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burning tongues with scorching coffee [21 Oct 2003|10:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | if thunder is considered music ]

hey kids I have to say I had a very pleasant night. just went to the mall and to get coffee with Derek, Crackers, and Eleni. it was a splendid good time kids.....I loved talking with you tonight Derek you make so much sense to me and I think you are so awesome and great like you wouldn't believe. I never want to make you sad. YOU have always been there for me. I love you alot for everything you do. thank you soo much

Just thinking about the storm thats about to take place...

The thunder rolling in rocks my steady beating heart
It skips a beat for the lighthing and skips two beats for the rain
All for you and me skipping in these clear trembling puddles

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An afternoon laughing [16 Aug 2003|12:36pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | tool.hooker with a penis ]

hey cats its a pretty day and I am off to jenny's to swim..yay!! I haven't done anything with her in awhile. we always have so much fun togethere though! well I don't know..I don't really have much to say but I guess if I do I will return later...

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FREDDY VS JASON [16 Aug 2003|12:27am]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | saves the day.anywhere with you ]

...creep me out..yeah. saw the movie today with derek clint and christina. her and I pretty much cringed in fear although some parts were funny. that sounds really odd but I think freddy is just so damn goofy. I would recommend it overall. jason is just like all the other cheesey slasher killers. they battle it out in the end and it is action packed. derek thinks we should collect all the freddy movies and watch them but that may be a little much??
I get to go to a wedding tomorrow...yay! dereks step bro is getting married, he's a cool kid. kyle and amy will be there so we get to hang out!
well I was dwelling on this earlier and I am deffinently not ready for school to start. it sucks so bad. but I will just stop thinking about it and make the best of these last 5 days.
I'm off to go have nightmares of freddy....

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quizes anyone? [14 Aug 2003|04:47pm]
[ mood | apologetic ]
[ music | hot rod circuit.supersad ]

Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes

*perfect Emo singer Quiz*
brought to you by Quizilla
derek still is the perfect emo singer..much love to you

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monopoly champ for the evening mmwhaha. [11 Aug 2003|01:04pm]
[ mood | freakin freezing ]
[ music | brand new.failure by design ]

yesterday I went to the fam reunion. you never realize how big of a family you have until you have these gatherings. half the 100's of people there I didn't even know, but recognized. it's pretty sad. I attempted to play tennis and join in the kid festivities with some of my pretty cool older cousins. it wasn't a bad time.
I went to Derek's house last night and played it with Clint, Kyle, and Derek. I would have won too with more than 15-500's but we decided to quit playing after a short 2-3 hours. come one it was the first time I ever came close to winning. we also watched Gacy=crazy movie about a dirty old man clown who rapes boys, kills them and hides the bodies in the basement. it was pretty messed up overall and not worth it but now we know.
I don't know what I'm doing today....maybe someone will call about Pine Lake?? who know's..but I have guitar later and hopefully I will learn some cool stuff. the new dashboard CD comes out tomorrow everyone should go buy it!! I'm too poor to get it yet but I will race to best buy as soon as 10 dollars some how magically appears in my hands...

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difficult night [09 Aug 2003|02:38am]
[ mood | so much not so good ]
[ music | anywhere with you.saves the day. ]

Feel a little sorry sometimes You're not here when I am writing
Feels a little awkward sometimes You won't talk but we're not fighting
You hold on to your secrets and I'm not privy to what is on your mind
And I can't help but feel tired-Dashboard Confessional

i'm sorry derek

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Oh the tiredness.. [07 Aug 2003|05:07am]
[ mood | dead ]
[ music | none ]

well another fun-filled day of babysitting passed. kids wear me out. I think that tonight I'm going to sleep and not do anything whatsoever. Maybe watch some O.C. haha that looks great...I can never get enough of my friends but with the bowling and wakeboarding combined these past few days my back hurts like a bastard. We go back to school about 2 weeks from today and thats depressing..alot of people are ready they say but I'm sure as hell not. I don't want summer to be over. It has been very splendid and enjoyable spending it with the people who mean the most! I love you guys

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an afternoon laughing [18 Jul 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | the crickets ]

well I just got home from that place they call the "wigwam". the funny part was we saw the crazy enrique wannabe there...some pretty decent bands were from jersey though...i plan on moving there someday. you have the big city and shore..what more could you ask for?! gotta love the emocore scene also :)..but anyway. the week has been fun filled and tomorrow is when derek/jesus comes home. weeee!!! i hope the few of you that read this have a splendid night..much love to you

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An afternoon laughing [16 Jul 2003|12:17pm]
[ music | a drag in d-flat ]

so I just go back from camp last weekend and that was alot of fun!! I am so happy that lacey was there! I haven't seen her in forever and I also met one of her kick ass friends kara..I love you guys!! besides all the rain, which basically cancelled all our plans it was a really good experience..even more so spiritually. thank you so much for letting me go with you derek!! I went to warped back in june and that was bad soo glad I crowd surfed and I have this great picture of derek crowd surfing also! rancid, dkm, the used, aft, ataris and more all kicked ace! deffinently a good time. Sooo..this week is 3 rivers and I have been down there twice already..once with the fame-heh. and jeromey and I went there last night and saw the goofy "make me and idol" singing contest..haha..that was fun. there was this emo kid so we were excited and waiting for him to go on the time came and I was like hell yeah ya know..then he busts out some hero by enrique and we were was dissapointing but great. we talked to im later on and I guess his bands playing a show at the Wigwam thursday so I'm anxious to see what they sound like!!
tonight I am going to the mall with eleni and megan then meeting alex at 3 rivers...wooo...
I miss derek. I can't wait to see him friday!!!! well........this is fun..I haven't wrote in here forever so maybe I will more often..

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an afternoon laughing [30 Apr 2003|06:19am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | acoustic alchemy ]

hey kids how are we?? well i am pretty retarded..i just did something totally stupid ass...i was cutting rice krispy treats with a sharp knife and sliced my thumb..yeah it hurts and i basically have no nail...heh. typing is practically impossible...i will have to cry if i cant play guitar..its pretty shitty. but anyway. what my day consists of: i went to the library after school because i tutor jake..a really cool kid. he's 7. but i get paid and its fun. im going over to geofreys tonight..yay. tomorrow derek and i along with his mom and step dad are going to a movie! im looking foward to it. some old stuff i found right here...

my feelings are so crazy about you. maybe you could come over and witness it first hand on my neck just to settle and calm these strong emotions down. that's what it does to you after 2 years. you get to the point where you can't say how you really feel and everything gets stuck right before you can choke it out.

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an afternoon laughing [27 Apr 2003|11:08am]
[ mood | nothingness ]
[ music | desparecidos-give me the pen ]

so its been awhile my friends, but not that much has happened since i have talked to you last. my weekend is going pretty good so far and for whats left of it i guess. on friday derek clint and i went to some semi-shitty show in arlington...firefly massacre was good though. after that we raided the dollar bill store and met up with alex. we went to andys house and yeaaah. so that was entertaining. last night derek came over and we hung out and watched various episodes of cops and americas most wanted..ooh the creepy reenactments. i have no plans today..probably just going to sit around in the comfort of my room being lazy ass. oh well. have fun for me kids.

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an afternoon laughing [14 Apr 2003|10:56am]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | saves the day tunes ]

Sooo I had a swell day. my monday was quite packed...I went to school..thats always fun. heh. went to my brothers soccer game after school then to guitar. I remember when I was in soccer back at sjs. we probably won 3 games the 3 years I played, and 8th grade year we only scored one goal the whole season. thats pretty sad I know, but it was fun though. as long as you have good times is all that matters right? but after that I went to guitar. I learned diff hand picking techniques, its great i can't wait to get good(which will take years)!!!! AHHH ok so then after that my dad and I went to this auction..i love them. they had so much old school stuff, i wanted to bid on everything. especially this ::very:: old camera, these sparkly fish statues, painted vase, and sweet chairs. (only a few of the many great finds) i'll be back next time though!! well tomorrow is going to be somewhere in the 80's so its going to be nice and waaaarmm. yayness. peace out kids.

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an afternoon laughing [10 Apr 2003|11:05am]
broke account so i broke a sweat..ladedada...ok not really. oh what a nice day t'was! tomorrow is friday which means I will be enjoying the company of derek and it is the weekend..wee, ok so maybe I am a little giddy tonight for some reason...some people just get me like that :). but my mom is leaving for a week and my pretty cool ass aunt is going to be over here for some of the time. it will be fun. saturday some kids from school are playing a show @ c2g place and it will be interesting to see what they sound like. well hey im going to have to write in here later..have fun kids!
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an afternoon laughing [10 Apr 2003|11:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | hot water music ]

broke account so i broke a sweat..ladedada...ok not really. oh what a nice day t'was! tomorrow is friday which means I will be enjoying the company of derek and it is the weekend..wee, ok so maybe I am a little giddy tonight for some reason...some people just get me like that :). but my mom is leaving for a week and my pretty cool ass aunt is going to be over here for some of the time. it will be fun. saturday some kids from school are playing a show @ c2g place and it will be interesting to see what they sound like. well hey im going to have to write in here later..have fun kids!

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an afternoon laughing [07 Apr 2003|10:36am]
[ mood | fine ]
[ music | r. kelly-ignition ]

happy monday..i love mondays. ok so not totally but we did have a two hour delay and i did have guitar tonight so that was fun. i love my guitar teacher. i didn't learn any new songs but i am learning more scales and bar chords and blah. it's enjoyable. nothing too exciting has happened or is happening lately. i wish i had more to say but i don't.. so just check out the good saves the day stuff...
"you can take your rudder and aim your ship, just don't bother with the things left in your wake. just sail belly up to the clouds, the rocks scraping your back. to breathe in the air will be the only thing that you have and your love will be warm nights with pockets of moonlight spotlighting you as you drift, the actor in this play. you walk across the stage, take a bow, hear the applause, and as the curtain falls, just know you did it all the best that you knew how and you can hear them cheering now. so let a smile out and show your teeth cause you know you lived it well."-this is not an exit

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an afternoon laughing [04 Apr 2003|11:53am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | none ]

hey all you crazy cats!! ok so I went to the freedom house the other day with chelsea and ended up meeting whitney, jessica and tyler there around 9. well the show hadn't started yet and we were the only ones there. then it was 9:30 and we were like what the hell cause no one showed up except us 5 or 6, the guys that own the house and the 3 bands. So yeah it was craziness but fun..kind of like our own personal show you could say. but it was enjoyable. I came home after that waiting to hear from Derek returning from the long ass trip to Tenessee and he called then came over around 11. that was great like always!! As for today I layed around hoping to get better after all the pills I popped in the last few days...and it seems to be working! Tonight I went out with my good friends carolyn, randy and derek on our little double date!! it was fun times. We ate at chinese and watched Mr. Deeds at carolyn's after..good movie! I had a really great night..i love them kids! too fun..Who knows what tomorrow holds..only 2 more days of spring break..tear...well I hope you have a good night/day whenever your reading this. love

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an afternoon laughing [02 Apr 2003|05:09am]
[ mood | ehhh ]
[ music | saves the day-jukebox breakdown ]

I hope everyone is having as good as day as me..heh. I guess you could say im pretty sick now. I woke up with what I think is strep throat boy did that suck. so I figured I could take some medicine and rest all day and being the 75 degrees that it is-sleep/tan outside while I rest. HA well i got burnt as hell so now im red and even more sickly than before. Soooo yeah..thats pretty much all I did today was lay around. Later I will be departing to the Freedom House for a show I think around 8 but I have no idea of the bands that are playing but it will be fun like always. Tomorrow I plan to visit redi-med and im babysitting my cousins. yayness. Hopefully I will see Derek tomorrow will be a beautiful day. Have a good night.

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an afternoon laughing [01 Apr 2003|11:41am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | modest mouse-broke ]

hey kids how's everyones first of april?? I didn't realize it until i saw the date..too bad i didn't play any tricks on anyone...damn. my birthday is in 17 days though! yay! exciting. but anyways..yeah this looks like my first journal entry thanks to my derek!! he has been writing in his frequently so I decided to get one for kicks.
I stayed over at Carolyn's last night..we had a quite adventurous day-she just got her liscence so we went just about everywhere. But today was good also. Carolyn and I ventured to the library after an hour of driving around downtown..those one way streets are craziness, and then just hung out at her house after. I came home and talked to Derek, won't see im until thursday now...tear. it's ok we will have good times on friday when we go out..but he is missed deeply! :) Maybe I will find something to do tomorrow. yet to be determined..i'm pretty tired have a goodnight all!

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