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[18 Feb 2003|04:42pm]
wish upon a star

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me [16 Feb 2003|09:40pm]
[ music | Jack off Jill: Fear of Dying ]

i've spent the past 4 days with humbi and they were just *MaJiKaL*. is it possible to not get sick of someone after so long? because i mean, i can't wait to see him tomarrow (yeah, im seeing him tomarrow too eehee). AnYwHo!! Valentines day was koo' cause we just chilled and he bought me these purdayful flowerz xD and these kissing froggie things that sit in a mug :). yesterday his band recorded and his mom and i chilled while we listened to them jam out and we just kinda sat there. then we went to sedanos and humbi made fun of me. we went to this party thing at his moms friends house which was cool cause me and humbi were just chillin' outside like nothin' and we were talking. i love how i can just tell him anything. then gabriel and chris were screwing around on the tredmil and they put it on 10 and i jumped on and my tiny ass self fell and ATE IT! omg that was HiL-ArIoUs!! Humbi was all worried about me [awww] and then i came home and slept. and today we were just chillin. i went to his house after this queerbait sat practice test and i ended up falling asleep with him and i woke up and he was like "haha, we slept together" and i was giggling and telling him he had sex hair. we made preverted jokes ALL day!!! And his mom told me that she liked having me around the house so much cause im a sweet girl and w/e and its nice having a girl around :). she also said i had pretty eyes *g*. OH! and THURSDAY! That was soo great. we went to tony romas and ate and then we went back to his house and he took me home. i love being with him and everything about him. he calls me and hes so sweet to me. i know i mean a lot to him and i can be honest with him, unlike with most of my other ex's because they didn't listen but he does. i can tell him everything and anything and i think thats the best part about *US*. thats so great.. we're an *US* not just a *HiM AnD MeE* ok.. now i sound like a crack addict :) anywho, im gonna go sit and my room and play guitar while jammin out to atreyu :x i feel so girly :\


wish upon a star

Please don't dull away... [12 Feb 2003|09:11pm]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday: You're So Last Summer ]

shortychula555: Im so
shortychula555: bored
rabdpanda: me 2
shortychula555: theres nuttin to do
rabdpanda: im away
rabdpanda: re
shortychula555: huh
rabdpanda: *aware
shortychula555: o
rabdpanda: yea
rabdpanda: so what are you doing for valentines day?
shortychula555: nuttin
shortychula555: u?
shortychula555: i hate valentines day
shortychula555: i think its stupid
rabdpanda: me too
rabdpanda: im gettin taken out to dinner tomarrow
shortychula555: i mena wut the point of it
shortychula555: mean*
shortychula555: valentines day isnt a real holiday
shortychula555: i mean if it was we wouldnt have skool on feb 14 , right??
shortychula555: i hate valentines day!!!!!!
rabdpanda: lol yeah
shortychula555: o and i hate cupid
shortychula555: i mean hello
rabdpanda: rofl you're hateful
shortychula555: who the fuck does he think he is shooting arrows at ppl and forcing them to fall in love
shortychula555: im not hateful
shortychula555: i just like holidays that make sense
shortychula555: and well valentines day dosent
rabdpanda: LOL
shortychula555: lol
shortychula555: do u like valentines day??
rabdpanda: Hell no
shortychula555: thank god
shortychula555: im glad we agree
rabdpanda: lol its gay :\ everyone in love and shit. the person who made up that piss poor excuse for a holiday should be shot and killed
shortychula555: *tear*
shortychula555: that was b-u-t-ful
shortychula555: i coudnt have said it better my self
rabdpanda: :-) what can i say?
shortychula555: how about...thank you??
rabdpanda: ok thank you :-)
shortychula555: ur welcome

haha. me an' erika's convo on valentines day proved to be moving and heartwrenching. it brings tears to my eyes.. ok, so not REALLY but HEY, what ever. So my two month with humbi is tomarrow and he's taking me out to dinner and such which means no softball *tear tear* and on valentines day we're just gonna chillax at his house and he's gonna pick me up at 5:30 after softball! yay. other than that nothin's new. chris' b-day is tomarrow and i feel bad cuz im gonna miss it cuz i wont be home most of the night so i told him happy b-day and i have to get him something still for it but i have time cause he's supposed to come down anyways sooo...

i did my bio hw and that could eventually lead to me getting an A in his class! so im working on bringing my gpa up a lot and not screwing around in school anymore because its possible that i can stay at homostead rather than leaving and going to palmer (evil) which means that i'd get to chill a little more as long as i keep my gpa up and score ok on the SAT's which is gonna be kinda hard seeing as though they don't offer SAT help at HOMOSTEAD!! which only goes to further prove my point that they don't care about their students going to college, all they care about is the money they get from the state from the bullshit f-cat testing that doesn't do anything for you in reality. oh, and f-cat is in like 10 school days.. now ask me if i care.. no i dont.

so this should be good, my weekends set. im gonna watch humbi record, worry about my friend getting molested by some guy she hardly knows but is going to stay at his house for 4 days anyway cause her moms cRaZy and just chill, probably do some other crap that won't be mentioned here.. because its too much fun :). i'll probably write again later when im in seventh period if anything eventful happens within the school day to write about other than sheena (humbi's ex) plotting my demise and a slow painful death for me because i'm dating "her humbi" *g* yeah.. ok. have fun girly, wasting your time on me :)

"just carry me away with silence and heartbeats, as rapid thinking of your embrace and how it makes me feel"

wow.. i can't wait until tomarrow

wish upon a star

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