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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
8:51 pm - Woah its Been a while
Wasgoin on Ppl...been out alot was Missys Bday few days ago and we had a blast at Hard Rock many ppl there (missys friends), some were pretty Hot too..oh wells. We also celebrated yesterday...we got all dressed up for a surprise, a limo came and we rode it down to Frisco and arived to Hooters! (weird that Missys Nana would have that as a surprise) , everyone had a good time... Workers at Hooters were Hot of course...then we rode around in the Limo and had fun. I was flashing ppl with my camera inside as we drove by was pretty funny..imma Dork. Well still lookin for a freakin job, almost had one at TGIF but they didnt hire me :( ohh wells....later ppls :P

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
10:55 pm - At Friends
Well Im sitting here at my one friend Missy's house. Brian is here and they're doing their homework...haha, such lozers, i mean...who does homework?? not me :P Well anyways Im sitting here exhausted from a day of running around in the heat, had to go to sac city for Brians thing so i tagged along to see if there were any hotties hehe. moms got mad at me cuz I owe 400 bucks for a raft that i lost on a trip (long story, dont ask) so she was really mad at me and i really dont want to be there. Im scareds to go back but oh wells..ill get over it's. Im boreds so think im gonna go kill myself of exhaustion..LatRz.

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
8:46 pm
Well..lets see...I hanged out with my homie Ray...applied for jobs...might get to work at Round Table Pizza..hurray. I luv pIzza..that be kinda funs. well i gotta go back to the place tomorow to talk with em n stuffs.. i want a job tho at this Bar and Grill place..Tips = more moneys, and i owe alot right now :( oh ill deal with all that shiznit...tty ppls later

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
1:42 pm - Mkay
Now that Im back Home, i can type more...mkay. hmmm lets see..well...alot has happend...first my friend Brian, Missy, Italo and sum other guy were in the van and we were driving over to Missys friend Kates house...Brian was driving about 90 mph on this one street..then he hits a bumb scraping sum oil thing underneath causing a leak. We had to call ppls up and get ride home...Brian was freaking out over that but he got it all takin care of b4 anyone knew about it (it wasnt his van lol).

The next day, Kate, Missy and I were in her car on the freeway on our way to pick up their friend and Kate was driving like 80-87 mph and got pulled sucked cuz the cop was yellin at her and stuff, she didnt have her licence at first but then i found it under the seat. She wasnt suppose to have us (Missy and I) in the Car so that was bad, she might have her licence takin away till 18.

Then sumthin bad Happend to me... The other day We went over to Anthonys (Kates Bf) and we dropped her off while Her, anthony and a bunch of other dudes went over to the swimming pool at 12 pm (not suppose to) , so most of them went of to go get drunk. Brian drove Missy, Italo and I over to In and Out Burger and ate for a bit, then we went back to the swimming place to pick up Kate. Brian and I then wanted to go swimming so we got on our shorts and jumped in (anthony was swimming around Drunk as a hobo). Then we hear that the cops are around so Brian gets out and observes that.i was still chillin in the pool talkin with anthony. Then the cops came in and wanted to i got out to put on my pants and as i did that a giant bottle of whiskey fell out onto the floor right at the cops feet (most embarrassing thing). so since im 18 it could count as a felony...but since the cops believed none of us were under the influence (Anthony played off being sober so good for being hella drunk), they let us go. We then went back to Anthonys house where he was falling all over the place. It was funny cuz i was the only person there who doesnt drink and i get caught with the bottle...grrrrr it pissed me off. Oh well.

hmm lets see, funny thing happend the other day..Missy and Kate gave me money to go into this porn shop and buy a pink vibrating was funny and embarrassing.

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12:56 pm - Me at friends
Well im at my friends house and Im gettin ready to go back home to my house cuz hes gotta work..for the past few days ive been over at my other friends house...its fun cuz we go out to the mall and eat n stuff alot... always doin sumthin..well gtg laters ppl

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003
4:15 pm - :(
Well Im depressed now, Tisa's mad at me and now she prolly wont ever talk to me :'( Well I guess i'll go out with my friends and maybe that'll cheer me up, I can never say anything right, im such an idiot... i hate when ppl take things the wrong way especially from me...imma go kill myself now.

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4:03 am - Got Home from Party
Well...hmm...I just got home from my friend Rays Birthday Pary..we went out bowling with sum of my school friends/acquantances which was fun. We Bowled for about 3 hours then ate at Dennys. I got back here and went online and Emailed my good online friend Tisa or Teresa and She's one hotty, but I think shes mad at me, she usually is and I feel bad when she is, hope she'll still talk to me. im off to a lil porn and then to bed haha.

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