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cheese smells so good on a burnt piece of lamb. . . [16 May 2004|06:25pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | "float on" modest mouse ]

Friday night I got like no sleep so on Saturday I was maDd tired. Saturday zac came in the morning (which was pleasant kuz i really missed him) and worked in the pool store. When he got home, I was in the freezing cold pool. Then after swimming there was a giant spider on the handle between the pool and the other part of the yard.. oh my jesus it was.. uGh. Zac killed it with a broom then ran, haha.. well i hope he killed it =\ While outside he explained to me that he wassen't going to a bruce springstien concert, but he was actually meeting him. Psh. But then he was like.. yup, he's going to matt's house.. and after he said he was meeting him with kiley, I thought twice about if he was actually gonna meet him, hehe. But mat wassen't lying this time so that's k0ol(or was he!!!) =]. After z left so did I. *skips a bunch of time* l8er that night I frollicted in the rain. 'twas FREEZiNG!!! Oh so cold.. fun, but cold =] And lighting scares me.. I got home around 12am and was even more tired. Fell asleep around 330 or so but woke up numberous times and was only half asleep all night/morning. Oh well, I had fun ;]

Today I didn't do much (but sunday's always suck so it was expected).. went to my uncle's new house for a little while then came home and cleaned my room like a go0d little child. I don't think I have any hW (that i'm gonna do_ that is) but I do have a science test I may study for soon. ARGH, tomorrow is monday =[ I.Hate.School. (but It's almost over.. XD)

♥ devon

[(ps.. luke got the boot on my friends list.. you non-updater + kellie has another blurty, lol)]

i will ♥ you. . .

welcome to camp jim!!! [14 May 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | "play that funky music" wild cherry ]

hey, hey, hey. Today was go0d. School pasted by quickly and that's always a + ;] After sch0o i went home and showered and around 5 went to my cousin's bDay party. That wassen't k0ol.. my mother got pissed of at me (oh, *tears*) and then i just walked to sarah's after i couldn't take zem no mO, no mO. When i got there, they attempted to play manhunt but it didn't exactly work, lol. Bryant ran through some guys yard and the fat ass came out and started chasin' him down the block, lmao wTf!?! When i saw the guys i was like uhm, "hhhhWhat!" Then when bryant finally was seen again, he was all scurred that the cops were gonna come get him, lol. At first we were all like hells, no.. but l8er jared said he saw the guy with a metal pole looking for bryant. We later discovered that the guy's metal pole was really his penis and i'm still wondering how jared couldn't tell the difference, lol... jk. But really, the guy just had a pool skimmer and a hose. =] Any-Who.. when we went back inside sarah's house, we played beyonce (and danced her risky pencil rolls, haha). Of corse nick and jared had to thrash to bohemian rhapsody.. if they haden't, it would've been "the partAy that wassen't." Then around 11 (more or less) everyone left. My madre was pissed kuz she broke her rear-view miror but she drove frank home anyways which was kind (oh..BTW.. though i gave frank a ride home, i'm not fucking him, and i'm still single.. thanks for wondering anyways ;]). Now i'm home, hungry, and quite bored.. i'm comming to ur house, answer your window when you hear the tiny pebbles, lol.

♥ dev

[(6)]come what may i will ♥ you. . .

ho-hum [12 May 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yeah, i'm really bored and i feel like writing/typing so i'll just update whatever comes to my head. Something happend the other day (well almost happend at least) and i got s0o sad. It didn't even involve me and i cryed. It felt like a bad ending to a really good show that's being cancelled (no not friends, lol). Anyway, i'm not sure how that ended up or even if anything else did happen, but i hope everything turns out fine (everything happens for a reason). Anyway, i went over my step-mothers house for dinner tonight with my father. We didn't stay long though kuz he had to "work" Tomorrow i have school, i didn't go today.. what a rebel! thursday's in school are pretty bad though.. the classes suck extra. Luckily in the afternoon we have dress rehursal for the spring concert. I'm not in it this year, woo-hoo! Well i wassen't in the winter concert this year either but.. this is the spring concert, lol. I was gonna go to the night one also but no one will go with me =[ so i think i'm hangin out with kathy and frank. Friday is sarah's party.. she told me about it like 2 weeks ago so idk if i'm still invited but i'm not sure i could go anyways kuz it's my cousin's party also. *shrugs* i'll just have to wait and see i guess. After whever i'm goin to on friday i may go to z's if he's not doin anything.. i haven't been there in a while so that will be g0od. And if i do go, maybe joseph will be there.. that will be even better! =] *crosses fingers* I believe kellie is still comtemplating a sleepover for saturday night. I'm kinda hoping for that.. frank's planning out how to get something and though it's risky, it just might work. But if she doesn't have the pOtty, franklin will have to drink it all himself, lol. Oh well, i hope this a good weekend kuz the last one was terrible.. just terrible. I think i'm gonna try to keep my hair straight for tomorrow.. though it's hoTt, i didn't straighten it today and i just can't stand it. *yawns* your boring me.. teehee. I wanna go to sleep now.. nighty-night ♥


i will ♥ you. . .

who-rAa!!! [11 May 2004|07:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | "wait" yeah yeah yeahs ]

Today in school we decided on making our graduation dance a "Moulin Rouge" theme. XD wooo-hooooo, awesomely awesome! Oh maaan, i can't waiiit. Sept now i want to buy another dress... a red one =[ Oh well.. i'll dye mine (lol). After school kathy and frank came over. We didn't make any baked good today (thank jesus) but kathy did make frenchie fries. It was like 90 out (the hoTtneSs) so i jumped in the pool for like a second (twas "cold as ice") but my clothes kept me semi-warm kuz i didn't even bother to put my bathing suit on. Not much happend today, twas kinda boring... but frank made my hemp necklace and i got it today so "who-rAa!" =] that's all.. (i'm so excited about the Moulin Rouge theme, ahh XD)


[(2)]come what may i will ♥ you. . .

not talking....[typing] [10 May 2004|11:31pm]
yo, i've decided.. not to talk. Not like talk in general but... well, you'll see. But anyways, i love moulin rouge XD
ahhhhhh, best best best. Big fish is awesome t0o!!! XD hehe!

i will ♥ you. . .

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