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Date:2014-05-18 20:33
Mood: amused
Music:fountains of wayne on the radio

I haven't updated in here in forever... I'm a slacker. I know. I'd say I deserve a spanking for it, but well, I'd probably like that, so that defeats the purpose. Heh.

I've had a pretty crazy weekend. Lots of party-ing and lots of drinking. Ah yeah!

I had some pretty crazy dreams on Saturday morning. We celebrated Meg's 21st the night before, and I woke up at asscrack of dawn feeling very dehydrated. I grabbed a bottle of water, downed it, and then had some real light sleep for another hour and a half. We were in a hotel room (Amy, Jody, Meg, and I), and I kept thinking we were oversleeping the checkout time. One of the dreams was really cool. I was sitting on a bench, and these two guys came up to me and started talking to me. I'm not really sure what they looked like (can't remember), but appearently it was tyler_rabbit and aether_rabbit. It was cool, and I thought ya'll should know I was dreaming about you. ;) In all honesty tho, I can't really remember it. I just know we were sitting outside talking. There was another with an old friend from school in it.

OMG, I love this song. ::sings:: Stacy's mom has got it going on. Lol. Funny shit.

I gotta go get some groceries now. Maybe I'll be updating this more often now that I have a computer. Once again, thanks trancendenepoch. :D

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Date:2003-04-28 01:42

I can only see the 8 most recent entries by friends and it won't let me scroll back. WTF is up with that? Oh well, at least I read those. I'm not much for commenting lately. I've been a bad journal reader. ::slaps self:: Bad em. Bad bad bad. I'd stay longer and type more, but I'm tired. Night night.

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Date:2003-03-19 17:18

I'm talking to freakishone and shadowerealm. Haven't talked to either of them in way too long. This makes me happy. =D

Meghann got her tires slashed last night. That pissed me off real bad. We think we know who did it. Called the police, and I hung out with her at school until her mom got up here. It just really pissed me off, cuz Meghann's such a sweetie. She's really religious, but she doesn't try to push it on anyone, and she's a good student, and just a good person. It's funny, because if anyone ever asked me why I'm friends with her, I'd tell them to ask her why she's friends with me. Not that I'm a bad person or anything, it's just that she's such a sweetie.

I walked out of class on Monday. Those speeches sucked. And then the teacher interupted mine (I was the fourth person to speak, but the first girl). And mine was the first one he interupted. Then he did it to the girls that went after me. That pissed me off, and then he had us take a quiz. That wasn't so bad. Except the fisrt question should have been tossed. It's so stupid, because the answer he said was right, didn't fit the previously stated requirements... that he'd made up. So, I handed him my test and told him he could finish grading it. It was too nice of a day to be inside anyway.

Chris hasn't been here for the past two days. I hope he's in class tonight. I called him last night cuz I was worried about him. Asking if he'd gotten "the call" yet. Not yet. Thankfully.

I went out with Mom and Diane today. Oh, and Joey (Diane's son). We went clothes shopping for Diane and Joey's trip to France. It was fun. We were grabbing clothes and taking them to Diane. Joey was giving her crap, saying she couldn't wear tank tops where they were going because they'd be with a group of students. I said that I wear tank tops a lot and I'm with a group of students almost every day. He said it's different because Diane's in her 40s. I said it didn't matter because Diane's still got a nicer body than me. Lol. Really, she does. I would love to have her rack. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Ok, so I guess I should close this up. Gonna go cross post. I'll catch up with friends soon.

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Date:2003-03-17 13:11

Wowzers. So, I suppose I should update now, eh?

Where to start? Oh, how about with Friday. Ami got to leave work early, so we hung out. I took her up to the station to see where I work, and she's an MPR freak, so she was all about that. My check was messed up again. ADP can suck my ass. They're really pissing me off. Friday night we had Family Dinner at Ami's place. It was cool, but I was getting a little burned out on kiddos. Just not used to 'em and all that I suppose. I'm awesome with my Alliboo, so at least that's an improvement.

On Sat it was sooooo freaking nice. OMG. ::has a nice weather orgasm:: I got up to go watch the rest of About a Boy with Ami, and ran into Dan and his roommate (didn't catch her name). I talked to them for a few minutes and then Cory came out. Eventually Ami came out of her place. We were all hanging out there chilling. It was so nice. Don was out there too, and I commented on how I like the area that I live in. It's like a neighborhood should be. Where you can hang out with your neighbors and have a good time. Don was joking with me, kept refering to King of the Hill. Lol.

We ran a bunch of errands, including Ami in her jams and me all decked out in a skirt looking at vans in a car dealership. Then we blared some Dinah Moe Hum (sp?) and MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack around the area. Worked on cars. Cory fixed my trunk because he fucking rocks. If he wasn't dating my best friend, I'd kiss him. But, since he is, I'll spank him. ::laughs:: I went out on Saturday night with Ami and Chris. Split off, and it was just Chris and I. Went up to Liquor Lyles. Then I went to Freaky's and had a blast. Played bones, and we smoked 'em. Ok, I won. But, it wouldn't have happened had it not been for my wonderful teacher. I was first place, Freaky second. An instructor and her prodigy.

I'm skipping around a lot. I had a really cool time hanging out with Chris. It was the first time we've ever really done anything away from school (aside from my bday party), and it was just the two of us. No, I didn't get him drunk and take advantage of him. But, we had some really interesting conversations, and I think we know each other a lot better now.

Stumbled home around 5 on Sunday morning. Met up with Kris, Meghann, and Chris at the Charter House on Sunday around noon. Did our Survivor thing. Anyone know who was booted on the last ep? It was cut off on the tape, and it's kind of crucial for our project. If not, I'm sure they'll show it on the next ep. Plus, we'll all be able to tell when we watch it.

Went out with Mom and Jack yesterday. Got to ride the bike. Some times all a girl needs is a nice vibrating piece of machinery between her legs to make her feel better. The bike. I'm talking about the bike. Pervs. =Þ

Passed out over here (mom and jack's) last night. Didn't even last for Adult Swim to come on. I tried, but golly was I tired. Meh.

Max has a bad cough. Hopefully it's not Kennel Cough. My poor baby. He's so freaking cute. ::loves him::

So, now I'm hanging out at my mom's place. Dave has my car, and I have to wait until 2 to leave (when he gets home). Gonna go c/p this thing so everyone can see it, and be on my merry way.

Oh, and Happy St. Patty's day!!! You can kiss me, because I am Irish.

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Date:2003-03-12 16:40

Guess who just sat down next to me at the computer. Jones. How odd. I saw him walk into the library, and being as there's a seat next to me, motioned over here. Cool cool. Wasn't expecting to see him up here.

I had crazy dreams last night. Their in my LJ dream dictionary. Cory was in a dress. ::laughs:: Tylenol PM. Crazy.

I really need to type up my NV paper. Then I might be back.

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Date:2003-03-09 16:14
Subject:Everybody loves the sunshine
Mood: weird

I have that song going through my head. Haven't heard it in years. At least two, because I haven't heard it since I moved up here, and I know it's been longer than that, because the last time I heard it was with Nicole at Rack Daddy's. And that wasn't even from the last time I was there. Wow. I was thinking about it because I was basting at Ami's yesterday. Man, did that feel good. I like her place. It gets some nice afternoon sun in it. ::sings DMB:: Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine almost always makes me high...

Dead Alive
We started to watch Dead Alive yesterday, but Cory and I were being squeamish and couldn't finish it. It was the part where the blood got squirted in the custard that was killing me. Blech. In a strange way, it made me homesick, because that movie always makes me think of David and Julie. I miss them. I miss all my friends from back home. It's been over a year and a half since I've been back. And it wouldn't be the same if I did go back. Brian doesn't live there anymore. Johnny and Nick don't even talk to each other anymore. Amber's in Colorado. But, I still think of it like it was when I lived down there. When things were cool between everyone and we were all such good friends.

What is wrong with people?
I just saw this ad for a show called "Made in America" or some shit. It's about people that have never met or seen each other that are getting married because of how the audience voted. Ok, how fucked up is that?

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Date:2003-03-07 13:44

I haven't been updating much lately. Not in here or in LJ. I'm such a slacker.

I'm at my mom's place right now. About to go take a bath and get my shave on. Oh yeah. Cuz right now it's just ridiculous.

Had a good night in school last night. We watched Freddy Got Fingered. Heh. I can't believe Chad actually brought that to class. Funny tho. I picked on Chris about grabbing his butt. I asked him if he'd pick up my keys if I dropped them on the floor. He said no, but Sara said she would. To which I replied "Even better". It was cute.

I'm gonna go get cleaned up now. Possibly more later.

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Date:2003-03-04 16:41

MY MOM IS CANCER FREE!!!!!!! She is in remission. One more treatment of chemo on Mon for good measure, and then only getting check ups once every 3 months. Yayness!! ::does the happy dance::

This computer is sucking ass. I'm going to go steal some food and get the mail instead of beating this with a pair of scissors (the only thing I can locate right now to beat anything with). Suckass.

I got my tupperware stuff. Ooo, mail. Maybe it's something from Swap. A girl can hope.

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Date:2003-03-04 14:25
Mood: hopeful

I just sent an email to "the bassist". This is what is says:

Subject : Cory, come here I want you
Sorry you had to run off so quickly on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Was wondering if you might want to get together sometime. Give me a call (insert # here) or email me if you're up for something...

Heh.. the subject line was thanks to Ami's Cory. And yes, from now on I will refer to him as swaps. Hopefully it turns out ok. ::crosses fingers::

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Date:2003-02-23 04:07

Wow, so I just tried to write about my day today in LJ, and I ended up babbling about Chris again. Jeez. Am I really that pathetic? Why yes, I suppose so. I forgot to mention that I looked up our relationship today when I was at the house, and that our best is Love. Go fucking figure. I don't want to get all sad and stuff now, tho, so I'll do my best to not type about that. If you're interested in it, you can read my LJ if you haven't already.

Quick update on the day... as quick as I can do it.

Woke up at noonish to go to Mom's. She was having a tupperware party, and I'd told her I'd go. Matched Lisa for eating our body weight in soup and salad.

Hung out with Lisa, Dave, Alli, Dee, and Alex after taking a nap at mom's. Ate dinner and had an ice cream smorgasborg. Or however it's spelled. Made it out of there with some blueberry cheesecake ice cream and coconut sorbet. Can't beat that. Well, yeah I could. Into submission. With a spoon no less.

Slammed my leg in the door of my car, and it still hurts fucking bad. Found out my favorite swear word is Fuck. Like this is news, but I know for a fact now. After I'd slammed my door, every expletive-deleted word was that. In some form or another.

Went to Spanky's with Ami, Freaky, and Kari later on. Had a few Killian's. Yummy goodness. Saw some guy get pantsed. Funny shit. He was kinda cute too, but alas, I am in like. I was all flirty tonight, but flirty is totally different than some other ways I could be. Heh. Not getting into that whole shpeal again. Once again, read the LJ if interested.

I'm going to try to type entries in both this and LJ instead of c/p-ing them.

Wow, Drive is playing some kick ass music tonight. First Rancid and now Cake. "Take the time to get to know me, if you want me why can't you just show me. We're always on this roller coaster, if you want me why can't you get closer." Such a good song.

I think that's pretty much it, and I should get to bed soon, so I'll be going now.

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Date:2003-02-23 02:46
Mood: flirty
Music:the smiths

Congratulations! You've just shared your intimate details without blushing, lying (well, maybe a little!) or chickening out. Now it's time to take a look at where you rank between the sheets!

Your score is: 13

11-15: You're hot, sexy and fun between the sheets. You appreciate and understand the beauty of romance, but you have no problem exploring your sexual fantasies?or his! You drive men wild in bed, and have a great time doing it. Your man is lucky indeed.

Test from Netscape. Hopefully some fine ass honey will see this. Lol.

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Date:2003-02-22 04:45
Subject:Cross posting because I really need to go to bed
Mood: awake
Music:Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself

Chatting with Don right now. This is good stuff.

I didn't get to see Chris tonight. ::sigh:: He ended up getting called in Sat morning instead of Sunday. He should be getting up in about 2 hours. If I'm still online I hope he checks his email. Then I can at least wish him a safe journey up there and back. He's supposed to be back from this part on Monday night. He told me he'd call me when he gets back. I might leave school early so I can go see him before I go into work. I talked to him for a while tonight. That's how I found out he got called in earlier. He was packing, so I didn't keep him on the phone long. ::double sigh::

Went and saw the Two Towers with Jay. It was really good, and I'm glad I actually saw this one before the next one was out. Like with the first one. Gha! I told Jason I wanted a golem for a pet. I think it's so ugly it's cute. Not to mention psychotic. I told Chris that and he laughed at me. He's so freaking cute. Chris. ::sighs again::

After I talked to Chris for a while, and he told me about the change and plans, I went and OD'ed on chocolate. Then I felt dirty. Dee was totally relating to me. She's so cool. She was all, eating a lot of chocolate is like having really good sex with a stranger. It's good, but you feel dirty afterwards. Lol. I'm hanging out with her, Lisa, Dave, and Alli tmw night, which should be a lot of fun.

Went over to Freaky's after I left mom's house. She treated me to a few safety meetings, and taught me how to play dominoes the right way. Hell yeah. It was great. I need to get a set of bones for my place. Yep yep.

Ok, so I'm going to be girly, because as much as I hate to admit it, I'm pretty hung up on Chris. More things I like about him - I feel like torturing myself )

Gha. I should really shut up now and go to bed. Like something fierce. It's almost 5 now. Holy shit. Night.

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Date:2003-02-21 06:55
Subject:double posted for lj users
Mood: blank
Music:Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe

I got back from picking up Jason about 15 minutes ago. Didn't actually make it to sleep until almost 4 because my brain was just running circles. I should probably go back to sleep, because I'm actually going to see a movie around noonish.

I hope I can get together with Chris tonight. The timing for this sucks ass, because I have to work all next week and I'd like to be able to spend some time with him since he will be leaving soon. That'll only really leave about a week's worth of time to hang out with him. ::sigh::

I'm gonna go back to sleep now.

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Date:2003-02-21 01:34
Subject:Current Mood: Shocked, crushed, melancholy (didn't have enough space down there ::points::)
Mood:see title
Music:U2 on the radio

Holy shit, have I had a rough 24 hours. Emotion filled, mainly...

I went to school tonight and talked to Thor before I went to class. Saw him and a few other people. Socked him when I saw him, because he didn't tell me I was going to be an aunt first. Not to mention a few other people already knew (at school), and he hadn't told his own little sister. WTF is that all about?

I went to Film and Lit class and told Meghann the news. I had to share it with someone. Still in shock. Then we watched We Were Soldiers for the first movie. When that presentation was over, Chris asked if I wanted to go smoke a cigarette with him. We started walking down the hall to the elevator, and he told me that he got the call last night that he is now in Active Military. I almost started crying when he told me. I told him that too. We sat outside and smoked a cigarette, and then went back to class. Shawn was showing Clerks. It sucks, becase that's one of my favorite movies, and I couldn't even pay attention or really enjoy it. I just kept thinking about Chris leaving. We're going to go out tomorrow night and hang out with some of his friends. That's really cool. I cried on the way home from school. Or rather, to Perkins (called Ami and met up with her, Cory, Jason). I called home to talk to Mom, but she wasn't there. Talked to Jack instead and he told me not to worry because the military knows how to take care of people. I don't know. I know Chris is happy to be doing this, and he doesn't seem very worried. It's just that all this is just getting too close to home. With my friends (and c'mon, it's Chris) going on Active Duty (and I'm sure there will be other friends that go too - Marky already has, and Justin and Luke probably will be soon), and all the evacuation talk that I've been picking up on at work, it's getting a little personal. Not to mention, our generation isn't really familiar with war. The closest thing I know about it is probably Desert Storm (and I was in 5th grade, and it wasn't really a war). Johnny had to go to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of last year, so that was kind of similar. But, as much as I love Johnny, we have a different relationship. Well, not really, but different feelings and emotions involved it it. Just like a woman, talking about emotions. Blarg.

I'm pretty drained I think. I had a migraine earlier, but Ami gave me a Codine to help that. It's helped immensely too. We've also had a few safety meetings which is good too. Rebecca gave me a housewarming present, and it's been put into use tonight.

I know I have a lot more things I need to get out, but I'm going to go ahead and post this. Cory was nice enough to let me borrow his laptop and wireless internet connection, so I might have a chance to write some more later. I'm sure it will be coming to me in spurts.

Oh, and right before we watched We Were Soldiers the screen saver on the DVD player came on and it was all butterflies. Then our teacher said something about love and butterflies. Made me think of the "tattoo" Chris made me. When he put the punisher one on my hand, and then said I needed something girlie and drew a butterfly and the word love underneath it.

Gha. Why did I do this? Why did I decide to go and start liking someone that I knew could be called into active duty? Why do I set myself up like this? Why did he have to even get called in?

I'm sure other people are feeling that last one, and I shouldn't be selfish. I'm just afraid of losing something that could be really important.

Once again, closing this up now. I'm actually getting a little tired, and I told Jason I'd pick him up at 6 in the morning, so maybe I should take a little nap. Not sure, but I'm gonna fool around for a while and then possibly bbl.

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Date:2003-02-12 14:43

Just started this little ditty. I got a nice comment from a certain aether_rabbit to start one up, so here I am. I never get to update my LJ anymore since I moved out, but I'm here now too. Hehehe. It's evil.

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