 2003|10:01pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Sean paul- like glue ]

humm today was SHIT!!!..i slept in again.. i put tea bags on my eyes to try and make the bags go away. (no use).. the day went on and shit and then Col went downstaris to smoke a cig and I was in the shower and Ronnie was down there and hes liek "didnt i see u last night" to her and then they started talking about the party thing I went to last night and John got pissed.. and wehn i got outta the shower i was stading with my towel rapped around me and he comes barging in and yelling at me and bitching and he spit on a buncha my shit knocked over my lamp broke my pot leaf incent holder thing and then fucking bithced at me some more about hanging out with morgan hes like "DONT FUCKING HANG OUT WITH THAT DIRTY SLUT" and blah balha blah.. I cried cuz i didnt want him to hit me. its him that makes me have the fear of guys hitting me. I hate my family so much.. I started to pack clothes adn i was going to leave, then i realized that i dindt have ne where to go, Colleen was already at my house and he yelled at her a couple of times to.. later on when he left and came back, i told him to come in the puter room so he did and then i said sorry for being mouthy and i understand where he is coming from and it just doesnt seem liek he knows where im coming from and blah blah haha... we talked for a min and then i said sorry again and he left.. and i duno i just have been sitting here in front of this box all fucking day what a life!.. right now im talking to lacey, Brad and Erin haha.. if u get bored just im me ok!! PLEASE! lol
<3 eAo

(6) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

...days are getting a little better eh?... [03 Aug 2003|04:51am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | sarai - ladiez ]

i slep in late again.. like i fucking always do.. just hung around the house for a bit, Col left and went to her house then came back ate Pizza and then left for the fair. We stayed there and went on a couple of rides. it was so fucking boring so we left and fucking started to walk to irving. We saw TJ and talked to him for a bit then we took a walk down the road and back looking for ne one we knew, we saw Sean but i dont think that he knew that it was us.. then after that we saw a buncha hermon people at the irving and Col and I just sat there and then starting walking up Main St. haha my brothers ex gurlfriend saw Col and I walking and was liek WTF haha she picked us up and went and got beer. Bird was with her 2 hes fucking crazy! haha.. we went to where she is living (WICED NICE!) and then we went to Todd & Ronnie's place. I didnt know 2 many people there. It was some Christina gurls birthday shes wicked pretty. and i think Emily was there but im not sure if that was really her or not haha.. but ne ways, then Morgan brought us back home before that she went to the store and got Col Cigs. and then Col and I just hung around the house a bit, drank and smoked a little.. Fucking i talked to kasey on the phone for a little while and cleared some shit up, and then fucking i had a beep and it was Chris and Shawn, i talked to then for like 3 mins and then they decided that they wanted to hang out for a bit so they came and we just hung out downstairs and talked and shit.. kinda boring, Shawn gave me his number and told me to call him if I wanted to hang out with him. and Morgan told me to call her, i think i wanna hang out with her this weekend haha i miss her man! lol.. well im wicked tired and i wanna try to get rid of thease fucking bags under my eyes.. ttyl much love
<3 eAo..

oh yuh new e-mail addy..

NoTiCe Me<3*

uh-o... uh-o.. [02 Aug 2003|12:46am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | thalia FT fat joe-i want u (Brad and I) ]

I woke up to having a phone shoved into my face.. what a great way! haha.. it was lacey I was at Colleens house and she called me to get fucking Mandi's number or some shit, and then she ended up not needing it.. i couldnt go back to sleep after that.. So then after a bit we walked out in the living room and Colleens mum had left *drunk* to go up north, but i dont think she is really there lol..whatever its confusing haha.. well Lacey came after we took showers and did our hair.. then we went to my house to get clothes and Makeup.. after that we went to Matts house and hung out there for a bit, Smoked and Drank a little, Coll and I did our makeup and then she straightened my hair-- After a bit we all had to walk to the store cuz Matt thought that the cops were Coming.. Tj, and liek 3 other people left in Tj's car and then the rest of us walked to the gas Sation up the road from his house.. then Colleen and I walked to the fair cuz we wanted to see who was there.. it was a pretty long walk haha.. once we got there liek NO one was there- we didnt care cuz we didnt pay to get in or ne thing. after a little while we walked over to the bounty- that kinda sucked to cuz no one was there-- there is suppose to be a fight after the bounty tonight.. with the same group of people from last night, but i Didnt wanan stay so my brother (john) came and picked us up.. we had to stop and get gas, he todl me to go insde and fucking get him oreos and a yohoo lol.. so i did lol.. then that leaves now lol.. Col is in the living rooom watching tv i think.. but im not sure lol.. oh yuh u have to read Eric's rap about me haha..

ResorectedPlaya5: your the one who sterred me in the right direction
you say ur fat and ugly how?
everytime i see you its and instant arrection
you;ve always been been my sweet heart
so i feel it's my duty
to be ur shoulder cutie
so if you stressed and ur hair ur rippin
call on me
if your feelin depressed and u bein to be tripiin
fall on me
i kno this is cheap but if you were my girl
my eego would be above the sun
after this i hope you kno i love yah hun

alright well.. i think i MIGHT try and get some sleep tonight cuz i have wicked big bags under my eyes haha from staying up so late.. much loves XoXo--erykah

By the way.. Justin is the fucking kewlest person in the world! i love him, hes the greatest!! haha.. and he thinks im "kik ass" haha

(3) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

Bored and shit.. [02 Aug 2003|12:40am]
B A S i C Q U E S T i O N S
[ my name is ]- Erykah-Anela
[ my nicknames are ]- NeLL, SuGaToEz haha right kasey.
[ all i need is ]- a boyfriend
[ love is ]- beautiful
[ if i could see one person right now ]- my so called crush I guess
[ im afraid of ]- everything
[ i dream about ]- ditto

W i T H T H E O P P O S i T E S E X . . .
[ what do you notice first? ]- eyes.. body..
[ last person you danced with ]- Colleen lol..

W H O . . .
[ makes you laugh the most? ]- Lacey & Colleen
[ makes you smile ]- my Sistas & BoIz
[ gives you a funny feeling when you see them ]- usually my "crush".
[ has a crush on you ]- no one..
[ easier to talk to: boys or girls? ]- both i guess.. depends on the person

W H O W A S T H E L A S T P E R S O N . . .
[ you talked to ]- Colleen
[ hugged ]- Chris Curtis
[ you instant messaged ]- Eric Day
[ you laughed with ]- Colleen

M O R E Q U E S T i O N S . . .
[ i want ]- someone.
[ i love ]- my friends
[ i miss ]- Hawaii
[ i fear ]- everything!
[ i hear ]- Fabolous

-Hang out with friends & hotties

S E V E N T H I N G S / P E O P L E T H A T A N N O Y Y O U
- dumb music
- Bitchy gurls
- Little Gurls.
- Getting made fun of (COLLEEN! haha)
-?don't f'n know :-)

-Wake up
-Brush teeth, makeup, hair, get dressed.. all that shit
- Computer
- LEAVE the house..

- humm.. i dont know lol

A N 0 T H E R 0 N E
[ pierce your nose or tongue ]- ...tongue
[ be serious or be funny ]- both but funny is better
[ coke or pepsi ]- Pepsi
[ whole or skim milk ]- whole milk
[ single or taken ]- I'm single..
[ simple or complicated ]- both
[ law or anarchy ]- anarchy
[ flowers or angels ]- both are pretty
[ grey or gray ]- gray I guess
[ read or write ]- write
[ color or black-and-white photos ]- color
[ sunrise or sunset ]- sunsets!
[ m&m's or skittles ]- skittles..
[ rap or rock ]- rap
[ stay up late or wake up late ] stay up late
[ tv or radio ]- radio
[ is it pop or soda ]- either one works haha when i hang around Kim is always POP lol
[ x or o in tic-tac-toe ]- X
[ eat an apple or an orange ]- Orange
[ what came first the chicken or the egg ]- the egg?
[ hot or cold ]- in the middle... warm
[ dead or alive ]- Dead.. sometimes alive
[ tall members of the opposite sex or short ]- Taller than me
[ sun or moon ]- moon
[ emerald or ruby ]- emerald
[ left or right ]- right
[ ten acquaintances or one best friend ]- one best friend
[ vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream ]- Vanilla
[ high or drunk ]- Both but I like being drunk better
[ green beans or carrots ]- neither
[ low fat or fat free ]- low fat
[ kids or no kids ]- kids... some day
[ cat or dog ]- dog
[ half empty or half full ]- don't know
[ mustard or ketchup ]- ketchup
[ hard cover books or soft cover books ]- hard books
[ newspaper or magazine ]-magazine
[ sandals or sneakers ]- I like both but i usually wear sandals
[ wonder or amazement ]- amazement!
[ red car or white car ]- white cars
[ happy and poor or sad and rich ]- sad and rich
[ singing or dancing ]- both are quite fun actually
[ hugging or kissing ]- both
[ corduroy or plaid ]- plaid
[ happy or sad ]- happy...
[ purple or green ]- green
[ a year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship ]- eh? lol

[ what's your full name ]- Erica Anela Oliveira
[ what are your nicknames ]- .....
[ how old are you ]- 14
[ when is your birthday ]- July 8th 89
[ how tall are you ]- 5'1
[ what color are your eyes ]- Brown
[ where were you born ]- EMMC
[ where do you live now ]- Hermon
[ piercing ]- ears, bellybutton.. and Nose
[ tattoos ]- not yet..
[ do you get along with your parents ]- sometimes.
[ when is your bedtime ]- Whenever.
[ what size shoe are you ]- 7-9
[ have you ever been arrested ]- nope
[ who's your role model ]- haha don't have one
[ what is the best thing you have done ]- not sure..
[ what type of shampoo/conditioner do you use ]- whatever is in the tub lol
[ do you have any pets ]- 2 dogs and a cat
[ do you have any siblings ]- 3 sisters and 2 brothers
[ names ]- Sisters-Tiffiny, Darlyn, Kristi,~ Brothers- Matt and John
[ what is your astrological sign ]- Cancer
[ who is your best friend ]- Colleen Brady

[ best looking ]- Colleen is one of them lol.
[ ugliest ]- no comment
[ loudest ]- Mycah
[ strangest ]- all of my friends
[ most insane ]- Lacey and Keri! haha
[ most annoying ]- most of them can get annoying :)
[ most lovable ]- I love them all
[ favorite one(s) to be with ]- lacey, Colleen and Emily
[ known the longest ]- Jessica Green! lol
[ who do you go to with your problems ]- Colleen
[ who comes to you with theirs ]- haha a lot of them do
[ who knows the most about you ]- lacey and Colleen
[ where do you hang out with your friends ]- anywhere and everywhere
[ how many of your friends do you trust ]- Not many..
[ how many have back-stabbed you ]- a few
[ name all the ones you trust ]- rather not..
[ list the friends that you think you will always have ]- Lacey and Colleen
[ important qualities in a friend ]- Trust and Loving
[ what's your best quality ]- don't know
[ what's your worst quality ]- alot!
[ what do you do best ]- nothing
[ what makes you cry ]- lots of stuff
[ are you happy right now ]- humm.. suuure
[ what makes you happy ]- humm.. lol
[ do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ]- No
[ do you have a crush ]- not really.. no use trying
[ describe their personality ]- ......
[ do you stalk them ]- No..
[ does your crush like you back ]- prolly not
[ describe a perfect date ]- him and me that's all I need
[ describe love in your own words ]- fuck love...

**Got it from Ashley D. & Colleens journals!**
(1) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

what an eventful day.. [30 Jul 2003|03:51am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Justin- Senorita ]

last nigth was so fucking funny.. my brother was so0o fucked up! haha.. he was being wicked dumb.. but i dont remember a lot of it so im not going to get into details haha..

Today i first got up around 10 or so ish.. and tried to wake up Colleen.. she didnt move.. so i fucking went back to bed.. I slept until like i dunno 1:20 or maybe it was 2:00 i dont remember that either haha.. I got ready for the day.. and then i walked to my mums work to get money and she drove me back to my house (its just down the road from my house) and then when i got back Colleens mum was there waiting for us.. she brought us to the mall and Colleen got a new outfit its so0o cute!! (black top and a jean skirt).. then after that she dropped us off at the fair.. man i saw a shit load of people that i knew.. Col and I hung out with Chris Cutris a lot towards the end.. hes so0o0 hott! haha hes really funny too.. Kyle S. is wicked funny too haha.. Cody and Jared got pissed at me becuase i "ditched" them lol... and then Jeremy got mad becuase i called him a pussy cuz he wouldnt go on the zipper haha.. then when the fair was over i was at the store waiting for mah mum and i said that i was sorry i called him a pussy haha and he gave me a gold Mardigraw bead neckless lol.. humm.. I also talked with Shawn B... He called me when i got home 2.. He wanted to hang out..

More shit happened eairler on tonight.. but thats **MY** business lol.. (a night I'll never forget haha right Colleen)

Much Love <3 eAo

It feels like somethings heating up can i leave with u.. -Ladies- i dont know what im thinkin bout, really leaving with you!

(4) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

Enjoy the little things,for one day you may look back and realize that they were the big things [29 Jul 2003|12:43am]
PrettystPrincezz: ok lemme ask u this one thing if u think no one likes erica then why can she get just about any guy she wants why is she so pretty why does everyone think shes good looking?
AdidasKiddo: ok, because she wears make up n dresses good
PrettystPrincezz: thats not what makes her pretty
AdidasKiddo: and shes nice 2 everyone
PrettystPrincezz: ive seen her without makeup and without nice clothes on ive seen her wakeing up in the morning with her hair all of the place and boxers on and i still think shes really pretty!

Kasey i love u your so nice! haha.. Much love sista!

Justnactor: haha r kelly wants 13 year olds to move there body;s like snakes...fuckin child rapist
Violent Love17x: HAHAH!!!
Justnactor: r kelly askes WAY to much of people...first he wants to fly then he wants to hear you say beep beep toot toot and now he wants me to move like a snake..fuckin AY im tired!
(3) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

::Lets talk about Sex:: [29 Jul 2003|12:32am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | salt n peppa "lets talk about sex" ]

hey.. ugh i've been so shitty lately.. it sucks.. man sometimes i dont even know what the fuck is wrong with me.. its so bad.. My mum says that its my fault that im "depressed".. hopefully things will get better.. im just nnot happy with my life.. i hate it so much, and a buncha people are giving me shit and i just want them to shut the fuck up man! ugh!

anyways. .omg the stupidest ting happed today lol.. I was fucking eating watermelon and bme being the lazy bitch i am i didnt wanna cute it so i just fucking cut it in half and started to eat a little bit of one with a spoon (colleen called it a stoner move lol) and then i couldt find ne thing to wrap it up with so i just put it back in the frig. and john came upstairs and hes like "WTF erica, wrap this up" so i was looking for shit to wrap it with and all i had was fucking freezer paper and i used that.. he saw it and flipped out agin.. we decided to use plastic bags lol.. and then he started to go on about how i dont finish things right and i told him that he doesnt finish ne thing and he like flipped out and threw the watermelon on the floor.I told him i wasnt clenaing it up so he ended up doig it.. he went downstairs and laughed about it for a min and then. Kenny came upstairs and hes like the bitches didnt clean it up good enough, and then johns like, yeah, the sluts. and then I was like 'ahh John, you cleaned it up you fucking dumbass" he threw some watermelon at me after i said that lol.. Brock just stood there and laughed and so did Colleen... after that we just hung around n shit. after a while Cols mum came and picked us up and we went to her house for a while, and then we came back here and we went to the mall. I got a new purse from AE and the matching wallet.. and my mum also got me a black jacket from American Eagle.. I got the "E' neckless from WetSeal. Colleen also got the C one.. and Lacey already has the L one.. so now we all have one! haha (*L*E*C*) haha..

tomorrow i think im going to get up early so i can go to the mall again Colleen wnats to get this shirt and then we might go to wal-mart or some shit.. then after that we are deff going to the fair.. Jared and Cody are suppose to be going and Brad, Sam, Anthony, Sam, Chris, Justin, Kasey. and a bucnha other peoples! yay haha..

<3 eAo

"Lets talk about Sex baby lets talk about you and me. lets talk about al the good things and the bad things that may be." haha riiight JUSTIN! lol

NoTiCe Me<3*

?¿...Black...?¿ [28 Jul 2003|03:22am]
[ music | Lil Kim ft. Twista- thug love ]

Black hair. You keep to yourself, but there's a lot
going on inside that head of yours.

What is your true hair color?
brought to you by Quizilla

NoTiCe Me<3*

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