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white trojan [04 Apr 2003|10:48am]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Tom Waits - ]

we're back - and better than ever! U never seen message boards like this!
Paul is out there recruiting - and altho i feel like i'm talking in a huge hallowed out cave, and the walls are about to crumble - i am satisfied in knowing the promised land is just beyond. I mean you've tried to let "your parents" generation - run around and tell us what to do for the past however years - and now i think it is time. It's time for those things that they said to be true - one day our generation will be running things. Do we have to kill the old foegies to get the power? Jeez.

proposition white trojan knight:

we take our country back now. Psy Ops or no Psy-Ops - reversing the effect is just a matter of showing the truth. And god knows the truth wants to shine - it just sits in the tub washing and lathering until the time is right!

i have chosen a starbucks as my attack zone. It's much cheaper than terrorism, and effectively mimics the Boston Tea Party. Starbuck was also the man who lead the mutiny aboard the Pequod in Moby Dick, as well as being a multi-billion dollar corporation, who has taken over the international market. Mooby comes to mind.

So there you have it! Either i am incredibly insane or i'm incredibly sane.

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invest [17 Mar 2003|05:33pm]

it's 5 in the afternoon on Saint Patty's day, and nothing has changed. The world still sux. The U.S. is still at war - and the party goers are still going to get drunk. I've decided today - i'm no longer a party goer. Sure i enjoy my share of whiskey, er a healthy dose of wine - sure i like the dance - or the atmosphere of a bar - but somethings off - something is wrong.

I'm reminded of Vin Raines in Baby boy - saying "It's all about Gun's and Butter." Where are you going to spend your money - on something that depreciates - or something that gains value out the door. Right now - i need to invest. I need to invest in myself - cus nobody is going to do it for me.

My question to you out there: if there is anyone out there - tt's a pretty lonely out there. How have you invested in yourself. What are the things that you have done that have made you feel more at ease in your body, life, in your mind, social circles, et cetera.?
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leprechaun's among the Irish pride [13 Mar 2003|10:57am]


what is everyone doing for Saint Patty's Day? Is this just an excuse to get drunk, er as we get older, are some of us holding on to certain cultures rather than others? I mean i go and do the whole Saint Patty's thang, i do the Cinco de Mayo, all the fights are held at my Grampas house, with taquitos, guacamole dip with chips and salsa, and all types of yummy. Most of the time the fight is secondary. But Saint Patty's Day - i'm not irish - a bit scottish / dutch - but i don't think irish has anything to do with me. I suppose i will go to Galagher's @ 10 am with Dave Benet, just cus it'll be a milestone for my costa mesa experience.

Does anyone else have strange rituals, or events for this drinking day?
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posting new strains [12 Mar 2003|06:15pm]

[ mood | hmm... ]
[ music | dire straits - money for nothing ]

okay, so i think i figured out that new strains have to go thru this page:

unless you download the blurty client for windows - which is a lot easier - but i still have yet to figure out the simplicity of posting on a community board.

one of the important boxes to fill out is the drop down: "Journal to post in" - which would be demigods.

more to come.

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initial briefing [12 Mar 2003|09:41am]

[ music | Less than Jake ]

I can't see you ... but if you scream loud enough - i can hear you.

i've grown a couple inches since the last message board.
this place can be that hallow hall for echos, concerns, screams, venting one's frustrations, politikin, bantar, and all the other things that you will find beneficial for your cause, or your life.

Be nice. Live. Love. Dream. Post.

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... [12 Mar 2003|09:29am]

does this thing work?
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