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Date:2003-07-11 14:50
Subject:as u can see...
Mood: nostalgic
Music:Dhol Jageero Da ~ Punjabi MC

As you can see, I'm listenin to some punjabi music (yes u heard rite PUNJABI) my PUNJABI friend turned me on to. lol... well if ya wanna know MY background... I'm an innocent Bengali (Devdas) lol. :-D Now I'm going to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold over because it was sooooo great!!! ::nostalgia:: And I think this is better than xanga. Go NANCY!!!!

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Date:2003-07-10 11:25
Subject:heh... ish me again!
Mood: bored
Music:none watsoever lol..

yay! i reformatted by previously BORING blurty lol. ravena... gimme sum tips ;-) so that's all for nowz.. I guess. And if u rearrange the letters in my name, u get.... *drum roll please*...........


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Date:2003-07-09 23:00
Subject:um first post!
Mood: accomplished

ok ok... ::breathe:: finally between me and nance! our own personal thing lol. my personal thoughts etc. i wasn't gonna steal her idea at all... ::cough cough:: but it was tempting. no one else will know tho lol.

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